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If you are a teacher in Animeland, and you wouldn't fit on this picture, you probably don't exist.note 
"Why do female teachers in anime always seem to think they're one of their students?"
Sawyer Wallace

A common Japanese media character type, the female high school teacher who is fairly young, attractive, even cute, and on friendly terms with her students.

On the other hand, she is still unmarried, and very conscious about it, as well as about the lack of respect she gets. She is usually extremely childish, such that even her own students appear more mature than her.

If the story's emphasis is on the female students, she will act like one of the girls, a teenager in spirit. If the protagonist is male, she's more likely to be a bit into a Teacher/Student Romance, as a comical side-character in a Harem Series. A common character flaw Played for Laughs is drinking enthusiastically.

Their frequent complaints about being unable to settle down in a proper relationship are probably based on traditional Japanese culture's conflicting expectations that a married woman shouldn't work and a woman over 25 should be married. For the intended audiences of many anime, schoolteachers provided the first childhood exposure to women with this dilemma, enforcing the stereotype that teachers are the sort of women who can never get married.


The trope's name is a combination of two honorifics, "-sensei" is used for teachers, like "Miss", and "-chan" is an informal affectionate diminutive. While the combined usage is grammatically correct, and it reflects the characters in spirit, it's unlikely that anyone would use it for a Real Life teacher either in this form, or as "-chan-sensei", since it would be about as conflicting and disrespectful as "Miss-baby", or "Teacher chick" in English.

On the other end, they tend to be on a First-Name Basis by their students, which is incredibly rare in real life. "-sensei", like its western equivalents, is normally associated to the last name, but these characters may as well not have one.

