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Your Honor, the defense submits this evidence to the court as proof of the Ace Attorney franchise's excellence in music!

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    Original Trilogy 
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • Gumshoe theme is more of a "detective theme" than a "Gumshoe theme" but it's still awesome because of the crime scene feeling it gives, helps to make the cases more serious.
  • The Steel Samurai Theme is the perfect theme music for an in-universe action show.
  • From the first game's bonus case comes Detective from the Wild West. It fits Jake Marshall's character like a suntanned pair of rusty boots fits a sheriff.
  • Also from the bonus case, Swimming, Anyone?. You wouldn't find a more lighthearted and innocent police song if you tried. It's a shame that the person who uses it is anything but innocent.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

  • The Steel Samurai's Ballad, a slowed down version of the Steel Samurai's theme, matches the despair you find in the case it appears in. Due to its reappearance in the sequel, it could be said this is Adrian Andrews' de facto theme.
  • Triumphant Return. Oh, and if you haven't played through the second game, don't click that link. The moment will be better if it's the first time you hear it. Franziska von Karma has her own variation of this theme, which she carries over to Investigations. Manfred also enters to this theme in the Investigations series.
  • Hotline of Fate is the perfect theme to announce desperate situations.
  • Confess the Truth 2002 sounds amazing in the courtroom segments.
  • Investigation ~ Core 2002. The situation where this song is first played makes it an instant classic even when it's overused in the next game.
  • Fire Carves Scars first plays right at the depressing, and somewhat haunting, intro of 2-2.
  • True Pain plays after the killer is caught and he confesses. It's even sadder when the killer reveals his true motives behind his actions.
  • The simplistic and jazzy, yet ominous Shelly de Killer ~ The Whim of a Murderous Gentleman. When you hear this song, expect shit to go down very soon.

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

In general, the Trials and Tribulations soundtrack is considered to be the best soundtrack in the franchise, in no small part due to Noriyuki Iwadare, legendary Japanese video game BGM composer. Also, being the final game in the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Trials & Tribulations features court themes with a strong sense of finality to them that make the atmosphere of the court heavier than at any other point in the series.

  • The awesomely jazzy Godot - The Fragrance of Darkness; That is Coffee. Bonus points for Godot having that as his cellphone's ringtone.
  • The Reminiscence themes are widely considered to be some of the best (and saddest) tracks in the Ace Attorney games. A couple of the best among those being Shadow on the Bridge (also an effective Tear Jerker) and The Bitter Taste of Truth.
  • Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2004, which can also be considered as Mia's theme is definitely a worthy successor to the 2001 one, and since it is also used for Mia, it shows that Phoenix is now worthy of the "Ace Attorney" title, just like his mentor. Even better, if Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice's excellent renditions are any proof, it means that Objection 2004 is now Phoenix's theme, which suits his Character Development in Trials & Tribulations.
  • Pursuit ~ Catch the Culprit is absolutely epic, and easily one of the best Pursuit themes, if not THE best.
  • Confess the Truth 2004 is probably the best of all the Confess the Truth themes.
  • Dahlia Hawthorne's Theme: "Distant Image". A calm, deeply nostalgic theme, although mysterious, which hides what she is inside. When you think about it, the song shows how pathetic she really is.
  • Luke Atmey's theme, "Look At Me", which is a Sherlockian-type old Victorian theme, fitting his Ace Detective persona. He even composed it himself!
  • Mask☆DeMasque's Theme ~ Listen!, the song is awesome on its own but becomes doubly so due to what it's paired with. Throughout the case it's used both for Mask☆DeMasque and Ron DeLite and is generally flamboyant and awesome, but at the end of the case it plays when Desiree declares that she still loves Ron, demonstrating that she accepts him despite his thieving ways. Heartwarming Moment, hello.
  • "Swingin' Tiger", An upbeat, jazzy piece perfect for a self-styled tough guy gangster like Tigre.
  • Victor Kudo gets "A Painful Declaration and a War Song", a somber but prideful marching cadence that pretty much makes it the definitve anthem for old grumps everwhere. Even Gumshoe can't resist singing along to it.
  • Elise Deauxnim's / Misty Fey's theme: Gentle Melody. Does a nice job of portraying Elise as a kind, gentle woman, as the name of the song implies.
  • The trial music playing immediately after Godot delivers his Tears of Blood quote over silence at the tail end of the final case. Best musical cue in the entire series to date.
  • The remix of the trial music used in the end credits medley of Trials and Tribulations makes this song a lot more epic, and in some ways sad. Partially because the last case cemented Wright's career and role as a respectable attorney, and partially because it's the last game in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, meaning we leave behind all the people and adventures for one hell of a great memory.

