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The entire Xenoblade Chronicles series is known for moments that become memorable to many, and with it being the most publicly-known entry, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 may just be the most memetic game in the series yet.

Pre-Release/Nintendo Direct

  • With the announcement of the game, many fans expressed their excitement towards getting mauled by Territorial Rotbart for the third timenote  and that dying at the hands of the giant Killer Gorilla in the early game is an essential part of any Xenoblade experience. This got ramped up even more when the second trailer showed the party fighting a low-level enemy (in what is presumably an early-game area) with a familiar red Gogol lurking in the distance.
    • Monolith seems to be in on the joke, because successive game footage they've released since then has featured the Gogol at closer and closer distances each time.
    • "He's not called Territorial Rotbart? Literally unplayable, pre-order cancelled."Explanation 
  • Xenoblade FatesExplanation 
  • People watching the reveal trailer and recognizing it as Xenoblade not by the art style, but by the main characters' British accents.
    • Pointing out Sena's American Valley Girl accent and how out-of place it sounds next to the British Accents of her teammates (most of which are English, with her best friend Mio having a Welsh accent in the same family).
  • Is that a rainbow? Reyn confirmed!Explanation 
  • The reveal of the Ouroboros forms has led some fans to joke that the game's final fight will have all the party members fuse into a single Ouroboros known as the "Xenoblade". Some have even compared the idea to the Thrash Machine from Deltarune, to the point of "speculating" that the final boss fight will have an Unexpected Gameplay Change to a fighting game.
  • "Engage the Counterattack"Explanation 
  • "Xenoblade 3 is only 8 minutes long?"Explanation 

Post-Release General/Unsorted

  • "Who wants to know how babies are made"?Explanation 
  • As always, quotes that get repeated a lot are a ripe source of memesnote :
    • "The enemy's broken away from me!"Explanation 
    • "Oreo!"Explanation 
    • ”Cheers, you’re gay!” Explanation 
  • Fans of the game have started to adopt some of its more colorful Pardon My Klingon curse words, such as "spark" and "snuff", as ironic swears.
  • Tactical Points memes.Explanation 
  • Chapter 5Explanation (SPOILERS
  • Gigachad RexExplanation (SPOILERS
    • He really did mean all of them!Explanation (SPOILERS
    • It's all canonExplanation (SPOILERS
    • A very productive nightExplanation (SPOILERS
    • Family reunion.Explanation (SPOILERS
  • May cause cancer and reproductive harm.Explanation 
  • Colony 15's quest for booty!Explanation 
  • Nopon ArchshulkExplanation (SPOILERS
  • Flute GuyExplanation 
  • Alvis is a liar.Explanation 
  • "Tell me why!"Explanation 

Character-Specific Memes


  • Noah being the son of Flynn from Shin Megami Tensei IV (due to the blatant similarities of their character art in terms of hairstyle, pose, and even sword placement) and other red-jacketed video game protagonists, with the most commonly joked-about ones being Rean Schwarzer from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, Tatsuya Suou from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, and Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes (who also wields a Laser Blade to boot).
  • Six NoahsExplanation 
  • "Let's go someplace else."Explanation 
  • "Right, Taion?/そうだろ, タイオン?"Explanation 
  • Smashing Flame Clocks in Xenoblade 3 be likeExplanation 
  • Noah x MiyabiExplanation (SPOILERS
  • Lucky Seven is like, really sharp. Like, legit, it is really, really sharp, dude.Explanation (SPOILERS
  • Noah Ripping His ShirtExplanation 
  • Noah's name for Lucky Seven.Explanation 
  • "...All right then, you only live once. Let's give this a go!"Explanation(SPOILERS
  • I will teach this Nopon to play the flute.Explanation 


  • WOTAHExplanation 
  • Mio the WitchExplanation 
  • One Punch MioExplanation 
  • Mio's FamilyExplanation (SPOILERS
  • Mio and ponytails.Explanation (SPOILERS
  • Mio's D-rank in Noponic ChampionExplanation (SPOILERS
  • I'm getting Mio vibes from her.Explanation (SPOILERS


