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Even with Animal Crossing's rule of No Hugging, No Kissing, there's still plenty of moments where animals of both gender seem really affectionate to those of the same gender.

  • The characters with the Lazy personality and the characters with the Jock personality usually end up as friends. Really. Close. Friends. In Wild World, they sometimes end up having a conversation with the lazy character complimenting the jock character with such compliments as "And those dimples you get when you smile are dreamy too". The conversation ends with both of them skipping away. Very. Happily.
    • This happens with the "grumpy" and "lazy" personalities as well. Specifically a conversation with the "lazy" requesting the "grumpy" to breathe on him.
    • Speaking of Cranky villagers, if they're about to move away and you're male, and you refuse, they'll say "Well, if YOU'RE the one that says so." while blushing.
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    • New Leaf introduced two new personalities, Smug and Uchi. Smug villagers have been known to wax poetically about romantic themes, even to male players, and as a result many players think of them as Ambiguously Bi. As for Uchi characters, if a female player talks to them frequently in a short period of time, they'll comment on how they're "even popular with the girls today" and that they're not used to that.
    • For added fun, listen in on a Smug villager interacting with another Smug villager. You'll get conversations from them smelling each other and complimenting each other's scent to them worrying about public gossip about their relationship with each other.
    • In Happy Home Designer, the aforementioned Francine appears to really like Chrissy, as she requests her home to be a shrine for her. It doubles as Incest Yay Shipping as according to the Japanese City Folk website, the two are sisters.
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    • Snooty villagers got nice over time, but maybe a little too nice. After all, occasionally you'll hear one talking about how much they love attention regardless of gender, and have a genuine connection with the player character often calling them my dear X or ending with Love, X.
    • And then we get to Peppy Villagers which are basically Snooty villagers but more touchy-feely. They'll often put hearts at the end of their letter to you regardless of gender and love being flirted with. They even say (again regardless of gender) they want to be your roomie!
    • Back to the Lazy Villagers who are pretty much Het Life Partners with the male player, although the jury is out on their sexual preference as they will often comment on wanting to share the same bed as the player. (Though this could reflect their child-like nature) to saying you have arms perfectly for shaking trees, and that you're stealthy, like a ninja with a heart above their head regardless of gender. Also their friendship seems a little TOO ambiguous with the player as they will always cry in front of you, and say they are lucky to be your friend even if it's sappy.
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    • Conversely, Jock villagers are only interested in male villagers and will often compliment the physique of the male player or other villagers. They will even be envious of Pete's walking style and dreamily respond that Cyrus is manly with a dreamy heart to the point it's barely subtext. The fact they show no real interest in females notwithstanding and choose to make the male PC their rival, is hilarious.
    • Oh, but Smug Villagers aren't just campy in their interactions, but they outright state flamboyant campy names for themselves in their letters calling themselves "Ken of the Red Rose" for example. They even write letters that just scream "Take me out on a date".
    • If you call a Normal villager's outfit cute they will respond "Oh X, you're too kind!" while blushing regardless of gender. Of course this works with Celeste, Blather's sister in City Folk where if you're female and you call her cute she will call you adorable.
    • This letter from a Cranky villager:
    Cranky: I carefully read that letter you wrote. It made me both happy and embarrassed. My face turned bright red!
  • In New Leaf, Isabelle has a crush on the mayor regardless of their gender.

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