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Ash's Friends


Pablo Simon Bolivar
"I wish I had my rusty chain, yo!"
Played By: Ray Santiago

"Ash, I know you said that when I got hit I'd know what to do, but I just got hit and I don't know what to do!"

An idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash's loyal sidekick. Pablo believes in Ash's heroism, even if Ash himself doesn’t.

  • Adorkable: Due to being so socially inept, nervous and frighted...yet also brave and good-hearted.
  • Cowardly Lion: Meek, shy, and often terrified in the face of evil (and rightly so), but he never runs away from the fight. Most evident in "The Host" when he tries to force Eligos to possess him to save Kelly, despite claiming he's a pushover and won't struggle.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Although he can be a genuine badass when pushed, most of his offhand attempts to impress Kelly by being "cool" come off as less than remarkable. That being said, he does become surprisingly better as the series progresses, showing that while Pablo might be a Non-Action Guy he can be a badass when needed.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Kelly insists on calling him a "Powerful Vagina."
  • Gadgeteer Genius: In "Brujo," he starts building Ash a replacement mechanical hand.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: During his exorcism of Baal, he gets bisected by a sheet of broken glass. He gets better.
  • The Illegal: He absent-mindedly mentions he's "seen a lot between Honduras and here" in "El Jefe". After Ash mentions he once claimed to be from New Jersey, he immediately backpedals.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Ray Santiago's quite well built and he shows off his physique in season 2 where he's given quite a number of shirtless scenes.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Simón Bolívar was an important figure in the history of South America.
  • Orifice Evacuation: During the Season 1 finale, Ruby forced a Necronomicon-possessed Pablo to spawn an unspecified number of demon children, through his mouth.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: Much of his charm comes from how genial he stays while getting flustered or panicky.
  • Trauma Conga Line: He gets put through absolute hell in "The Dark One." First, he's possessed by the Necronomicon's face. Then, he's taken down to the cabin's cellar by Ruby, chained up, and cut so Ruby can use his blood to write new pages in the book, while Ruby forces him to spawn an unspecified number of demon children through Orifice Evacuation. Finally, he's Mind Raped into attacking Ash and Kelly. By the time Ash shows up, the poor kid literally begs him for a Mercy Kill.
    • Then in season 2, the Necronomicon infuses to his body!
  • Weapon of Choice: He discusses this with Kelly in "Fire in the Hole" after she mentions she'd like a flamethrower. He says a gun "felt kinda small" and suggests he'd be better suited to an axe, a crossbow, a TASER or a rusty chain. After crushing a Deadite between a tree and a truck bumper, he muses that maybe he's "a pick-up truck kinda guy." At the end of the episode, after mucking around with a rocket launcher he settles on a big-ass revolver.
  • You Are in Command Now: In the Grand Finale, Ash tells him that he's the Jefe now.


Kelly Maxwell
"Whatever's going down here, I am already on the wrong side of it, so no turnin' back now."
Played By: Dana Delorenzo

"Touch me again, and you're gonna need another wooden hand."

A moody wild child trying to outrun her past. Reluctantly dragged into the fight against evil with Ash and Pablo, Kelly finds a different kind of family with her fellow slayers.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Kelly is rather emotionally distant and snarky.
  • Angst? What Angst?: While not the most open person to begin with, she seems to take the brutal death of her father at the hands of her Deadite-turned deceased mother who than is cut apart by Ash fairly well things considering.
  • Blood Knight: From "The Killer of Killers" on-wards, it's shown she really likes fighting Deadites.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Very deadpan indeed, frequently engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat with Ash.
  • Demonic Possession: For a brief time, "Brujo" reveals that she's been possessed by Eligos. And the after effects seem to linger on with her.
  • Fun T-Shirt: In season 2, she wears one that reads "FUCK THE CLOCK"
  • Missing Mom: Her mother died in a car accident six months prior to the start of the series.
  • My Parents Are Dead: In the first episode, Ash flirts with her and tells her to tell her mother that she "passed her genes down to her in all the right places..." only for Kelly to reveal that her mother died in a car accident six months ago. She dies again later that day.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: In "Books From Beyond," she releases Amanda in exchange for her help... only for Amanda to try to arrest Ash, which leads to Eligos escaping the binding circle, killing Lionel, and nearly killing Ash and Pablo. Ash makes sure she knows it's her fault.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Kelly sure goes through it; her mother dies six months before the series begins, then she's attacked by Deadites, her mother seemingly returns to life only to reveal herself as a Deadite and die again, her father dying in the process, and to top it off she gets painfully possessed by Eligos!
  • Weapon of Choice: Early on in "Fire in the Hole" she mentions she'd like a flamethrower. By the end of the episode, she's decided she prefers the M4 carbine she procured from a Militia member.
    "Fuck a flamethrower, this guy's got girth!"
    • By season 2, she's traded it for an MP5K.


