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Being a relaxing kind of game, Animal Crossing has relaxing music to match its ambiance, plenty of which are reason enough to play in awkward hours just to hear it.

K.K.'s Music
  • "Bubblegum K.K." became an instant favorite when it made its debut in New Leaf, being a quite cheerful and happy track.

Animal Crossing (2001)

  • "9 PM" is a relaxing track after a long day.

Wild World and City Folk


New Leaf

  • "7 PM" has a beautiful tune with some melancholy piano undertones backing it.
  • "1 AM" is incredibly serene, inviting the night owls to finally unwind.

New Horizons

  • "7 AM" is upbeat with a marching rhythm for the early birds to wake up to.
  • The impossibly upbeat "8 AM" with its headbanging bass will definitely make you want to wake up earlier to attack the day head on.
  • "10 AM" has a fantastically funky bass line perfect for morning chores.
  • "5 PM" is a bit energetic for sunset hours, but it has a catchy beat as if to help you along with finishing the day's tasks.
  • "6 PM" is a heartwarming track combining a welcoming acoustic guitar melody with snippets of "Welcome Horizons" played on a synth and a short backing track played on an accordion, which all come together to create a powerful sense of nostalgia for happy memories of playing City Folk or Wild World, or just of Summer evenings as a kid.
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  • "12 AM" is simply soul-healing and would go perfect with gazing at the night sky in total serenity.
  • “Island Broadcast (Tom Nook)” is a very relaxing remix of Tom Nook’s theme that gets you ready for the day ahead during the first week.
  • "Fireworks Festival" plays during the fireworks but sounds like dramatic prologue music, with the reprise of some familiar themes. It really lets you reflect on the memories of summer.
  • "Toy Day" has always been a joyous Animal Crossing tradition, but New Horizons has the unique honor of having two versions to account for both Winter and Summer. The Northern Hemisphere version has the merry jingle bells for Winter, while the Southern Hemisphere version has an upbeat summer drum rhythm.

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