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"In retrospect it would have been better had we not met. Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings."
Edgeworth to Phoenix, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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     Phoenix and Miles 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Their relationship was heavily homoerotic as early as the first game. The infamous "unnecessary feelings" line, for starters, caused many players to raise eyebrows. And his attempts to tell Phoenix about the repeated nightmares he had been having also come across as a Love Confession.
    • Phoenix has essentially based his entire life and career around Miles Edgeworth. After knowing him for only one year. In grade four. Although Phoenix manages to avoid being a Stalker with a Crush because he doesn't actually try to hunt Edgeworth down until he reads an article about the 'Demon Prosecutor' and decides that his purpose in life is to save Edgeworth from what Edgeworth has become.
    • Edgeworth's words and actions make it clear Phoenix left an equally strong impression on him in that short span of time. When they meet in court for the first time, he recognizes Phoenix instantly and doesn't even try to pretend he doesn't remember him, and in "Turnabout Goodbyes," he remembers that Phoenix was always stubborn once he'd committed himself to something.
    • Gumshoe frequently comes across as a Shipper on Deck at best, or having a Matchmaker Crush at worst. He requests Phoenix to "stand by Mr. Edgeworth" and is very insistent that he in particular defend him in the DL-6 case. He also mentions in passing that after the previous trial, he heard Edgeworth calling his name repeatedly. Which brings to mind a very interesting mental image.

  • Justice For All:
    • The second game cranks the subtext up. Phoenix practically goes mad with grief over Edgeworth's self-imposed disappearance, believing that he had died. And once he finds out Edgeworth was not actually dead, he calls him out in a manner similar to a spurned lover, considering it a betrayal.
    • After Edgeworth vanishes at the end of 1-5, poor bereft Phoenix is certain he's dead and can't even bear to hear his name.
      Maya: It was always back and forth with them. But when you're rivals for life...
      Phoenix: Maya! Please don't mention that name ever again...
      Maya: Huh...? But why, Nick?
      Phoenix: I'm... I'm sorry, Maya. I forgot you don't know... He... He's... He's gone... And he's not coming back...
    • In "Farewell, My Turnabout", there's a part in which you have to pick between two choices to explain why Matt Engarde's Nickel Samurai costume was in the Jammin' Ninja's guitar case, the two choices being "Juan stole the costume" and "it was a spare". If you pick the wrong choice, you get this bit:
      Edgeworth: Maybe YOU should be stripped naked and run out for making a mockery of this court!
      Phoenix: E-EXCUSE ME!?
    • The fact that the item you give Miles at the end is supposed to be a whip, to... express his feelings for Phoenix.
    • The fact that Edgeworth doesn't smile much at all at most people, not in Investigations or in the main series, but the two people of the games he smiles often and openly at are Franziska (his adopted sister), and... Phoenix.

  • Trials and Tribulations:
    • By Trials and Tribulations, the writers and translators, having noticed their large fanbase, seemed to go out of their way to insert homoerotic Double Entendres in otherwise unremarkable scenes. Pretty much every scene with Gumshoe in it, for instance, ends up with at least one jab at someone's sexuality.
    • When you switch to playing as Edgeworth in case 5 of the above, the scene starts with Edgeworth saying he didn't have any intention of returning to 'that country' while in Europe. But told that Phoenix is in danger and needs his help, he charters a private jet and arrives within hours, going to the hospital to see Phoenix as soon as he arrives.
    • When he meets Larry (who was the one who called him), he is carrying two items of incredible personal value, on loan from Phoenix: his defense badge and the magatama. Even though he clearly thinks they're both ludicrous (especially the magatama), he remembers all the pertinent details and is able to use both of them capably, with nothing more than the minor misstep of calling the Psyche-Locks "Psycholocks." It's suggested that the only reason he would bother to remember such stuff is because Phoenix was the one who told him.
    • Building on that, Edgeworth states something along the lines of not desiring to see "him" again for a while, which can imply that either something happened between them, or Edgeworth had some sort of reason for wishing to avoid Phoenix. When they get back, besides the omitted reunion (in which presumably something happened), their relationship is very close, with no apparent tension. Hmmm...
