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Nightmare Fuel / Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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This is what happens if you fuse a Blade with a human, kids.
Despite being Lighter and Softer than previous Xeno series games, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still at it when it comes to including content that makes the ESRB's T rating dubious at best.
All spoilers are unmarked, proceed with caution.

Main Game

  • Like in the previous Xenoblade games, it is possible for Unique Monsters much higher-leveled than you to attack you by surprise.
  • When you are out salvaging, you may sometimes end up fishing some monsters along with some treasure. Most of the time, these are small or medium-sized monsters like Crabbles or Crustips, but other times, you'll be fishing up beasts large enough to swallow a man whole such as Lexos, Aspids, Serpronds and Marrins. Salvaging is a very dangerous occupation in Alrest, to say the least, so it's no wonder Rex was armed even before becoming a Driver.
  • When the party enters Torigoth for the first time, they witness Ardanian soldiers making a recruitment drive for potential Drivers, which serves to demonstrate how Blades awaken. However, it also shows that not just anyone can resonate with a Core Crystal, and those who don't qualify get long-lasting nosebleeds at best or die from ruptured insides at worst. And the qualifications for becoming a Driver aren't clear even in-universe, making it a potential life-or-death gamble. With this scene, you'd be forgiven for thinking Mor Ardain is an Evil Empire at first if not for the fact they aren't really drafting people to become Drivers.
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  • The rule of thumb for each area is this: If a unique weather effect is in play, the strongest enemies will emerge. Most of them are high-level versions of other enemies in the same species but there are several unique and disturbing ones. This is especially true for when Tantal is foggy and the lower area is filled with Squoods, giant, squid-like things that have dragon-like heads and any one of them is bigger than the full party combined. They alone make Tantal the scariest area in the game to traverse during its unique weather. In some of the bleaker parts of Alrest (namely Temperantia and the Cliffs of Morytha), it's possible to accidentally fish up one of these monstrosities while salvaging.
  • Learning about Nia's backstory when going for the third Aegis sword. While Nia tells the group that her father was very kind and that she loved him, the actual flashbacks shown have him come across as very creepy and possibly mentally unstable with him telling Nia to call him "father" and that her "sister" lives on through her. Not hard to see why when one considers that Nia is the Replacement Goldfish for his real daughter, but it makes you wonder what kind of state he was in at the end of his life.
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  • How Nia attempted to kill Malos at the Cliffs of Morytha. By giving him a hyper-fast acting cancer that causes his muscles to repeatedly explode with clouds of black fluid. It is awesome, but undeniably brutal and horrifying. Goes to show that even the good guys do not shy away from invoking this trope.
  • Pyra's brutal Mind Rape by Malos, which ends up temporarily turning her into an empty shell by the time Rex comes to save her. What's worse is that Malos didn't even need to erase Pyra's memories to restore his Aegis powers. On top of all that, Pyra's screams of agony can be hard to sit through for some players.
  • The Land of Morytha, a post-apocalyptic modern city full of nightmarish, humanoid monsters known as Guldos, and they are the only organic monsters present in the land aside from Parisax in the Titan carcasses. It is later revealed that these feral abominations used to be the original humans of Earth, who tried to make themselves immortal through overuse of Core Crystals (which were intended to replace dying brain cells). They succeeded and survived the creation of Alrest, but they've mutated so drastically, the only thing human about them is their shape, and some such as the Infernal Guldo, don't even look close to human anymore. These creatures and the ruins of Morytha are all a result of human folly.
  • Continuing the horrors of Morytha, Rex comes across the corpse of the Torna Titan. Inside of it, he learns of the life-cycle of Blades and Titans, with broken eggs and the bodies of stillborn Titans as a visual aid.
  • Amalthus's One-Winged Angel form, created from absorbing multiple Blade crystals. After Klaus tells the party how the Guldos in Morytha came to be, it's apparent that Amalthus essentially became a Guldo, but has retained his sapience and some semblance of his original self.
  • The final fight in Vale's sidequest becomes dark very fast. Throughout the quest, Vale's been witnessing rather clumsy Nopon satanic rituals, all of which so far have been played for laughs. The third and final ritual, however, gets serious, with troubling non-Nopon like behavior with a deep-voiced Nopon threatening the party with a genuine summoned monster. Doesn't help that said ritual takes place in Spirit Crucible Elpyss.
  • Klaus’s test for Rex at the beginning of Chapter 10. Continuing on from the empty desert that is Elysium now, the Architect wants to test our heroes. Rex gets to fight all the party members. All the while, they voice Rex’s doubts, from Nia’s feelings to leading his friends on a wild goose chase. You can hear Rex’s voice get more and more confused and scared as it goes on. Sure, it ends with a touching scene with Pyra and Mythra, but even at the end of that, Rex breaks down. It’s too much for Pyra. And the rest of the party experienced similar visions.
    • The very sight of fighting your party members can be very unsettling. Even the music is distorted sounding and unnerving, it almost sounds like something out of MOTHER 3's final boss theme.
  • One side mission in Torigoth involves finding what happened to a team of soldiers. Naturally, you end up finding their corpses. You track down what attacked them, and find their corpses. So you start tracking again, and...Oh boy that's a BIG footprint.

Torna: The Golden Country

  • Mythra in her Unstoppable Rage is absolutely terrifying, not only can Addam not control her because of their less-than-ideal bond but Addam is still getting electrocuted after touching the third sword even when it's no longer in his hand. It's very similar to Dunban's pain of not being able to use the Monado. Then there's Mythra's screams, which shows she is in absolute agony. The only thing she wants until she snaps out of her Roaring Rampage of Revenge is to make Malos suffer.
  • Torna: The Golden Country ends with a fight against Gort, who has been turned into one of the first Blade Eaters, a raving titan-like abomination that's practically a more deliberate but intelligent version of a Guldo, courtesy of Indol. And under his insanity, he's absolutely ecstatic about killing Jin in a gruesome manner before Lora (and his human face embedded in the beast's mouth sports a horrifying Slasher Smile). It gets worse when it's shown Indol made several of them to attack the remnants of Torna.
    Gort: I'll use your blood as a balm for my wounds. How about it? Sound fair? Yeah?! *Pops a Wolverine Claw out of his prosthetic arm* I'll start with you, you Tornan Blade! I'm paying you back for cutting my arms off, you dog! I'll have me arms back... And I think I deserve... some interest, too... I'll take your ears and nose as well!

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