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Phoenix: OBJECTION! Your Honor, this series has too many awesome moments for a single page!
Judge: Objection sustained. Take moments specific to the Phoenix arc, Apollo Justice, Investigations, Dual Destinies, The Great Ace Attorney, Spirit of Justice, or the anime to those pages, please.

  • The first cases you played through, no matter which game. The incredible satisfaction of taking down the witnesses lies one by one, driving him/her slowly mad until they explode with fury, and winning. When you were not spotting lies in the testimonies, you were extremely cautious and afraid of receiving a penalty, and while the games are not time based, you felt a damn high pressure yourself as everything depended on you.
  • Gumshoe gets one in all three games - usually even two! Let's tally - bursting in to save you from being lynched by Vasquez's mob (1-3), finding Yanni Yogi no matter what it takes (1-4), letting you investigate Gant's office even knowing he'll lose his job (1-5), chasing De Killer to save Maya (2-4) and then, in the same case, stealing the evidence(!!) to save her, saving you from Tigre and bring in a crucial piece of evidence (3-3), fixing the bridge (3-5)... It's almost too many for one character. For the many Big Damn Heroes this guy brings, where is his raise? It (allegedly) comes in AAI2. Edgeworth tells him to look forwards to his next paycheck; there has been a... substantial increase.
    • As someone in the character page pointed out, Shelly De Killer during the events of 2-4 is armed and has a hostage, and it's revealed in Investigations that he can take on an entire bodyguard team by himself... but he flees from the police and Gumshoe. Either he was being overly cautious, or Gumshoe is a worse threat than an entire squad.
  • Maggey Byrde's entire existance is nothing but bad luck; falling out of the 9th floor of her apartment building as an infant, getting hit with all sorts of vehicles, getting sick from multiple food poisonings, basically being life's punching bag. But she stays with a stiff upper lip about it. THAT woman is tough, no matter what.
    • On that note, her actually surviving said fall from the 9th floor at that age. That, ironically enough, takes a load of luck.
  • Any time the "Not Guilty" screen shows up, pat yourself on the back, because the case is finally over. (Except when it's not...)
  • All final cases have their own Crowning Moment of Awesome:
    • "Turnabout Goodbyes" is considered one of the best cases in the series, and is indeed awesome ("I'd like to cross-examine the parrot" being one of the more memorable points in the series and von Karma banging his head on the wall when he is revealed to be the true killer of Gregory Edgeworth). Also impressive is that Von Karma has a reputation for being an unbeatable prosecutor, and Phoenix managed to beat him at his own game.
    • "Rise from the Ashes" is another well-known case, because of a zany cast of characters (a literal Cowboy Cop and a lunchlady? Both of whom were former detectives?), its severe length and difficulty (being the second longest case in the series), Phoenix and Edgeworth taking down Damon Gant and solving SL-9, Gant's breakdown, and many more.
    • "Farewell, my Turnabout" is famous for being the first case to include multiple endings, an amazing twist that shows Matt Engarde's guilt, Phoenix proving to De Killer that Matt Engarde has Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Edgeworth realizing that Matt Engarde is the killer way before Phoenix does, Franziska's return, oh so many for one case.
    • Then there's "Bridge to the Turnabout", which involves the pendulum corpse animation, Godot's self-conviction mini-gambit, Mia's and Phoenix's Humiliation Conga of Dahlia via "Reason You Suck" Speech, the relevation of the Gambit Pileup, and the Super Objection. With a name like that, you know something awesome will happen.
    • And despite the Broken Base, "Turnabout Succession" contains undeniable proof that Phoenix Wright is a man worthy of the ranks of Chessmaster, Kristoph Gavin's Super Saiyan freakout, The Judge's speech about law being a gem, Klavier and Apollo successfully taking down Kristoph, and of course Phoenix Wright's last case, if saddening (because Wright gets disbarred), is still awesome due to the nostalgia.
    • Then there's "Turnabout Ablaze", and the FOUR, count them, FOUR CONSECUTIVE BIG DAMN HERO MOMENTS NEAR THE END. Not to mention Edgeworth taking down a massive, world-spanning smuggling ring in the course of a day, catching a fugitive who had been on the run for 7 years, the true origins of the Yatagarasu, and Edgeworth finally bringing down a nation's ambassador, who was practically untouchable by the law. Now that's awesome.
