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Character subpage for Giorno Giovanna, the protagonist of Golden Wind.

Beware of spoilers.

Giorno Giovanna / Birth Name: Haruno Shiobana (Stand: Gold Experience)

Voiced by: Kensho Ono (TV anime, JP, Last Survivor, and All-Star Battle R), Phillip Reich (TV anime, EN), Daisuke Namikawa (All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven), Romi Park (Vento Aureo video game)
Gold Experience voiced by: Kensho Ono (TV anime, JP, Last Survivor, and All-Star Battle R), Phillip Reich (TV anime, EN), Daisuke Namikawa (normal) and Misa Watanabe (Requiem) (All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven), Romi Park (Vento Aureo video game)
"Come what may, I refuse to give up my dream."

"This is what it means—to have determination! To forge your path through the darkest of light!"

Son of DIO Brando and conceived after DIO had transferred his head to Jonathan Joestar's body, Giorno Giovanna, birth name Haruno Shiobana, is a part of both the Joestar and Brando bloodlines. His goal was to join up with the most powerful gang in the Italian mob and set things right from within. As soon as he joins, he gets roped into travelling with Bucciarati's gang of Stand users, eventually protecting their boss' daughter. Giorno is calm and cold under almost any circumstance like his father, but much like his other bloodline carries a fierce and noble goal, and has an unbelievably deep amount of rage boiling inside him. Unlike everyone else in his line, who are all hammy, Giorno prefers a mute, calm rage, though is capable of blowing his top when the need arises.


Note that for the Theme Naming of JoJo, his name is romanized as Joruno Jobana, though during Part 5, Araki would romanize it as GioGio. It's still pronounced the same. Also apropos to the Italian setting, the fans refer to this part by its Italian title Le Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio.

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  • Abusive Parents: His mother was neglectful and his stepfather beat him (until he was forced to stop by a gangster he saved), which made him an Extreme Doormat as a child.
  • Adaptational Dye-Job: Zig-zagged. In the games, his suit is dark blue with red ladybug pins and green shoes. Official manga colorings follow the same color palette, but they are not colored by Araki himself. The color picked for the anime is based on Araki's preferred color scheme figurines and some of his official artwork; his suit is hot pink with teal blue ladybug pins and dark blue shoes. His hair and zippers remain gold, though.
  • Alliterative Name: Played with; his original name, Haruno Shiobana, isn't alliterative, but the new name he chose for himself is.
  • Animal Motif: Ladybugs, which are a sign of good luck.
  • Anime Hair: He has what can only be described as hair tubes, cornets, or donuts.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Some of his dialogue in Eyes of Heaven implies that this would be the case if he ever met DIO.
    Giorno: I am prepared to use you for my dreams if the need arises, Father.
  • Anti-Hero: A pragmatic type. His introduction to the story was stealing Koichi's luggage. Hilarity aside, while he's undeniably heroic, he's also the most ruthless JoJo barring Johnny or Josuke (part 8). His predecessors' confirmed kills were immortal vampires who couldn't be allowed to roam the earth, while human opponents generally just got a well-deserved beatdown. All of Giorno's fights barring Bucciarati end with his opponents dying in brutal fashion. Due to the way he kills Diavolo as well (killing him for infinity), he also has the highest kill count in the entire series, at only 15 years old.
  • Author Appeal: His primary associations with pink and blue stem from Araki's belief that the two of them are "golden colours" akin to clear skies and cherry flowers that Japanese people of all ages adore.
  • Awesome by Analysis: He was often mistaken for a Creepy Child when he was young due to how he spent more time observing people than interacting with them. By the time he reaches his teenage years, his social skills have vastly improved while his ability to read people has only gotten sharper.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: The last scene of Golden Wind is literally this for him, as he becomes The Don of the Passione Mafia in a tribute to the final scene of The Godfather.
  • Badass Baritone: Inverted; he's definitely a badass, but his voice is more of a husky tenor.
  • Badass Family: Considering he's the son of a Big Bad using the body of one of the most badass Joestars.
  • Badass in Distress: Giorno in several arcs (most notably Clash/Talking Head and Notorious B.I.G.) is taken out early into the battle, leading to his allies scrambling to finish the fight soon so he can heal from otherwise debilitating injuries.
  • Batman Gambit: His victory (and optional survival) at the end of the Man in the Mirror battle involved hoping that Illuso would escape into the real world to rid himself of Purple Haze's virus where Gold Experience and Purple Haze could engage him instead of staying in the mirror world to finish him, Fugo, and Abbacchio off where he'd be much harder to defeat by virtue of being the only one there with a usable Stand.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Is most definitely the most subdued of all the JoJos to date. He's also responsible for arguably the most brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of the series and is known as one of the more ruthless Joestars for a damn good reason.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: He was conceived by DIO, who had Jonathan Joestar's body neck-down, making him technically a great-great-great uncle for Jotaro.
  • Birthmark of Destiny: As with all Joestar family members, he has a star on his left shoulder-neck area.
  • Bishōnen: The first JoJo to be this trope, given that his part is when the series' Art Evolution was solidified.
  • Bizarre Human Biology: Early in Part 5, he's shown able to stuff his whole ear in his head.
  • Black Sheep: For the Joestars. Giorno's only connection to the family is thanks to DIO using Jonathan's body when he fathered Giorno and his similarities to other JoJos are flimsy at best. While — as noted by Koichi — he most certainly carries the spirit of Joestars, he's by far the most brutal, ruthless, and cunning protagonist of the main universe and his ties to mafia make his heroism very questionable. His visual design is also distinct, he wears a bright pink suit while other JoJos have worn rather dark outfits, and he's the only blonde JoJo of the pre-reboot storylines. And on top of that, he never gets addressed as JoJo in his own part, his story line is tagged under GioGio; a mix of Italian pronunciation of JoJo and a nod to his father's name.
