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This page covers the spinoff games: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and its sequel. Take moments specific to the first three games, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, Dai Gyakuten Saiban, Spirit of Justice, or the anime to those pages, please.

Ace Attorney Investigations

  • To summarize what Edgeworth accomplished over the course of the game: He solved five murders (seven counting the flashback case, bringing in a corrupt prosecutor, smuggler, a noted businessman and an AMBASSADOR) a kidnapping, two arsons, exposed the true identity of a mysterious vigilante and dismantled an international crime syndicate/smuggling ring/counterfeiting group over the course of FOUR DAYS (again, five counting the flashback). To put this into perspective, Edgeworth took down the head of an international smuggling ring that Interpol agents and the Yatagarasu were pursuing for seven years, in less than 48 hours after learning the existence of said ring.

Case I-1: Turnabout Visitor

  • At the beginning of the game, an unknown perpetrator holds Edgeworth at gun point and even gives him a warning shot. Edgeworth doesn't even flinch! It's a double awesome given that Edgeworth has some extreme issues with guns, what with spending fifteen years thinking he murdered his father and hearing the sound of the shot in his nightmares.
    Edgeworth: ...Let me make one thing very clear. No one gets away with committing murder in my office. No one.
    • From the same case, this line from Edgeworth.
      Edgeworth: I believe the proper phrase here is, "you fail."

Case I-4: Turnabout Reminiscence

  • Edgeworth's bullet dodging skills. Pretty damn awesome.
  • Badd dodges Franziska's whip! He then proceeds to make a joke about having her arrested, which makes her back down. As Edgeworth puts it...
    Edgeworth: Detective Badd is really something if he can make Franziska behave...!

Case I-5: Turnabout Ablaze

  • All of Case 5. Continue reading for more specific examples.
  • Gumshoe's Big Damn Heroes moment when he runs in yelling how he's sorry he's so late, bringing with him the evidence you so desperately needed. How did he know to look for said evidence? His detective instincts nagged him into doing it. You didn't even have to ask, but thanks to him you could prove how the killer moved the body.
  • Shih-na grabs Kay and uses her as a body shield and holds a gun to her head... only for the sound of ANOTHER revolver being loaded to be heard and the camera panning back and showing Badd with a gun to Shih-na's back.
    • Then Lang takes the bullet for Shih-Na, and seems to just shrug it off because he's simply that badass. He then justifies his action, saying that he has a duty to his subordinates, even if they're sociopaths who only joined his organisation so they could act as a mole. All the while grabbing Shih-Na and forcing her into a somewhat compromising position.
  • Lang gets one for creating a Batman Gambit by forcing Franziska herself to be a murder suspect just so they can access THE OFFICE OF AN AMBASSADOR!
  • Also, Diplomatic Impunity? Well, we can't have that, can we, Ex-Ambassador Alba? The most epic and satisfying sentence ever uttered in video game history: "Your Diplomatic immunity...has just been revoked!"
  • Lang one-ups Detective Badd dodging Franzika's whip in the last case by catching it instead!
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  • The big villain is prevented from escaping by previously harmless Nice Guy Ambassador Palaeno, who persuades him to stay for a while so as not to damage the relationship between their countries. Palaeno subsequently announces that it doesn't matter that the victim was a total crook, he was Palaeno's subordinate, and thus Palaeno must fulfill his duty to him.
  • In the same vein, Larry Butz and Wendy Oldbag, as ridiculous as it may sound. The two pull off a rather dramatic entrance in their Steel Samurai and Pink Princess costumes to prevent Quercus Alba from leaving and both end up giving Edgeworth some crucial information that puts Alba in his place without even knowing it! Oldbag deserves special mention as her clue (a single Samurai Dog box with a spot of blood in it) was so crucial that Edgeworth actually thanks and even bows for her!
  • Larry Butz played the role as the STEEL SAMURAI in a show that was part of a good-will celebration between two countries, and acted as a good-will ambassador for both countries and the one the embassy is based in as well! That's impressive going. Related, Larry's performance as the Steel Samurai was so good that it moved Miles Edgeworth, the world's biggest Steel Samurai fanboy, to tears. It's enough to make Edgeworth practically Heroic BSoD once he finds out it was Larry's performance he enjoyed so much.
  • The end of Case 5:
    Edgeworth: Mr. Alba, I'm afraid there is one more question I forgot to ask....
    Alba: ...........
    Edgeworth: This country's, or Allebahst's: Which country's court would you like to face first? Either way, it's game over for you.
  • The little forensics guy who shouts "HOLD IT!" so he could inform everyone that he wasn't finished talking. Awesome stuff, considering who he was speaking to at the time.
  • This line from Lang:

