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  • In New Leaf, when taking part on a multiplayer fishing or bug catching island tour players will shout "Yay, a [fish/bug]!" whenever thay catch something, presumably so that other players can see what they're doing. This can lead to ammusing situations where players can be seen shouting, for example, "Yay! A Piranha!" or something equally strange.
  • Giving Blathers a cockroach in Wild World is funny as all hell, thanks to part of his reaction when he opens the conversation when you hand it over to him. If you try to step on the cockroach you gave to the Museum, a VERY sarcastic reminder will appear saying that the cockroach is a "thoughtful donation from the player" and asks the patrons to not step on it. In addition, Blathers will even ask why cockroaches are part of the Museum's collection.
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  • Zipper T. Bunny in City Folk often mutters how much he hates doing this job.
  • Dr. Shrunk the Psychiatrist is trying his hand at stand-up comedy in City Folk. Visiting his show earns you an emote, but the real reward it is speaking to the audience members after the show to hear them complain about how abysmally un-funny Shrunk is.
  • In one commercial for the GameCube version:
    Leslie: Nice outfit. Where'd you get that, a garbage dump?
    Kelli: Uh... yeah.
    • Makes it funnier when you realize that they're wearing the same design, just in different colors.
  • The absolutely brilliant guilty pleasure, in the original GameCube game, of hitting animals with the butterfly net. On the third time, they snap.
    • And now in the online age, hitting EACH OTHER with a butterfly net. Or a shovel. Or an axe. Sometimes just hitting each other with tools during online sessions can be a blast, especially if you wear certain accessories. In New Leaf, you can buy a squeaky hammer to bop people with.
    • In New Leaf, you can stumble upon your villagers taking a nap on a bench or tree stump. Hitting them with a net while they're asleep is PRICELESS.
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  • Show up to work out of uniform at Tom Nook's store in the GameCube game. On occasion he'll go into a lunatic tirade about kids your age, though the look on his face and the accompanying sound and dialogue box that you see when you enter should be enough to make your sides ache.
  • Sometimes Resetti will take control of the camera and force it into extreme close-up, making himself fill the whole screen!
    • And other times, he'll pop up as usual, only to face the wrong direction.
  • In Wild World, if you're railroaded into buying Lyle's insurance, you can avoid it by deliberately not carrying enough money. He is not happy to discover this.
    Lyle: OOOHH, YOU'RE BUSTING MY CHOPS HERE!!!! -it's alright, it's alright...
  • Pitfall seeds can be used to shove villagers into a hole as a prank. However, you can also fall into one.
  • A conversation with a villager, word for word:
    Lazy Villager: Hey <Player>, how close do you think our hearts are? *Presents a slider scale. On the right is "Two miles!" on the left is "Two inches."
    Player: [Sets slider scale to the far right]
    Lazy Villager: You're right <Player>, we SHOULD get closer together! *Now wearing a dreamy expression* You smell like milk...
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  • Mabel's reaction to a male character trying on a dress or skirt that's on display.
    Mabel: Well, I guess it's okay to be a little adventurous.
  • The Big "OMG!" your character says after catching a big bug or fish, such as the whale shark, in New Leaf.
    • The fact that your character can hold a shark that's about twenty feet with just ONE hand.
    Player: I caught a shark! GAH! Why am I holding it?!
    • The response to catching a tarantula is pretty funny, mostly because of how blunt it is:
    Player: I caught a tarantula! WHAAAA! Destroy it!
  • If you go to the island with one guy and one girl Kapp'n will assume that the two are married and on their honeymoon.
    • "Are you two eloping?"
  • New Leaf now includes a screen capture function and a website for posting them to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr directly from the 3DS browser. To say many of the things people have uploaded (particularly on Tumblr) are absolute comedic gold would be a great understatement.
    PLAYER 1: That piranha wants to come out...
    PLAYER 2: Looks like he wants to
    PLAYER 2: Tap that glass.
    PLAYER 1: Bye.