  • Blue Is Heroic: In the colored manga, Giorno's suit is a dark blue that is a shade similar to what the other Joestars wear. Even in the anime where his suit is pink, his ladybug brooches are bright blue.
  • Break the Badass: Downplayed. While Giorno is by no means a naive wide-eyed person with no idea what he's getting into, he's much much softer and humbler near the beginning of the series and becomes more cold and pragmatic as the series wears on. By the end of the series, he still has his heart of gold, but losing so many of his newfound friends over the course of just one week to horrible violent deaths has hardened it and he has a cold stoic scowl that wouldn't look out of place on Jotaro during his final scene, reflecting just how much of a toll his journey took on him.
  • Brought Down to Badass: After having one last conversation with Bucciarati, the arrowhead drops out of Giorno, implying he loses Gold Experience Requiem.
    • The anime implies something different: Trish says the arrow is Giorno's forever. And even if the arrow does separate from Gold Experience, there's no reason to believe it won't stay in Giorno's possession to be used by him again.
    • Yet given than Silver Chariot could hold on its Requiem form without having the arrow inserted inside itself as long as it lasted, it's uncertain whether Giorno losing the arrow means he lost his Requiem.
    • Ultimately it may be said this is the case after all given that in the Joestar Family Tree from Stone Ocean every member of the family is introduced along their abilities and stands: Giorno's stand at the time is said to be only Gold Experience. Whether this means anything or not, however, is unknown.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Like Josuke, he's part-British and part-Japanese. He grew up in Italy with his Japanese mother and Italian stepfather, changing his name from Haruno Shiobana to Giorno Giovanna.
  • Bully Hunter: More subtle than most, but Giorno's dream to become the Don of Italy is so that the Mafia will once again protect the weak and innocent as they once did, rather than prey on and victimize them. Point in fact, witness his terrifying Tranquil Fury as he tricks Polpo into swallowing a gun he turned into a banana for casually murdering a helpless old janitor who worked at his school.
  • Bully Magnet: When Giorno was little, he was bullied by other children for being quiet, timid and never sticking up for himself.
  • Call-Back: His entire character arc and design have several call backs to his father DIO Brando. See Like Father, Like Son below.
  • The Cameo: He is referenced in Stone Ocean during a flashback explaining why he didn't travel to America like the other Sons of DIO.
  • Chick Magnet: Early on in Golden Wind, he's shown in a café with a bunch of girls positively swarming over him.
  • Cleavage Window: His most iconic outfit sports a heart-shaped one.
  • Cold Ham: He's one of the more reserved JoJos, but shares their penchant for posing and dressing flamboyantly.
  • The Comically Serious: He carries himself like a dignified cocksure anti-hero version of both of his fathers, but the weirdness of the criminal underworld he enters forces him into some truly inexplicable scenarios that cause him to lose his composure and look somewhat foolish. Such as boldly volunteering to confront Sale at Capri only to wind up playing second fiddle to Mista or investigating Fugo's abduction in Pompeii by putting his head between Illuso's mirror and the wall it was hanging from.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Josuke and Giorno both became the people they are today after a chance meeting with two unnamed men, but the way they turned out could not be any more different. Josuke is an easygoing but incredibly passionate person whose only goal is to spend his days with his friends and family in the hometown he loves so much. Giorno is an extremely cool-headed person with a ruthless and driven personality whose goal is to impose his own Robin Hood type of ideology upon the biggest mob in Italy. This even extends to their role in the story, with Josuke often standing front and center alongside his allies, and Giorno preferring to provide assistance and advice unless specifically provoked.
    • In addition, Josuke is the JoJo that acts the most like his age (16, somewhat goofy and immature, involved in petty and grounded issues like school and money), whereas Giorno is a contender for acting the least like his age of all JoJos (15, extremely cool and collected in near-death situations, far-reaching vision to take over and reform the mafia, no qualms about murdering others, utterly ruthless to pursue his goals).
    • Both are illegitimate children, but were completely different in how they were raised. Josuke had a loving family, while Giorno lived under an abusive household.
    • Stand-wise, both involve rearranging and the manipulation of matter and can act as medics, but Giorno's stand imbue life from inorganic objects.
    • Design wise, dark-haired Josuke dressed like a Japanese Delinquent in equally dark colors as a case of Dark Is Not Evil, but was otherwise a normal kid in his school. Blond Giorno dresses in bright colors as a case of Light Is Good and actually is in the Mafia, but is otherwise still a hero.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: More often than not, Giorno has willingly put himself at mortal risk to give himself or someone else a chance to defeat their opponent.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Gives one to Diavolo after Gold Experience evolves.
  • Dark Is Not Evil:
    • He is the son of the vampire DIO Brando and wears a dark blue suit (pink in the anime), but he has benevolent reasons for becoming a Gang-Star, as he wants to fix the organization from within and rid it of corruption.
    • In the epilogue, when he takes over as leader of Passione, he dons on a new pitch black and dark green suit with floral decorations to replace his previous pink and blue one.
  • Death Glare: One of the few signs outside his calm demeanor that tells you that he's pissed. The anime sometimes changes his eye color from his natural turquoise to his father's orange to further emphasize this.
    • Bucciarati could immediately tell from his glaring that he was serious about killing him in retaliation for his interrogation attempt.
    • He shoots an over the shoulder glare along with a disgusted frown just as Polpo was about to die.
    • His infamous beatdown of Cioccolata started off with him glaring. And the scenes cutting to Giorno during the beating show that he was still furiously staring down the mad doctor while pummeling him to death.
