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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to moments pages. Read at your own risk.
Everyone's reaction to Tora's "masterpiece".

The Game

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    Story Events 
  • Rex's reaction to a scorpion as tall as he is jumping out of a box?
    Rex: I didn't expect THAT! You been living in this thing, big guy? (Dodges attack)
    Azurda: Rex!
    Rex: Relax, Gramps! (Retrieves Junk Sword) I think we know what's for lunch!
  • Upon arrival at Argentum, Hirkham reminds Rex that the fee for docking Azurda is 15G per half-day. Rex books it.
    Rex: (sprinting away) I'll have your gold once I sell the stuff! All right? Later!
    Hirkham: Hey! Hold on! You know I can't do credit!...(sighs) Does it every time, too...(looks expectantly at Azurda)
    Azurda: No wallet, I'm afraid.
    Hirkham: Figures.
    • Once you regain control of Rex, it's revealed that you have more than enough G on your person to go back and pay the fee as soon as the cutscene ends. Rex chose not to.
  • Azurda's seeming death. After playing out as a serious Tear Jerker scene, he suddenly reveals that he's regenerated himself into a larval stage, resembling a cute fuzzy sugarglider. Give us back our tears, you old Titan!
  • As Nia leads the party to the inn at Torigoth, they walk past a series of wanted posters. The first one is Jin, leader of Torna. The second one is Malos, Torna's second-in-command. The third one is...Nia with a tiger's face. Nia, after having a Double Take, understandably takes offense to this, but Dromarch actually compliments the likeness, which pisses Nia off further and prompts her to shred the poster to pieces.
    Dromarch: It seems they have conflated our countenances, my lady.
    [Nia hisses, shreds poster with her nails.]
    • Later, when Ardainian soldiers confront the group for having Nia in the party, the Captain and Rex both comment on how the poster looks exactly like her, much to her annoyance. Heck, Nia even hisses at Rex like a cat.
    • In fact, the only one who says the poster looks nothing like her is Mòrag...who is clearly buttering Nia up so she’ll be easier to interrogate. Which doesn't work...until Nia blurts out Rex and Pyra's names anyway when Mòrag asks for the names of her new companions, something she mentally kicks herself for.
      Mòrag: I'm not interested in you. I am looking for your companions.
      Nia: Wot? You mean Rex and Pyra?
      Mòrag: Well, that was easy.
      Nia: [to herself] Damn!
  • Rex, Pyra, and Azurda bring the necessary materials for building Poppi α to Tora. Tora begins to assemble Poppi, declaring her to be his "masterpiece". After a tense moment reminiscent of Frankenstein (1931), Tora activates Poppi, and the first thing the Blade make an exaggerated girly pose, saying "How may I be of service, Master?" Cue Rex, Pyra, and Azurda getting Blank White Eyes on their faces—certainly not the behavior they expected from a robotic Blade. Tora panics, shuts down Poppi and restarts her properly. When the maid behavior comes up again, Tora blames his grampypon—Prof. Soosoo, who's been dead for yearsfor leaving the machine on the wrong setting. Pyra is skeptical; she's looking over at Tora's wardrobe, which is wide open and full of maid costumes. Cue Tora sweating bullets. The unamused expression Pyra gives is as hilarious as anything else, made all the funnier when she decides to let the issue go. Then again, considering the design of the artificial Blade Lila, his claim isn't entirely false...
    • In fact, Poppi is the first one shown to have a reaction to Tora's excuse, as her eyes dart to him while her face remains impassive. She may be Tora's Blade, but that certainly doesn't mean that she has the compulsion to believe him.
    • Not to mention the quest itself; Tora ends up admitting that of the materials he's asking for, only one is a truly vital component. The rest? It's to keep Poppi's hat from falling off.
      Azurda: Couldn't you have used some string...?
    • Earlier on, Pyra states that she knows a way that she could make some money to help pay for Poppi's components. Gramps' reaction is a bemused "Nothing illegal, I hope." (in Japanese, he outright asks if she intends to prostitute herself), which earns him a Dope Slap from Rex.
    • Even earlier than that, Tora explains that he wanted to be a Driver but couldn't due to failing the testnote ... Which has him having a nosebleed for three days. Cut Rex's reaction.
  • When entering the Ardainian ship to rescue Nia. Rex has trouble pulling Pyra up with his Anchor Grappling Hook, exclaiming "So... heavy!". Pyra is surprised by this (covering her face, too), causing her to let go of the hook and sending Rex sprawling on the duct floor. Azurda, having hopped out of Rex's helmet beforehand, then scolds him by saying, "Now see here, Rex. You can't just go and call a lady heavy."
  • Within the ship itself, there's the scene when the team rescues Dromarch. He's watching a part of his cell door melt away, then gets an Oh, Crap! expression before pressing him to the ground as a huge jet of flames passes by above him. On the other side, Pyra apologizes if she accidentally hurt someone, sheepishly admitting she can sometimes overdo her fire power. The most Dromarch got was the fur on his head getting singed.
  • When Nia is rescued, Tora, Pyra, Poppi and Azurda reveal their presence with a cute Scooby Stack.
  • During the party's escape, when Dughall intercepts them, he states that his logic is completely foolproof in his desires to own the Aegis for himself. Without missing a beat, Poppi announces there's an error in the last part of his logic.
  • Morag's response to Rex and company escaping her? Mild annoyance that Rex held back on her by averting the aim of his final attack. Made all the funnier in that it happens seconds after an epic explosion.
    Morag: I feel slighted.
  • After escaping from Mòrag and Brighid at the end of Chapter 2, Nia expresses some concern about whether they can trust Pyra or not; that she might "stab [Rex] in the back." Pyra is indignant at this:
    Pyra: Of course I wouldn't! I don't have a knife.
