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  • Reyn's English battle quotes surely clicked with the internet.
    • "Now it's Reyn Time!", which led to Reyn Time being treated as an actual concept or an actual time of day. It even became an Ascended Meme as of Shulk's inclusion in Super Smash Bros..
      Shulk: Now it's Shulk time!
    • "Man! What a bunch of jokers!" With the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, this has become an Ascended Meme too. It ascended even further with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as now Shulk can quite literally battle a bunch of Jokers.
      Pit: Makes us look like a buncha jokers.
    • Reyn's "Alley-oop!" cry when he jumps is also memetically popular.
    • Reyn would be the most powerful being in Alrest / "Reyn has made himself the Aegis' Driver!"Explanation 
  • You know Reyn had to do it to 'em Explanation 
  • "The true final boss is Reggie of Nintendo of America". Explanation 
    • To a lesser extent, "The true final boss is Gamestop." Explanation 
    • "The true final boss is eBay or Amazon." Explanation 
  • Territorial Rotbart will murder you just for existing.Explanation 
  • Want to know if someone else is a Xenoblade fan? Start with the first line of Dunban's "Blossom Dance" poem, and sure enough they'll be rushing to finish it for you.
  • Shulk's "I'm really feeling it!" has become this as of Super Smash Bros., where he's saying it in his introduction trailer and as one of his taunts.
    • "I'm really feeling it!" became so popular that it became battle quotes of specific characters in both sequels, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Even better in that Shulk himself appears in the latter, and if equipped to Zeke they can say it one after the other. (Zeke even has a Southern Englander accent like most of the cast in the first Xenoblade Chronicles.)
    • Monado Jump Explanation 
  • Glorious Future Sharla. Explanation 
  • "Do you know if Egil is part onion?"
    • Someone attempted to follow that one up with "Do you know if Shulk is biologically related to paper?", but it didn't catch on quite as well.
  • "Like a hot knife through butter! Ha ha ha ha!" Explanation 
  • Using the names Zanza, Bionis, and Meyneth in the manner of Oh, My Gods! tends to be frequent as well.
  • "BESTEST", the description given to Riki by a nopon child shortly after returning from the battle with the Telethia, has also recently been approaching memetic levels as well, particularly among the YTP community. Other oft-quoted lines from Xenoblade YTPs include:
    • "What's that you say?" / "Put a sock in it!"
    • "CHAMPIONS DON'T WHINE, THEY dine WITH wine!" (cut to Vangarre at a dinner table with a plate of spaghetti and a glass of wine)
  • "POOR MELIA" caught on after Chuggaaconroy exclaimed it several times in his Let's Play, to the point that director Tetsuya Takahashi referenced it in an interview for Definitive Edition!
  • You Will Know Our Names goes with everything. Explanation 
  • "Justice for Melia!" and "Melia's out for revenge!" caught on once the "Future Connected" epilogue for the Definitive Edition was announced and Melia was all over the material for it, including the key art (which appears to show her with a Monado staff). The joke became that this was revenge for her getting the somewhat short stick of the story in the original game. Even the developers have mentioned in an interview that that's why she was included.
  • "Melia's got weird eyes?!" Explanation 
  • "Is Jenna Coleman back as Melia?!?!" Explanation 
  • "Boy, puberty hit Melia like a truck." Explanation 
  • Duncan and Rain Explanation 
  • Egg McMuffin inside of ham. Explanation 
  • Running away is a valid tactic. Explanation 
  • I think a fly bit me!Explanation 
  • You'll Pay For Your Insolence! Explanation 
  • "Summon... COFFEE!" Explanation 
  • Shulk's Junk Sword. Explanation and Spoilers 
  • "That's Dunban over there!" Explanation and Spoilers 
  • "I want you to kill George."Explanation 
  • Enemies too strong? Explanation 
  • Fiora's Infinite Sandwich. Explanation 
  • "I've been waiting... waiting for THIS DAY!" Explanation 
  • Memes for the first Xenoblade Chronicles often cross over with ones for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, meaning that one is bound to encounter a spare "DON'T FORGET ME!" "THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?" in memes based on the first game, or even videos of XC2 characters spouting meme lines from the original.
  • "Now! Starlight Kick! ...Ouch!"Explanation 
  • Klaus' Heartless and Nobody.Explanation 
  • Xenoblade is BIONICLE.Explanation 
  • Dunban's love of Wet Rats.Explanation 
  • Reyn, you're a lifesaver!Explanation 
  • Shulk's screamExplanation 
  • Reyn, hit that yoinky sploinky! Please!Explanation 

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