  • Determinator: He infected himself with a then-incurable virus that melts flesh in order to defeat an enemy, among a number of other times he threw himself into Death's open mouth so his teammates could figure out how to beat their foes.
  • Dhampyr: Though only in name; he has no powers extraneous to his Stand and is in fact less physically active than the majority of protagonists in the series. The only real sign of it he displays is using the vampire WRRYYYYYY cry.
  • The Don: Has wanted to become a Gang-Star since he was a kid out of reverence for the mafioso whose life he saved. And becomes one at the end of the story by virtue of nearly every other possible candidate ending up dead and Passione trying to ensure Diavolo's death doesn't come out.
  • The Dreaded: A meta-example. He becomes this after he obtains Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Dub Name Change: In the English dub, his dream of becoming a "Gang-Star" is changed to "primo mafioso".
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • The anime gives him a prologue of sorts before he swindles Koichi, displaying his roguish morality (he prevents a tourist from being completely robbed by a thief, only to take a few bills from their wallet on the sly as "payment") and his love for his community (using part of said "payment" to buy a little boy some gelato).
    • In both versions, you know he's going to be more ruthless than previous Jojo protagonists when he straight up murders Polpo.
  • Everyone Has Standards: While he's willing to rob tourists to build his criminal credentials, he either doesn't do so completely or uses Gold Experience's powers to "return" their vital documents (such as passports) to them at a later time so they don't find themselves marooned in Italy.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: When he got his Stand, his hair turned from black to blond, and he switched from a generic and plain boyish haircut to his current Anime Hair.
  • Extra Parent Conception: He technically has two fathers, since DIO conceived him using Jonathan's body.
  • Extreme Mêlée Revenge: Thoroughly pulverizes Cioccolata for seven straight pages in the manga as retribution for making so many others suffer in the past. Body parts and large portions of flesh were flying off.
  • Eye Color Change: When his Stand awakened, his eyes changed from grey to bright green.
  • Family Eye Resemblance: Giorno noticeably doesn't have the eye shape close to that of his mother or DIO, but rather Jonathan. In the anime, the color is closer to that of the Joestars' than of DIO.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Giorno goes from a helpless abused child to a highly skilled affable crook to having one of the strongest Stands in the series period, even when counting Part 7 and 8, and then The Don of the most powerful crime syndicate in Italy, which even Polnareff notes has connections to the media and the government.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: In Eyes of Heaven, one of his alternate costumes is just him running around naked with a wispy floating cloth covering his private parts, a reference to one of the manga covers.
  • Gender-Blender Name: His last name, Giovanna, is usually a girl's name in Italian.
  • Generation Xerox: For both of his fathers to some extent. He inherited Jonathan's refusal to harm innocents and fury against those who do so, and DIO's ruthlessness once he set his sights on something, tempered by his own cool-headedness. His Stand also seems to combine Hamon (infusing living things with life-energy), The World (said living things are mentally stuck in time), and vampirism (manipulating and combining organic matter).
  • Genius Bruiser: His incredible knowledge of plant and animal biology allows him to use and abuse his Stand's power to a ridiculous extent, from creating snakes to track enemies, to understanding how Green Day's mold works, to using a jellyfish to absorb urine so he wouldn't have to drink it. This is on top of the usual JoJo creativity. He was even able to diagnose his own internal injuries, without any equipment and almost immediately after a battle.
  • Give Me Back My Wallet: On the stealing end. His first scene is making off with Koichi's luggage the moment he gets off the airport.
  • Goal in Life: Become Don of the Mafia, then use that power to make them Neighborhood-Friendly Gangsters.
  • Good Counterpart: He's basically this to his father, DIO Brando, even having a backstory that is similar to his in parts.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Giorno isn't inherently callous. He genuinely cares about people and wants to take over the mafia to help the weak and defenseless stand up for themselves, just as the Mafia did in the old days. However, he is very brutal to his enemies. He can be compassionate, understanding, and noble, but make no mistake: if Giorno knows you thrive on the suffering of others, he will consider you an obstacle to be eliminated in his goal of cleaning up the Mafia without a second thought. On the other hand, if you have a legitimate reason to pull your punches against him (Koichi) or share his vision of things (Bucciarati), he'll go easy on you or join you.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Like Josuke, his Stand can be used to heal injuries (and unlike Josuke, that includes his own). Unfortunately, since that's not what it was made for, the process hurts a lot, leading to an... interesting moment between himself and Mista later on in the series.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: He wants to take over the mafia in order to stop the drug trade that plagues Italy, use the organization in service of the common people rather than take advantage of them, and is very much intolerant of injustice. And yes, he has golden blond hair (not naturally, but still.)
  • Has Two Daddies: Since DIO had stolen Jonathan's body, Jonathan is as much Giorno's biological father as DIO. He inherited DIO's ruthlessness and the Joestars' sense of justice.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Invoked early on during Giorno's fight with Bucciarati, who mocks the usefulness of Gold Experience "imbuing life" in a fight. Bucciarati gets to learn first-hand that "overfilled with life" includes charming side effects like losing coordination with your body and feeling the agonizing moment of your face being pounded in, stretched out over several minutes.
  • The Hero: While he may be somewhat more Anti-Heroic than previous JoJos, Giorno acts as this for Part 5, as it's his goal to end Passione's drug trade that drives Team Bucciarati to take action.
  • Heroic Bastard: In all likelihood, it seems improbable that DIO married Giorno's mom.
  • Honor Among Thieves: He begins the series as a thief, but his various Establishing Character Moments throughout the early episodes make it clear that he only steals to survive in corrupt, crime-ridden Italy. And although he isn't above using his Stand for self-defense, he refuses to kill or cause unnecessary harm to those he considers "good people."
