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Tear Jerker / Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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  • Deck Creation can be a very tearful experience.
  • You've finally done it, you've invaded the dread citadel Naxxramas, slain all the bosses and looted all there was to loot. But the game still gets the final You Bastard! in before you leave: You've invaded an old man's home, and beat up him and his cat. Happy now?
  • If Vaelastrasz the Corrupt manages to defeat you, linger a little at the defeat screen, and you can hear him lament having succumbed to the corruption.
    "Forgive me friend... I have failed."
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  • General Drakkisath is sad, confused, and scared during his battle with the player, having thought of them as a helpful ally before, and now forced to fight them or die.
    "Why? Please tell me why? I liked you!"
  • Whenever you have to crush a Murloc Tinyfin, which is a ridiculously cute baby Murloc.
    • Really, whenever you kill the more "civilian" minions, their death cries are more sad than anything else.
    Refreshment Vendor: "But I have... more... cakes...!"
    Tournament Attendee: "But... my popcorn..."
  • Rhonin's Deathrattle cry is pretty sad because it mirrors his Heroic Sacrifice in the bombing of Theramore. But the reward (3 Arcane Missiles to your hand) would easily win the game for the Mage player (whose default hero is Jaina Proudmore - the person he originally saved from the bombing).
    Ronin: "Save... yourself."
  • Poor Southsea Squidface, seems he has been bullied a lot.
    Southsea Squidface: (Summoning) My mother does love this face.
    Southsea Squidface: (Attacking) Show Respect!
  • The Death Knight Card Flavour texts are not the standard cavalcade of funny - the Knight of Cerebus status of the Death Knights is played absolutely straight - many of them having crossed the Despair Event Horizon after their deaths.
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  • Tirion Fordring arrived just 1 turn too late to save Jaina from being defeated and turned into the Lich King's servant in the Prologue of the Knights of the Frozen Throne. The worst part is that it's a Hopeless Boss Fight, so no matter what she (and the players) does, they will not succeed. This make his "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight against her as Frost Lich Jaina all the more heartbreaking.
  • The Dalaran Heist mode is mostly lighthearted and campy with one exception: The battle against Kalecgos. Out of all the encounters, he's the only one that treats your destructive rampage as the serious, life-threatening crime it is, and the harsh What the Hell, Hero? speech he gives to you throughout the entire battle may be jarring enough to make you regret the entire playthrough.
  • On a meta level, the announcement of Ben Brode, who's more or less the face of the dev team, leaving Blizzard to set off on his own ventures led to Manly Tears being shed all around in the fanbase.

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