    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 
  • Guilty Love, Klavier Gavin's theme. According to the composer, it came to him in a dream. It's so awesome that it's apparently the only song the Gavinners ever play.
  • Apollo Justice may not get as much love as Phoenix Wright, but no one can deny that his Pursuit theme totally rocks. What makes it so great to listen to, especially to fans who played the first game, is that it sounds somewhat like an updated remix of the first one.
  • Apollo's theme/"Objection!" theme, "A New Chapter of Trials!", has a different composition style from the Phoenix Wright trilogy, opting for a more synth-oriented theme that reflects the changing of the guard. This theme has remained with Apollo (much like "Objection!~2004" for Phoenix since Trials & Tribulations) since his debut game and been remixed into "2013" (orchestral and electric guitar) and "2016" (going back to a more synth style with a slight pitch change) variations for DD and SoJ, along with a smoother, slower out-of-court variation called "I'm Fine!" in Dual Destinies.
  • The Examination themes from Apollo Justice were fantastic (Allegro version), too.
  • Examination is awesome. Perceive is Examination on acid. Makes the Perceive all the more surreal.
  • Announce the Truth 2007 is much shorter than the others, but is pretty damn catchy.
  • Solitary Confinement ~ Darkness Theme perfectly suits the scene of Phoenix and Kristoph's confrontation in prison, and Kristoph's general attitude, as well as being damned catchy.
  • The new Suspense theme is rather short and simple, but you can't help feeling a chill go down your spine when it plays. A very worthy successor to the Phoenix Wright Suspense theme.
  • Ema Skye ~ Scientific Detective is a remix of "Turnabout Sisters 2005", her theme from Rise from the Ashes. It's got a "poppier" sound to it than the original theme (which, although a contrast to Ema's personality in this game, is rather catchy.)
  • Detention Center ~ Tragicomical Meeting. A chilling theme, suitable for sinister moments and mysterious suspects like Machi Tobaye.
  • Lamiroir ~ Sight-Seeing Music. A beautiful, yet mysterious theme, fitting for someone like Lamiroir.
  • Trucy Wright~Child of Magic. Heartwarming and lighthearted, just like Trucy.
  • Reminiscence ~ Forgotten Legend is one of the best "Reminiscence" themes in the series. It is beautifully tragic, denoting the rather depressing events of the game's backstory.