  • Hyper-Awareness: When he was little, Giorno became good at reading others' moods and intentions as a way of staying alert when his abusive stepfather was in a bad mood. During his initial fight with Bucciarati, he correctly deduces that the gangster is a good person by the way he briefly looks concerned after seeing track marks in a young boy's arm.
  • Iconic Item: The ladybug brooches that he wears on his suit. Gold Experience carries them too.
  • I Know You Know I Know: Up to Level 4 against Cioccolata. Cioccolata pretends he's dead, but Giorno knows and is verbal about it. Cioccolata takes Mista hostage while Giorno is talking and believes that no matter if Giorno knew he was dead, he would still win. Giorno then reveals that he had an insurance plan for Cioccolata to stay down.
  • I Lied: To Cioccolata's You Said You Would Let Me Go. Lied to Cioccolata about sparing his life, only to allow a bullet that was lodged in his head to transform into a stag beetle and eat his brains.
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes: Giorno is the gold standard which all other JoJos aspire to.
  • Improbable Age: Becomes the Don of the Passione mafia at just 15 years old.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Not in the traditional sense, as he doesn't shoot a gun to pull it off like Mista usually does, but when fighting Cioccolata, Giorno tossed a bullet in the air at an angle so when it falls into some rotating helicopter blades the rotation of the blades knocks it into Cioccolata's head as if he fired it from an actual gun.
  • In-Series Nickname: GioGio, but only actually addressed in Purple Haze Feedback.
  • In the Blood: Being the son of their Arch-Enemy but carrying the DNA of the Joestar bloodline, Joseph and Jotaro send Koichi to find out which side of his lineage he takes after. Fortunately for just about everyone involved, Giorno is a Combat Pragmatist Nice Guy on his best days, and a Good Is Not Soft Anti-Hero on his worst. Koichi notes that he saw in him the same drive for justice and protecting the weak that he saw in Josuke, Jotaro and Joseph.
    • The "MUDAMUDAMUDA" and "WRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!" sure aren't from the Joestar lineage, though. Apparently the latter isn't just limited to vampires (although Giorno is a half-vampire).
  • Irony:
    • Given the massive amount of Ho Yay between Jonathan and DIO in Part 1, the fact that he takes after both and technically has two dads is extremely ironic.
    • Giorno is horrified and then furious at how joining the mafia to protect the people of Italy winds up getting an innocent janitor at his school killed by Black Sabbath during his trial to get into said mafia.
    • Italy and Italian culture have been recurring fixtures throughout the JoJo series due to Author Appeal, with multiple Italian or part-Italian characters being featured, as well as part of Battle Tendency taking place there. Golden Wind is the first to take place entirely in Italy...but its starring protagonist Giorno is not genetically Italian at all, given that his mother is Japanese and his father is British.

  • Japanese Delinquent: Technically speaking, he's half Japanese. And an aspiring Gang-Star.
  • Kiai: MUDA MUDA MUDA! He also yells out "WRYYYYYYYYY!!" while whaling on Ghiaccio (Ineffectively) and Cioccolata.
  • Keigo: His speech patterns tend to be more polite than that of the other members of the group.
  • Leitmotif: "Il vento d'oro".
  • Like Father, Like Son: Oh, so much, down to designs and powers. It's easier to just link to this post than go through every single reference he has to DIO Brando.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Probably the biggest difference between DIO and Giorno is that Giorno doesn't see kindness as a weakness and is able to put his trust in others. The manga notes that if Giorno never met the unnamed gangster in his backstory, he would have become like his father for worse. Instead, Giorno uses what he inherited from his father for the greater good.
  • Locked into Strangeness: His hair turned from black to blonde as a result of fully unlocking his Stand.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: While Koichi was sent to scout him out, Giorno is never informed about the history of the Joestar bloodline and DIO Brando. Koichi even notes that Jotaro seemed to be making it a point to avoid meeting him. Considering the last time Jotaro ran into a Brando, it makes sense.
    • As it stands, Giorno is the only member of the Joestar bloodline to never directly interact with another member of his lineage (not including the original story from Eyes of Heaven).
  • Logical Weakness: Giorno's Stand needs to touch objects in order to active his powers. Thanks to Stand synchronization rules, that means if Giorno loses the ability to control his hands or they get damaged beyond repair, he can't use Gold Experience period (as shown in the Notorious B.I.G. arc, where Giorno is forced to amputate both his hands to contain the enemy, leaving him without a way to repair the damage).
  • Manly Tears: Giorno's eyes well up with very subtle, barely contained tears in the manga when he realizes that despite healing his injuries, it was already too late to save Narancia, whose soul was gone. The anime takes the same scene and has Giorno openly crying through most of the revelation of Narancia's death as he relays the news to his comrades.
  • Magnetic Hero: A core aspect of his personality. As the story goes on, his moments of brilliance and actions in their fights earn the trust of his new companions. Even they lampshade it.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • "Giorno" means "day" or "morning".
    • The "Haru" in his birth name is pronounced identically to the Japanese word for "spring," the season in which new life is born.
  • Messianic Archetype: Giorno is the son of DIO, whose name translated, means "God" - giving the interpretation that Giorno is the son of God, an analogy to Jesus Christ himself. Throughout the story, Giorno's steadfast determination and ideals acts as an inspiring guiding light to his companions. There's also the fact that his Stand, Gold Experience, grants Giorno the power to bestow the gift of life to others, as God does in Genesis 1:20-27 to populate the Earth, and heal the wounded around him. When the group switch souls, Giorno's body gets crucified by Diavolo - killing Narancia in the process - , Giorno properly returns to it, making it so he's "risen again", and then goes on to banish Diavolo - whose name is Devil in Italian - into his own Hell. Additionally, the chapter in which he evolves his Stand into Gold Experience Requiem is named "King of Kings", an epithet for Jesus.