  • In New Leaf, if you're a rotten jerk, Isabelle's reaction if you wish to delete your save file is both adorable and hilarious, especially thanks to her Delayed Reaction.
  • The conversation ending option for Lyle in New Leaf is "You're scaring me."
  • Lyle mentions to The Mayor that he and Tom Nook were invited over to the Able Sisters' for some bread pudding, and Tom immediately gets flustered, starts sweating and adjusting his tie, and responds "Yes, delicious bread pudding!" With the Ship Tease in City Folk that him and Sable may have once been a thing, it really makes you wonder....
  • Dr. Shrunk's jokes in City Folk and New Leaf are usually pretty funny, in a So Unfunny, It's Funny sort of way.
    • His Disagreement joke. Shrunk starts by pointing out that in some cultures, shaking your head side to side means yes instead of no. After talking a bit about how confident he is in his material, he asks the crowd if they think his jokes are funny and insightful.
    "Hey, hey, you don't need to agree all at once!"
    • In his "Distress" joke, Shrunk recalls how he tried to compliment his wife on her birthday by saying "Of all the fish in the sea, I caught a whale!" Unfortunately, what distressed him was Mrs. Shrunk interpreted it as a fat joke and got angry.
    • Shrunk's Embarrassment joke in New Leaf is lifted word for word from his mentor Frillard in City Folk. Unfortunately, the joke relied on Frillard's old age to be funny and Shrunk realizes mid-joke that it makes no sense when he tells it. His embarrassment is palpable.
    • Shrunk's "Glee" joke from New Leaf has him recall how a palm-reader told him he was very daring... because it takes a lot of courage to keep being a comedian when no one laughs at your jokes.
    • Similarly, Shrunk's "Joy" joke has him recall how happy he was to hear that someone loves his act... because when he has trouble sleeping, he just goes to see one of Shrunk's shows. Unlike with the "Glee" joke, Shrunk doesn't seem to notice the back-handed complement.
    • In Shrunk's "Mistaken" joke, he accidentally blurts out the punchline to the joke ("Because seven ate nine!") before the set-up ("Why was six afraid of seven?") He then wonders to himself why seven was trying to eat nine in the first place.
    • When Shrunk teaches you the "Sneezing" joke and he starts sneezing repeatedly, he'll mutter under his breath "Maybe it's my human allergies coming back again."
  • The Reset Surveillance Center. Particularly when a reset happens during your visit.
    Resetti: WE GOT A RESET! CODE 64! ... RANGERS, GO!
    [Resetti is deployed]
    Resetti: ARGH! [fading away] SOCK...
    • Even better in New Leaf where they have a megaphone and you say Scramble! into it. Resetti frantically trying to hit the reset button sells it:
      Resetti: ...There ain't no reset button!
  • If you manage to pay off ALL loans for your house in New Leaf (which may take 7.5 million bells), Tom Nook will celebrate your financial successes by singing an anthem, entirely in gibberish. He claims it's an old Nook ancestral song, so it may have been lost in translation.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Since the gibberish looks like reading raccoon chattering, implying his ancestors may have been regular non-talking raccoons at one point.
  • Saharah's silly dialogue gets amped up in New Leaf.
    Saharah: I have many wallpapers for the papering of walls. Many carpets for the petting of cars.
  • Most of the fortunes in New Leaf are hilarious.
  • Play Hide-and-Seek with your villagers. If you see one of your villagers hiding behind a tree, chop down the tree they are hiding with an axe. Their reactions are priceless.
    • Hide-and-Seek in general is hilarious, if only because the villagers aren't exactly the best at hiding. Not helping when they peek around their tree or building only to have you right in front of them.
    • In City Folk, the game always starts in front of the Town Hall. It's possible to start the game and see an animal hiding right behind the board.
    • In New Leaf, villagers will sometimes try and hide behind any town structures you've built... including ones too narrow to hide them, like a lamp post.
