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Awesome Music / Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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It's Xenoblade; of course it's going to have awesome music. Therefore, we will only be going through certain choices as pretty much the whole soundtrack counts as this.

  • The main battle theme, entitled "Battle!!", will make even the most menial of battles amazing. For extra bonus points, it even has a little snippet from "You Will Know Our Names" from the original.
  • The main theme, "Where We Used To Be", may not be as emotional as that of the first game, but it's still a beautiful piece that fits the game well.
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  • "Counterattack", which plays during pivotal moments in the story, is essentially "Engage the Enemy" from the first game but with a lot more guitar.
  • "Incoming!", the main boss theme, perfectly highlights the tension of the situation at hand.
  • "Those Who Stand Against Our Path" immediately opens with an alarming guitar riff, as if to tell you to start running the heck away from whatever unique monster that decided to target you. However, if you decide to stand your ground, the song eventually transitions to a more heroic-sounding section as if to support your choice to keep on fighting. There's a remixed version in the official soundtrack.
  • "Driver Vs." plays whenever you fight a hostile driver, and it has an upbeat pace with a healthy use of violin and guitar riffs. Really helps set the stage for a fight that might usually be tougher than others. This also plays when you fight Relentless Arduran (the fully grown baby ardun from a sidequest in Gormott) in place of the usual unique monster theme. Considering what it drops, this could also double as great music for core crystal farming.
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  • "Death Match With Torna", the boss theme for the members of the eponymous organization. From the foreboding Japanese flute at the start to the menacing combination of techno and guitars that follow suit, this theme will be sure to keep you on your toes.
  • "Bringer of Chaos! Ultimate", the battle theme for the fights against Zeke, perfectly captures the character's hilariously hammy antics and over-the-top personality while still dropping hints that this foe shouldn't be taken lightly.
  • The amazingly awesome battle theme that is "You Will Recall Our Names." Like "You Will Know Our Names" before it, when this song starts playing, you'd best believe that asses will be kicked.
  • "Monster Surprised You". Think "Battle Without Honor of Humanity" in the style of Xenoblade!
  • ANÚNA contributed to the game's soundtrack: Indol's day and night themes are sung by them. The harmonies and appeasing choirs can only be described as "divine", fitting perfectly the place in which they resonate. They also sung Shadow of the Lowlands, Theosoir's day and night city theme, perfectly reflecting the cold and dying kingdom of Tantal.
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  • "Drifting Soul", the song that plays when Vandham dies, Nia reveals herself as a Flesh Eater Blade, and Rex assaults Malos in the final battle. It starts off as a relatively sad song but then gets more enthusiastic, showing off how Rex feels as being a driver from the start compared to the end. It also plays in Torna the Golden Country when Malos attacks Auresco, which is where Milton was; this puts Mythra into an Roaring Rampage of Revenge, nearly killing Malos.
  • "The Power of Jin" is Jin's boss theme and a suiting mix of terror and melancholy, which serves to highlight how Jin is both a dangerous foe and a tragic figure.
  • "The Tomorrow With You" is an incredibly emotional track that plays only twice: when Rex gives his "No More Holding Back" Speech to Pyra and Mythra while fighting Jin and Malos at the Cliffs of Morytha, and when Pneuma makes her Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the game.
  • The theme for the battle against Amalthus, "The Acting God", perfectly illustrates his madness and delusions of grandeur with a majestic choir backed by an orchestra playing their hearts out. The theme is itself a remix of "Past from Far Distance", a beautifully holy-sounding choral piece that brings to mind a classical composition.
  • After Despair And Hope, the theme for this game's Final Boss, Artifice Aion, is a beautiful and grandiose theme, and a great successor to the first game's "Zanza the Divine" and "The God-Slaying Sword". The song uses a reprise of "Counterattack" very effectively to highlight the urgency of the fight. Outside of that, the song uses Ominous Latin Chanting and synth guitars to highlight how urgent the fight is.
  • There's One Last You, with lyrics written/supervised by Tetsuya Takahashi himself. It perfectly reflects the game’s case of Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • The Old Factory, a piece of music inspired by Central Factory and Mechonis Field from the first game. The melody is reflected in where this plays (The Abandoned Factory and the Cliffs of Morytha).
  • Gormott's daytime theme heavily invokes Gaur Plain from the original as an adventurous theme for the first big field area. The nighttime theme and lower level theme are beautiful and relaxing.
  • Mor Ardain's daytime theme manages to string a bombastic brass fanfare together with a jazzy piano melody to create an extremely catchy theme that suits the militarized kingdom perfectly.
  • Uraya's daytime theme, driven mostly by flute, creates a feeling of wonder to go with its lush atmosphere. The nighttime theme trades in the flute melody for strings to create a more soothing, yet still wondrous atmosphere.
  • "Friendship", which plays in a handful of Heartwarming Moments, such as Rex and Pyra's talk by a campfire, Tora reuniting with his father, and so forth.
  • "Walking With You", a tear-jerking theme which plays during several deaths including Mikhail's sacrifice and Amalthus's Villainous Breakdown as he perishes by Jin's hand, who ends up having a Redemption Equals Death moment himself.
  • The Decision, the theme at the start of Chapter 10, has a fitfully grandiose theme to accompany the moment you find out When It All Began, and how, with it feeling as one of the most important songs and scenes in the series.
  • "Song of Giga Rosa", used during the fights against, well, Rosa. It captures the feelings of fighting a hilarious giant chibi mech perfectly, and also brings to mind the old mecha animes of the 80s-90s. Try not to imagine Bana yelling "WE WIPE FLOOR WITH YOU!" while you listen to it.
  • "Tiger! Tiger!" is an incredible chiptune piece that brings to mind old arcade cabinets, and chances are you'll have it stuck in your head due to how often you'll be playing the minigame. It of all things even got a remix for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.