  • The destruction of the water tower, using said water to escape Morag, is an Awesome moment, but the consequences are quite funny as afterward every other NPC you meet in Torigoth talks about how horrible it is that the water tower was destroyed, how it has affected the city, etc. Cue shamed silence from Rex and the party. You later get into a fight with some Drivers who want to punish you for it. It even comes up again later in the main story with Rex's group being noted by Brighid and Morag as being more infamous than famous at the time, due to the expense involved in replacing the water tower. As a funny climax to it all, Rex uses making up for the water tower as an excuse to get past Morag's Honor Before Reason excuse for trying to not accept the group's help against the Judicium Titan Weapon.
  • Zeke's introduction is amazing. From the fact that absolutely no one takes him seriously, to his display of his Large Ham tendencies when he believes he's lost his pet turtle (and the utterly offended response he has to Pyra just happening to find the little guy—"Handling a man's turtle!"), to his ridiculous animations, to the fact that Pandoria's actions are completely in sync with his overdramatic posing, it has to be seen to be believed.
    • Here's a secret that almost everybody misses: let Zeke defeat you in your first encounter with him. Check the objective text right after that to find this gem:
      Defeat Zeke von Genbu, Bringer of Chaos, the most evil Driver in Alrest.
    • Even more ridiculous is how Zeke's bad luck shoos him away the first three times. The first time, he unleashes an Ultimate Lighting Fury Slash Max, which...causes the cliff he and Pandoria are standing on to collapse. The second time, at Mor Ardain, he unleashes another Ultimate Lighting Fury Slash Max on solid ground...causing a boulder to chase the poor duo off the Titan. The third time, at Leftheria, Zeke doesn't use the ULFS Max post-battle. Instead, he leans back on a wooden fence, which breaks, sending Zeke tumbling into the Cloud Sea. Each time, everyone else just looks on nonchalantly as this happens.
      Zeke: Whyyy meeeee?!
      Nia: There he goes.
      Dromarch: Hmmm...bad luck indeed.
      Pyra: Uhh... Should we go rescue him?
      Pandoria: Naaah, he'll find his own way back up somehow.
    • Capped when Zeke manages to catch up to the party at Indol right away (to Nia's surprise), most likely by swimming the whole way!
    • The group is exasperated the first two times that Zeke shows up to fight them but by the third time they're just so used to running into him and Pandoria that at first they just treat it like a casual encounter with an old acquaintance. Even Nia greets Zeke's appearance with an almost affectionate "Hey Shellhead" to which Zeke responds with a nonchalant "Hey".
    • The first instance of the "Shellhead" nickname is pretty good:
      Nia: Oh, it's Shellhead.
      Zeke: Indeed! ...wait! Who's "Shellhead"!?
      [later in the same conversation]
      Nia: And anyway, Shellhead?
      Zeke: Yes?
      Pandoria: [facepalming] You answer to that now?
  • Any discussion of Zeke's hilarity would be incomplete without mentioning the "Eye of Shining Justice!" To explain, Zeke wears an eyepatch, and claims it hides a Magic Eye that he is sworn not to use until it's necessary to save the world. He's lying, of course. The real reason? He wears contact lenses, but he can only afford one...
    • Apparently, the Eye of Shining Justice is a very common justification for anyone wearing a cool eyepatch on Alrest. The rare Blade Praxis threatens to use it to set a bully straight on her sidequest. Zeke then comments how Praxis's Eye of Shining Justice is cooler than his. (Her sister, Theory, also has an eyepatch, but she doesn't claim to have an Eye of Shining Justice.)
      • If Zeke and Praxis are both active in the party, post-battle banter between them brings Zeke to tell Praxis to take her eyepatch off as it "infringes [his] copyright" as the one to wear the Eyepatch of Power in the group. Praxis rebuts that she has a condition and tells Zeke to take his eyepatch off instead while calling him a poser.
    • Perhaps the funniest part of this concept is that some people are actually fooled: the bully does indeed return the stolen item. One standard Merc Mission's description mentions an eyepatch-wearing Lizan causing trouble, and how the villagers are worried that this random monster will unleash the Eye of Shining Justice if they leave it be.
    • During Theory's Blade Quest, in which she and Praxis are trying to make amends for the crimes in their past life, they meet up with someone who remembers them as thieves. When that person freaks out, they immediately assume that since they both wear eyepatches and Zeke wears an eyepatch, Zeke must be their Driver. This can become Hilarious in Hindsight if Zeke is indeed the Driver for one or both of them.
    • In New Game Plus, this culminates in the expensive skill named "Unleash Eye of Shining Justice", which greatly accelerates Zeke's driver arts with his Big Bang Edge and increases his damage output and crit rate.
  • At the very beginning of Chapter 4, when Mythra forcibly transforms Pyra into herself for the second time, Gramps's reaction is to put a hand to his face, knowing exactly how she's going to react.
  • When staying at the inn in Goldmouth at the start of Chapter 4, Mythra sleepwalks her way into Rex's bed, much to the poor salvager's surprise. Upon waking up, after briefly moving as if to kiss him, she realizes Rex is real, freaks out, and starts throwing everything in the room at him, finally decking him with his helmet (and Azurda) before calming down and realizing she's the one responsible. Then she realizes that when she was sleeping, Rex had stared at her cleavage.
    • When throwing things at Rex she shouts "Interloper! Monster!"
    • Azurda lampshades how Stripperific Mythra is, only to be called out by Dromarch for wearing nothing at all.
      Azurda: She's certainly exposing an awful lot of skin.
      Dromarch: Pot, meet kettle.
      Azurda: Would you care to explain what that is supposed to mean, my good sir?
      Dromarch: Have you looked in a mirror recently?
      [Beat. Then they both look at each other.]
    • Also in that same scene, Dromarch is wearing a night cap.
    • In the morning, Rex is very cautious when approaching Pyra. She apologises for Mythra's behaviour, mentioning that she gets very confused when she's just woken up, and then asking if it got violent. Rex hurriedly assures her that he didn't do anything weird.
      • All of this can be made even funnier with the addition of swimsuits for the party members as of Version 1.5.2.note  Not only can Rex and Mythra make the scene seem even lewder with their swimsuits, but because Tora is also present in that same scene, he can also be wearing his, which has a shirt with Pyra accompanied by hearts on it.