Ace Attorney Investigations 2

  • The fan translation for the game deserves a mention. Not that is not only exists and was completed, but the team did more than just translate the dialogue. They added in their own custom voice clips, changed the cast names, edited some graphics to be read in English (such as Justine Courtney's signature "Overruled!") and added in their own shout-outs. It's so professionally made that you'll often forget it's a fan translation and think that Capcom localized it themselves. It is THAT good.
  • Once again, to summarize Edgeworth's accomplishments: He solved seven murders ( Ethan Rooke, Horace Knightley, Isaac Dover, Jill Crane, fake Di-Jun Huang, real Di-Jun Huang, Jack Cameron), one of which was an unsolved cold case), an attempted murder ( Dane Gustavia), four kidnappings ( Kay Faraday, John Marsh, Sebastian Debeste, real Di-Jun Huang) proved a man innocent 18 years after his false conviction, revealed a fake assassination plan, exposed a black market auction, brought down a corrupt prison warden and the former chief prosecutor and prevented an attempt by one of the culprits to escape conviction through underhanded means in court. He did this almost entirely without investigative authority, and much of it without his prosecutor's badge. Again, he did all this in just a few days, and only two weeks after the first game to boot.

Case I2-1: Turnabout Target

  • The fact that Ethan Rooke was able to hurt Shelly de Killer at all, let alone break his arm. A Worthy Opponent to de Killer indeed.

Case I2-3: The Inherited Turnabout

  • Just about every time Gregory confronts von Karma. But the final time really stands out, after using Logic to find out von Karma has been manipulating the crime scene and forging evidence, he walks up to him and yells HOLD IT while giving him the pointer finger. When von Karma accuses him of disrupting the police investigation, Gregory delivers this line:
    Gregory: "Police" My objection is to you!
    • The resulting confrontation is nothing short of epic, and for the first time in the case Manfred completely loses his composure. It's clear no-one has ever managed to utterly humiliate von Karma like this, and Gregory makes it even more awesome by being in full Tranquil Fury mode practically the entire time. And while you don't actually get to play the trial itself, from Shields' description it was clearly one huge CMOA for Gregory and cemented his status as a complete and total badass. Not only did he prove von Karma forges evidence, he was able to present tapes of his interrogations to show the entire court he bullied the defendant into giving a false confession. He managed to get von Karma's (corrupt) replacement detective fired, and Manfred himself only got off with just a penalty because the Chief Prosecutor at the time was just as much of an Amoral Attorney as he was, and actually had a hand in the forgery, so he had to give Manfred some punishment or he'd give himself away.
  • Katherine Hall gets one by setting up a trap that causes the real IS-7 killer to be exposed. Oh, and it nearly kills him, doubling as a Kick the Son of a Bitch moment.
  • Edgeworth has the true culprit on full edge, with even him fully-admitting to everything...then the Statute of Limitations comes up. The murder happened 18 years ago, with the case as a whole being blanked 3 years ago due to the 15-year time limit. Gustav happily laughs at the prospect of being a Karma Houdini, but with his 3-year training in Zheng Fa and the "Statute of Limitations" guide, this held the limit while he was gone, but now it's at 15 years and 4 months. Then it turns out that Manfred's dickery with the first trial ironically turned a Miscarriage of Justice into the final nail into Gustav's coffin since Jeff was legally charged with being an accomplice which took a whole year to reach a verdict on, finally officially leaving a few months left to close IS-7 once and for all, granting the chance to put Gustav into prison and get Jeff Masters out.