Amanda Fisher
Played By: Jill Marie Jones

A disgraced Michigan State Trooper set to find Ash and prove his responsibility in the grisly murder of her partner.

  • And Then John Was a Zombie: After she's killed by Ash's Evil Twin, she then falls victim to the same Demonic Possession gag as many before her.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Well she is certainly not the first character to be killed in this series, however she is the first main character to be killed off, so she counts.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: In "Ashes to Ashes," she's killed by first getting a meat cleaver chopped into her neck, and then falling and getting impaled on the deer head's antlers.
  • Death by Irony: Getting impaled by deer head antlers is almost exactly like how her partner died. This even gets a nod when the deer head falls and Amanda gets a flashback of her partner's impalement.
  • Fair Cop: She's certainly easy on the eyes. Ash even takes the time during an altercation with her to oogle her cleavage.
  • Hand Cannon: Inverted. Carries a small Derringer in an ankle holster as a backup piece, but it's shown to be powerful enough to blow a person's head clean off, and hold more rounds than the gun normally would.
  • Heel Realization: After seeing Ash in action in "Killer of Killers", she finally realizes that Ash isn't the bad guy she thought he was.
  • Impaled Palm: She gets stabbed clean through the hand with a pair of scissors in the first episode.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Happens to her after being attacked by Evil Ash, on the antlers of the deer head that fell from over the fireplace
  • Inspector Javert: Thinks Ash is deliberately causing the newfound murders of the county. While he is somewhat responsible, it was an accident on his part and he's trying to stop it. Even after directly encountering a demon alongside Ash, she's still trying to arrest him first and foremost. As of "The Killer of Killers," after fighting off Deadites in a diner alongside Ash, she seems to have realized that Ash is a good guy and is working with him.
  • Killed Off for Real: Played straight and somewhat subverted, Amanda herself is killed but her corpse still lives and walking around courtesy of being killed by a deadite (Evil Ash)
  • Lethally Stupid: If it wasn't for her rushing to arrest Ash in a situation she knew full well she had no clue about, Eligos wouldn't have escaped. Her decision to ignore Ash's repeated warnings about how dangerous the things at the cabin are gets her killed when she follows him up there.
  • Love Interest: The latter half of Season 1 develops her relationship with Ash to this point. Unfortunately, she quickly goes the way of Ash's last real lady friend, Linda, because Ash just isn't allowed a happy relationship...
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: If it wasn't for her trying to arrest Ash at the bookstore the binding circle would have remained intact and the demon wouldn't been released and kill Lionel.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Amanda is the first major character to die.
  • Shear Menace: A Deadite stabs her through the hand with scissors. She's later seen with her hand bandaged heavily up.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: Evil Ash kills her in "Ashes To Ashes" in order to antagonize Ash. Possibly Lampshaded in that he slams her head in a fridge door repeatedly during their fight. Also subverted. Amanda's clearly the most competent member of Ash's team, and potentially a bigger threat than Ash. Ash, at the least, doesn't have the potential to call down the state police into the situation.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Despite all that has happened, Amanda seems to think of herself in a cop drama chasing down a serial killer. She eventually joins his team.


Brandy Barr-Williams

Ash’s previously unknown daughter that he had when he married Candy Barr in a drug-fuelled haze and knocked her up.