  • Eunie's Cockney accent, brash attitude, foul mouth, and expressive face have made her one of the biggest Fountain of Memes in the game.
  • "Hear that, Noah? Lanz wants something a bit meatier."Explanation 
  • Shocked EunieExplanation 
  • Eunie the BusExplanation 
  • Eunie puns.Explanation 
  • The scenes of Eunie saying "So how do you cope" and "And this is why you can't make friends" are popular choices of reaction images when someone expresses an unpopular opinion.
  • "What about babies? You guys got any babies?"Explanation 


  • Looking cool, Taion!Explanation 
  • In addition to Joker, some fans see Taion as a combination of Akhos/H.B. due to his glasses, messy brown hair, and being a Genius Bruiser.
  • Taion is a bottomExplanation 
  • Taion is the main heroine of 3.Explanation 
  • Taion's Deadpan Snarker retorts are common fodder for reaction images, particularly his "I refuse to be baited" lines. His "Based on what?" responses are also popular due to their association with the existing "Based? Based on what?" meme in addition to his The Comically Serious personality.


  • "And I was the MVP. You were all thinking it!"Explanation 
  • "Woahhhh, I got a rare doodah right here!"Explanation 
  • "I used my thinking muscles for this one!"Explanation 
  • You're a right muppet, Lanz!Explanation 
  • "Every day's a training day!"Explanation 


  • "I'm the girl with the gall!"Explanation 
  • "YIPPEE!"Explanation 
  • Biffteen.Explanation 

Riku and Manana

  • Riku the Nopon has prompted jokes about how his ushanka looks like Rex's hair and how must therefore essentially be Rex as a Nopon, as well as Kingdom Hearts jokes because he shares his name with the series' deuteragonist. It doesn't hurt that his partner Manana has a red-and-white color scheme like both Kairi and Pyra (in one of her beta designs), either.
  • Riku the manly Nopon/Chadapon RikuExplanation 
    • Further Explanation (SPOILERS
  • "Riku just Riku, common variety Nopon."Explanation 
  • Manana is a con artist.Explanation 

Other Heroes

  • "Oh my god! They killed Vandham! You bastards!"Explanation 
    • Sometimes adding some Dull Surprise to it. "Oh my god, they killed Vandham." "They killed Vandham?!" "Yep, killed Vandham. They're bastards."
    • Comparing the character to Watanabe's father from Live A Live, which released a week earlier and ends up getting killed in every timeline.
  • They/Them AgnussyExplanation 
  • "There you are! You monsters!"Explanation 
  • Valdi's Got the ChalkExplanation 
  • Teach the Tank EngineExplanation 
  • Jerma IsurdExplanation 
  • Triton where he shouldn't be.Explanation 
  • Ino, we need to cook.Explanation 
  • "IT'S MWAMBIN' TIME!"Explanation 


  • "IT'S MOEBIN' TIME!"Explanation 

Consul D

  • Mr. Wil D. RideExplanation 
  • Blackblaze Duck: Master of Quack FuExplanation 
  • D wants headExplanation 

Consul N

  • You can't spell NTR without N.Explanation (SPOILERS
  • N moment.Explanation (SPOILERS
  • My long shadow...Explanation (SPOILERS


  • "It's because it amuses me!"/Z-PostingExplanation 
  • "You will taste 'dis pear!"Explanation 
  • Blushy-Crushy Z/Moe-biusExplanation (SPOILERS

The Queens of Keves and Agnus (Melia and Nia)

  • The leaders of the two opposing factions apparently being Melia and Nia caused many jokes from fans about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 being about fans of the first two games constantly fighting. There have also been jokes that they're so upset at being turned down by Shulk and Rex that they just decided to become full on incels and start a war. This one becomes hilarious after The Reveal that Nia did end up with Rex after all and had a kid with him, a kid suggested to be Mio.
  • The ruthless Queen of Agnus, everybody!Explanation 
  • "Poor Melia" made a return from the first game when the ending revealed that not only was Nia able to be in a poly relationship with Rex, but Poppi (a friend from her time) was also still around. Comparing that situation to Melia being alone, spending millennia captured by Z, and her only memento of her friends being Shulk's Monado REX, people began to repeat the phrase once again.
  • Queen of Keves/Queen Elizabeth II memesExplanation (SPOILERS
  • "Something smells exquisite."Explanation (SPOILERS
  • Hit the sax, Melia!Explanation (SPOILERS