  • Later in Chapter 4, some fantastic innuendo. If all the Fanservice and swearing didn't tell you that Ol' Nintendo's finally startin' to shed off the family-friendly image, this sure will!
    Nia: Listen, pal. I'm sorry, but we really don't have time to play with you today. So hurry on home, OK?
    Zeke: What's this? Were you so frightened by our power that you wet yourself, furry-ears?
    Nia: Did I WHAT? You've got a lot of nerve, you one-eyed monster!Explanation
    (Rex, Mythra, and Dromarch are... quite shocked with her choice of words. Cue Dromarch shaking his head afterwards.)
    Rex: N... Nia? You do know "one-eyed monster" usually means-
    Nia: Huh?! Means what?!
    Rex: Um... It's, ah... (Rex turns to Mythra, who is blushing embarassedly) Mythra, why are you blushing?
    (The embarrassed Aegis angrily looks at him)
    Mythra: (slaps Rex) Shut up!
    (Rex hits the camera face-first, which breaks it like glass, triggering a Fight Woosh)
    • Better yet, when Rex asks Mythra why is she blushing, as soon as she is about to slap Rex, blink and you'll miss it, Azurda is seen shrugging and shaking his head in exasperation once again, right before her hand meets Rex's face.
    • Understanding the Japanese version makes the entire scene even funnier, as Nia calls Zeke "Kame-Atama" meaning "Turtle Head".Explanation
      • Mythra will also say "Baka!"note  instead of "Shut up!", further adding to her Tsundere side.
    • Even the Italian subs catch and localize the joke. After getting pissed at Zeke, Nia asks, "Do you want to fight? Then do it, do it! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" Explanation
    • And finally after the battle Zeke tries to do his ultimate attack again, only this time a boulder falls and chases him and Pandoria, eventually hitting them and sending them flying off into the distance.
      Rex: S...Seriously, though, what's their problem?
  • When confronting Lila in the Old Factory, if you pay close attention to Bana and Muimui, you can see that they're dancing while they watch the fight.
  • The ending boss of Chapter 4 is hilariously over-the-top, right up there with the Zekenator. With it being a big-headed oversized Lila called Rosa that Bana and Muimui dock into in a ship that turns into her headband in a sequence that wouldn't look out of place in Mazinger Z. With the following battle music even sounding like a Mazinger Z track.
    • And in Chapter 6, when Bana returns to assassinate the nation leaders with an upgraded Giga Rosa. Except the mecha-Blade isn't any taller. The only visible difference is that Rosa now has a giant glowing "G" on her forehead.
    • It helps that during both battles, Bana (and Muimui to some extent in the first battle) unleashes his inner Large Ham and cranks Chewing the Scenery up to eleven.
      Bana: This is secret weapon based on blueprints of Lila... GIGANTIC ARTIFICIAL BLADE: RRRRROSA! AHAHAHA!And then...
    • Bana also has a brilliant, easily-missable battle quote when he enrages during the Giga Rosa fight.
      Bana: Meh meh! You know how much evil cost? You'll pay for this!
    • Even Rosa's battle theme is called "Song of Giga Rosa" on the soundtrack. While grammatically correct, it can come across as Intentional Engrish for Funny... because that's what a Nopon like Bana would call her theme song rather than, say, "Giga Rosa's Theme" or something generic.
  • During Zeke's third encounter in chapter 5, Mòrag compliments Zeke's swordmanship, who responds to the praise as though it's giving him physical pleasure. Cue Mòrag looking to the side, and Brighid covering Fan la Norne's eyes with her hand.
    Zeke: That's it?! That's all I get?! ...Ugh, fine.
  • Rex is shocked to find that he has been gaining a reputation for being a Driver... to which Brighid responds that his reputation is partly because it's expensive to replace a water tank like the one he destroyed earlier. Need some ice for that burn, Rex?
  • In Chapter 6, the team must investigate a rumor that someone is attempting to assassinate the leaders of Mor Adain and Uraya during a diplomatic meeting. Their investigation turns up that a Nopon has been seen buying poisons, that Tirkin (who Bana had previously associated with) have been seen near the site of the peace summit with some rather strong-scented ingredients, and that some mysterious deliveries have been made to the same location. The team bursts in to find a group of Tirkin messing with the food. They attack... only to find out that those particular Tirkin were a perfectly innocent team of chefs who had been hired to cater the meeting, and that Bana's actual plan is somewhat less subtle: smuggle in an "upgraded" version of the Rosa from chapter 4 and just attack outright.
  • When the team first reaches Tantal in Chapter 6, Nia mentions not liking cold weather. Brighid and Pyra offer to keep the team warm with their fire abilities. One scene later shows Nia clinging to Pyra’s arm to keep warm. It’s as cute as it is hilarious.
  • In the midst of the crisis of Genbu sinking into the Cloud Sea, there is this exchange between Zeke and Nia:
    Tantal Soldier: We're descending at a rate of 120 peds per minute!
    Zeke: And Genbu's maximum depth?
    Tantal Soldier: 25,000 peds, give or take.
    Zeke: ...that would leave us around three hours.
    Nia: Oooh, Shellhead's good at maths!
    Zeke: Bite me!
  • In NG+, if you have Zeke in his swimsuit when he reveals that he has part of Pandoria's crystal transplanted into his chest, he still does an animation of his dramatically opening his non-existent shirt and everyone's shocked reactions to something that was out in the open prior.
  • In the pivotal moment of Chapter 7, Nia reveals her true form to save Rex, declaring that she is burdened no longer by the chains that have held her down for so long, and thanks him for helping her see.
    Nia: I love you, Rex!
    [long beat]
    Rex: Wot?
  • As Nia is having trouble, Rex gets back to his feet, saves her, and has a chance to respond properly to her confession:
    Rex: Nia... I love you too!
    Nia: ...huh?
    Rex: I love you... and all you guys! So... let's do this! Together!
    [Nia stares for a long moment, before bursting out laughing]
    Nia: [still laughing] That's just like you! That's all I could ask for.