    Dual Destinies 

    Spirit of Justice 
  • Surprisingly, there's a title screen theme called A Quiet Prayer, and it's very fitting for the moment before Phoenix begins his journey at the Kingdom of Khura'in.
  • Court Begins Abroad is very different from the usual Court Begins theme, feeling more like entering a religious temple with an ominous nature than an actual courtroom. But given how trials work in Khura'in, it nails the atmosphere perfectly. The other Court Begins theme used in Japanifornia trials, while being much more typical, is still good.
  • The characters' signiture themes receive some excellent updates. Many have even called these renditions the best yet in the series!
    • Phoenix's Objection! theme gets a very enthusiastic remix of the old 2004 and 2013 theme with a more confident tone, with a great fusion of energetic jazz and heroic strings, which is fitting for his status in the game.
    • Just like last time, Apollo got a 2016 mix of "A New Chapter of Trials", and boy does it deliver, with a synth backing track that brings it closer to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and some really great-sounding percussion.
    • Athena's Objection theme gets a new mix that tones down the classical feel from the last game in favor of a more energetic use of synths while keeping the same tune, and it's all the better for it. Making prominent use of electric guitar and perky synths give it a much more triumphant feel, displaying her boost in confidence. Being cutesy and awesome, it wouldn't feel out of place in Sailor Moon or Lunar Silver Star Story Complete.
  • Dance of Devotion is absolutely amazing, especially when paired with Rayfa's equally awesome dance before activating the Divination Séance.
  • Pursuit ~ Cornering Together, just like always with Pursuit themes, will give you the goosebumps. Like Dual Destinies' "Keep on Cornering", it has a very heroic feel to it, but this time it's more reminiscent of "Caught" and "Wanting to Find the Truth", with a stronger emphasis on synths instead of orchestra. The best thing about it? It doesn't detract from the awesomeness one bit. Its variation theme, which plays when you are about to blow the case wide open, is even more awesome.
  • Confess the Truth 2016, highly reminiscent of the Phoenix Wright and Trials & Tribulations "CtT" themes.
  • A Cornered Heart which is played in equally powerful and/or heartbreaking moments. It gives a feel very similar to that of the Confess the Truth themes.
  • Maya's theme is another great remix.
  • Rayfa's theme appears to be unfitting for her at first given her role in the game, but it fits her lighter, more ingenue and child-like nature perfectly. It's also a signal that she's not bad at all...
  • Ema Skye's Theme receives a new mix as well, with catchy techno bits and a more upbeat rhythm, likely to reflect how she finally got the job of her dreams.
  • Nahyuta Sahdmadhi - Last Rites Prosecutor is really unique for a prosecutor theme.
  • Dhurke's theme, "A Dragon Never Yields", perfectly encapsulates his desire to overthrow the corrupt Ga'ran regime. Its Reminiscing version is beautiful too and fits entirely in the heart-breaking moments it plays.
  • Related to Dhurke's theme is the blood-pumping Revolutionaries - Defiant Dragons theme.
  • The Basics of the Case plays during the opening statement of the prosecutor, and it gives some really cool Fire Emblem preparation vibes when starting the trial.
  • Mr. Reus ~ The Masked Magician plays once Roger Retinz reveals himself to be the actual magician. It captures the magician persona that Retinz has hidden until now. The OST version is slightly different from the game version, but man, the outro of the theme perfectly fits the wickedness and ingenuity of Roger Retinz.
  • The Laughing Typhoon, Uendo Toneido's theme, filled with Eastern motifs and a silly melody.
  • Cross-Examination Allegro takes a different approach this time, adding a completely new part to the Moderato version that sounds fittingly ominous and tense. The Moderato version isn't too shabby, either.
  • In a first for Ace Attorney, Spirit of Justice has two Investigation ~ Core themes, in Khura'in and Japanifornia flavors. The former is unique for a Core theme with its Asian-styled instrumentation fitting for Khura'in, while the latter is more typical with its synths and strings.
  • The new Logic theme, Logic Contrast. It may be not as awesome as Logic Trinity from Dual Destinies, but it's still perfectly fitting for the moments it plays.
  • The Troupe Gramarye from Apollo Justice is back, and it's every bit as amazing as the original, if not better.
  • During "Turnabout Revolution", Kurain Village is revisited and the theme has been revamped with authentic-sounding instruments and a hauntingly Shinto pace.
  • Paul Atishon's theme, A Vote for Atishon! It's suitably grandiose for a self-important and arrogant man.
  • Audience Chamber plays in the titular location during your meetings with Queen Ga'ran. It's badass, mystical, and imposing, perfectly matching audiences with a woman of power.
  • The Court of Resignation, the theme of the Big Bad, perfectly captures just how violent and insane Queen Ga'ran really is.
  • The Person Freed 2, the theme of Former Queen Amara once she reveals herself in court. It really makes you feel like you're standing face-to-face with an actual goddess.
  • The first half of the credits theme, an amazing tune that starts with an equally amazing remix of Apollo's Objection theme, to show how much he's improved.
  • Reminiscene ~ A Final Conversation and its sister track Reminiscence ~ Farewell, Once Again are two mesmerizingly beautiful and sad tracks, which fit the tragedy of Case 3's "breakdown" like a glove.
  • There's also "Reminiscence ~ Each of Their Feelings", a somber and remorseful acoustic piece befitting of the Tragic Villain nature of Geiru and Pierce.
  • The unofficially-named "Realizing the Truth" is a slow, brooding and creepy track which plays during one single moment in the game: when Apollo realizes the Awful Truth about the final case. It fits the dawning horror of that moment perfectly.
  • From the DLC, Ellen Wyatt's theme Walking Down the Aisle is not played all that often, but the theme itself is majestic and uplifting, very fitting for a wedding ceremony as the name of the theme implies.

