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  • The Animal Crossing series received Villager as its representative in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!
    • Just as awesome, Villager and Isabelle appear as DLC for Mario Kart 8, along with an Animal Crossing themed track with NPCs and villagers cheering on the sidelines, in the polished HD graphics that MK8 is known for.
    • This is topped in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where not only does the Villager return as a playable fighter, but they're now joined by Isabelle, who was an Assist Trophy and Mii Fighter costume in the previous game!
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    • And just to complete the hat trick, the announcement trailer for Isabelle in Smash was caboosed with an announcement of a new Animal Crossing game for the Switch! It's Nintendo telling the fanbase "Hey, we haven't forgotten about you!"
  • Whenever you pay up your home loan or buy/find something very rare. Especially if it's a Coelacanth.
    • Your character even does his/her own Happy Dance after paying up the loan or earning a new badge.
  • Catching a bee is a horrendously difficult task. It's INCREDIBLY satisfying to pull it off (though in welcome amiibo, catching a bee is easier due to the fact that you can now shake trees with your net equipped...just be prepared to resort to the horrendously difficult task if you miss or the beehive falls in the wrong spot where your net can't reach it). It's also quite difficult to catch a tarantula or scorpion, as they are rare spawns, and they move much faster than bees. Unlike bees, they will incapacitate you if you fail, but it's satisfying if you succeed.
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  • In the original, catching a banded dragonfly is just as, if not more, difficult than catching a bee. Catching one is incredibly awesome.
  • The fortune for the Blue Falcon in New Leaf that reads, "When all else fails, never forget to show them your moves."
  • When you first move into town in New Leaf. There are barely any villagers, Nookling Junction barely has any room to walk around inside, almost all the stores downtown are abandoned and boarded up. Then you came along, downtown eventually getting tons of new stores, a salon, a nightclub (where K.K Slider MCs nightly), Nookling Junction becoming an upscale department store called T&T Emporium, new stuff built like a lighthouse, a coffee shop, police station, cozy bridges, a bigger museum and redone town hall. Yeah, you changed a dull little burg into a bigger better place to enjoy. Aside from that, your character just being a good friend to the animals and planting trees and watering flowers. In other words, you are a moment of awesome (unless you play just to be a jerk) to the animals every time you play.
    • The game implies that the economy of the town was so bad, they had to cut the Reset Surveillance Center from its budget. This means that Resetti can no longer visit other players and talk them out of Save Scumming (while giving his usual tantrums). Only you have the power to restore the center, and Resetti will be grateful if you do.
  • When you get a favorite villager in your town. It's already awesome when you convince them to move in from the campsite or via an amiibo card, but when the game randomly assigns said villager to fill a gap in your town, it's the best feeling and it feels like the game favors you as a player.
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  • One for Isabelle. In Happy Home Designer, a conversation with Digby mentions that while his sister may be a bit of a silly puppy at times, she apparently has engineering degrees from 19 different universities. How on Earth is SHE not the mayor?!?
  • Thanks to the new November update for New Leaf, players can now send their favorite villagers to their town through amiibo cards. However, should you use an amiibo figure for The Legend of Zelda, you can actually meet Epona, Wolf Link, Medli, or even Ganon (in pig form) and have them move in as villagers. That's right, now you can be next door neighbors with the Great King of Evil himself!
  • One thing in the Welcome amiibo update that got unanimous praise: the ability to evict villagers you don't like! No more having The Scrappy of your town taking up spots for villagers you really want in your town! And in cases of the RV villagers, if your town is full, then the RV villager you asked to move in will appear to decline due to the town being too full...only to then realize that you are the mayor of the town, and they give you the option to evict a villager so that they can move in.
  • Catching a bee, especially in the GameCube version. Doubly so if you do it without getting stung. Even better, Blathers gives a genuinely interesting piece of information about them should you choose to donate it. In the GameCube version, he tells you that when invaded by a wasp, the bees will surround it and begin vibrating, creating a deadly heat cocoon of up to 120 degrees, just 2 degrees below the bees' heat threshold.
  • In the Welcome amiibo update, the ability to destroy your town has been updated. Now, instead of just demolishing the town and starting completely new, you can sell your town to Tom Nook. While this whole situation is ripe with “Raccoon Mafia” jokes, there’s a bit of delicious irony here: For once in the entire series, Tom Nook owes YOU millions of bells instead of the other way around.
  • A minor detail, but for most special NPCs, if you have Wisp summon their RVs, they will be unable to service you. However, if you scan Mr. Resetti, he will still appear. Not even possession will stop him from calling you out for resetting.
  • In New Leaf, a camping villager, when asked to move in, may challenge you to a game, which is either rock-paper-scissors or charades. If the villager picks rock-paper-scissors, then you may encounter a second version of rock-paper-scissors, where you must win three times before the camping villager as opposed to winning one round. This can quickly escalate into something straight out of a boss battle if it consists of you and the camping villager getting mostly ties.


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