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Drinking Game / Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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If you're going to spend an evening in the tavern, you might as well have a few drinks while you're there.


  • Take a sip each time you buff a minion.
  • When someone plays a board clear, take a drink for each point of damage it deals (to a single minion, not to all of them; no one needs to take 20+ drinks for a Flamestrike).
    • If it completely wipes the board, ignoring health (e.g. Vanish, Twisting Nether), finish your drink.
  • Whenever you feel like the Random Number God is on your opponent's side, take a drink.
  • If your opponent plays a golden card, take a shot. Take two if it's a golden Legendary.
    • If your opponent starts with a golden Coin in hand and plays it, finish your drink and disregard this rule for the rest of that game.
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  • Take a huge swig if your opponent has a full 5 Secrets in play. You're going to need it anyway. (Protip: stay far away from Wild)
  • Each time you use your Hero Power, take a sip.
  • If you find yourself playing against a deck that you're sick to death of seeing, take a shot to vent your frustrations.
  • Take a celebratory shot if you mill or otherwise remove the key card of your opponent's deck before they can play it and they immediately concede.
  • Take a shot if someone plays a hero card.
  • If you get to play Lord Jaraxxus, declare "YOU FACE JARAXXUS, EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!" as hammily as possible before taking a shot.
    • Finish your drink if your opponent then kills you with Sacrificial Pact. Double up if they're not even playing Warlock.
  • If you deplete your deck and start taking fatigue damage, take a shot.
  • If you mulligan a card away only to draw it on your first turn, take a shot.
    • Take two shots per card if you mulligan a card(s) away only to draw the other copy.


Opening Packs

  • Take a sip if you open a 40 Dust pack (4 Commons, 1 Rare, no goldens).
  • Take a shot for each Epic you unpack.
  • Take two shots for each Legendary you unpack.
  • If you get a golden card, take one shot if it's common, two if it's rare, and three if it's Epic. If you get a golden Legendary, finish your drink.