  • Badass Boast: Gives one in "Judgment Day" when she decides to start fighting back.
    Brandy: That's it. You want me? I'm Ashy Slashy's daughter. Come on. Come get some!
  • Butt-Monkey: She got knocked out by a can of beans that was thrown by her demonically-possessed grandpa and later gets soaked in his gore when Ash impales Brock with a chainsaw.
  • Damsel in Distress: Brandy's not a butt-kicking monster slayer and so she ends up needing to get bailed occasionally. Justified as her role so far is to be the Team's "Normal" and normal people tend not to do well in the series.
  • Deadpan Snarker: During the times when she's not frozen in terror, she really likes to throw down the sarcasm.
  • Fingore: At the end of "Judgement Day," the tip of her thumb is bitten off by her demon-possessed cell phone.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: When Ash is in the midst of a Heroic BSoD in "The Mettle of Man," Brandy slaps his beer can out of his hand and gives him a Rousing Speech.
  • Like Father, Like Son: From "Judgment Day" onwards, she begins picking up Ash's quirks and habit for one-liners.
  • Long-Lost Relative: She's the newly discovered daughter of Ash Williams and that alone adds new dynamics to the series.
  • Only Sane Man: Unlike everyone else, Brandy is a normal person and reacts accordingly to the craziness surrounding her. That said, between the death of her mother and best friend and then watching her dad chainsaw her grandpa - she's holding up fairly well.
  • Rousing Speech: She gives one to Ash in "The Mettle of Man", doubling as Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!:
    Brandy: Enough! I don't know much about this Evil Dead crap, and I know even less about why it chose you, but it did. You're the Savior of Humanity, so get on your damn feet and own up to who you are! In the short time that I have known you, I have seen things that I never thought existed. Seen you do things that I never thought possible. You taught me to trust you. You taught me to believe in you, and I do. Please, don't let me down now.
  • The Stoner: Seen smoking a joint with her friend. When Ash is taking a hit off a bong in the Grand Finale, she attempts to take it as well, but Ash refuses to let her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After being the Damsel in Distress for most of her screentime, Brandy begins taking one in "Judgment Day." Being repeatedly tormented by demons in the workshed of Ash's home, she grabs a knife and fights back, ultimately killing one with a snow plow.


Elk Grove

    Linda B. 

Linda B. Emery

Played By: Michelle Hurd

Linda B. was Ash's high school sweetheart until he left her for a girl named Linda. Sometime after Ash and his friends never returned from a weekend trip, Linda married the sheriff of Elk Grove, Thomas Emery. When he returns to his home town, he finds that she's now a waitress working at their mutual friend's Chet Kaminski's bar. Linda B., unlike the other people in their hometown, doesn't believe he's responsible for Cheryl's death and think he's innocent. She also, deep down, may still harbor feelings for Ash.

  • Action Survivor: Much like Pablo and Kelly when they first showed up, Linda's a normal person thrust into a world of Deadites who starts to fend for herself.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: She disappears after Season 2, and is never seen or mentioned in Season 3.
  • New Old Flame: Dated Ash back in high-school. Ash seems to still carry something of a torch for her.
  • One Steve Limit: Shares the same first name with Ash's original girlfriend, Linda. And shockingly Linda B. is not a Suspiciously Similar Substitute.


Brock Williams
Played By: Lee Majors

Ash’s surly father. He was once the owner of Elk Grove’s thriving hardware store, but ever since his son was labeled a serial killer his business has tanked. Now he spends his days in his easy chair watching television or enjoying a beer or ten at the Elk Lounge Bar. He is none too pleased to see his son is back in town and makes sure Ash knows it. But deep down he might just still love him a little bit.

  • Always Someone Better: Brocks trounces his son in the bucking bronco contest and did so while grabbing a woman and pulling her on it with him. He also always has a history of stealing Ash's girlfriends.
  • Back from the Dead: Resurrected by Ruby in season 3. Kinda.
  • Dirty Old Man: He's arguably even worse than his son, having no qualms whatsoever against hitting on and even getting it on with a teenager (which was really a disguised Deadite, but still...), and having "Brock Williams has wood" as the slogan of his firewood business.
    Brock: Brock Williams. You can call me "Cock."
  • I Have No Son!: He essentially turned his back on Ash after the incident at the cabin, which led to Ash being labeled a Serial Killer and ostracized by everyone in Elk Grove. In Ash's words, they were "dead to each other." As it turns out, he believes that Ash killed Cheryl and his friends just like everyone else.
  • It Runs in the Family: Like his son, he's quite a flirt.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's an old lech who has an antagonistic relationship with Ash, but deep down he's a good man who's wrestling with his own personal problems.
  • Surprisingly Sudden Death: He's rather suddenly mowed down by the possessed Delta right in front of Ash.
  • Sacrificial Lion: As noted above, his death was sudden and unexpected, and very brutal as well.
  • Shout-Out: Come on... Ash and Brock? All that's missing is a Misty.
  • Spirit Advisor: Appears posthumously to Ash during his battle with the possessed Delta to offer advice. He later comes back during "Unfinished Business" as a ghost.