    • When an earthquake threatens to collapse the freezing cavern Maya's trapped in, and all Wright can think about is how Edgeworth (who, to be fair, has a debilitating phobia of earthquakes) is doing at the time. Or when he follows Edgeworth into the garden afterwards to "hug it out with him."
    • To say nothing of suggesting that Phoenix let Franziska, a whip-wielding female prosecutor, take her frustrations out on him while Edgeworth watches, saying that it would make a good souvenir of his visit.
    • That instance where Edgeworth calls Phoenix his 'partner'. Even in the Japanese, the term used was ambiguous.
    • By the end of Trials and Tribulations, they have an open and intimate conversation about how they've each shaped the other into the man he eventually became, and the gratitude is mutual.
    • In the 3DS remake of the trilogy, the following gem appears during 3-5:
      Iris: Mr. Edgeworth...what is Mr. Wright to you?
      Edgeworth: ...He is a very dear and indispensable friend.
    • If Edgeworth receives a penalty while breaking Iris' Psyche-Locks in the aforementioned scene in 3-5, the following exchange occurs. It's especially eyebrow-raising considering that Phoenix is Iris' canonical (albeit unaware) ex-boyfriend, and Edgeworth is trying to uncover her romantic connection to him:
      Edgeworth: However...there is one person you didn't want your secret told to! (present anyone other than Phoenix Wright)
      Edgeworth: Well, Iris?
      Iris: ...Mr. Edgeworth. Is it just possible that yourself have a deep, dark secret in your heart?
      Edgeworth: (damage sound effect) ...! Why do you say that...!?
      Iris: As they say, it takes one to know one.
      Edgeworth: (How could she have known about that...? Is she peering into my soul!?)
    • The original version of Trials & Tribulations had the line as 'Friend? Well, in a sense, yes.'. This version is definitely closer to the original Japanese line.
    • English speakers will never witness the joy of Phoenix and Miles switching from formal 'you' to informal 'you' in French, after that emotional talk in the last case of Trials and Tribulations. This is a big step that means they're way closer now.

  • Dual Destinies:
    • Edgeworth is only present for one chapter of Dual Destinies, but the game more than pulled its weight in bringing up the age old "At what point does it stop being subtext?" question.
      • Well before Edgeworth ever appears in person, Phoenix alludes to periodically traveling to Europe to assist Edgeworth in legal matters during his time disbarred. It's then that he met Athena.
      • Apparently Edgeworth has gone to at least one of Trucy's magic acts with Phoenix. Despite it being brought up in court in a way that debunked one of his points, Phoenix remembers that day fondly. The implied domesticity is mind boggling.
    • Edgeworth also uses Phoenix's nickname for Pearl and apparently hangs around the Anything Agency enough to be familiar with Apollo (since they never met in Apollo Justice).
      • Make a mistake in the trial against Edgeworth in case 5 of Dual Destinies, get this gem. O-okay. For those wanting the full exchange:
        Edgeworth: Hmph.
        Phoenix: (Uh oh, I got the hmph treatment...)
        Edgeworth: I realize bluffing in court is practically your calling card... But your credibility phoned just now and told me to tell you to "put a sock in it."
        Phoenix: Y-yes, Daddy...
      • And then there's the fact that Phoenix returned to being a lawyer because Edgeworth asked him to return, to help him prove Blackquill's innocence and put an end to the "dark age of the law", meaning that, for the second time in his life, Phoenix became an attorney for Edgeworth.
      • The Dual Destinies trial itself is full of characters making quips about how close the two lawyers are. Even Fulbright, an emotionless killer, comments that they exemplify the phrase "close enough to argue." Later, Phoenix needles Edgeworth about his aesthetic sense weakening along with his eyesight (Edgey now wears glasses), and Edgeworth is not amused. The Judge steps in to smooth things over, assuring Edgeworth that the defence is only concerned about his ocular health. When the trial is over, Athena comments on their "love-hate" relationship. Add it all up, and it seems that quite a few people in-game seem to regard the face-off between the two lawyers as a marital spat.
      • At the end of Dual Destinies Phoenix has realized that Edgeworth stepped in to speed up the process of getting him reinstated because it was too easy a process. Edgeworth hadn't mentioned this or tried to take credit for it, but he admits he has a lot of debts to pay up to Phoenix. He says the same in the end credits, since he now owes Phoenix again for helping acquit Blackquill, but swears to repay him someday (while doing his head-tilted half smile pose). There's also the bit where Phoenix tells Edgeworth that the frown lines on his forehead are getting too deep and he should smile more; Edgeworth tells him (while smirking) that he'll think about it.

