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    Drifting Soul lyrics 
Amongst the mist I see a stretching path.
Reaches out so far.
Beyond what I can see.
How far would I be walking till I reach the end?
The end of the path is to be seen.
I would keep thinking.
Questioning to myself.
Why do I have to walk this path?
Oh why.
I can't seem to find the real meaning to this.
Path that I take fate to accept and my goal seems so far away.
So tell me why I'm here and what's the reason I am here today?
If I recall it was you.
You wished that I would stay.
No matter how much wind will blow against me.
I will keep on (I will?).
I will keep moving on.
To find the answer too.
I'm lost in search for you.
I’m tired from the constant carry on.
Shouting that I can’t.
See a way ahead.
Your words would fill the myths so gently in the air.
And amass as time just passes by.
When I look back.
There is no trace of my path.
Cannot find my way to the past.
And it’s just too late.
Time has elapsed there slowly.
Now the goals are here on out.
Might I see ahead?.
So tell me why I’m here and what’s the reason I am here today?.
If I recall it was you.
You wished that I would stay.
No matter how much wind will blow against me.
I will keep on, oh
I will keep moving on
To find the answer to
I’m lost in search for you.
When you stop and look ahead.
And face up to the blue above.
The Jacobs ladder will.
Come down and check me up.
If I could climb up to the top.
Would you be waiting at the top?
Will it mean? (will this mean?)
I search no more.
Ill try and reach for the ladder that's there.
Far in the distance I hear the voices.
Was this what I expected.
I don't even know at all.
Is this the real me I've longed for?
I wish that was the case.
I know I'll let go of the ladder that's there.
I'll start walking from this point on.
I'm not here at all.
I don't exist here at all.
I gotta search for me.
I wish that I would find myself soon.
I need to find myself.
—Lyrics of Drifting Soul

    Torna - The Golden Country 
"In the course of a lifetime, a man will see uncountable meetings and partings. Yet, as your life’s candle sputters and dies, whose face is it that smiles to greet you? Happy is the man that can sleep in the comfort of the smile he sees then. No, I don’t wish for 'forever.' Even just for one moment, it’s enough if it’s with her. And yet, what is the man to do who has not been afforded that chance? The road stretches on without end. I cannot but walk down it. As long as I can keep walking, I can hold out hope that one day, the time may come when I see her smile again."
— Jin's Monologue at the end of the DLC.