  • Although the two boss battles against Malos during Chapter 7 are very intense and serious, there's some unexpected levity from Malos's repetitive irritation toward Nia's healing abilities. He won't stop complaining about how annoying it is, sometimes even as a voice clip within the first battle itself.
    Malos: Have I mentioned how irritating that ability is?!
    Nia: You did mention that.
  • During the mid-battle cutscene at the end of Chapter 7, the party struggles to hold off Jin and Malos, both at full power. Pyra and Mythra start talking to Rex in a vision, while unconscious. This can be seen as funny, given that anybody else who's present doesn't hear the emotional music, Pyra and Mythra's dialogue with Rex - to them, it looks like he HAS actually lost his mind, and is talking to himself mindlessly, or even Jin instead.
    Malos: [sounding like he's about to laugh in disbelief] What the hell? Has he finally cracked?
  • When the party reaches Elysium/First Low Orbit Station in Chapter 10, players can examine various objects in their surrounds. Examining the broken pipe organ in the Old Temple as Zeke reveals this gem:
    Zeke: Sad, really. If it was still working, I could have given everyone a taste of the Zekenator's Fifth...
  • Near the end of the game, the Architect drops a Self-Deprecating Lampshade Hanging on the Xeno meta-series and its habit of naming things after religious and philosophical concepts when he reveals Malos's true name: Logos. Malos asks what that name means, and gets the response "It means nothing. All it represents is the ego of those who named you". Not to mention the implication that he named them himself...
  • In the Title Screen after completing New Game Plus, The shot of Rex, Pyra, and Mythra might get interrupted by Nia pouncing on Rex from behind, pushing him out of the way, and taking Pyra and Mythra's hands herself.

    Side Quests 
  • At the start of Boreas's Blade Quest, he and Tora enter a mushroom-eating competition. The contest starts, and battle music starts to play.
    • A later event in that quest has Boreas locked in a burglary competition with a Phantom Thief Nopon. The second item they're competing to steal? A pair of Emperor Niall's underwear. If Boreas himself cannot steal them, Mòrag will do it for him, but comments on how creepy and uncomfortable it is for her to be stealing her own cousin's undergarments. Better yet, they're kept as a Key Item in your inventory, and remain there even after the quest is finished.
    • The final item that you're required to obtain for the sidequest is a dried mushroom. When you finally locate it, it's guarded by about a dozen powerful enemies, and inside a treasure chest with a level 99 lockpicking check (for reference, your average field skill level will be in the range of 2-5).
    • You'll later find the Nopon Phantom Thief at the Ardainian hot springs, brainstorming ideas for the next eating contest.
  • One thunder Blade, Electra, starts off her sidequest revealing that she doesn't have much control over her powers and tends to zap people with nasty shocks by accident. After Nia cheers her up from a Heroic BSoD, Electra gives her The Glomp and zaps her too, leaving her comically charred and smoking on the ground.
  • Getting Poppi's QT pi form involves doing a ton of things just to make sure she looks good and is a proper lady. The last thing she has to do is pass a four-part class. The first three parts are simple skill checks and a memory game. When it comes time for fourth period, the teacher sends out... a giant monster with an obscene amount of health for being level 50. Afterward, the party seriously questions the point of the fight, while the teacher remarks how Poppi was the first person to ever pass fourth period.
    • When you first begin the sidequest, Tatazo reveals his blueprints for Poppi's upgrade. It's literally the exact same as her initial form, only scaled up to be the size of a Humongous Mecha. When Tora shoots this down, Tatazo's suggestion is... the exact same as her initial form, only scaled down to a few inches tall.
      Tatazo: And battle capabilities same as normal Poppi. Strong like ant!
    • Lila going into way too much detail about Tatazo's health, followed by Tatazo declaring his body a temple.
      Tora: Ugh, too much information for Tora.
      • It's Lila's delivery that sells it; everyone else is recoiling at her describing in great detail the Nopon pair's daily routines, including toilet breaks, while she relays these facts completely matter-of-factly and unaware of how uncomfortable she's making everyone, all in the name of convincing everyone that Tora and Tatazo are not over working themselves in getting QT pi finished.
      • When Tora and Tatazo are brainstorming and putting together plans for Poppi QT pi, Tora asks Poppi to stand guard outside to make sure they are not disturbed. Poppi assumes a guarding position outside and declares that no one will enter to disturb them. Rex and co. wander off to go spend the night at the Gormott inn. When they get back, they find that Poppi hasn't moved at all from her spot... and Lila has apparently joined in for no real reason.
      • When Tora reveals his plans, he jumps on Nia's back and pins her to the floor for the remainder of the cutscene for unexplained reasons. When Dromarch rushes to Nia's aid, Tatazo tackles him when he's got something to say. Bear in mind that Tora and his family are much larger than the average Nopon. By the end of the cutscene Nia is really irritated.
        Nia: Will. You. Get. OFF ME ALREADY!! [as she gets up and throws Tora off]
  • Finch's personal quest is hilarity within itself. The quest begins with a Nopon confusing Finch for a Tirkin, voicing his dislike for the birdbrained creatures as they caused him to lose his trading ID and even claiming how Finch is as dimwitted as them, much to her ire. The Nopon basically plays her into retrieving his lost ID for him, which she and the party does, but then Finch forgets how they retrieved the ID, which causes the Nopon to claim that her brain is unlike the likes of which he's ever seen, to which Finch thinks it's a compliment. The Argentum Trade Guild is then under attack by the Tirkin King and a few of his subjects, who stowed away in the cargo to rescue their countess. The best part about this? They mistake Finch as their countess! So Rex and the others use the mercs to locate the missing countess, who's found in Tantal, but she turns out not to be in trouble. Nonetheless, she accompanies the party back to Argentum and Hilarity Ensues as the Tirkin King declares Finch to be their new countess anyway while the original Tirkin countess, Omulette, contends that she's the only countess the Tirkin need, only to huff in frustration upon remembering the reason she ran away: her people are absolutely scatterbrained and even she couldn't handle their forgetfulness. Finch tries to comfort her, but both wind up in an Accidental Misnaming joust with Nia and Zeke lampshading the ridiculousness of it all.