  • Spirit of Justice:
    • Spirit of Justice has Edgeworth and Phoenix investigate a murder together in Khura'in, complete with constant affectionate teasing and an amazingly Tsundere Edgeworth. Some highlights include:
    • If you ever ask Edgeworth if he has "any ideas", he grumbles about Phoenix leaving the states without telling him. Phoenix asks if Edgeworth missed him, which Edgeworth characteristically deflects.
    • Apparently the Queen of Khura'in, who has never met Edgeworth, managed to predict (with her immense spiritual power) that he would insist on accompanying Phoenix to his audience with her. Funnily enough, it's later proved that the Queen has no spiritual power to speak of, so apparently Nick and Edgey just radiate Ho Yay vibes for miles around.
    • They both speculate how much fun it would be to sightsee in Khura'in if they weren't there on business, although Edgeworth teasingly adds that Phoenix is the last person he'd want to go with.
    • And later on Phoenix makes fun of Edgeworth for his gaudy taste and his grey hair, asking if he wants to dye it black.
    • Investigating anywhere at the Bazaar will have Edgeworth wax sentimental about how he and Phoenix are finally investigating a case "side by side", only for Phoenix to tease him for being so sentimental.
    • Played for Laughs, but Phoenix does get a hilarious Say My Name when Edgeworth is briefly attacked by Shah'do.
    • Apparently Edgeworth not only investigated Maya's kidnapping while Phoenix worked the relevant case (probably a Call-Back to Justice For All where they pulled the exact same stunt together), but he also chartered a jet for the entire Wright Anything Agency to go to Khura'in (another Call-Back, this time to Trials and Tribulations), and pulled rank with all the investigators and legal officials in Khura'in to help Phoenix. At the beginning of their segment together, Phoenix confesses that he would have been "totally lost" without Edgeworth's help.
    • Come the DLC case, where Contrived Coincidence puts them on opposite benches again, and the whole thing revolves around a wedding. Edgeworth is unusually touchy and prickly on the subjects of love and marriage, and declares at one point that he'll never marry, which just invites the whole universe to step in and prove him wrong. On top of that, it's a plot point that two winged bulls were staged at the wedding, instead of the usual arrangement of one bull and one cow.

  • Investigations:
    • In Investigations, Edgeworth catches himself using the word "contradiction," resulting in the following internal monologue:
      Edgeworth: (Did I say "contradiction"? He must be rubbing off on me. I'm starting to sound like him...)

  • The Live-Action Movie:
    • While the infamous "unnecessary feelings" line is absent, the acting and framing in this movie makes already subtext-heavy scenes a thousand times more so, especially on Edgeworth's side. It helps that Edgeworth, for the most part, is played as less malicious and smug compared to how he is in the first game, and is a bit more clearly broken and woobie-ish, and has more apparent shame in Phoenix seeing him as he is now. Special mention goes to the second time Phoenix visits Edgeworth at the detention center, and gets his chance to explain that he wants to save Edgeworth in return for Edgeworth saving him in the class trial. Edgeworth's response is to say Phoenix's name in a tone that can best be described as "the actual sounding of an ice king's heart defrosting rapidly."
    • Phoenix repeatedly assures Edgeworth that he'll "be with [him] until the very end", even as the accusations against him begin to look more and more dire. It's a distillation of Phoenix's whole philosophy, of course, but the repetition plus the phrasing plus the fact that you don't really see him defend any other clients at length in the movie lends it an extra layer of meaning after a while.
    • Being portrayed by live-action actors allows the two of them generally display very relaxed body language around one another once Edgeworth agrees to let Phoenix defend him, in a marked contrast to their previous rigid formality with each another. The final scene in the detention center and a later one where they read through old case files together during the trial recess show them visibly at ease in one another's company, even given the stressful context.
    • After Edgeworth's trial, when he gently holds out his hand for Phoenix to take while thanking Phoenix for saving him, Phoenix's reaction is to look at him for a long moment in stunned delight before getting his act together enough to reciprocate, practically blushing and behaving for all the world like someone who can't believe his crush is actually paying attention to him. Bonus points for several cuts to Maya looking like she's started to figure out what's actually going on between them...