Chet Kaminski

Played By: Ted Raimi

Ash's best friend from high school who never left the party. He's always willing to help Ash in a bind, especially if the solution means partying at the bar he owns, going to a strip club, throwing a rager or breaking and entering. Unlike most people in Elks Grove, he believes Ash is innocent in the murder of Cheryl and their friends.


Sheriff Thomas Emery

Played By: Stephen Lovatt

A former high school Hall Monitor turned town Sheriff. He claims to love the law, but really he uses his badge to hide his insecurities and with Ash back in town, he’s got a lot of them. He’s married to Ash’s former flame, Linda B. When a town on the brink of Armageddon pushes her and their daughter, Lacey, into the arms of his biggest nemesis and his allies, the Sheriff turns to the dark side for help to get rid of Ash once and for all.

  • Asshole Victim: Gets shot in the leg by Ruby, not that anyone is sympathetic. He later gets dumped by Linda because of his behavior but in his defense, Baal was screwing with him by playing on his hatred of Ash.
  • Butt-Monkey: Kelly always manages to humiliate him and continues to do so, even when Thomas is trying to arrest the Ghostbeaters.
  • Freudian Excuse: Being bullied by Ash and unable to tell anyone without being humiliated, it's really no wonder he turned out to be the control freak that he did.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: He attempts this with Deadite!Lacey. It doesn't take.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: For all his hostility towards the Ghostbeaters, he still genuinely loves his wife and daughter.
  • Off with His Head!: Gets his head torn off by Deadite!Lacey.
  • Potty Failure: As a youth, he peed his pants at school due to Ash preventing him from reaching the bathroom on time. He remains so mortified over this incident that after Kelly assaults him and knocks him unconscious in the present day he makes no attempt to arrest her, as thanks to Ash pouring Faygo on his crotch while he was out, he believes he peed his pants again while unconscious.
  • Supernatural-Proof Father: The last one to believe in the forces of evil, even after his wife and daughter were begging him to believe them.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Baal alleges that a summer before the series Thomas solicited a prostitute.


Lacey Emery

Played By: Pepi Sonuga

Daughter of Linda B. Emery and Sheriff Thomas Emery. She’s a rebellious 20-something that finds herself in the wrong Delta 88 at the wrong time. Thankfully she finds solace and safety with Ash, Pablo and Kelly until her own father makes her a pawn in his game to take down Ash.

  • Action Survivor: She fairs a lot better than her friends, who all died from the Necronomicon possessed Delta 88.
  • And The Lacey Was a Deadite: Baal abducts her to ensure Thomas ans Linda B.'s cooperation, but then reneges on his deal and turns her into a Deadite anyway.
  • Fell Into The Cockpit: Gets caught up in the whole business with Ash and the deadites because she happened to be in Delta when it got possessed.
  • Forced to Watch: As the unwilling passenger of the possessed Delta, she is given a front-row seat to witness the brutal deaths of all her friends.
  • Rebellious Teen: Hangs out with a rowdy crowd even though her father is the town sheriff.



Played By: James Russell

Lacey's loving and rebellious boyfriend who's the de-facto leader of their group of friends. He steals Ash's Delta 88 after Ash and Kelly yell at him.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Rammed by the possessed Delta, and then set on fire by the hellish fire coming out of the exhaust pipes.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's belligerent and steals Ash's car, but he's also a loyal boyfriend to Lacey. When they're being hunted by the car he sticks by the injured Tyler and tries to help him instead of running.

    Tyler, Marcus and Amber 

Tyler, Marcus and Amber

Played By: Taylor Barrett, Joel Hewlett, Olivia Mahood

Blake and Lacey's group of stoner friends who help steal Ash's Delta 88.