    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 
First Game
  • Confrontation ~ Presto marks the first time the series has ever had a third Cross Examination theme in a single game. Fittingly, it only plays on the suspect's very last testimony, showing how you're just one step from discovering the truth. You know they really made an epic piece when you actually stop playing the first time this kicks in just so you can listen to it uninterrupted.
  • Pursuit ~ Wanting to Reach the Conclusion (also known as "Pursuit - Lying Coldly") is this game's equivalent of "Corner the Culprit". While it's fast paced like "Corner the Culprit", it has a certain elegance to it that fits Edgeworth to a tee.
  • Investigations has "KG-8 Case", "False Relations" and "Torn Apart Countries" as reminiscence themes. Just... wow.
  • "The Great Truth Burglar" for Kay Faraday. Using different traditional Japanese instruments in abundance, it feels like a second Steel Samurai theme. This fan rendition with lyrics is good enough to send chills down your spine.
  • Dick Gumshoe's "I can do it when it counts, pal!" While Gumshoe already had a theme in the Phoenix Saga (listed in the first game section), that one had a more slow-paced serious tone to emphasize the seriousness of the cases and also to give the "Gumshoe scenes" a "crime series" atmosphere. The AAI rendition of the song is more up-beat and was clearly made to give Gumshoe a song that emphasized his goofy and clumsy (and adorable) personality but also conserved his leitmotif of the Phoenix Saga as well, so this version can be considered his real theme while the first one can be considered the Police Detective theme.
  • Confess The Truth 2009 with its epic finality.
  • Shi-Long Lang's "Speak up, Pup!" and Tyrell Badd's "The Truth isn't Sweet". Both songs have similar musical instrument choices, featuring a pounding, heavy drum set and absolutely vicious guitar riff. Both have their own unique takes on this, though. Lang's theme is confident and and upbeat, with a saxophone that rivals Godot's theme song in awesomeness, while Badd's theme is more gritty and serious, with a cool marimba melody forming a big part of it. Both manage to make it work to fit their specific character and make them sound absolutely badass in their own unique way.
  • Calisto Yew's "Let Me Laugh at the Cool". Great sax action right there.
  • Ace Attorney Investigation's epic rendition of the Blue Badger theme.
  • The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law (be advised that the biggest spoiler of all is on the complete name of the song so enter under your own risk), which shows you just how powerful and haughty the Big Bad is. It is the kind of masterfully composed and executed piece of music you would expect in a game like Kingdom Hearts, famous for such soundtracks. Especially powerful when it plays for the first time in conjunction with The Reveal.
  • "Investigation ~ Middlegame 2009", possibly the most investigative of all the games' investigation themes to this point.
  • Investigation ~ Contradiction at the crime scene is THE investigation song.
  • Although it only appears in one case, there is the track Guardians of the Law. Partially based on the trial themes of the first and third games, the epicness of this music only makes you wish it played more.

Second Game

Note: Character names listed here are from the fanmade translation.

    Dai Gyakuten Saiban 
Dai Gyakuten Saiban

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2

    Multiple Games 
  • Every Pursuit theme from every game in the entire series.note  Even more so when you consider that, despite being used in similar situations and having a similar feel to them, they are each unique and fit the games they come from perfectly.


&& Here's Examination ~ Allegro.

  • Not officially belonging to Capcom, these two guys make their own Ace Attorney custom soundtrack, and they're both really good. Check them out if you're a fan of the Ace Attorney soundtrack.
  • This medley that's used as the game select screen music in the 3DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Lots of sweeping violins and keyboards, motifs from Phoenix's Objection theme and Dual Destinies court theme, and a synth excerpt from "Turnabout Sisters" really get you ready to jump in.
  • The official full version of "Guilty Love" with lyrics by Shu Takumi, sung by Klavier's voice actor, is fittingly moving and epic (as well as a bit silly) for a renowned band like the Gavinners.
    • Additionally, the full version of "13 Years Hard Time For Love", their debut single. A very nice touch is that this track sounds more juvenile and generic, which makes sense for a band at the very start of their career — compare that to "Guilty Love" above, which really shows their creative growth over seven years.
    • A Gavinners cover of the Steel Samurai theme is carefree and fun, especially compared to the tracks mentioned above... and the idea of a band focused on law and justice doing a tribute to a show that was all about justice does not seem out-of-character at all.


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