    • Don't forget the utterly adorable shy, secretive smiles they give one another when they meet on the courthouse steps during the credits, even though they're technically about to face off against each other (in what's only their second-ever professional encounter in this version of the story). Just... wow.

  • The Anime of the Game:
    • The first opening involves Phoenix and Edgeworth each with a chain around their wrists, linked to one another.
    • The anime also kept in the line about being "saddled with unnecessary feelings".
    • The anime also shows Phoenix being in possession of what seems like an entire scrapbook dedicated to Edgeworth.
    • And the anime introduces a shared set of trinkets (the Signal Samurai) owned by Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Larry since childhood. We've yet to see (adult) Larry's, but Nick and Edgey still have theirs. Edgeworth even had to fight to keep from losing his to Manfred von Karma.
    • The second season provides a flashback episode where a substantial portion is dedicated to Phoenix dedicating a song to Edgeworth over the radio. He also later reacts to Edgeworth thinking about him. From some distance away. Somehow.
    • The added episodes on the train also have Gumshoe get all Shipper on Deck about Phoenix and Edgeworth working together from opposite sides of the ocean via teleconference. He says he's going to cry.
  • Other Adaptations and Media:
    • Apparently the Ho Yay's memetic enough for it to show up when Phoenix and Edgeworth make cameos in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In She-Hulk's ending, the two are scared enough of the green-skinned woman that they jump into each other's arms.
    • Artwork by series art director Tatsuro Iwamoto shows Edgeworth in a pink apron helping Larry and Maya make a Valentine's Day chocolate statue of Phoenix, using a picture of Phoenix shirtless and wet with a towel around his neck for reference. Compounding this further, there’s already a reference of Phoenix behind Larry. Makes you wonder how Edgeworth got that picture, let alone why he has it...
    • Even the merchandise is getting in on the action, and not merely in simple 'pose them close enough to fit on the cover' ambiguity. In September 2017, a series of Ace Attorney themed jewelry was announced. Most of the characters represented got pendant necklaces. Phoenix and Edgeworth, however, were blessed with rings. Very beautiful, very engagement-like rings.
    • Don't forget the infamous occasion on which the official Nintendo Magazine included Phoenix and Edgeworth on their list of "the best couples in Nintendo games". The accompanying write-up makes it quite clear that no, the writer hasn't gotten the point of the piece confused with a "best duos" list, they just think that the romantic chemistry is clear enough to merit an inclusion.
    • Heck, Shu Takumi plays into it as much as anyone. Not only is his statement that Edgeworth simply isn't interested in dating women or entering into a traditional marriage often considered as being as good as Word of Gay for the character, but he's been quoted as saying that Edgeworth thinks Phoenix looks good in a suit and that Phoenix would admit to finding Edgeworth pretty cute.

     Apollo and Klavier 
  • Klavier and Apollo have those vibes in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, especially with Klavier's line about Apollo inspecting him the same way the ladies do.
    • In the last case Trucy tells Apollo, in regards to Klavier, "I know it's hard for you but he's a handsome guy." to which Apollo replies, "What's 'hard'?"
    • Heck, at one point, Apollo outright thinks that, "I'll wipe that smile off your pretty face, Gavin!"
    • Apollo's internal monologue also goes on and on about how cool Klavier is when he's prosecuting and how distracting it is.
    • Their very first meeting, Klavier says to Apollo that "I've never felt this way towards a man before".
    • At the end of 4-3, Apollo's internal monologue remarks that "Prosecutor Gavin's even more dazzling to look at now".
    • And then in Dual Destinies, we get this moment of hilarity.
    • Speaking of Dual Destinies, we also have this exchange between the two men.
      Klavier: The Gavinners are getting back together for a one-time special performance.
      Apollo: Even though you guys disbanded? ...Which was a shame, by the way. Really.
      Klavier: Ja, I know how much you... adored our music, Herr Forehead.
    • The quiz DLC in Dual Destinies, which will not be released in the West, is a goldmine of Ho Yay for the two of them.