  • The Mole: Joined the mafia with the intent to kill the boss and take his place, and by the end of the story, the only one who knew this was Bucciarati.
  • Mr. Vice Guy: As savage and brutal as Giorno can be towards his enemies, enough to make Jotaro look like Jonathan in comparison, that's pretty much the only negative trait he has, and is still a kind and noble individual. Basically, if he ever unleashes his brutality on you, you probably did something to deserve it.
  • Mundane Utility: A particularly sad example when he uses Gold Experience's powers to grow flowers over Narancia's body in mourning for his friend.
  • Mythical Motifs: The Volume 62 chapter cover features Giorno holding up a giant globe in the manner of Atlas, symbolically carrying the weight of his ambition to reform the mafia and become the dominant power in Italy's criminal underground.
  • Mythology Gag: His Stand's main power is similar to Kars' ultimate ability of creating/altering life on a cellular level (Kars is also the originator of vampirism, making him Giorno's figurative granddaddy). The secondary ability of slowing down people's mental processes (i.e. speeding up time for them so that everything is too fast to keep up with) causes them to freeze in place like his father's Stand ability.
  • Neighbourhood-Friendly Gangsters: After saving the life of one of these when he was younger, it became his life's mission to become one himself.
  • Nerves of Steel: Contender for the most calm and collected JoJo in times of duress and near-death situations, alongside Jotaro.
  • Nice Guy: Despite Giorno’s ruthlessness, he’s still a very pleasant individual who wants to stop a drug trade.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: His response to Abbacchio wanting to leave Fugo behind against Man in the Mirror, arguing that figuring out the enemy's ability and defeating would put them at least less risk and guarantee all of their safety.
  • Not So Stoic: While Giorno tends to keep his emotions in check most of the time, there are times when he does show genuine fear or concern during certain intense battles.
    • Early on Koichi finds Giorno relaxing at a cafe after the latter stole his luggage. Giorno makes a rather silly "Oh crap" face when he's spotted.
    • Giorno's Big "WHAT?!" on the plane to Sicily when he finds his name written on the walls.
    • In the anime, while kneeling over Abbacchio's dead body, Giorno's tone of voice heavily suggest he's Trying Not to Cry.
    • Upon learning that Bucciarati has technically been dead ever since his fight with King Crimson in Venice and that Bucciarati's time left is limited Giorno temporarily loses his calm demeanor. He is clearly left in a state of disbelief and sadness. His voice even breaks in the anime.
    • The look on his face while beating Cioccolata to death is one of over-the-top screaming rage, and one of the text boxes in one panel of the manga suggested that he was shouting "MUDA" along with his Stand. He also completely abandons his politeness and starts swearing at Cioccolata during their confrontation, something he hadn't done with any previous enemy.
    • Giorno starts crying when he realizes Narancia is already dead.
  • Odd Name Out: In the part where almost everyone is named after some sort of food or other Italian words, having the name "Giorno Giovanna" stands out since it is an actual real-life name, even though Giorno is usually a last name and Giovanna is usually a first name. He's also the only JoJo whose name doesn't start with "J", since Italian doesn't use that letter.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In previous fights, even ones against enemies he legitimately fears or hates, Giorno is able to keep his cool. Until he goes up against Cioccolata, and all that goes out the window.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: His killings of Polpo and Cioccolata and the Fate Worse than Death he inflicts upon Diavolo.
  • Personality Powers: Gold Experience's damage-reflecting lifeforms form a symbolism for Giorno's vengeance against those who would harm innocent bystanders.
  • Physical God: With Gold Experience Requiem, he can effectively never be defeated due to the natures of his powers. It's the most powerful Stand of all.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Before he awoke his Stand, he had short black hair. After awakening his Stand however, it was permanently dyed blonde.
  • Power Incontinence: When Giorno was little, he helped a wounded man by tricking some gangsters into going the wrong way as they were looking for him to finish him off. As he did this, his dormant Stand made grass grow around the man, hiding him from view.
  • Practically Different Generations: Thanks to DIO conceiving him with Jonathan Joestar's body, he's biologically a Joestar. As a result, he's technically the uncle of Joseph Joestar despite being over sixty years younger than him.
  • Precious Photo: He keeps a photo of his father DIO in his wallet, although it's not known how Giorno actually feels about him.
  • Put on a Bus: He doesn't show up again after Part 5, despite other JoJos (excluding Josuke) typically appearing again after their own parts. It's somewhat justified by the fact he has only an indirect connection to the Joestars and never meets with any of them, unlike his predecessors. What doesn't help is that he would defeat Pucci by himself in Part 6 thanks to Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Taken to its most literal conclusion in the anime, where his outfit is pink. He machine-gun punches villains to death, is the son of the ultimate villain of the entire series, becomes the head of Passione... and he looks absolutely fabulous while doing it.
  • Refuge in Audacity: The rest of the gang quickly learns that when Giorno does something completely weird, out there, or seemingly inexplicable, it's going to end in success. Perhaps the earliest example of this is, after fighting Bucciarati, he outright tells him he's going to become his ally and it works.
  • Riddle for the Ages: We never do find out how Giorno managed to obtain a photograph of his father Dio.
  • Rookie Red Ranger: He's the newest member of Passione and hasn't had his Stand for longnote , but it's pretty versatile and he's able to put it to good use. By the end of the part, he has one of the most powerful Stands in the series.
  • Running Gag: His arms take a lot of punishment in most of his fights. Sometimes, Giorno has to inflict damage on them himself to eke out a win against an opponent.
  • Scenery Censor: Not in story, however, one of the manga covers features Giorno nude and posed in a manner reminiscent of Renaissance era art. A strategically placed piece of billowing fabric artfully preserves his modesty.