  • Asshole Victims
  • Cruel and Unusual Death:
    • Marcus is dispatched with his fingers being cut off by the possessed Delta's passenger side door and then, while he is running away, is killed when one of the hubcaps flies through his back like a boomerang.
    • Tyler is gets his head mushed by the possessed Delta back tire.
  • Death by Sex: Amber and Tyler are about to have sex in the Delta, only Amber to read from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis leading to her Demonic Possession and the below mentioned Groin Attack. She later tries to do the same to Brock only to be killed by Ash with his chainsaw.
  • Demonic Possession: Amber is quick to fall under the Evil Dead presence.
  • Fingore: The Possessed Delta slams its door on Marcus's hand, slicing off three of his fingers.
  • Groin Attack: Deadite Amber bites off Tyler's penis off and he is left to bleed to death.
  • The Stoner: They all are, but Marcus is the one who tokes most of their weed.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Every single of them, but Tyler runs out into the open after being warned by Blake not to do so and gets killed by the possessed Delta.



Played By: Lucinda Hare

A female cop who is the first character to encounter Baal.



Played By: Shareena Clanton

A female cop that becomes scared by the events happening in the police station.



Played By: Medulla Oblongata

A black transgender prostitute, whom Chet regularly solicits for sex.

Other Characters



Played By: Hemky Madera

Pablo's tio, and a shaman who knows a lot about the dark arts.

  • Actually Pretty Funny: While he can barely stand Ash, he can't resist chuckling to Ash's quip that people who underestimate him "end up either in [his] bed or dead."
  • And Then Brujo Was a Skeleton: Played with. Though Brujo's spirit is confirmed to be safe in the afterlife, the totemic barrier against evil he constructed around his home begins to break down and catch on fire along with his physical body, allowing the Kandarian demon to possess his corpse as a flaming, skeletal Deadite by the time Ruby and Amanda arrive.
  • Collector of the Strange: Because of his calling, he's amassed a huge collection of supernatural and shamanistic ephemera, from the evil-repelling totems in his yard to some highly questionable stuff inside his barn.
    "And that's why we never fool with demons. Your Uncle Esteban fooled with demons, and look what happened to him." (Points to a blackened, preserved head dangling from the rafters)
  • Due to the Dead: After being killed by Eligos, Ash, Pablo, and Kelly make him a funeral pyre.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" / No Name Given: Not even Pablo calls him by his true name, if he still has one.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: He is swatted away and impaled by Eligos during the final struggle to exorcise Kelly.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He doesn't like Ash and doesn't mind showing it, but nonetheless tries to help him.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Not long after reconciling with his nephew and past pupil Pablo, he dies, thus passing the torch to his nephew.
  • Some Kind of Force Field: His house is protected by a barrier that prevents any evil from entering. Eligos seems to have been able to bypass this by possessing Kelly.
  • Spirit Advisor: After he passes to the realm beyond, his spirit remains to guide Pablo through the Santa Muerte medallion he bequeaths to him.
  • "Well Done, Nephew!" Guy: Raised Pablo in the traditions and ways of brujeria, a part of his cultural heritage that he holds dear, and feels betrayed that his nephew chose to cast it aside to, of all things, work a crappy retail job at the local Value Stop. They manage to reconcile before his death, with Brujo asking forgiveness and admitting that Pablo does indeed have a powerful gift if he was able to seek out and recognize El Jefe in a light so dim as Ash's.


Mr. Roper

Played By: Damien Garvey

Ash and Pablo's Jerkass boss at Value Stop.

  • And Then Mr. Roper Was A Deadite: Self-explanatory.
  • Bad Boss: Insulting, cruel, and sadistic to his employees, particularly after his transformation. Roper's shabby treatment of Ash in particular is only partially justified by the fact that, as a senior employee, Ash is basically unfireable, and a lazy goldbrick to boot.
  • Danger Takes A Back Seat: As a Deadite, he hides out in the backseat of Ash's Oldsmobile.
  • Dying as Yourself: He apparently retains enough of his old self to really enjoy attempting to murder Ash, gleefully saying how he's always hated him and thinks he's a "sad old failure".
  • Jerkass Has a Point: His Jerkass attitude towards Ash is somewhat justified, since Ash is a lazy, irresponsible goof who's taken multiple days off of work under the pretense of taking care of his "dear friend" Eli, a ruse that Roper apparently found out about:
    Roper: Are you really going to use your fucking lizard as an excuse to get out of work again?
    Ash (Beat) ...I am.
  • Off with His Head!: After getting one last word in ("Thanks for the heads-up"), Ash shoves Deadite!Roper's head out the Oldsmobile's window to get annihilated by a speeding car in the other lane. Pablo even comments afterwards on what a great one-liner it was.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Considers himself qualified to call Ash a "retard" because "my gardener is a huge one".