    • In one instance during Finch's blade quest, she briefly pauses in the middle of a conversation as literal thought bubbles float out of her head, causing her to forget what just happened not seconds ago. Even more funny is that, you can see Rex watching the thought bubbles float away.
  • Kora's side quest is her making a bet with Mythra over who has more Girl Power. After spending all night trying to drag the other party members into the contest, Mòrag gives them a long lecture as punishment and declares that both of them lost, meaning both have to do the loser's challenge: do a silly and embarrassing dance in front of the party. The opening cutscene is gut busting in itself, as Rex gets caught between the two girl's argument as the rest of the party leaves him out to dry. Topped off by Zeke admitting that he would make it way worse.
    Nia: So NOW you're self aware.
    • A lot of the dialogue during the side quest is pretty hilarious as not only do Kora and Mythra stay in a draw, but the main female party members they drag into their contest have proven to be unhelpful by leaving halfway out of disinterest (Nia), declaring herself the winner under different standards (Poppi), refusing to cooperate due to Mythra and Kora placing her in an uncomfortable position (Pandoria), seeing the two girls as immature (Brighid), or going off on a long lecture about being focused and dedicated to the life of a warrior (Mòrag).
    • If Praxis, Sheba, and Vale (the other female Blades that have Girl Talk) are active in the party during the side quest, they too will have their own hilarious dialogue with Kora and Mythra during their Girl Power contest. Praxis storms out on them after Kora and Mythra indirectly insult her lack of Girl Power by bringing up her less than desirable habits, Sheba sets the bar too high by listing off her ridiculously high standards for her ideal man (noting it may be for the best that she prefers women, as she mostly describes the ways she would spend his money and considers a man who matched what she wanted to be a real rarity), and Vale goes off in a completely different direction by saying how she's a Nightstalker in the never-ending battle between day and night.
    • There's some humor to be found in the Soundtrack Dissonance here. Since it has to take place at Theosoir's inn at night, you have "Shadow of the Lowlands" playing through the whole, long scene. Gives a whole new meaning to the line "will this suffering ever come to an end?"
  • During "Stolen Keepsake," you are tasked with retrieving a dog collar. Upon returning it to its owner, you have the option of asking if it belonged to his wife or his dog. Choosing the former will have him question why his wife would need a dog collar.
  • The ending of the "Uncover the Truth" side quest reveals the secret of the legendary Captain Nopopon. He was a treasure hunter who realized that other races thought the Nopon looked really cute and charming, so he fluffed up his fur, spoke in third-person, and added the "meh-meh-meh" Verbal Tic to fool everyone else. It worked so well that the entire Nopon race is pulling a Fake Cutie scam on the rest of the planet.
    • Can be even funnier depending on who's in your party. Morag, for instance, reacts to the revelation that Nopon used to speak like regular humans with a very uncharacteristic, "Wha-?!"
  • The beginning cutscene of Dahlia's side quest has a little girl complementing Dahlia's looks and way of speaking while roasting poor Zeke at the same time. What's worse for Zeke is that this takes place in Tantal, which Zeke is the crown prince of.
  • Both funny and Heartwarming is the reveal of Poppi's final form after obtaining everything she needs to complete the upgrade. She concludes, via logic, that with her legs being much longer in that form, it's far more optimal for her to carry Tora around rather than let him walk himself. So she carries him out of the room despite his protests to put him down.
  • Sheba's sidequest involves her punting the nopon that scammed her skyward. If you look behind Sheba immediately after, another Nopon is waving his friend off.
  • Dagas' sidequest ends with him making an epic speech about slaying the giant monster that destroyed his old kingdom and how he pledges allegiance to his Drivers and how he expects vice-versa to occur, ending with a crazy laugh. Tora comments that he's still not really quite in touch with reality.
  • One particular sidequest in Temperantia has you searching for ancient Judicium weapons that one of the stationed soldiers wants to study. If you have Mòrag in your active party while claiming the reward, she will chastise said soldier for wasting Ardainian taxpayer money like this. The soldier actually agrees and decides to give you no reward whatsoever, including experience and skill points. Even Mòrag sounds a little disappointed.
  • Towards the end of Floren's quest, the Urayan townsfolk thanks the girl for saving the local trees. Floren then finally admits that "she" is actually a boy. Cue the shocked reactions from everyone, including the party. The fact that Mòrag can potentially be his driver makes this even funnier.
  • KOS-MOS's Blade Quest introduces Zeke's cousin Astelle who immediately calls him her "uncle." Zeke tries to convince her to call him "big brother" but the party mentions that the term has some awkward meanings behind it, forcing him to drop it in embarrassment. Later on, Astelle asks about KOS-MOS's frame, including asking her if she can take her clothes off to inspect her further, something that KOS-MOS doesn't object to but warns about indecent exposure in front of the party (and in public in general). Pyra had to eventually step in to make sure her fellow Blade didn't get humiliated!
  • One DLC quest features a Nopon playing Tiger! Tiger! at 100g per play. After two hours, Tora goes to check on him only to discover that he has spent all his money. Tora quickly works out that this means he died once every 15 seconds.
  • The "Beneath the Aurora" DLC quest allows Rex to choose what party member to watch the quest-giver pop the question to his love. All of them are fairly tame conversations about how they need to protect people like this or how happy they are for him, except Mythra's, where she immediately starts to grill Rex about when he's going to propose. Rex is too dense to understand at first, Mythra keeps at it until he starts backpedaling in fear once he catches on to what she's wanting him to do. She's not happy with his avoiding the subject.
    Mythra: So how about you Rex? When are you gonna get around to it?
    Rex: Get around to it? ...To what?
    Mythra: You know what I'm talking about!
    Rex: I...really don't...?
    Mythra: You know! Posystone rings and auroras and all that!