  • Sherlock Scan: Giorno tends to observe people and try to get an idea of what they're like. In fact, this is actually how he is able to convince Bucciarati to join his side.
  • Slipknot Ponytail: His braid comes undone in the final battle when Gold Experience Requiem awakens.
  • Sticky Fingers: No, not the Stand; Giorno is an adept pickpocket, capable of feats like stealing from a guard while she is patting him down. His Stand can be used for stronger effect, like for example turning an unsuspecting passerby's dollar bills into butterflies that flutter back to Giorno.
  • The Stoic: Most of the time, Giorno rarely emotes and prefers to observe others. Even when near death, he keeps his cool to figure out how to beat his opponent.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: He wears ladybug brooches on his jacket and shoes. His Stand also has ladybugs adorning its body.
  • Tempting Fate: He tells Babyface that after being hit three times, he now knows the range of the enemy Stand's attacks. Cue Babyface's arm growing longer, enabling him to slash Giorno across the chest.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Sometimes announces that he has "a dream" before volunteering to do something dangerous.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Anyone who callously harms innocent bystanders should be praying that anyone but Giorno kills them. Both Polpo and Cioccolata owe their manner of deaths to this.
  • Tranquil Fury: He almost never gets consumed by anger and will certainly not forgive cruelty, whether monstrous or indifferent. For the former, see his determination to put a stop to Diavolo's crimes. For the latter, see his determination to avenge the innocent janitor killed by Black Sabbath during his "test."
  • Trick Bullet: While he doesn't use a gun, his Stand's ability can give bullets special properties which he gives to Mista to use, who does use a gun.
  • The Unchosen One: Polnareff originally wanted to bequeath the power of the Stand Arrow to Bucciarati, and when that wasn't an option, to Mista.
  • Unstoppable Rage: As this example is one of Giorno's more violent beatdowns, he starts out in a Tranquil Fury while calling Cioccolata out for having the nerve to believe that he would be spared, and then proceeded to hand out his most savage beating yet.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Despite being one of the youngest members of Bucciarati's group (at 15, the same year as Trish and the youngest JoJo within their arc), Giorno is shown to be incredibly insightful during battle and often does a good job at directing the group if Bucciarati is indisposed. This is lampshaded multiple times throughout the Part by the other protagonists, who note at times it feels like Giorno is more of the leader of the group than Bucciarati which may be foreshadowing to Giorno eventually becoming the new don of Passione.
    Fugo: "Giorno Giovanna... I thought he was some newbie that I just couldn't figure out, but he comes up with the most insane ideas and pulls them off. And there's something I can trust behind that. It's not something that's spoken. He has true loyalty within him, just like Bucciarati did back then!"
    Mista: "Recently, I started noticing... that Giorno Giovanna... despite being a newbie... things always seem... to play out exactly how he says. The resolve I showed just now was also partly Giorno's. It was making its way into my heart before I even realized it. It almost feels like he's my capo, even more so than Bucciarati, and he kept me moving. Just what the hell is his deal? Oh well, I guess that doesn't matter right now. It's not my style to think too much about stuff."
    Narancia: "Abbacchio doesn't think too highly of you, but we all end up moving under your direction, as though you're leading us. We might actually have some hope this journey... with you around. Giorno, let's get back to everyone else."
  • White Sheep: The only member of the Brando bloodline not to end up a villain or Jerkass.
  • Young and in Charge: Becomes the Don of Passione at age 15.
  • You Remind Me of X:
    • Giorno bears many similarities to either his fellow gang members or important people in their lives, such as Narancia's blonde surrogate brother figure. It's all but stated that his straight-laced, noble manner reminds Abbacchio of his former partner on the police force, which is why the older criminal hates him so much.
    • In Purple Haze Feedback, Sheila E mentions that what people think of Giorno is actually a reflection of themselves; some examples listed from the novel include Koichi seeing Giorno as gentle, Mista viewing Giorno as lucky, and Fugo imagining Giorno to be full of potential.

    Gold Experience 

Gold Experience (Requiem)
Gold Experience Requiem 

Gold Experience (named after a Prince album) can give life to inanimate objects, usually by turning them into animals or plants, or by giving excessive life energy to someone to make them lose sync with their actions. It also deflects attacks done to the creatures back to the attacker, and later on, Giorno finds a way to heal injuries with it.

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In the climax to the Part, Gold Experience is pierced with the Requiem Arrow and evolves into Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Ambiguous Situation: When Gold Experience Requiem finally defeats Diavolo, the Requiem Arrow falls out of its forehead. It's left unclear that it reverted back to its previous form as the form was temporary or if it was a permanent evolution with the Arrow falling out as it served its purpose of evolving a Stand. Since the Part ends with Giorno becoming the new Boss without the Stand appearing again or commenting on it, is left unanswered.
  • Adaptational Badass: It's more of an Informed Ability, but the anime gives Gold Experience's stats an upgrade in range from an 'E' to a 'C'.
  • Adaptational Dye-Job: Downplayed. In the games and colored scans of the manga, Gold Experience's ladybugs and eyes are green, making it resemble DIO's The World. They're purple in the anime, along with the soles of his feet, though the primary color of Gold Experience is still yellow.
  • Animal Motifs: Beetles, specifically the scarab and the ladybug. The former is symbolic of creation while the ladybug is of regeneration, both of which represent Gold Experience's life-giving abilities. This is further emphasized when Diavolo delivers a crushing blow to Gold Experience just after it pierces itself with the Stand Arrow, pieces of its body fly off to reveal Gold Experience Requiem underneath, and the larger parts of its original body resemble a shed exoskeleton, as if the Stand had undergone metamorphosis.