This trope can also overlap with Misplaced Kindergarten Teacher, Hippie Teacher or Cool Teacher. May preside over a Wacky Homeroom.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa and Yukari Tanizaki from Azumanga Daioh are probably the Trope Codifiers.
  • Tomita "Tonchan/Tom-Tom" Mari, from Air Gear, is so young that one of her colleagues, who's in his mid-40s at the most, was her teacher when she previously attended the school. And she's incredibly childish and naive. By the way, she's definitely of the Teacher/Student Romance kind.
  • Sawako "Sawa-chan" Yamanaka from K-On!, who is actually addressed on occasion as "Sawa-chan-sensei" (the original title was cooked up by Ritsu and the “Sawa-chan-sensei” name from Yui). To most of the students, she's a kind, mature and responsible teacher, but when she's alone with the main characters she shows a completely different side as an immature Cosplay Otaku Girl who often laments her lack of a love life. In this case there’s a bit of justification: Ritsu and the rest of the club are holding Sawako’s past as a hard rocking light music club member over her head, which would spoil the serene image she’s trying to portray to the other students. So in exchange for their silence on her past, they get to enjoy a more casual relationship with her.
  • Kuroi-sensei from Lucky Star. Like some of her students, she spends a lot of her free time on MMORPGs. Unlike them, she's at least mature enough to not sacrifice sleep for gaming time. This is lampshaded in the manga.
  • Koigakubo Yuri-sensei from Toradora!. Frequently referred to by her students as "Yuri-chan", she often laments about her lack of success in love and her age. Her students even go so far as to write a play in which her Red String of Fate was to be cut, causing her to go berserk.
  • Played with by Hinako Ninomiya from Ranma ½. She's got a weird condition (caused by Happōsai doing something odd to her when she was a sickly child to help alleviate her illness) where she oscillates between a sweet-cute child form and a voluptuous adult form depending on how much battle aura/ki she's drained from her students recently. The interesting part is that she undergoes a personality change with the size change — she's mentally a child when in child form, and far more sophisticated as an adult. If she stays in her adult form for too long, though, she starts acting like her child form.
  • Yukari in Haruka Nogizaka's Secret. Acts very immature, constantly hits on the male students — particularly the main character, who's the younger brother of her best friend and drinking-buddy — and they all completely ignore her.
  • Mika-sensei from Doki Doki School Hours (whose original manga version predated Azumanga Daioh by a few years) is probably one of the more extreme examples: Despite being 27, she looks and (for all intents and purposes) acts like a twelve-year-old, and as such her students have a hard time taking her seriously.
  • Komoe-sensei from A Certain Magical Index definitely seems like this, since she looks like a ten-year old girl who sleeps in cute pajamas, is friendly with her students, and is implied to be a bit hot for her "Kamijou-chan". However, she also smokes heavily, drinks beer heavily, is implied to be at least in her 30s (and possibly much older), and most importantly of all, is an actually smart and competent teacher who acts as a mentor for Touma.
  • Negi Springfield from Negima! Magister Negi Magi is a gender-inverted exaggeration of this, being a ten-year-old male teaching a class of 31 fourteen-year-old girls. In some areas the trope is inverted entirely as he's far more mature than them, while in others he acts his age (he has the work ethic and emotional maturity of an adult, but still avoids taking baths and is easily flustered). The "-chan" suffix is actually never used for him, but the masculine "-kun" and "-bouzu" are often used by some of his students, even when addressing him directly.
  • Rebecca "Becky" Miyamoto from Pani Poni Dash! is another exaggerated parody; she's already graduated from MIT and teaches high school, but she's only eleven years old. While she tries to be mature, she'll sometimes break down and act as immature as a kid her age would.
  • Naru-chan from Girl Friends. Actually referred to AS "Naru-chan-sensei," though not to her face. She's actually somewhat annoyed that her students don't really respect her.
  • The nameless Teacher ("Komon-sensei", or "Ms. Advisor") from Eiken.
  • Kyouko Ono from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. She's very young and rather inexperienced, looks very cute when she cries, and she really doesn't know how to handle her rowdier students, but she's very caring and is able to help Boris come out of his shell.
  • Mayuko Shiraki in Fruits Basket, teacher of Tohru's class. Invoked when some of her female students address her as "Mayu-chan-sensei", and she demands (jokingly) that they call her "Mayuko-daisensei-sama" ("Great Teacher Mayuko"). Aside from that, she's actually more of a downplayed example, often acting as a usually-stern Cool Big Sis towards her students (while also frequently getting on Kyo's case about his orange hair, which she thinks is dyed) rather than an immature Womanchild like most examples.
  • Ayane "Ayanecchi" Tezuka from Rouge Noir is the very rare protagonist example. She's also quite more tragic than the standard example.
  • Yomiko Readman of Read or Die occasionally becomes this, given her cover identity as a substitute schoolteacher. This doesn't turn up in the OVAs or anime, though she had been one to Nenene.
  • Kisaragi-sensei of Umi no Misaki, another teacher who looks and acts like a twelve year-old and constantly hits on the main character. She is rather brighter than she acts.
  • Tsubame-sensei from Ai Kora mostly fills this trope. Young, unmarried, and hangs out with the girls in the dorm as well as part of the main characters harem. However, she does not want to get married. Her character development has her letting go of her deceased boyfriend and admitting interest in a new man.
  • Mitsuka-sensei from DearS wants to be this. However, while she has the "young, attractive and immature" part down, she completely overdoes the Teacher/Student Romance part and the whole thing just leaves her students disgusted.
  • Chihiro-sensei from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, who decides that making one of her students look after her Idiot Savant cousin is a good idea...
  • Miho Amakata from Free!. She is referred to as "Ama-chan-sensei" by her students (or simply Ama-chan by Nagisa) and is usually upbeat and quirky but tends to get quite mad when suggested to wear a swimsuit. She uses old and confusing literature phrases to make a point to her pupils and fellow teachers. It was implied that she was once a swimsuit model called Marin Nishikujo in her youth, but she became a teacher instead, which is why the boys initially asked her to be the swim club's advisor (though they don't know what she did exactly).
  • Karasuma in Kiniro Mosaic, which gets lampshaded in Alice's "cast as a family" dream in Episode 11. In the dream, Karasuma was Shinobu's sister, while Aya is the mother and Youko is the grandfather. Aya and Youko are her students.
  • The self-proclaimed Great Teacher Onizuka is a Rare Male Example. Onizuka spends more time goofing off with his students and even cutting class with them than he does actually teaching. Despite the overly familiar relationship, it doesn't stop him from being a Papa Wolf when it comes to his students.
