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Hey guys, I've been a fan and reader of TV Tropes since 2012 and started contributing in 2015. My primary contribution is the Be a Voice Actor page (still a work-in-progress).

My hobbies include web-surfing (especially on TV Tropes), watching cartoons & anime, reading manga, literature & fanfiction; playing video games & poker (only for fun), practicing martial arts, singing and voice acting.

¡Qué pedo carnales! Yo he sido un fan y lector de TV Tropes desde 2012 y empecé contribuir en 2015. Mi contribución primaria es la página de Quieres Hacerse un Locutor (solo en inglés).


Mis pasatiempos incluyen navegar por la Red, mirar caricaturas y anime, leer manga, literatura y fanfics; jugar videojuegos y poker (solo para disfrutar), practicar artes marciales, cantar y actuar de voz. Por cierto, no tengo fluidez en español.

여러분 안녕하세요. 2012년 이래로 TV Tropes 팬이고 독자 이어서 2015년에 기부하기를 시작했어요. (어젠가 전문적인 성우를 하고 싶어요.) 지금 한국어를 배우고 있어서, 한국말을 잘 못 해요.

(If anyone's curious, all the above descriptions mean the same thing)


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