  • Ant Assault: During the final battle, just as Diavolo has seized the Stand Arrow, Gold Experience creates a swarm of ants to bite the Arrow's wooden shaft in half, causing it to fall out of the boss's hand.
  • Anti-Magic: Gold Experience Requiem's ability immediately negates any and all attacks that target Giorno.
  • Attack Reflector: Any damage taken by the organisms Gold Experience creates is transferred to the attacker, leaving the organism unharmed.
  • Back from the Dead: Gold Experience has the ability to resurrect the dead to a very limited degree. Bucciarati was functionally killed by Diavolo by the time Giorno healed him, but through a mix of Gold Experience's powers and Bucciarati's own bottomless resolve, he lived on as a slowly-rotting zombie with no pulse.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Its abilities mirror those of earlier franchise antagonists like DIO and Kars, but at his worst, Giorno is a ruthless anti-hero who genuinely wants to do the right thing.
  • The Beastmaster: Subverted. While it can turn inanimate objects into animals, Giorno has to use his intuition and generally hope that an animal does what he wants it to. For instance, when he made a snake out of a lamp, he had to assume it would go for the bread he left on the table. Luckily for him, animals created from certain objects have specific behavior patterns, normally tracking whatever they were attached to beforehand.
  • Bishōnen Line: When Gold Experience enters its Requiem state, it gains human like eyes with visible irises/pupils compared to its completely solid eyes with line bars, loses its more exaggerated features like its wings, and becomes more streamlined in design.
  • Combat Medic: While not as obvious as Crazy Diamond, Gold Experience has healing powers that not only work on Giorno's allies, but also himself. Gold Experience is also excellent in combat as a whole, aside from its durability.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Giorno starts out using Gold Experience to produce animals and plants to perform various tasks and later realizes he can also transform matter into limbs and organs to heal himself and his teammates. Gold Experience Requiem does not lose its original abilities like Chariot Requiem did. Instead, it gains the ability to inject life into objects at long range via laser beams and to set anything back to zero by manipulating the concept of "truth".
  • Creating Life: Its powers revolve around this concept, either transforming inorganic matter into animals or plants or heightening senses of others to amplify pain. He could even transform a pistol into a banana! Then his Stand went Requiem... Ties in with The Beastmaster and Green Thumb.
  • Dub Name Change: Renamed to "Golden Wind" in official English translations, taken from the English translation of Part 5's title.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Gold Experience's abilities to reflect the damage done to its lifeforms to its attacker and the ability to accelerate its victims' perception and energy see little use after Giorno joins Passione. Justified because many of his enemies have Stands that render mere physical confrontation useless as a solution.
  • Glass Cannon: Mixed with Fragile Speedster. Gold Experience's stats and abilities are noted by Bucciarati to have very painful effects, but it doesn't have the durability or the sheer brute strength of the likes of Star Platinum and Crazy Diamond.
  • Green Thumb: Can turn inanimate objects into plants.
  • Harmful Healing: After the fight with Melone and Baby Face, Giorno figures out how to make flesh and organs in order to heal injuries. However, unlike Josuke's Crazy Diamond which heals instantly and painlessly, this process hurts a lot.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Gold Experience Requiem, while less fundamentally wrong than Chariot Requiem, still possesses power that even Giorno doesn't know about, and it's implied that he doesn't have full control over it.
  • It Can Think: Gold Experience Requiem is one of the few Stands in the series to entirely have a consciousness of its own. Even Chariot Requiem was only sentient enough to fulfill its master's wish. In fact, for the duration of its existence, it's implied that GER independently activated its Reset Button powers to protect Giorno, who isn't even aware of what it can do.
  • Light Is Good: Is a bright, gold-shining Stand wielded by The Hero and Messianic Archetype of Part 5.
  • Logical Weakness: Anything Gold Experience transforms have all the requirements and limitations of any other organic being. Giorno ends up at a disadvantage against Ghiaccio's White Album, since the temperatures it produces are too low for any living thing to survive.
  • Meatgrinder Surgery: Gold Experience doesn't technically heal people. Rather, it either supercharges them with life force to have their bodies do it themselves (which is disorienting) or replaces damaged/missing body parts with compatible replacements created by its powers (which is extremely painful).
  • The Medic: After the fight with Baby Face, Giorno discovers that Gold Experience can create body parts and flesh to heal the gang.
  • Necessary Drawback: While it's not directly stated in the series, it's heavily implied that Gold Experience can only change inorganic material into small animals or body parts to heal himself or his allies — the biggest being a fish to pull himself and Mista ashore. Otherwise Giorno would be utilizing much larger animals to fight with. Then again, considering Giorno prefers subtle tactics to take down his enemies that don't draw too much attention, this may be due to choice and isn't necessarily not a bad thing. Downplayed with its upgrade. Even as a Requiem, Gold Experience doesn't produce anything larger than the palm of its hand; then again, with its Story-Breaker Power power of No-Sell on a metaphysical level, it doesn't necessarily need to.
  • No-Sell: Anything and anyone that opposes Gold Experience Requiem is reset to zero and unable to fight back. In its own words:
    It doesn't matter who you are, no one can ever overcome this barrier. Behold... Gold Experience Requiem's true strength. Its nature remains a secret even to my user, Giorno Giovanna.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Gold Experience Requiem has incredibly bizarre Stand stats; a zero in everything. While this could be explained as GER's reoccurring "power of zero" theme, having absolutely nothing listed as a stat is just a hint that GER is on a whole different level from other Stands.
  • Perpetual-Motion Monster: When used offensively, the creatures Giorno creates with Gold Experience can potentially act as nigh-invincible hunter-killer animals that reflect all damage sent their way as they hunt their targets.
  • Power Floats: As Gold Experience Requiem.
