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"So if I gain two mana crystals this turn only, that will take me to three mana for this turn, and then I'm gonna play the coin and that's gonna take me to four mana, and then, just to subsidise this, I am gonna play my two Wild Growth cards (I still have one in my inventory) and this will allow me on my next turn to be at four mana already, which is stupid and awesome and I love it."
— How one of Northernlion's match of Hearthstone actually starts.


"Now I've got a tale to tell you,
of the ones from long ago...
There's an evil that's been dreaming but now it's softly screaming,
From the darkness their power will grow.

Their voices are made of poison.
When you listen, you are sure to be disturbed.
You can't lock your doors! You can't say your prayers!
No creature can resist their wicked words!

Never mind, no need to worry.
That's all just a story...
Of the Whispers of the Old Gods."
Whispers of the Old Gods Cinematic Trailer

"Always remember that power is a double-edged blade. Once side light, the other dark. It calls to you when you are most desperate. When victory seems worth any sacrifice. There is a price to be paid for such a gift. And many eagerly accept the bargain. The righteous and the meek may recoil at its cost... But they have no vision! Power alone is not to be feared. Fear instead those who wield it!"
Jaina Proudmoore, Knights of the Frozen Throne Trailer

"Legends tell of a vast underground world, and the countless treasures that lie in store for worthy adventurers...
You've signed up the best, you're on a great quest, to find the mighty mother lode!
There's treasure galore, but perils in store and construction that isn't up to code...
Trespass with care, there's sure to be something rare, you can grab all the loot that you can handle!
Such riches you'll own, but leave one thing alone...


And if you steal their light, you then must take flight, eluding each hazard and each trap!
It's a chaotic race, as the monsters give chase, and all the while, you're trying to follow the map!
They're gaining on you, your options are few, and you fear that you're never gonna get home!
You've sought after wealth, will you lose all your health... to Kobolds & Catacombs?"

"It's Kobolds & Catacombs!"
Kobolds & Catacombs Cinematic Trailer

"This poor town has seen its share of trials...
Now we face a new force, sinuous and vile.
Is something wicked twisting trees and turning them to ill?
Some diabolic expertise strives to break our will.
Do my eyes play tricks on me, will monsters seal our doom?
What were those things?
What did I see?

Hiding in this gloom?

We're turned around and taunted, but moonlight is our friend.
The way ahead is haunted, our hackles stand on end!

We'll make our stand right here, our choice is crystal clear!

We are the beasts the monsters fear!"
The Witchwood Cinematic Trailer

Rafaam: So, you're probably wondering why I brought you here. Let me take a moment and break it down.
We've been given black eyes by the "good guys". Oh... but that's about to change.
Those meddlesome mortals who mucked up our missions will finally feel some of our pain.
You see, I have a devious plan that requires a demonstrative fist,
And each of you will have your dreams come true as a fiendish finger of this!

Dr. Boom: What?

Rafaam: (facepalms) Alright... let me try this again.
Alone all our dreams went... (Ka-kaboom?) Yes!
But united we'll take...
(Take all the candles?) No, think bigger!
Madame Lazul: I'm seeing what you want to do. (Let me hear it!)
Hagatha: We'll come together so we can dismantle!
Rafaam: Now here's the plot to capture your greed and intrigue...
We'll take Dalaran for all that it's got...

Together: As we form an E.V.I.L league!
Rise Of Shadows Cinematic Trailer

"The shadows are rising again...
...darker than they've ever been
! (Where are the heroes?)
As evil descends from the skies (Oh no!)
The world cries out: "how will we survive?"

Out of the hall of explorers and out from the dusty tombs. (Here come our heroes!)
They grab their whips and fedoras.. These legends of the past know exactly what to do!

There might be magic monsters, mummies in the market and ancient mysticism!
There's surely scorching deserts adventure, and much needed narcissism!

High stakes! Think annihilation.
Obliteration of civilization!

Now is the time to be brave!
evil's come to enslave!
But this league's gonna save!
Saviours of Uldum Cinematic Trailer

Grim Patron

"so how many times have people Pyroblasted themselves in the face in testing with Yogg-Saron?"
"five. there is a scoreboard on the wall"

"To give an example of a player story that comes from this specific card... There is a well-known streamer who, at one point on turn one played this card, using The Coin so they got an extra mana. So on turn 1 they had a 4/4, which is very powerful. His opponent then proceeded to play a spell for free that took a bunch of cards out of his deck, and then another copy of that which took some more cards out of his deck, and then another card that took a copied card out of his hand, and then the card he copied out of his hand he played, which - all of these were of course free - which summoned a random minion from the streamer's deck, which ended up being Ragnaros, which immediately fired and destroyed Millhouse Manastorm. So the game went horribly, horribly wrong, but it was an awesome, awesome story, and it's not a story that, when we were creating Millhouse Manastorm, we had any clue was going to happen."
— Developer Eric Dodds, relating game design-based wisdom

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