    Rex: Oh... that... Uhm... maybe in a little while...? Or, maybe more like, a good long while...
    Mythra: Rex, you're hopeless...
    • Choosing Poppi is worth mentioning as well. After first asking if Rex chose her because he's jealous of Tora, she is so touched that Rex just wanted her to experience something new that she declares she will start calling Rex "Vice-Masterpon" from now on. Rex talks her out of using the name but it's clear she is still thinking it.
    • Pandoria compares being married to being Driver and Blade, and how the Driver/husband has no defense against the Blade/wife and that he'll be wrapped around her finger in no time flat. Rex remarks that he's fortunate Pyra and Mythra are both nice, but Pandoria thinks being with the both of them may give Rex the "toughest lot of any Driver on Alrest."
  • In the sidequest "The Writer's Assistant", an aspiring author has you run various errands to serve as inspiration for her writing, then describe to her what happened while you were out. Depending on the choices you make, it's pretty clear that she's a Yaoi Fangirl, and the book she's writing is a Boys' Love Romance Novel. In particular, after retrieving her ring and telling her that you "forged a bond of friendship", she immediately begins to describe a scene that looks more like Rex and Zeke getting engaged. Even better, a subsequent quest allows you to hire her as a writing teacher in Fonsett Village. Also, she will only let handsome men talk to her...and Mòrag, who just goes along with it until the very end, where she casually states her gender to the writer. The writer's reaction is priceless.
  • During the Poppibuster quest after gathering some data, Soosoo appears before the party. How does Tora react to his grandfather showing up alive?
    Tora: Pull the other wing, it's got bells on it.
    • And how does Soosoo prove his identity? By telling the party where to find his Porn Stash.
  • The Poppibuster transformation sequence. The Poppibuster opens and Poppi Mk. II rolls/somersaults over to it, complete with Wacky Sound Effect noises that sound bouncy as she rolls, contrasting against the fact that her body his clearly metallic and sturdy.
  • The end of the Hot Spring Bonanza sidequest has the girls finally find the hot spring they've been looking for, allowing them to make with the Fanservice. Cue Kasandra's unique skill activating, and the player's view of the following scene is completely blocked by a pair of goat-like anloods sitting in front of the camera. The scene ends by cutting back to a fully-clothed* Sheba complaining about the anloods spoiling her view.
    Sheba: These filthy beasts are in the way of admiring our beloved companions! We will not stand for thiiiiiis!!!
  • Towards the end of Gorg's quest, a shot is shown of Mòrag, without her hat... whisking a bowl of batter. And the best part is that she look serious about it, as if it were a mission assigned to her by Niall.
  • In keeping with the rapid growth speed Nopon get when hitting puberty, especially if they become bigger than average nopon, there is a young Nopon in Argentum that you are introduced to near the start of the game via a quest that involves playing hide and seek. By chapter 8 of the game, however, Talulu has grown to be nearly as big as Tora; doubling their former size. Talulu simply thinks they've been eating too much.

  • One of the Heart-to-Hearts in the Mercenary Camp can end with Tora and Poppi trying to teach Pyra how to be "blushy-crushy" like a cute maid to get Rex to fall for her. Nia will either beg Pyra to "come back to us", or say she can't watch this anymore.
    • What really sells it is how Pyra's manner goes from "what on earth is this?" to "you have my attention!" when Tora tells her she can get Rex to fall for her this way.
  • One Heart-to-Heart involves Tora asking Mòrag to bathe with him, Zeke and Rex. Hilarity Ensues. Even better is that in one of the options, Mòrag actually accepts, not wanting to hurt Tora's feelings, but will only bathe in her clothes. The other option has Tora making a huge deal upon learning that Mòrag is a woman, going to the point of publicizing it. Zeke tries to milk the joke for all its worth before Mòrag eventually has enough and tells him to die in a fire. Even funnier when you remember that Mòrag is known as the Flamebringer and her main Blade is fire element.
    Zeke: Hey, Mòrag, how about next time you put on a skirt and heels?
    Mòrag: How about you die in a fire, Zeke.
    • Regarding the first option, Zeke says the following before the Heart-To-Heart ends. The camera angle and animation makes it look like he's talking to the player too:
      Zeke: Uh, good luck trying to explain this to the bath attendants...
  • One late game Heart-to-Heart features Azurda trying to coax Rex into confessing his love to Pyra after Rex delivers a heartfelt "you're like family to me" line. Rex backpeddles to a "I love you and everyone else" excuse and Azurda apologizes to Pyra for Rex's lack of backbone and says that she'll have to work harder to get him to confess. What clinches it is Pyra's knowing answer:
    Pyra: That's all right. I've got a surprising amount of patience.
  • One endgame heart-to-heart can turn into Zeke, Pandoria, Mòrag and Brighid doing a dead-serious I Can See My House from Here while in low orbit. Mòrag and Brighid spot what they think is Mor Ardain and wax poetic about the glory of their motherland... until Pandoria points out Mor Ardain isn't that green and it's probably Leftheria instead, leaving them both sheepishly lost for words.
  • "Mòrag the Chef" features the Special Inquisitor and her Blade struggling to cook an Argentum Monkfish, which apparently looks completely revolting and apparently is still alive, and it becomes quite apparent they don't really know what they're doing. One outcome has Mòrag killing the Monkfish, only to believe it's cursing her for doing so, so she orders a clearly displeased Brighid to finish the job. The other outcome has Mòrag incinerate it in self-defense when they find it's still alive, while Pyra calls them out on burning up all the food.
    Brighid: As befits the Flamebringer. The foe is extinguished without a trace.
    Mòrag: Phew. Our mission here is done.
    Pyra: What do you think you're doing?! There's nothing left for us to eat!
    • Can be made even funnier by the fact that Mòrag isn't limited to Brighid's weapons in this scene; instead she'll draw whatever Blade weapon she currently has on the Monkfish, which can include the Monado if you have the Challenge Pack DLC and Shulk engaged on her. Even better, this wouldn't be the first time the Monado was used for culinary purposes. Isn't that right, Reyn?
