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Due to the nature of this game's story and characters, all spoilers will be unmarked in order to adhere to wiki policy.

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"Long ago, the world was nothing more than an endless sea cloaked in a boundless sky, reaching as far as could possibly be imagined. ... Then two great titans came into existance: the Bionis and the Mechonis. ... The titans were locked in a timeless battle. ... Until at last...only their lifeless corpses remained."

Shulk (voice-over)

"Vile Mechon! If you think the Homs... the people of Bionis... are just waiting here for you to pick us off... You are sorely mistaken!"

    Colony 9 Area 

Colony 9

Dunban: Shulk. How are you holding up?
Shulk: I'm fine. But... you...
Dunban: I will shed no tears.
Shulk: Huh?
Dunban: A year ago, I felt the same sense of deep loss that I do now.
Shulk: The Battle of Sword Valley.
Dunban: After that battle, many of my friends did not make it home. While I was being brought here on that stretcher, they were all I thought about. [...] But I decided I would not cry. Everyone who died in that war had something they wanted to protect. Family, friends, loved ones, their home... So they fought to protect them. And we won. [...] No matter how painful, no matter how hard, it's nothing to be sad about... I decided that there and then.
Shulk: Dunban!
Dunban: Shulk, Fiora would tell you the same thing. She wanted to protect us. Or rather, she wanted to protect you. And you're alive now. So I will not cry.
Shulk: OK.
Dunban: Remember the gift of life that Fiora gave you, and treasure it.
Shulk: I... I can't say that I understand. But... I hope to, some day.
Dunban: That is all I ask. Believe me, I am always just trying to understand.
The aftermath of the Colony 9 attack

"In my head, there are two versions of me. One of them is saying that. It's telling me, "Listen to what Dunban said". The other one, it keeps shouting, "Make them pay! Destroy every single one of them!". And it won't stop getting louder."

Shulk (slightly paraphrased)


"Your blade... It did not cut deep enough."


    Spoiler Locations 

Mechonis Core
"May the roar of the Mechonis be the wrath of my people!"

"How many? How many do you think died in that attack? Hundreds? Maybe thousands?"


"Face me, Shulk! Successor of Zanza! I'll crush the Bionis, and spread its ashes across the world! Then I'll turn the Monado into dust. Only then will there be peace!"


Egil: Why didn't you do it? Killing me would have saved your world.
Shulk: I've forgotten all about that. [...] I realised that we both share the same pain. Egil, I don't have any... reason to kill you.
Egil: Even if you do not, I still do!
Shulk: I know. But I won't do it.
Egil: If you do not kill me now, my blade will annihilate every last one of your people. Even then?!
Shulk: I can't kill you, but I can stop your blade. And I'll do it. Over and over again, until... we understand each other.
—>— The aftermath of the last battle with Egil

Colony 6 (Revisited)
"It truly seems as though everything is going as Zanza planned. But our hearts, and minds... They still hold the will to seize our own destiny! No matter how hard you try to break us, the future is ours to shape, Dickson! Always!"


Bionis' Interior and Prison Island (Revisited)

    Final Boss and Ending 

Zanza: You did a great deed in granting me a new Monado. I will gladly take you as my new disciple, Shulk.
Shulk: Never! I don't want to be your vessel... or your disciple! I just want to live my life as a Homs, In a world! Without! You!

"Today... We use our power to fell a god... and then... Seize our destiny!"
Shulk, before killing Zanza

Galea: No! The results have not been confirmed! It's too dangerous!
Klaus: Ridiculous! It's perfectly safe! We are about to bear witness to the birth of a universe! Once, only a god could perform such a miracle... But today, mankind moves one step closer to the divine!

Shulk: I don't know. All I wanted to do was stop Zanza having his way. That's all. I cannot be a god!
Reyn: Too right! You're great 'n' all, but there's no way you're a god.
Shulk: Everyone!
Fiora: Look, don't worry, Shulk. None of us want to be gods anyway. And I don't really know what the future holds. But we just want to live our life as it comes.
Reyn: Eating grub, sleeping, laughing, crying. Sometimes arguing. Sounds all right!
Sharla: Yes. He's right. And being with the ones we love. That's enough.
Melia: Even so, we change little by little. Every day is a little different from the last. We do not know what the future will hold.
Riki: More fun not knowing! Riki want to have fun!
Fiora: Life's little surprises are what makes it great. We don't know what's going to happen. It's worrying sometimes, but it's also exciting. Don't you think?
Dunban: Yeah. Isn't that called progress? Aren't we all continuously evolving? I'm not sure we need a more dramatic change than that.
Shulk: Yeah. You're right. Little by little. Each day as it comes. That's how we should live. That's our world.

"Shulk. This new world is boundless. It is home to not only you, but many forms of life. I can see it. In this world, all life will walk towards the future, hand in hand."

Shulk: One day, I hope I can meet them all. The people of this endless world.
Fiora: Me too. We will, I know it.
Shulk:Mhm. We’ll meet them. And whatever happens... we’ll face our future together.
—>— The last words of the game

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