  • A potential conversation between a Lazy villager and a Smug villager involves the Smug villager boasting in posh-sounding terms about eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Serena, the goddess of the fountain in City Folk. About 90% of what she says is comedy.
    Serena: I bet you're just the type of person who goes around throwing axes into people's living rooms, aren't you?
    Serena: That axe is really cool. I mean, for an axe. It's not like a gold eyelash curler or something!
    Serena: Everyone expects a goddess to have infinite patience, but I can't stand ambiguous answers.
  • In the GameCube versions, Resetti will eventually pull a prank where he pretends to reset all your data, and then after the prank is done the game goes back to normal, and then Resetti goes on to mention how he probably made the player throw their controller or kick their TV.
  • City Folk usually has some funny rants too. The ones toward the bottom of this page are generally hilarious.
  • Lazy villagers tend to be either cute or funny.
    • They can mention while a player is visiting their house in New Leaf how they ate all of a specific food they were going to give to the player, after apologizing how they had none.
    • In New Leaf, when they talk about ordinances, they think an ordinance of a limit of snacks you could buy is horrible.
    • On April Fools Day, a Lazy villager may try to fool you with the claim that there's a new town ordinance that makes residents eat 5 meals a day. Then after you call them out, they remember you're the mayor—the very person who enacts ordinances in the first place—and realize their attempted prank was doomed from the start.
  • Uchi villagers will often salute potatoes.
  • Kapp'n singing in New Leaf can be either a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, Heartwarming, or this.
    • Sometimes he talks about how he "toots more than just his horn".
    • Or how when he first took his wife out, he forgot shoes.
    • To females, when he drops you off at home: "Am I getting a touch o' the sea madness, or did you become even cuter on the way over? [pause] ...Nah, must be the sea madness."
    • Apparently, he once tried out for a sports team and was so focused on doing his best during tryouts, he only realized by the time he'd made the team...that it was a girls' team! Whoops.
  • The Harvest Festival in pre-New Leaf games, thanks to Franklin averting Furry Confusion. There's something hilarious yet sad about the panicky little guy and the whole situation.
  • Pascal the otter's "deep truths", like this one from New Leaf:
    Pascal: The best things in life are free, but if you try to sell them, you always seem to make a killing, maaan...
    • Or this from City Folk:
    Pascal: If a slacker decides not to slack off, is he still slacking, maaan?
  • In the first games the coelacanth is referred to by the player as a "living fossil". In New Leaf the player says its proper name, then they will ask if they are saying the name right.
  • The letter that came with the "Pile of Leaves" Downloadable Content in New Leaf:
    Dear <Player>,
    When's the last time you went for a jump in a pile of freshly raked leaves? Then jump away - our treat!
    Note: Not responsible for leaf-jumping injuries.
    From the leafy bunch
  • Gulliver says some amusing things while you're trying to wake him up.
    Lizzy... But you were my lobster...
    Cinnamon buns are not currency... Not yet, anyway...
    Oh, no! That's the port side! Starboard is on the right... It's because all starfish are right-handed...
    * [with his eyes open] Zzz... I can't believe how seriously unconscious I am right now.
    [On being woken up] Oh...Are you my princess? Kiss me and wake me from my endless slumber!note 
  • Leif refers to products in his store as "a happy X". Even if it's an axe.
  • A lot of descriptions of the creatures in the sea life exhibit mention things like how to cook them and what they taste like, even things that most Westerners wouldn't touch. Thanks Japan.
  • Some conversations with villagers at the Roost are hilarious. One conversation with an Uchi villager goes like this.
    Uchi: Hey, Brewster, what's the name of that [seasonal] blend you were working on?
    Brewster: [Season] Storm.
    Uchi: Brewster, are you OK? Is it safe to drink? OhmygoshIwantsomerightnow!
  • The Peppy villagers will sometimes talk about their horribly failed attempts at makeup. They include looking like a clown, and drawing on their own eyelids.
  • In New Leaf, if the player talks to Isabelle from behind her desk, she says this gem.
