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  • From the manga story "Turnabout With the Wind":
    • After Winston Payne goes over the weather conditions on the night of the murder.
    Maya: Yeah, it was really windy, and it started pouring a little before nine... We couldn't leave the office. I thought I was gonna starve to death.
    Phoenix: You're exaggerating. It stopped after an hour.
    Maya: Well, you were the one crying and screaming, "I'm scared! It's the end of the world!"
    Phoenix: Sh-shut up! You don't have to tell everyone!
    Judge: The defense will keep their lovers' spats outside of the courtroom.
    Phoenix: Y... Yes, your honor...
    • Larry's reason for trying to resist arrest:
    Larry: I had to run! That was right when they were gonna catch the culprit in the cop show I was watching!! I figured at least one of us should get away...!!
    (Visible Silence from the gallery, as Phoenix facepalms.)
    Maya: Cop show...
  • In "Turnabout Gallows", Phoenix and Maya look through Robin Wolfe's sketches, which he admits aren't very good, attempting to praise an admittedly cute calico cat and what appears to be a comical octopus, "with eyebrows and everything." It's a self-portrait. Phoenix quickly changes the subject.
  • A non-canon bonus chapter in Volume 3 of the official manga showed what would happen if Franziska whipped someone harshly in real life. Well, almost.
  • In "Turnabout Gurgitation", Winston Payne promises to have Phoenix "bellowing for mercy". Phoenix whispers to Maya that people would normally beg for mercy, to which Maya imagines a (rather cute) kaiju bellowing for it.
  • "Turnabout Power vs Supernatural Power":
    • When Casper Sly introduces himself to Phoenix and Maya, he claims that people call him "G.I. Sly". Maya asks what it stands for, suggesting "Great Intelligence". He responds "Close, but no cigar. It stands for Ghost-like and Inconsolable." Maya then decides to give Phoenix a nickname, suggesting F.C. Wright: "Falling-Off-A-Cliff Wright!" Somehow this nickname catches on, being brought up by Franziska and the Judge the next day.
    • The story involves an elevator with a weight limit of 500 kg. The over-capacity alarm goes off when Gumshoe, Franziska and the victim (Sly) are inside, and Phoenix calculates that if Gumshoe is (by his own estimate) 90kg and Casper 50 at most, then Franziska must weigh almost 800 pounds. Franziska promptly whips the hell out of him for forgetting that the elevator is also carrying a massive statue of a tengu (about 350 kg).
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    • After the trial, Phoenix and Maya speculate about how the two cases Russi Clover has been involved in will affect her interest in the occult. Cut to Russi running off to investigate a report of a Kappa at Shadow Mountain, while preemptively asking Phoenix to defend her if anything happens.
  • The "ladder vs. stepladder" debate that shows up in every game.
  • Whenever the damage/sweating animation is shown onscreen after your theories are shot down or something outlandish happens in court. Apollo's is especially funny—whereas Phoenix or Athena look rightfully worn out, Apollo's facial expression just screams, "Really?"