      • When examining a poster for a live show, Apollo mentions that there will be a band playing the Gavinners' songs. Phoenix then proceeds to taunt Apollo, calling Klavier "Herr Forehead's eternal rival". Apollo gets flustered over Phoenix calling him Herr Forehead as well, and declares that "the only one who is allowed to call him Herr Forehead is Klavier". Sure, he backs off and says that he doesn't like Klavier calling him that, but there's the fact that he said this in impulse, and it was implied that Klavier heard him.
      • Later, Klavier and Apollo pair up themselves to solve some of the quiz cards. In another conversation after Apollo answers a quiz correctly, Klavier suggests to sing The Guitar's Serenade to him, and it just so happens that The Guitar's Serenade is a romantic song.
      • The tip of the iceberg, however, is when Apollo and Klavier examine the reception of the space station.
        Apollo: It’s the reception. It seems that if five or more people come (to the space station) and play, they will get presents. The members in the agency, including me, are four people, so... One more person...
        Klavier: Did you call for me? Herr Forehead.
        Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin! You’re just in time! Please introduce me to one of your acquaintances!
        (Klavier gets angry at this.)
        Apollo: Aah! More importantly! There’s a card here!
        Klavier: (angry face still remaining) There’s a lot of things that I don’t accept, but let’s solve the quiz for now.
    • Examine the bouquet of roses on the dressing room counter during "The Magical Turnabout" in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice and Apollo will observe they were given to Trucy by Klavier. At this point Athena chimes in that Apollo gets "prickly" when discussing Klavier and Apollo stumbles through some flustered responses in a Tsundere-kind of way.
    • In the non-canon DLC, Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney, Klavier asks Apollo out to dinner:
      Apollo: I can't catch a break.
      Klavier: You're thinking out loud, Herr Forehead. Here, let me buy you dinner to make up for it.

  • Maya and Regina Berry have a few Les Yay moments. Maya admits that she feels like professing her love for Regina soon after they've met, and both girls call each other cute.
    • Similarly, Regina and Kay Faraday in the second Investigations game hit it off immediately upon meeting, with it coming off as a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship, something that even Edgeworth seems to take note of.
  • Even after Godot arrests and prosecutes him for murder Ron DeLite has an adoring interest in the coffee fiend. He admits fully to having a lifelong fascination with "mysterious masked men" and Godot refers to him as a 'kitten', a term he usually reserves for attractive women.
  • There's also the Guy Love vibe from Gumshoe and Edgeworth, especially the way Gumshoe is almost always around Edgeworth and becomes incredibly defensive when anyone badmouths Edgeworth even in the slightest. Heck, Phoenix's immediate thought upon seeing how tall Edgeworth's (who's afraid of heights) bookshelves are is that Gumshoe hangs around his office to get them down for him.
    • It's just as easily interpreted as one-sided puppy love. Gumshoe is all happy and excited to see Edgeworth (until being scolded, in which case he cringes); if anyone insults Edgeworth, he does the human equivalent of growling and snapping at them; and no matter how many times he's kicked ("Detective, isn't your salary review coming up soon?") he keeps on coming back — and he's still always happy to see Edgeworth. There's also the total devotion thing.
    • Then there's some of the ''Investigations'' concept art, which shows Gumshoe holding an umbrella over Edgeworth and getting soaked in the process. (One wonders why Edgeworth looks Not So Stoic in this piece...)
    • In the 2016 anime version of "Farewell, My Turnabout," Franziska dumps Gumshoe's coat on the floor when she storms out. Edgeworth picks it up and gently brushes it off.
  • In the fifth episode of the DS port of the first game, Les Yay and Ho Yay reside happily. Attracted to Mia intellectually, Lana. While you went to college together. Right...
    Lana: That... was probably why she was attracted to me.
    Phoenix: E-excuse me!?
    Ema: Intellectually attracted!
    • This naturally has led many fans to ship their younger sisters Maya and Ema together. Official art like this helps the effort along.
  • There's also how (engaged to someone else) Max Galactica refers to both Phoenix and Maya with terms of endearment, although this may well be part of his stage persona, given that his act is very much being a visual kei/glam rock-styled illusionist.
  • In Justice For All, when showing Moe the picture of Max from the grand prix, he mentions that Max also made them all worship his "big bust".
    Phoenix: I wouldn't mind talking about Max's bust... not that I'm into that sort of thing.
  • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix and Kristoph Gavin combine this with Foe Romance Subtext.
    • When Phoenix visits him in his cell in 4-4, Kristoph is notably pleasant to him, despite the fact that Phoenix has already had him convicted of murder and is investigating him for additional crimes.
    • He only becomes menacing again when Phoenix begins questioning how much of their seven years of "friendship" (note the air quotes) was real and Kristoph starts sounding like a bitter ex.
      Kristoph: But Wright, your "friendship" toward me was never pure. ...You suspected me then as you still do now, don't you?
      Phoenix: Honestly, right now, I'm not sure what I think.
    • And of course, there's the fact that Kristoph's final breakdown consists of him dramatically shouting Phoenix's last name.
  • Adrian/Franziska fanart seems to be gaining steam lately, thanks in no small part to Adrian's ending in the third game where she tells Phoenix that she got a chance to meet Franziska again, and learned how to use a whip. (Wonder what kind of lessons she learned there, hmm?) This also comes with the rather adorable implication that one of Franziska's first acts when she got back to the country and was off-the-clock was to look up Adrian and go hang out with her for a bit.
    • There's also the fact that by the end of the third game, it's clear that Franzie's starting to soften up... but just to other females.
    • There's also Adrian's tendency to get close to and imitate other women...
      • Adrian's relationship with Celeste (her boss) was really...strong. To the point Adrian tried to kill herself when she discovered Celeste was killed. Sure, Adrian has an illness that makes her dependent on other people, but that only adds more Les Yay with Franziska, since Adrian fully trusted her during the trial. Also, Adrian is the only character in the game Franziska talks politely and never gets angry, and let's not forget that she had absolutely no reason to befriend Adrian after the trial, even more considering Adrian stayed in jail for months for tampering with evidence. Did Franziska wait in America just to see her again? Adrian probably got dependent on her by the third game. They barely interact ingame but it's still much more than Franziska ever did to Edgeworth or Phoenix.
  • In 1-2, a painting that had been in Grossberg's office suddenly turns up in Redd White's the next day, despite Grossberg insisting that he would not part with it under any circumstances. When you talk to Grossberg about it, you have the option to guess he and White are lovers. Phoenix's imagination runs with this premise quite a bit before Grossberg explains what's really going on.
  • This rather interesting pic of the Fey Sisters and April May seen here closely embracing each other. While Maya seems uncomfortable, Mia and April sure don't. Some fans have joked that the Les Yay would have been REALLY blatant if Maya wasn't there.
  • And the Lang/Edgeworth vibe in the last case of Investigations, especially during the final-final-final-final-final-final confrontation, and directly afterwards.
    • Lang's patronizing taunts of "My ignorant little pretty boy" are fun, too. Especially considering Edgeworth's reactions.
    • Some of Lang's behaviour in general towards Edgeworth before he started to see him as a Worthy Opponent can come off as being tsundere-ish.
      Lang: Make no mistake, it's not like I was trying to help you with what I do.
    • If going by that, Lang's behavior where he starts to lessen his antagonism towards Edgeworth can pretty much be seen as him slowly going dere.
  • From Ace Attorney Investigations 2 we have Horace Knightley and Simon Keyes. They're confirmed to be Heterosexual Life-Partners, to the point where Edgeworth refers to them using terms normally reserved for couples. Of course, Simon believes Horace betrayed him, and manipulates Patricia Roland into killing him.
  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2 also gives us Raymond Shields, who goes out of his way to flirt with just about everyone, including Edgeworth:
    Ray: "I thought it would be nice if we could share the romance of the constellations together."
    Edgeworth: "...I beg your pardon, but I would like to leave."
    • Another instance has Edgeworth complaining about an overly cold room. Ray responds by offering to give Edgeworth all his clothes.
  • From Case 4 of Ace Attorney Investigations, the players get this piece of Les Yay:
    Franziska: "And you there, Ms. Yew! Continue with your testimony. If you fail to do so, I shall whip you into shape!"
    Calisto: "Ha ha ha... That's nice. Sounds kind of fun actually."
    • This is lessened given that Franziska is 13 at the time.
  • If you ask Larry about Ron DeLite, he thinks you're trying to hook them up. Larry also thinks this would be a step up from his womanizing ways.