  • Yui Kanakura in Nisekoi. To list just some tropes concerning her: Childhood Friends, Teen Genius (she is one year older than her students), The Don (not really), part of a Balanced Harem and one has to wonder if she isn’t a Mary Sue, but luckily, she can only make gyouza. And she can't sing. She keeps a teacherly attitude during class, but only because she believes that's the proper thing to do.
  • Megumi Sakura from School-Live!. The protagonists even call her "Megu-nee", instead of "Sakura-sensei" like she wants. She's a cute, young teacher with giant Idiot Hair. However, Megumi is less of an immature Manchild than other examples, as she sacrificed herself protecting the three main characters from zombies and generally acts as a responsible adult figure. Almost all of her childish Butt-Monkey moments are due to Yuki's delusions and aren't a real indication of what she was really like.
  • Downplayed with Detective Conan's Sumiko Kobayashi. She does show some traits of the trope when she tries to be the manager of the Detective Kids whether they want it or not, but otherwise she's pretty competent in her job and the kids from the 1-B class think she's rather cool. And after she gets a boyfriend (or better said, a young man she met years ago "returns" to her life), there's nothing to worry in regards to the Christmas Cake part.
    • Sumiko's assistant Rumi Wakasa seems to fit in more in the stereotype, as she's very gentle and sweet but also quite clumsy. She's actually a subversion, as she has a Badass Teacher side that only comes out when it's needed and implied to have had a Dark and Troubled Past linked to the murder of a chess and shogi player that took place 17 years ago.
  • The art-club advisor Kasugano-sensei in Sketchbook. A energetic teacher, who is just as quirky as her students and has Womanchild tendencies.
  • Food Wars!: Jun Shiomi is this in spades. Is 34, looks like 16, acts like 12. In spite of being Tootsuki's resident spice expert and a leading authority on the chemistry of aromatic compounds, as well as the Shiomi Seminar's leader, she is excitable, scatter-brained, tends to ramble and holds a grudge against the main character for things his dad did when they were at school together. In fact, her 16-year-old adopted son Akira takes care of her as much as she takes care of him (if not more), something she is deeply emotionally conflicted about.
  • Oka-chan of So I'm a Spider, So What? wanted to become the kind of teacher that her students could relate to, so she got involved in hobbies such as manga and video games. Students found her easy to befriend but deep down she worried that she'd built a fake persona and was failing as a teacher.
  • Assassination Classroom:
    • Aguri Yukimura, who was Class 3-E's teacher before Koro-sensei arrived. She was an adorable and energetic young teacher, with an endearingly bad fashion sense and a great eagerness to teach and help her students.
    • Irina Jelavic (a.k.a. Bitch-sensei) is a more volatile example due to her temper, but she qualifies nonetheless; she's young, seductive, beautiful, and slowly becomes close to her students.
  • My Monster Secret has Akari Koumoto, who gets caught up in her students' wacky hijinks fairly often; when she's not sharing protagonist Asahi's role as the Only Sane Man, she's calling on her past as a Delinquent to be utterly badass and intimidating. Her primary sources of humor are the clashes between her and her Trollish great-grandmother Akane (who's also the principal and, oh yeah, a demon), and her inability to get a boyfriend, which mostly comes from her unrealistic fantasies about being swept off her feet by a prince on a white horse. Once Asahi's friend Sakurada admits he's got feelings for Akari, the entire cast (minus Akane) becomes Shippers on Deck and does everything they can to help get the two together. They ultimately succeed — complete with Sakurada confessing while on a white pegasus.
  • Played with in And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? with Yui Saitou. While she is fairly good at her job, her mannerisms as "Nekohime" (her Online Alias at playing MMORPG's) would occasionally seep in, such as her unconscious habit of sometimes ending her sentences with "~nyaa~".
  • Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! is about a kitsune who poses as a high school girl. While the student body can see right through her magical disguise, most of the adults at school don't notice anything out of the ordinary except Reiko-sensei, who's described as "a kid at heart".
  • Manabu from Wandering Son is a friendly, somewhat immature (but not in a Manchild way) young teacher. He's also a male Christmas Cake who can't get a date (though one student likes him, much to his dismay).
  • Little Witch Academia (2017): Despite her façade of maturity, young Professor Ursula Calistis often gets wrapped up in the hijinks of main character Akko Kagari, such as covering for Akko when Akko accidentally flushes a teacher down the toilet (said "teacher" being a sentient goldfish). At episode's end, Akko specifically praises Ursula by saying, "You almost acted like you were our teacher!" to which Ursula sternly reminded her that she is their teacher. Further justified because "Ursula" is actually Akko's idol, Shiny Chariot, in disguise, and Akko & Chariot are very similar personality-wise.
  • Mizuho Kazami of Please Teacher! and Please Twins! is an odd case of this, though much of her characterization seems to stem from the fact that she's a half-alien who is rather new to Earth's customs, and circumstances forcing her into a marriage with one of her students. It becomes more prevalent during the second series.
  • Downplayed in Yuri Moyou. Ryou, the eldest of the Sakimiya sisters, works as a teacher and tries to be "a respectable adult" for her students. Despite that, she often gets held back by her personality and her crush on Hikari, one of her students.
  • Hina Tachibana from Domestic Girlfriend. A young teacher who still lives with her mother and younger sister and acts like she's still a sorority girl in college, flirting with her students and drinking constantly. After getting caught having an affair with a student, she eventually decides she isn't fit to be a teacher anymore and quits.
  • In Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu, Teruyo Oshie, the main characters' homeroom teacher, tries to be respectable, but her rather meek personality gets in the way. Most of her students call her "Teru-chan" despite her insistence that they call her "sensei." Nako shows Teruyo the appropriate respect, but Teruyo is irrationally scared of Nako. Her personality ends up causing her problems during the fire drill, since Teruyo's students don't take her seriously and thus take the longest time to get out of the building.
  • All the teachers in Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? are young, attractive, and (mostly) get along with their students (the first teacher, Kana Kojima, was known as "Kojima the Demon Teacher" among the students, but she mellows out).
  • In Laid-Back Camp, Minami Toba, a teacher who becomes club advisor for the OEC, is reasonably polite and professional while on the clock, but also is a rather hard drinker who turns out to be much less professional when she's drunk.