  • The Power of Hate: An understated tragic example, Gold Experience could have attained any power Giorno deeply desired once pierced by the special arrowhead, but his rage at Diavolo's wickedness caused it to become what is essentially the ultimate killing Stand instead of an entity that could perhaps bring back his dead friends.
    • invokedAlternatively, it is implied Giorno was deeply inspired by Bucciarati's last words, musing about him ascending to Heaven only being "things going back to what they were supposed to be, returning to their original place".
  • Rapid Aging: By supercharging a plant with life energy, it will live out its natural lifespan in a matter of seconds. Giorno uses this to age a tree to dust to rob Black Sabbath of its shadow.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: As you'd expect from a main character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Giorno can attack in this way, though he doesn't do it as often as, say, Jotaro and Josuke. The most notable victim of his Stand Rush is Cioccolata, whose No-Holds-Barred Beatdown lasts seven whole pages, and Diavolo, at the hands of Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Screaming Warrior: In the anime, Gold Experience unleashes an earsplitting "WRYYYYYYYYYYYY!" that sounds like a scream of rage while pummeling Cioccolata for 30 straight seconds.
  • Screw Destiny: GER explains the vision Diavolo had of killing Giorno for good is the truth, but he'll never be allowed to get any close to it.
  • Semantic Superpower: Giorno is inspired by Bucciarati's spirit saying he would go back to how he used to be, to how things are meant to be. He then declares all his actions so far have been rooted in the pursuit of truth. GER dominates the idea of "truth" such that he can both change fate and set the whole universe backwards in time to prevent anyone from attacking him and curse people into dying infinitely.
  • Signature Sound Effect: In the anime, the sound of Gold Experience being summoned sounds much like rattling spare change, befitting its namesake. When it gives life to something or undoes that, it makes a distinctive "warping" sound. GE's punching sound effect, on the other hand, sounds a lot like gatling gun.
    • Once GE evolves into Requiem, its punches are upgraded to sound heavier to the point where it's comparable to turret fire.
  • Stone Wall: Among other abilities, Gold Experience Requiem can reduce the damage of any attack to zero, making Giorno effectively immune to damage.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Gold Experience Requiem exists outside the concept of time, space, and reality, and can reset absolutely any attack and the attacker's will to zero. If it kills you, you keep on dying for all eternity, each time in an exotically different way. It effectively makes Giorno one of the, if not the, strongest characters in the franchise. The only time of dubious canon where GER has been beaten is in Eyes of Heaven against The World Over Heaven, a Stand which is a nearly unlimited Reality Warper.
  • Super Empowering: A rare offensive example. Gold Experience's life giving properties means that in the event that it hits a living being, it will give them Super Senses so powerful that time will slow to a near halt for them and they'll be able to view the world in a third-person, akin to an out of body experience. The problem is that these senses become so powerful that the recipient's body will find it impossible to keep up with it's owner's thoughts and attempted actions, leaving the afflicted person unable to act despite these powerful senses and leaving the body vulnerable. Another problem is that one of the senses that are enhanced is the ability to feel pain, meaning that while Gold Experience lacks the destructive power of Stands like Star Platinum, it's strikes are bound to hurt even more as a result.
  • Super Senses: Has the ability to give these. You do not want these.
  • Super Strength: It's weaker than the typical Jojo's Stand, but still has more than enough power to bust up a parking lot full of cars.
  • Swiss-Army Superpower: Despite Gold Experience seemingly only having the ability to create life and organic matter, Giorno puts it to incredible use. From using it to age things to their death to using it to accelerate one's mind to the point that it cannot catch up with one's own body (due to it also amplifying one's senses), to tracking a being by using any piece of it that broke off and could thus be turned into an animal as it wasn't alive, replace lost body parts, etc.. In one case, he got infected with a guaranteed fatal flesh-eating virus that would destroy him in half a minute. He cured it regardless by morphing an inanimate object that was slaked with said virus into a snake that was immune to said virus, and had it inject its own blood into his body to be used as a vaccine. And this is before he figured out the replacing lost body parts trick.
  • They Have the Scent!: Any object strucked by its abilities can also track the original source while in the form of ladybugs or snakes.
  • Time Master: Its abilities seem to have a temporal component — he can accelerate the growth of life, de-sync someone's sense of time, and speed up the healing process. The biggest clue to this aspect of his Stand is the Requiem version's ability to be completely fixed in the timeline within a single time frame, nullifying and reversing any actions taken against him.
  • Useless Accessory: As a reference to DIO’s Part 3 outfit, Gold Experience has suspenders on its hips that it never uses. The existence of the suspenders are even more pointless because Gold Experience doesn’t even have pants.
  • Walking Spoiler: The Requiem form only appears at the very end of the arc and ends the conflict quickly.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Not as obvious as some other examples in the series, but the destructive power of Gold Experience is nothing to write home about compared to the Stands of the previous main protagonists (only a C as opposed to Star Platinum's and Crazy Diamond's A), and its durability is pretty sub-par. But with it's life-giving abilities, it allows Giorno to create plants and animals to benefit him, turn the opponent's attacks against them, and make them lose sync with their bodies.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: To "create life", it requires environmental conditions that would allow at least some form of flora or fauna to be born, so if his surroundings are too cold or hot, Gold Experience will be relegated to its physical abilities.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change!: Gold Experience Requiem was able to violate Epitaph's prediction of Giorno's death.
  • World's Strongest Man: Gold Experience is definitely one of the top competitors of being this, as its Requiem ability allows to reset everything back to zero and gives its chosen target an infinite amount of deaths.
  • The Worf Effect:
    • Inflicts this on the nigh-invincible King Crimson to showcase Gold Experience Requiem's power.
    • In Eyes of Heaven, Gold Experience Requiem is soundly defeated by the reality-warping Heaven Ascended DIO and The World Over Heaven.