    Isabelle: Umm... Hi. Did you need something? I know it's silly, but if you want to talk about ([town name]), you'll need to talk to me over the counter. Or if you want to flex your mayoral muscle, you can sit in the mayor's chair.
  • If the player tries to wake up Cyrus...
  • New Leaf replaces Sable's Plot Parallel with an unlockable sewing machine. Nonetheless, there's some pretty funny dialogue.
    Sable: So <Player>, what kind of clothes do you really like?
    Mabel: Hmm... It has to be... green-and-white, gingham plaid of course.explanation 
    Sable: Ugh! Not everyone wants the Mabel special, no matter how much you keep trying!
    • And the last time she tried was in City Folk, with a similar conversation cropping up after you get a friendship with Sable.
  • During the second week after starting the game in New Leaf, the player can find Isabelle sleeping at her desk. Of course, she gives a lame excuse if the player wakes her up. She's so hard on herself!
    Isabelle: Zzzzzz... AHHHH! Mayor <Player>! It's Not What It Looks Like! OK, it's exactly what it looks like... But I was dreaming about work! I promise!
  • Isabelle has a Twitter account. And it's not a fake account either (well, you can say it's a parody of one, but still)!
  • If the player fills the flower bed in the gardening tour, Tortimer will call the player "Speedy McGreen Thumb".
  • On April Fool's Day in New Leaf, the faceless cat Blanca impersonates your villagers and forces you to identify the real one. With uchi villagers, this leads to lengthy back-and-forth arguments about which one is a wafflehanger.
  • In New Leaf, sometimes when you find someone while playing hide and seek, they'll say this gem:
    Villager: Aw pancakes! You found me!
  • The back-and-forth between Blanca and snooty villagers in New Leaf's April Fool's Day event:
    Snooty 1: [Catchphrase], what's going on? Why are there... two of me? Who is this imposter?
    Snooty 2: Imposter? How dare you. I'm the one and only <Name>.
    Snooty 1: Wait. What am... I... doing here? I mean, I'm me, but who is THAT? I'm kind of flattered in a weird way, but on the other hand, this really dilutes my brand. What is going on?
    Snooty 2: Dilutes YOUR brand? Well, I'm the CEO, president, dictator, and logo of the [Name] brand. In other words, I'm the real [Name]!
    [after the player successfully identifies Blanca]
    Real villager: How dare you dress up like me without express written consent!
  • Fortune #28
    Cannons are much like toasters, though bread is bad for cannons.
  • 1 PM in the GameCube is quite amusing, especially if a nearby pet reacts to it when the game is being played.
  • When returning a cranky villager's package to a snooty villager in New Leaf: "[Name] returned it AND wrapped it? That's surprising. He's usually such a bull in a china shop. Nothing against bulls, of course. They're just usually so furious when wrapping presents."
  • If, by some rare chance, you don't have enough to buy a cup of coffee at The Roost, Brewster will tell you "that's not 'coo."
  • From name to appearance to the books and computers in his house, Graham the hamster resembles Graham Elliot.
  • On the off-chance you want to reset a neighbor's clothes, catchphrase, or letters, you can report it to Isabelle so she can deal with it. What she says on how she'll deal with it is pretty funny.
    Isabelle [on inappropriate clothes]: I should make him/her wear a barrel for a day to learn to respect the clothes on his/her back!
  • In New Leaf, the Halloween mask quest reveals that Cranky wolf villagers are terrified of werewolves.
  • In New Leaf, if a Cranky villager is visiting and you have a vacuum, this exchange will result:
    Cranky Villager: "Is that one of those vroom-vroom things? Those things scare the bejeesus out of me!!"
    • Extra points if he's a dog, or the species is extremely cute, extremely scary, or just a common house pet species.
  • Planting a rotten fruit sprouts a wilted sapling. Yes, wilted from the get-go. Don't ask how or why.