    • One option in Akhos's Heart-to-Heart in New Game Plus calls back to the Argentum Monkfish's hideousness with Akhos claiming that it's too ugly for him to cook with.
  • The other option in Akhos's Heart-to-Heart has him conclude that his Driver will play the role of the "worthless layabout glutton" for his new play, instead of Patroka. If his Driver is Zeke, then he will also add "past his prime" to that description. And Zeke only makes note of that comment.
  • In New Game Plus, one result in Cressidus' Heart to Heart involves him throwing his Driver quite some distance away.
  • The "Girl Power" Heart-to-Heart features the subject of conversation among the female Blade members of the party turning to love confessions. When Kora asks the Driver she's bonded to about it, the Driver can respond by stating that if they want a love confession, s/he'll play along and give a love confession. What makes it especially amusing is that everyone takes the confession completely seriously, and even start wondering which one of them the Driver is going to confess to, only for the Driver to claim that s/he was just kidding.
    Brighid: Naturally, I was...also kidding.
    Poppi: Brighid's heart rate was increased there.
  • While Roc's Heart-to-Heart with Rex is heartwarming, there is a slightly funny moment where Roc wonders if his previous Driver must have been very popular with the ladies and Rex awkwardly tries to answer.
    Roc: Is that right... He was the kind of solid, powerful and dashing sort that is irresistible to the opposite sex, I'll wager.
    Rex: Erm, I'm not sure if he was that much of a hit with the ladies. But he was a great guy, that's for sure.
  • Kasandra's Heart-to-Heart takes place at the Cliffs of Morytha, specfically at Gotrock Oracle Ruins. This also happens to be the same place where Artifice Ophion shows up as a boss after reaching Chapter 10. Meaning it is entirely possible to do Kasandra's Heart-to-Heart while Ophion is flying around the area occasionally clipping into Kasandra and her Driver, leading to some hilarity. Some fans have even joked about this being intended and appropriate, however, given Kasandra is an established bad luck magnet.

    Character Animations 
  • Any time the Nopon-programmed Poppi tries to imitate Nopon behavior, which is nearly all the time in cutscenes. She imitates how Nopons flap their wings around like giant hands by waving her arms up and down awkwardly, all while completely straight-faced.
    • The Nopon apparently had trouble giving her a natural walk cycle, too—she marches around swinging her arms with an adorably exaggerated stride.
    • Even better with her QT pi form, dancing like a Vocaloid after idling awhile.
  • Also any time Nia uses a special. Her Blade is in the foreground being badass, while she's in the background cheering them on by dancing all cat-like.
  • Newt's summoning scene has her trying to do a sit-up. Having to lift her gigantic, beefy floating arms makes it visibly difficult.
  • Every now and then Zeke and Pandoria's idle animations synchronise, seeing them both do the same goofy stretches—very much in line with their earliest cutscenes.
  • Zeke's stationary swimming animation is him nonchalantly holding his torso above water, complete with a Badass Arm-Fold...while desperately kicking his legs to stay afloat. Zenobia does the same.
    • Similarly Newt's stationary swim pose has her stand on the palms of her hands.
    • Boreas, on the other hand... doesn't even really swim. He simply floats in the water like a beach ball... with his head underwater.
  • Many of the unique blades have quite amusing idle animations:
    • Pyra creates a small flame in her hand (and potentially tosses it to her other hand), which usually isn't that funny... unless she does it during an early story event in Gormott, where the party puts a cloak over her to hide her from the Ardanians, and it happens in the background while you're talking to an NPC who mentions the army being on the lookout for a Fire Blade.
    • Mythra will squat down cutely and look around, apparently bored.
    • Brighid will paint a heart in the air with her flames.
    • Dromarch will randomly pounce on things (presumably small insects) like he's an overgrown housecat. Nia will do that too (in her case trying to snatch things with her hands).
    • Herald's method of "sitting" is rather involved, as her mech-like armor transforms to accommodate it.
    • Dagas summons a throne, and then proceeds to...sprawl out on it sideways.
    • Newt moves her arms back and uses them as a chair.
    • Wulfric will show off the contrasting sides of his personality, either aggressively striking the ground or sitting back and happily waggling his feet.
    • Zenobia appears to "spit" a jet of wind to her side out of idle boredom.
    • Vale will do a dramatic pose very similar to the one Zeke does in his official character art.
  • For the brief period of time that Malos is in your party, he has an idle animation where he dances with his weapon out.
  • Zeke's has the worst start-up when it comes to using arts with a Mega-Lance, not because he's truly bad at it, but because he spends the whole start-up animation twirling the lance overhead like he's showing off what the "Zekenator" is capable of.
  • Several of the Blades' animations when sharing Affinity can come off as this. Examples include Akhos extending one hand while using his other to push his glasses up by the bridge, Patroka lazily putting up one hand while placing the other on her hip, and Cressidus outright flexing.

    Character Dialogue 
  • You may occasionally hear this gem when it turns night.
    Rex: When did it get so late?
    Pyra: Oh! And I've started glowing. (Beat) ...I'm a bit self-conscious.
    • Mythra’s line is just as good if she happened to be equipped.
      Mythra: Don't worry, I'll protect you from the scary dark.
    • Other Blades can have similar comments, including the common Blades.
      Male Common Blade: Watch your step. It's hella dark.
  • One of Mythra's lines when discovering a landmark is a deadpan "Oh. This is where we were going." This is hilarious if you've either been very distracted by exploring and sidequests, or if the landmark is a story destination that she told you to go to.
  • Among Zeke's combat lines is...
    • Becomes even funnier now that Shulk, the progenitor of the meme, can be recruited as a Blade via DLC and retains the infamous line as one of his battle quotes. And since Shulk can be bonded to anyone, it can lead to situations like this.
    • Performing a Level 4 Chroma Katana special with Zeke as the Driver will give this gem:
      Zeke: Prepare to have a taste of samurai-ninja-bushido! For Great Justice!!