    Fan Works 
  • Y/N, the main character of Toward A Bright Future is a young woman who becomes the TA to Class 1-A (and the rest of the school to a minor extent). She is well-liked, gives out tutoring, snacks and stickers to her students, and is perfectly willing to play video games and make pillow forts with the two that are living in the same dorm as her. It's mentioned that she is an Amnesiac Hero, so she doesn't know her exact age other than being around 5 years older than her class.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Kamen Rider Fourze:
    • Sonada Sarina. Subverted in that her Sensei-Chan personality is just an act to hide her true identity as the Scorpion Zodiarts
    • Gentaro Kisaragi becomes a teacher five years after the series ends (as seen in the crossover Movie Wars Ultimatum; he's mellowed out a little since his days as a student...but only a little.
    • Ohsugi-sensei is halfway between this and a Sadist Teacher: nobody takes him seriously, he's chronically hard-up for dates, and eventually admits that he has no friends. Once, he even tries to force Gentaro to hang out with him because he's lonely.
  • There is also the character of Miss Titley in The Grimleys, who has all the described qualities of sensei-chan about her and who takes a strong (platonic) pastoral concern in young Grimley.

    Video Games 
  • Persona:
    • Isako Toriumi from Persona 3 is a downplayed example; though she's fairly understanding and talks surprisingly casually to her students, she's still fairly strict as a teacher. Her immaturity mostly emerges outside of school, most noticeably through her Digital Avatar Maya.
    • In Persona 4, Noriko Kashiwagi seems to think she's this, right down to a tendency to flirt with her male students, despite being apparently in her 40s. She isn't. Her students think it's pathetic. And it makes the murder of Mr. Morooka sting that much more.
    • Also downplayed with Sadayo Kawakami in Persona 5; as a teacher, she's fairly professional, if somewhat laid-back and outspoken. However, as you progress her Confidant, she becomes a lot more casual with the protagonist, in part because he's the only one of her students who's aware of her moonlighting as a "health delivery" girl.
  • Chloe Genus of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is this, mainly because she's super popular with her students, the same age as most of them (she graduated from college at age 14!) and is a very cheerful person. She does get a little miffed about being this trope though.
  • Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII. Justified by the fact that she's the same age as her students, but managed to graduate several years early, and was insane enough to get a job teaching her former classmates soon after.
  • Towa Kokonoe from Tokyo Xanadu does her best to avert this, given that she's 23 but looks much younger. It doesn't help that she's the main character's cousin, and he just so happens to be in her homeroom. As a result, she sometimes slips up and refers to him as "Kou-kun" during lessons, much to both of their embarrassment.
  • A female Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses zigzags this. On one hand, she's barely older than her mostly teenage students and is rather popular with said students, to the point of even being able to invite them over for a casual tea party. On the other hand, she's a rather stoic and stern ex-mercenary who commands genuine respect from her students even after she technically stops being a teacher.