  • In New Leaf, a snooty villager can discuss reading with you, and she'll ask if you look for new books or reread old material. The text for the third option (saying you don't read much) is "Reading? LOL!"
  • Similarly, a snooty villager will ask you if you can fetch her some fruit, since she wants to cut down on desserts. If you choose to agree, the text option says "Yes! Yay, fruit!" Bonus points to the villager's approach, which is something like. "You can't have [dessert] all the time! Can you? Because if you can, please tell me!"
  • During K.K. Slider's Saturday night shows in New Leaf, while K.K. is playing, the camera sometimes situates itself so that you can see Dr. Shrunk dancing away in the background, doing his goofy Shrunk Funk Shuffle. Especially hilarious if he's dancing to a totally inappropriate song like K.K. Dirge.
  • When Leap Day comes around, Isabelle greets you with "Did you know it's Leap Day today?" ...only to realize that nothing is going to happen for that specific day. So she makes up a special occasion that lasts for just the start-up screen.
    Isabelle: HAPPY LEAP DAY!! Okay, that's it. Leap Day's accounted for. See you in four years.
  • One of the trailers for Happy Home Designer shows off amiibo cards. The particular one shows off Molly the duck, who has a request to make a publishing house as her home. The commercial continues fairly normally until the last few seconds where she and the player eat at a fancy restaurant and then Molly ends up in the hospital with food poisoning.
  • This quote from Happy Home Designer, which perfectly describes lazy players:
    Isabelle: I had a mayor who up and left for TWO YEARS. Can you believe it? Oh, the town of AAAAA was rough.
  • In an office environment in Happy Home Designer, an animal encounters an "Internal server error"...and asks if the company sells that, and wants to order 100 more internal server errors, just in case.
    • Another line you can get: "Look alive, folks! We're gonna do one of those hostile-takeover-type... thingies! Now... who knows how to do one of those? Do we just walk over to another company and start a fight?"
  • In the school, students will often be running around the classroom or asleep at their desks, completely ignoring the teacher.
  • While this can apply to any game, in Happy Home Designer, encountering a villager who shares your name can lead to funny results:
    Lottie: Tom, head over to the site with Tom. Go get 'em, tiger!
    • Even better when you realize with him around, there's a total of four Toms in the game.explanation 
  • There's a glitchnote  in New Leaf, where you can trap yourself at a corner of the river (with dug holes) and run until you trip (bad luck days or while wearing the King Tut Mask), which will send you off the ground and allow you to casually walk through the river and fish. It's even possible to walk up the waterfall!
  • Some of the house requests in Happy Home Designer are just plain ridiculous. Like a superhero cafeteria (Big Top), or a bus station, or a hat shop (Anchovy).
    • Rizzo the mouse wants: "I want a hideout where no one will ever be able to find me!"
    • Rasher the pig: "I want my place to look like the hideout of a criminal mastermind."
    • Meanwhile, Renee the rhino says: "I want to relive the days I spent playing in a vacant lot."
    • Octavian's request is: "I want a place that shows my mastery over squid." Doubles as awesome when you not only realize the reference, but also see just what some people have done with his house.
    • Shep the dog just straight up wants "A life on the street" inside his home. You can easily add a guitar into his house, portraying him as a busker of sorts.
    • Chadder wants a cheese paradise!
    • O'Hare wants a tropical resort.
  • Here are some examples of varying hospital designs people might see online: Average hospital, average, yet pastel hospital, average creepy hospital, sex club... wait, what was that last one?
  • Happy Home Designer has online "Challenge" designs, the second of which is themed around "A battle between giants". While it's quite obvious that you get a Crazy Awesome "robo hero" piece that looks like something out of Transformers, the other piece you're rewarded with is a giant inflatable Resetti. It also has an alternate design to give its face the screaming look that's made us players both laugh and cry!
  • Uchi villagers will sometimes become paranoid that fish are invading the village and another villager is secretly a fish in disguise and ask you to bring her one to see. Your options make this so much better.
    "Yeah! Stop the invasion!"