    • "The Grand Turnabout", although it may possibly never (officially) reach the western shores, has quite a lot of awesome moments in it, such as the murderer's crime scene making it look as though a giant monster had killed the victim, Sebastian becoming competent and setting his own path, Edgeworth and Lang finally solve the truth of the case that cost the Lang family it's name, and uncovering the true mastermind behind the events of the past few days, capping it off with a showdown between assassins and Edgeworth cementing his own path once again.
    • And then there's "Turnabout for Tomorrow", which has the return of Edgeworth and Pearl, Maya's letter (which proves that his friends had never left him during the time he was disbarred), a robot rebellion, Trucy showing bravery in a hostage situation, Phoenix absolving the two prime suspects of the UR-1 incident, and the Wright Anything Agency, along with Blackquill and Edgeworth taking down the Phantom, ending it all with a TRIPLE OBJECTION, and starting the law's renaissance, as well as the success of the HAT-3 launch.
    • "Turnabout Revolution" is a massive double-case feature, with the first part having an actual cave spelunking sequence, the return to Kurain Village since the original trilogy, and capped off with a civil case between Apollo and Phoenix. That's right, you face against Phoenix Wright. The second part, on the other hand, features the absolutely insane final trial which include the revelation of the former queen, Nahyuta revealing his true allegiance, and two seances, one of which is of Apollo's biological dad Jove, culminating in Apollo taking down the corrupt dictator queen of Khura'in!
    • And (so far) finally, "The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo", the final case of the Great Ace Attorney duology, has you take down the dreaded serial killer that's been skulking in the shadows for the entirety of both games and it's backstory, revealing them as none other as an entire group of people, containing among others: The detective you've been dealing with for the majority of the games, the judge overseeing your respective first trial in both games, and finally, the acting Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Mael Stronghart! How you take the latter down is even more impressive, as despite you revealing his deeds in front of an audience... isn't actually enough to convict him for once, and he instead manages turns the situation and public opinion around by claiming he did the right thing. Something even the dictator queen couldn't manage. What does get him? Sholmes basically livestreaming the events of the trial. To Her Majesty the Queen, Victoria herself!
  • Considering Investigations... Two words: LOGIC EXPLOSION.
  • Also in Investigations. Franziska is known to whip anyone who annoys her. However, she fails to whip Shi-Long Lang, who actually catches her whip when she tries.
  • During the final moments of the trial in "Bridge to the Turnabout", Godot claims that Wright will never be half the lawyer Mia was and challenges him to prove that he's the killer. Phoenix pauses for a moment and reflects, and suddenly...the Pursuit ~ Cornered! music from the first game starts playing and Phoenix essentially says: "Bring it."
  • For his Crossover appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, not only did Capcom manage to fit Phoenix Wright into a fighting game, they managed to get his fighting style to mirror his original gameplay! He utilizes a semi stance-based fighting style, and is initially pretty weak, but once you realize that he also has Magikarp Power, he becomes one of the most powerful characters on the roster.
    • He starts off in Investigation Mode, where he has poor attacks and low mobility. In this mode, he has to find evidence, while mostly playing keep-away from his opponents to build his case. He can readily switch this mode with...
    • Trial Mode, where he gains a few more offensive abilities, and is able to use the evidence he collected as 'ammo' for his ranged attacks. This is where he not only gets a little more dangerous, but is also the part where many opponents literally run away from him, for once he has collected 3 pieces of good evidence, if he connects you with his signature OBJECTION!, then we move into...
    • Turnabout Mode. This is his most powerful stance, where his attacks gain speed, power and range, his Giving Someone the Pointer Finger is now ridiculously weaponized, he can spam devastating paperwork at you, and he has access to the most powerful Hyper Combo in the game, which he basically proves the opponent is guilty of the crime, and they suffer a Villainous Breakdown (even if they are heroes). Oh, and this Hyper? Hits anywhere you are in the screen! You can't escape the law (or Phoenix Wright)!
      • Even better, they had to nerf him. While in Turnabout Mode, if he was swapped out and used an assist, he would be completely invincible! While this just makes two of his assists safer to use, his Press the Witness assist, where he would walk forward tapping on his paperwork before pushing his opponent out causing a wall bounce, absolutely amazing again, pushing his opponent out and setting up a combo.

Court is adjourned!