  • During Jean Armstrong's testimony, the player can choose to cross examine Jean and press him over where a seat was that could allow a person to see the image of murder victim Glen Elg. When Phoenix presses Jean on this, Jean replies that he always attracts the younger boys and suggests he keeps Phoenix in suspense for a bit longer, which can clearly be taken as Jean flirting with Phoenix. When the judge tells Jean to answer Phoenix's question, Jean proceeds to say that he attracts the older men too, nicknames the judge "'andsome", and asks if he can tease the judge too, which makes it clear that Jean is flirting with the judge.
  • In the final case of "Trials and Tribulations", Sister Bikini struggles to stand up straight on the witness stand due to her bad back and Franziska offers to give her a "vigorous massage" when Sister Bikini finishes testifying.
    Edgeworth: (With the whip?)
  • What's the first thing Maya has to say about Iris? "She sure is beautiful..."
  • In Dual Destinies, Aura Blackquill's love for Metis Cykes is barely subtext. To elaborate a bit:
    • The robots they jointly created previously referred them both as Mommy.
    • Much of Aura's malice and obvious dislike towards Athena is because she's convinced that Athena killed Metis. It's also somewhat implied that she saw Athena as a competitor for Metis' love and attention, or possibly a reminder that Metis married some other man.
    • Apollo's remark that Metis appears to have loved the robots they created as much as her own daughter Athena...and Aura.
    • And, of course, Aura's outburst in court, by which point it's more or less text.
      Aura: "Shut up, Simon! You know exactly how I felt about her! Her respect as a co-worker wasn't all that I wanted!"
    • At which point the judge asks what exactly it was, to which Phoenix, with an incredibly nervous face, thinks "Did you really just go there, Your Honor?" Phoenix himself, at the very least, seems to have picked up on it.
  • And then there's Simon Blackquill's comment at the end of case 2 where he invites Apollo to spend the night with him in the clink. His intentions are to keep the defense from creating forged evidence, but still.
  • Although it's relatively unpopular in the fandom, Apollo and Phoenix.
    • Apollo's extremely nervous to meet Phoenix for the first time, exclaiming "Whoa!" when he shows up and commenting, in his internal monologue, that it's like having a heart attack.
    • After the first case, despite having just been punched in the face by Apollo, Phoenix smiles and says, as if it's the end of a date,
      Phoenix: Thanks, Apollo. I had a good time.
    • When Apollo sees Phoenix in his new court suit in Dual Destinies, he's floored.
      Apollo: That suit makes him look like a million dollars.
    • Phoenix has the biggest reaction, in terms of facial expressions, when he sees Apollo unconscious on the courtroom floor. Later in the game, he goes off on Ted Tonate who is absolutely terrified of Phoenix, quite convinced that he is about to go through the glass to beat him up for hurting Apollo.
    • Apollo stresses that Phoenix is the only one who can help him at the end of Dual Destinies.
    • In a piece of official 10th Anniversary art, Apollo is copying Phoenix with a focused expression while nervously blushing.
  • Juniper and Athena. Juniper brings Athena an orange for strength during the first case, and Athena tears up.
    Athena: (internal monologue) *sniff* You're always so good to me!
    • Their animated cutscene during 5-3, in which Juniper calls Athena "Thena" for the first time in years, and Athena is touched. Athena is also hell-bent on taking Juniper's case despite her inexperience.
    • The fact that Robin Newman who's really a girl this whole time, and is very protective over Juniper as well and is rumored to be interested in her romantically besides the fact she never got to wear girly clothes is also a thing in Dual Destinies. Then we have Myriam Scuttlebutt who's basically a Tsundere version of someone who just wants friends and is more than a little jealous of "Junie"'s popularity. Athena even lets her use the office computer when she accidentally breaks her laptop which unsurprisingly has a picture of Juniper and her friends on it.
  • Clay and Apollo. Everyone is shocked by Apollo's reaction after Clay's death.
  • Simon Blackquill had a very Gumshoe/Edgeworth-esque vibe with Detective Bobby Fulbright, only with more Unequal Pairing involved due to Simon being an inmate and Bobby his handler.
    • Bobby is extremely loyal to Simon and believes in him becoming a better person.
    • During one of Aristotle Means's lectures, Simon basically says "screw this, I'm going on a walk with Fulbright".