    Visual Novels 
  • Muv-Luv: Played with:
    • Jinguuji's students in the Extra part all call her Marimo-chan, and the usual Christmas Cake jokes get played. In the Unlimited alternate universe, she is not amused by the protagonist addressing her as Marimo-chan and demands to be addressed properly.
    • And then there's Alternative, which not only plays with this trope but uses it as part of a horribly soul-crushing plot twist. Twice.
  • Wakaouji from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2 is very carefree and playful when it comes to his students, so that many (including the protagonist by default) refer to him simply as 'Waka-chan'. Some take it even further, teasingly calling him 'Waka-chan-sensei'.
  • Taiga Fujimura from Fate/stay night plays with this trope; while she's rather immature when off-duty at home, she's generally responsible in her duties as a teacher. She plays it dead straight in the alternate universe spinoff Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA though where she's teaching Illya in primary school rather than Shirou in High School.
  • Ringo Tsukimiya from Uta No Prince Sama is a subversion (as well as being a male Wholesome Crossdresser). He's cute, friendly and even tells his students to call him "Rin-chan", but he takes his job as a teacher seriously and he won't easily grant his students special favors.
  • Sonou Tsukuyo from Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a 24-year-old classical literature teacher, but has the appearance of a girl half her age. This is what ends up drawing the affections of her 16-year-old student Kiri, who is obsessed with cute things. Surprisingly, she notably averts the childlike mannerisms of similar characters, and other characters note throughout the game just how mature and responsible she is.

    Western Animation 
  • Miss Grotke from Recess has some shades of this trope. She's pretty much loved by all her students (and takes a Cool Big Sis role to Spinelli), young and unmarried (not a Christmas Cake really, but it's hinted that she's in her early 30s).
  • Sun Park from American Dragon: Jake Long is on a First-Name Basis with her high school students, is young and pretty, and is a gentle mentor to Haley.
  • The Simpsons: When she's not portrayed as an Apathetic Teacher, Mrs. Krabappel comes across like this, particularly when outside of the classroom (though occasionally in it), mostly with her angst about being divorced. Or at least until she married Ned Flanders.

  • In April 2016, the "tutor character" Ellen Baker from the Japanese New Horizon English textbook became a trend on the internet due to her surprisingly moe design and personality, especially when compared to the blander designs that the earlier versions had.


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