Case I2-4: The Forgotten Turnabout

  • At the beginning of Case 4, Edgeworth points out to Judge Courtney that she is technically a valid suspect (and in fact a relatively likely one, having visited the crime scene a mere two hours before the victim). Courtney is visibly taken aback and offended by this, making it the first time that Edgeworth has had a chance to take her down a notch.
  • On a similar note, once Edgeworth starts getting some traction, we get this:
    Edgeworth: OBJECTION! (smiles) ......Hmph.
    Courtney: You need not object just because you wish to sigh.
    Edgeworth: Judge Courtney, it seems I have greatly overestimated you.
  • Edgeworth doesn't even let up during cross-examinations. For example, when later pressing Courtney about the process of Kay's questioning, only for Courtney to claim that they'll be doing it later, he replies as such.
    Edgeworth: "Later?" That seems to be your favorite time for interrogations.
  • Edgeworth, finally fed up with how corrupt prosecution has become, responds to Courtney's demand that he indict Kay for murder by resigning. How Gumshoe reacts? He suppresses his own Heroic BSoD when it barely started, never giving up investigating, thus providing decisive evidence for that same case.
  • Judge Courtney gives us this Wham Line when she delivers her verdict:
    Courtney: The defendant... Blaise Debeste! I hereby indict you!

Case I2-5: The Grand Turnabout

  • Sebastian Debeste's final confrontation with his Amoral Attorney father. Truly a sign that he's Taken A Level In Badass. Making it even more awesome is that, at this moment, Sebastian replaces his old, goofy Leitmotif for THIS:
    Sebastian: I'm...I'm fine now. I thought that I had to be Number One so that you would accept me, dad. But then, after I got kidnapped by your men and left in that dark storeroom, I realised..."I really am powerless". I became depressed, and tried not to see that...but then...but then, Prosecutor Edgeworth showed me the way. I'm no longer a child chasing after his dad's back. I CAN find evidence on my own now!
  • A villainous one occurs for the set up of Case 5, Simon manages to encounter fake President Di-Jun by luck whilst in his hot air balloon. Seizing his chance, he proceeds to crush him under the basket, in spite of the fake being armed with a handgun. He then hides the body and manipulates it so he evades capture for quite some time.
    • There's also the fact that he was pretty-much behind everything in the entire game. And unlike the Big Bad of the previous game, he's not the head of an international criminal organization or anything, he's pretty much just a clown at the local circus. And almost singlehandedly, this "mere clown" orchestrated the downfall of an entire government conspiracy. He really is an Anti-Villain version of The Joker, folks. Not only that, but the fact that he actually appeared before, and yet likely never aroused any suspicion in Edgeworth or the player, is one for both his character and the game itself.
  • In what is probably the most shocking revelation, after investigating the Orphanage 12 years ago thanks to Kay's Little Thief, Edgeworth gives us this:
    Edgeworth: This case wasn't a kidnapping, it was a presidential assassination!
  • When the final boss is first confronted, they're keeping up a pretty good innocent act, talking about how Edgeworth, Kay and Ray had said they would believe in him and how they're so sad that it was all a lie, complete with sad background music. Kay begins to feel sympathetic and suggests to Edgeworth that maybe " Simon's not a bad guy after all." Edgeworth immediately objects, cutting off the sad background music in the process and calls out the villain for such blatant emotional manipulation, a trademark of the villain's style. After confirming that Edgeworth's not going to be fooled, the villain drops the façade and reveals their true nature, all to an epic new villain theme.


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