    "No way! Fish rule!"
  • A Snooty villager may ask you if you believe in UFOs. Turns out she's actually talking about Unidentified Floor Oranges.
    Snooty villager: I don't know who they belong to, or how they got on my floor, but I do eat them!
  • Catching a rare Saddled Bichir in New Leaf.
    Wow! A saddled bichir!
    Now I’m saddled with guilt!
  • The Flavor Text for interacting with a Wii U console in a van.
    It's a Wii U console! It comes with Desert Island Escape? There goes my afternoon...
  • If you try to scan a Super Smash Bros. Villager amiibo, Wisp will say that he can't turn into him, because he's "too legendary". You still get his RV though.
    • Perhaps the most hilarious part of this is that One of the Smash Bros. Villager's furniture items is a giant gold statue of himself. It in itself being a Call-Back to the original game.
  • Scanning a special NPC's amiibo will result in Wisp taking their place for the rest of the day while the NPC is in their RV at the campground. This also has the effect of the NPC's service being unavailable for the day (though Mr. Resetti will still appear when the game is reset), because Wisp has no idea what to do in their stead. Of note is Wisp in Tom Nook's place, because he apparently crashed all of Nook's software.
  • In the Desert Island Escape minigame in New Leaf, each villager type and special NPC has a unique ability. For example, Brewster has the Chef du Jour ability that lets him cook food, and Resetti has the Tunnel Digger ability that lets him dig tunnels to get to faraway places. What ability does Gracie have? Fearless, the one that makes her excellent in combat and able to crush rocks with her bare hands. Do NOT mess with the fashion designer.
  • Some of the animations involving Harvey, including birds sitting on his head, and dancing by the fire with a tambourine.
  • Ganon as a villager. Just imagine the demon king reincarnated watering flowers. It's pretty much the Zelda version of Batman makes anything funny.
  • When two female villagers, one Normal, one Peppy, talk to each other in New Leaf, they'll sometimes have a "girl chat".
    Normal: Girl chat, you say? That sounds like fun. How do we "girl chat"?
    Peppy: Well, we can talk about clothes... or boys... or makeup... or boys... I dunno- all sorts of things!
  • Reselling your town to Nook means that, for once, he is the one giving you millions of Bells.
  • Pocket Camp players have been making all sorts of ridiculous campsites, from jail cells (surrounding a chair with large fences; bonus points if it's Tom Nook's chair) to lamp cults (have nothing but lamps at your campsite and the villagers will do nothing but turn them on and off repeatedly) to fire hazards (surrounding everything with gas cans). This extends to the campers as well, with people making weed/meth labs.
  • Paint your camper with flames, put on a flame shirt, tiny glasses, and spiky blond hair, and you are now Guy Fieri on a one-way trip to flavortown.
  • One conversation in New Leaf between uchi villagers and snooty villagers is about the snooty villager asking on what the uchi villager puts on her face. When the uchi villager denies it, the snooty villager gets angry and after a while of explaining on how much makeup she puts on, she then turns to you and asks if you know anything about this. Telling her she looks fine will cause her to blush and thank you before commenting that if she knows what the uchi villager puts on her face, her skin will look smoother, causing the uchi villager to reveal that she puts on a pack, which can range from apple pack to cheesecake pack, and the snooty villager likes the idea and thanks the uchi villager.
  • When doing a celebration for a Public Works Project's completion, there is a chance that a villager that appeared in it to be right in front of you to ping you. Bonus points if it is a Public Works Project request.
  • In New Leaf, one conversation that peppy villagers can bring up is the fact that she is super hyper and can't stop. When you tell her to run around, she may occasionally say that she will keep running and then falls asleep briefly, curing her of the hyper feeling. And when that happens, you need to press the A button again.
    • The second option is "bonk on the head", which she realizes refers to the toy hammers that players can buy from the island. She'll either hate the idea, calling those toy hammers a bane of existence, or think you mean her hitting other people with the hammer and love the idea!