    • Performing a Level 4 Special with an axe Blade:
      Zeke: Welcome to Axe Town, population: your face!
  • Field Skill checks requiring the use of Light Mastery are fairly rare, but Mythra has an entertaining comment upon using it:
    Mythra: The power of light can do more than just beat enemies senseless.
  • Generic Blades with Bitballs tend to talk about helping their Drivers like they're on a sports team.
  • Some of the banter after winning a battle with a certain combination of drivers and blades can be downright hilarious. Such examples are Roc and Tora, Zeke and Praxis, or Azurda and Blade Nia.
    Tora: Tora fought hard and now tummy is rumbly. Fried chicken, anyone?
    Roc: You insensitive little...Say that again, and you'll be on the menu.
    Zeke: Praxis, take off that ridiculous eye-patch! You're infringing my copyright!
    Praxis: I've got a condition, you poser! Take yours off if it bothers you.
  • Controlling Zeke, and either falling off or jumping off cliff edges to his doom:
  • Finch is hilarious in her derpiness, ranging from Achievement In Ignorance being an actual mechanic for her to forgetting her own favorite foods. Particularly if you interpret drivers assigning their own blades in combat, in which Finch will remark, "A fine choice, good sir" if selected, even if she is assigned to a female Driver.
  • Sometimes, Mòrag's voice clips might overlap with Brighid's - causing her "This is the culmination of years of training!" and Brighid's "Over MY DEAD BODY!" to turn into "This is the culmination of MY DEAD BODY!"
  • If you have Zeke and Mòrag in the party, you might get their voice clips to play at just the right time:
    Mòrag: This is the culmination of years of training!
    Zeke: I'm really feeling it.
  • During the short period in Chapter 8 where Jin joins up with Rex in the party, it's possible to take manual control of Jin, unlike the first time in Chapter 1. Falling off a cliff as Jin results in this line.
  • As a regular party member in The Golden Country, Jin gets a new, just as funny falling line.
    Jin: DAMMIT!
  • Zeke gives Tora advice on how to do his moves:
    Zeke: It's not about strength or practice, but the single-minded desire to look awesome!
  • Kasandra is portrayed as an incredibly sweet young lady, with even a Nopon who was crushed by a tree twice thanks to her bad luck saying she's too cute to stay mad at. So what does this adorable girl say when firing off a third stage Blade Combo? "Karma's a BITCH!"
  • Some of the favorite pouch item lines of certain blades are sweet to hear, but are also killers:
    • Wulfric says this upon being given his favorite food item,note  serving as another example of his Gentle Giant motif.
      Wulfric: Can it now? ...I cannot resist.
  • Some Blades aren't very keen on being sent on Merc missions:
    Brighid: This feels like a demotion...
    Poppi MK.II: Poppi has to file complaint!
    Poppibuster: The complaint protocol is currently undergoing maintenance.
    Azami: You're sending me off? For THIS? You...
    Sever: Really?
    Percival: I withdraw reluctantly...
  • Out of all the playable Drivers, Mòrag appears to be the one who gets the most annoyed by Finch constantly forgetting her name.
    Mòrag: Mòrag. My name is Mòrag. How many times do we have to go over this?
  • Unique to the Japanese audio track, Godfrey and Aegaeon strike up a friendship post-battle. What makes it funny, as well as unique to the Japanese track only, is that it's an ironic seiyuu joke, these two being voiced by the two halves of anime's biggest archrivalry, Amuro Ray and Char Aznable, respectively.
    Godfrey: My strength and Aegaeon's technique, there's no enemy we can't face! I'll keep counting on you partner!
    Aegaeon: Partner... It's not a bad sound, this is my partner!

    Other Events 
  • In Goldmouth, there's a locked door that is pretty difficult to unlock. What's behind this door? A Rare Blade? Some nice equipment? No, it's a Nopon running in a giant hamster wheel. To add to the absurdity? This is the Power Room. That's right: Goldmouth is powered by a Nopon running on a hamster wheel (it makes a bit more sense in context, as its explained that the Argentum Titan is very lazy and needs the stimulation of the devices the hamster wheel powers to be motivated enough to move).
    • Later on in the story, Bana and even later his father are the ones running the wheel.
    • A sidequest late into the game requires that the party interrogate Bana to learn the secrets to opening a treasure chest in his bedroom. Among the options for interrogating him:
      • You can threaten him. The threat? Leaving him to be manhandled by a group of children. He agrees to talk if you say you’ll spare him from this if he keeps running on the wheel.
      • Alternatively, you can flatter him first by claiming Bana looks good on the wheel, causing him to enjoy running on it, then threaten to destroy the wheel, causing Bana to fold because he doesn't want to stop running.
  • Finding out that, in her efforts to remove household waste, Lila often throws Tatazo out with the trash, too. She must have quite a sense of servile humor.
  • Most unique Blades (and party members) have two favorite Pouch item categories, and two specific favorite items- one food, and one non-food. However, common Blades, particularly the lower-ranked ones, have less favorite items, with the lowest ranked having only one randomly selected favorite Pouch item category. This can result in some rather entertaining comments if the common Blade's favorite category is a non-food item:
    Male Common Blade: (upon being given an item from the Art category): Tastes pretty sweet!
  • As you run into Unique Monsters, you'll notice that, rather humorously, many of them have been given completely normal names, such as Vile Howard, Crimson Derrick, and Reeking Douglas.
    • Don't forget Soul-Eater Stanley!
  • Starting the second phase of the final boss fight with Mythra equipped can lead to this unintentional gem:
    Malos: I'll show you the end of the world! With Aion! This is the thunder of justice.
    Mythra: Maybe we'll get out of this alive after all.
    Malos: SIREN BUSTER!!!
    [giant laser deals massive damage to entire party]
  • Roc, despite being refered to as a male, does not count as a male for the purpose of merc missions. What does the game consider his gender as? The number 4, seriously.
  • Nim hates Ardainians... which becomes hilarious considering that Mòrag joins the party, but it becomes even more hilarious if Nim is bonded to Mòrag herself.