    • "Fool Bright", while derogatory, could easily be taken as an Affectionate Nickname.
    • Bobby's ethical crisis in 5-4, in which he's torn between his loyalty to Simon and helping to solve the case the right way.
    • Of course, all of this takes on a different meaning after the reveal that it's not actually Bobby Fulbright, but the phantom having these moments with Simon.
  • In 6-2, when Bonny de Famme sits right up on the Defense's stand while her twin sister sits on the Prosecutor's, while Apollo looks shocked, Athena is... smiling and has her hands clasped together, as if enjoying her and her performance. And Nahyuta... gives no real reaction.
    • Speaking of Bonny, there's her nonstop fangirling of Trucy that practically screams "girl crush". There's also her twin sister Betty who became a magician with her sister solely because of Trucy's act and reacts to Trucy like a very Tsun Tsundere would. She even uses classic tsundere lines like "It's not like I cared about her or anything".
  • During 6-3, when Phoenix is prompted to find an inconsistency in Tahrust Inmee's alibi, one response is that the high priest and the Khura'in Judge are 'too friendly', which is likely a Call-Back to 1-2, which has a similar joke response.
Phoenix: He's way too friendly with you, Your Magistry. Are you two perhaps, more than just friends?
Judge: M-M-Mr. Wright! What on earth are you suggesting?!
Phoenix: You seem awfully flustered, Your Magistry. That seems kind of suspicious.
Tahrust: You are free to think anything you like about our relationship. But it has nothing to do with the case at hand.
  • In true Ace Attorney main Prosecutor tradition Sugar-and-Ice Personality Nahyuta Sahdmadhi has a few Ho Yay moments with Apollo, though not nearly as much as Klavier. For one, it's obvious Nahyuta cares about Apollo when he's being forced to prosecute Dhurke's case in Case 6-5, and Apollo reacts flustered when Dhurke, being the amazingly embarrassing dad he is, reveals he has pictures of both Nahyuta and Apollo naked as children playing together. On top of that... Nahyuta generally reacts similar to Edgeworth under Manfred's control when confronting his old friend seemingly emotionless and cruel while obsessing over Apollo.
  • In The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures:
    • Asogi tried to sneak Ryunosuke in a trunk to England, forgoing any and all luggage, because he wanted to change the judicial system with Ryunosuke by his side. Ryunosuke doesn't even study law (at this point), and he agreed.
      Asogi: Truth be told, I also have a selfish reason for going through with this. If you were to become an attorney, then someday... .......
    • Ryunosuke also calls Asogi his "pride and joy".
    • When Ryunosuke sees a picture of Herlock dressed as a woman, his thoughts are:
      Ryunosuke: "He's quite stunning".
  • From The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve:
    • There's Susato and her friend Rei Membami. Right off the bat, since Susato is disguised as a male defense attorney, Rei doesn't recognize her and she mentions how she looks very... "gallant and dashing", and how shy she makes her. Even after Yujin makes her realize it's Susato, she's still rather flustered in Susato's presence.
      Susato: While I do feel modestly confident now, I feel like I'm also... saddled with unnecessary feelings.
    • In the credits, Barok writes to Albert Harebrayne asking him to come back to London so Barok can show him around the city.
    • On the topic of Albert and Barok, the official English localization gives us this little gem during the summation examination in Albert's trial:
      Juror No. 2 (Evie Vigil): Oh gosh, but it would be delightfully romantic if they were somehow to have a mutual interest in the waxwork.
      Ryunosuke: Romantic?
      Juror No. 2: A woman of society such as myself views everything in terms of relationship, you know.
      Ryunosuke: Well, you learn something new every day!
      Juror No. 2: One might wonder about a possible relationship between the defendant and this coroner woman. Or perhaps between the defendant and the handsome prosecutor just there.
      Ryunosuke: (This woman... [swiftly shifts from exasperated to "thinking" pose] may be more astute than I've been giving her credit for.)
  • Also in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, we cannot forget about Sholmes and Mikotoba. Being based on already very famous characters, who are in part largely known for their ho yay, it comes with a lot of subtext packed in. It also gave us this memorable line:
    Sholmes: Hm, suddenly, Mikotoba...
    ...the sight of you is making my mouth water.