    • The third option is a pitfall one, in which the peppy villager will say that it is a good idea and calls you a genius.
  • Jocks will occasionally say "Aw, barbells." This quote can occasionally become a Running Gag if you have a jock villager in the village.
    • When they request for you to catch a certain bug, they may say "Dargblargit!"
    • And if you give a jock villager a perfect fruit, they occasionally say "Yummahumma!"
  • The lipstick incident that Peppy villagers can bring up:
    Peppy: Recently, I thought I'd try out some crazy makeup techniques. You know, just for fun? But then I drew around my eyes with my lipstick...and I totally looked like a clown! Then I bumped into [random villager name], who didn't even laugh. I so do NOT want to be a sad clown, [catchphrase]. I'm not going to do that whole lipstick experiment ever again, <player name]!
  • Successfully clearing the request from a villager to bring another villager to their house within one hour can result in this when peppy villagers enter a snooty villager's house.
    Snooty: Well, it seems silly now that I have to say it out loud, but I had a weird dream I wanted to tell you about. You were elected "[town name]'s Ambassador to the Galaxy," and we were going to blast you into space. I thought maybe my dream meant you were moving away in real life. Please tell me you aren't!
    Peppy: I don't understand. Have I or have I not been elected "[town name]'s Ambassador to the Galaxy"? Ha! I'm, like, totally kidding. It sounds fun to blast around in space, though. I'd be all "FWOOOSH!" But I bet it's cold and dark up there. So, thanks, [snooty villager], but I'll pass.
    • There is also a jock villager variant when you bring the requested jock villager to the snooty villager's house:
    Snooty: I suppose this is kind of weird, but I had a dream about you the other night. You were going to launch into space to test the effects of weightlessness on muscle growth. And, well, I just wanted to check to make sure you weren't moving away or anything in real life.
    Jock: Oh! Well, I was contacted by a government agency...but it didn't have anything to do with space. They just wanted to hear a little about the experimental martial art I invented... <jock villager's name> Fu. So there's nothing to worry about. Unless you're up against a talented <jock villager's name>-Fu artist, that is.
    • Similarly, if you successfully complete a cranky villager's request to bring a peppy villager to his house, it is assumed that the cranky villager gave the peppy villager a favor to visit his house at a certain time, and the cranky villager angrily states that the peppy villager never showed up for their discussion about fishing. The peppy villager acts puzzled, saying she never recalled the cranky villager telling her that, and the trend is now catching bugs.
  • The conversation in the Roost that a snooty villager can bring up:
    Snooty: Hey, <player name>, do you know the difference between real coffee and a coffee drink? Real coffee, like the stuff Brewster serves here, is simply made from roasted ground coffee beans. A coffee drink could be anything. You never know what you're getting.
    Brewster: Yes. I serve only the finest house-roasted beans harvested from shade-grown-
    Snooty (turning to Brewster in annoyance): OK, OK, Brewster. We get it.
    • There is also another conversation in the Roost that a snooty villager can bring up:
    Snooty: I never thought I'd say this, but it would actually be nice if this place offered breakfast or lunch...
    Brewster: But...I only know how to make coffee...
    Snooty: Ha! Gotcha. I know-I was only joking. You seem tense... You should relax and have a cup yourself!
  • If a Smug villager comes over to your house and you have a piece of furniture from the Citrus Set, he might comment on how you can eat it in an emergency... then he realizes the furniture isn't really edible.
    Smug: I've been tricked by fruit furniture, again! (bursts into tears, then suddenly stops) Okay, I'm over it now.
  • Gifting villagers bells for their birthday leads to some humorous reactions. For example, here's what a Jock villager says:
    Jock: Huh?! Bells?! Do I look like a little kid to you? I can't take your money!
  • If you visit a Smug villager who has a houseplant in his home, he'll say that he's just like a flower: he grabs everyone's attention and is full of pollen. Then he realizes that metaphor doesn't work very well.


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