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  • Villager name references:
    • An eagle neighbor whose name is Pierce... and whose Verbal Tic is "hawkeye.".
    • There's a frog named Jeremiah (whose portrait in Wild World states that he is, in fact, a bullfrog, with it pointing out that "blue frog" and "bullfrog" sound similar, due to his blue color).
    • There's a toad named Wart Jr.
    • There's an anteater named Cyrano.
    • There's a horse named Ed.
    • There's a black cat named Kiki who bears a striking resemblance to Jiji.
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    • One possible resident is a pink monkey named Nana. Her catchphrase? "Popo!"
    • There's a rabbit named O'Hare.
    • One of the pig villagers is named Kevin.
    • An Ape named Cesar....
    • A blue cat named Tom? Hmm...
    • A rabbit named Snake wears a Ninja costume. Alternatively, he could also be named after a different Snake.
    • Another rabbit has yellow fur and wears a Domino Mask, Zap Suit, and what appears to be high-leg boots, all in red. Her English name is Mira, which is a shortening of her Japanese name, Mirako. Substitute that "r" for an "n", and, combined with her appearance, it becomes more than apparent that she's a shout out to Sailor Venus (with her species being a subtle reference to Usagi Tsukino herself).
  • One of the tasks Tom Nook may give you while working for him in the GameCube game is to deliver an axe to a villager. He'll tell you to be extra careful with it.
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  • Apparently one of the more active Something Awful forum members assisted in the English translation of Wild World. He managed to slip in some subtle references to Internet memes as well.
  • Sow Joan, the seller of Turnips (treasured for their stalks on the market), who's been in the business for as long as Dow Jones has been on the Stock Market.
  • Gulliver the seagull, whose name is a reference to Gulliver's Travels, may mention that his stomach hurts because of "a wafer-thin mint" that he shouldn't have eaten when he was already full, and that he'll never forgive the waiter.
    • In New Leaf, when describing a country famous for tulips and windmills, he comments about the windmills blowing the tulips away, then wonders if windmills actually "work that way".
    • He also mentions Isle Delfino and Ricco Harbor in some conversation pieces and may say these lines:
    Gulliver (unconscious): Am I... in The Overthere?
    Gulliver (after player agrees to help): I haven't met such a noble skipper since old Bobbery of Rogueport!
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  • "Go K.K. Rider" is not only a reference to the entire Kamen Rider series, but its basically a chiptune rendition of the theme to Kamen Rider V3.
  • "I caught a popeyed goldfish! Aw, look...He wants his spinach..."
    • The same reference was made in New Leaf: "I caught a popeyed goldfish! It should have eaten its spinach!"
  • "I caught a loach! You don't suppose its Hylian, do you?"
  • Eating a Famous Mushroom (a red mushroom with white spots) causes you to grow big for a second then revert to normal size, appropriated with the sound effects from New Super Mario Bros.
  • Animal Crossing Plaza bears an extreme resemblance to the WaraWara Plaza, and in fact was explicitly described as the Animal Crossing equivalent.
  • Fortune Cookie prizes in New Leaf are all from other Nintendo games or even Nintendo products, but as an extra, when you equip a clothing item or touch some of the furniture, they play the appropriate sound effect.
  • Sometimes when you cut down a tree in New Leaf, a Triforce can be seen on the stump.
  • If you open up another villager's storage unit, you'll sometimes get the message "You found 100 Rupees! But you can't use them here."
    • Another message questions "What are Luigi's clothes doing in here?"
  • The Triforce item in New Leaf plays the harp sound from the opening of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past when touched.
  • A villager named Alfonso always wears the "Big Bro Shirt", his catch phrase is "it's a me".
  • There's a gorilla named Louie who wears the Little Bro Shirt. He also bears a strong resemblance to Donkey Kong, too.
  • Leif, the sloth in charge of the gardening center, often talks about "happy" trees, bushes, and flowers.
  • In New Leaf, Jingle calls himself "Jingle the Black-Nosed Reindeer".
  • If you build a Snowboy perfectly in New Leaf, he'll tell you that he thinks everyone is checking him out because "I look soooooo goooood!"
  • Uchi villagers, when they have a shovel equipped, may say "Digging holes is a lot of fun! Once, I even saw a dwarf!"
  • In City Folk, Kapp'n's trophy from Super Smash Bros. Brawl can be seen near Kapp'n himself while riding on the bus.
  • Goldie's picture quote in Wild World onwards is "I'm really into that Lab on the cover of Nintendogs. He's pretty dreamy." To be specific, she's referring to the Labrador retriever on the box art of Nintendogs: Labrador & Friends.
  • The Creepy Clock furniture item is almost identical to the "13-hour clock" from The Haunted Mansion.
  • In the days leading up to Groundhog Day, some characters will say that someone should make a movie about Groundhog Day.
  • All items in the Mario Theme sell for 256 bells, a reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System's 256 bytes of OAM, as well as the maximum amount of variables usable in an 8-bit binary (the NES' 6502 processor is 8-bit).
  • On La-Di-Da day in Wild World, villagers will sometimes change the Town Tune to a theme from games such as Super Mario Bros., Big Brain Academy, or Yoshi's Story.
  • The way cockroaches die is very similar to the way Pikmin die in that their spirits float up into the sky.
  • "Rockin' K.K." is incredibly similar to the "New Age Retro Hippie" music from EarthBound, especially the intro (which in turn was based on the opening of "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry).
  • The "NTDO Shirt" is a shirt with the text "NTDO 1889", 1889 being the year Nintendo was founded. Yes, really.
  • K.K. Slider is intended to be a reference to sound designer Kazumi Totaka, hence his proper name being "Totakeke", although his singing name is likely a reference to "C.C. Rider" by Chuck Willis, and could be a reference to K. K. Downing, a real-life guitarist.
  • Phil is an ostrich, but looks more like Falco Lombardi than any real-life ostrich. Likewise, Louie looks like Donkey Kong, though his name and clothes are a reference to Luigi.
  • Frank the eagle (who was introduced in Animal Forest e+, but absent in the games released between then and New Leaf) is called Hulk in the Japanese version of the game, is green, and his initial phrase is "crushy."
  • Octavian's design request in Happy Home Academy is a "squid showdown citadel." This request unlocks, among other things, a paint-splatter pattern for house exteriors, squid and octopus-themed chairs, and a samurai helmet (referencing Splatoon's final boss).
  • A more or less Dub-Induced Plot Hole avoids showing that the villager a bear called Klaus in the English versions looks sorta like Julius Caesar; this is shown even better in Happy Home Designer where he wants a Roman bath.
  • If you have donated a scorpion and a tarantula to the Museum, they will constantly circle and charge as if they were fighting each other. Since this is Animal Crossing, all they really do is bump against each other and repeat ad infinitum.
  • The Welcome amiibo update for New Leaf introduces, among other clothing items, a wig and dress based on Lip from Panel de Pon. The same update introduced Animal Crossing Puzzle League, which is accessed via the New Nintendo 3DS item and is a straight-up clone of Panel de Pon itself.
  • An initiative the player can receive with the Welcome amiibo update tells the player that the night is dark and full of scorpions.
  • In Pocket Camp, Rowan the tiger's request item is a set of golf clubs.
  • In the Gamecube game, Lazy villagers will sometimes yell "Great galloping Goombas!" if you speak to them late at night.


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