Suzy Maxwell

Played By: Mimi Rogers

Kelly’s mother, who was turned into a Deadite to lure Ash.


Lionel Hawkins

Played By: Kelson Henderson

The owner of a rare books store and expert in the occult.

  • Admiring the Abomination: He can barely contain his glee when Ash presents him with the Necronomicon.
  • And Then Lionel Was A Deadite: Turns out, you don't need to be killed by a Deadite to turn into a Deadite, getting killed by any demon will do the trick.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: He learns this the hard way when he summons the demon Eligos without having the banishing incantation ready in case the circle breaks.
  • Eye Scream: Eligos smashes a window, levitates the shards, and stabs him multiple times with them, one embedding itself in his eye. As a Deadite it's still in his head.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: By Ruby.
  • Mr. Exposition: He spouts exposition about the origins of the Necronomicon and it's purposes.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: As is evidenced by his store, and he's very excited to summon a demon.
    Pablo: Hey, will you tell him that we shouldn't be doing this?
    Lionel: I've been waiting, my entire life to commune with the darkness.
    Ash: See? He loves it.
  • Off with His Head!: By Ruby, who then crushes it.



Played By: Peter Feeney

A casual reprobate acquaintance of Ash's.

  • The Alcoholic: He's quite proud of himself for going "off the sauce, almost nine days"; Ash isn't quite sure how to respond. Eventually, it's revealed that Ash quit drinking with him because Lem couldn't handle his liquor as well. By the next time we see him, he's drinking kerosene; of course, to be fair, he's a Deadite by then.
  • And Then Lem Was a Deadite: Despite fleeing the carnage at the diner, he was eventually hunted down and consumed by The Force in the woods near his compound. He's a particularly strong and clever Deadite, too, able to make short work of multiple armed survivalists before retreating to their underground bunker and hiding in the darkened tunnels.
  • Crazy Survivalist: He recently joined a local militia, and makes mention of using Ash's former employee discount as a hook-up to hoard typical prepper supplies for them like ammo and toilet paper.
    Lem: "Always Be Stockpiling", that's their motto.
    Ash: That's a dumb motto.
    Lem: I joined after they came up with it.
  • Playing with Fire: When cornering Ash and Amanda in the bunker, he guzzles diesel and kerosene straight from the jerrycan, cracks a flare, and belches jets of flame at them.



Played By: Samara Weaving

An Australian camper who stumbles upon the cabin an becomes embroiled with Ash’s problems.

  • Contrived Coincidence: How she becomes involved in the events of the show, since she and her friends stumble upon a cabin in the middle of the woods that's been abandoned for decades on the very night that supernatural forces descend upon it.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: In "The Dark One," her demise at the hands of the possessed cabin isn't very pleasant. In this order, she's thrown about the room, the sofa lands on her wounded leg, numerous nails impale her, and she's dragged screaming into a room with a red glow. The next time we see her, she's in pieces.
  • Mauve Shirt: She given is given a bit more focus than most other minor characters, and was seemly set up to be a major character in the Season 1 finale, and possible even the next season, only to be unceremoniously killed off.
  • Romantic False Lead: She and Pablo enjoy a mutual flirtation that serves no narrative purpose other than to jump-start Kelly's previously platonic feelings for Pablo.
  • Screaming Woman: From the moment she crosses paths with her first Deadite she cuts loose with the screaming at every opportunity.
  • Third Wheel: She’s in a camping trip in the middle of nowhere with a couple of recently engaged Sickeningly Sweethearts even though she doesn’t even like camping.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Since the moment she crossed paths with her first Deadite, things only went from bad to worse.
  • Twisted Ankle: Her leg gets broken in a very gruesome manner, severely limiting her mobility.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: She wears a tiny pair of shorts... they're the only article of clothing that stays on her chopped up remains.




Played By: A lizard

Ash's pet bearded dragon.

  • Cool Pet: He's a bearded dragon.
  • To Serve Man: In "Bait," Ash feeds him a piece of Deadite!Roper's flesh.
  • Spirit Advisor: He speaks in Ash's Vision Quest, and gives him advice along with Brujo on how to banish his negative qualities.



A young man who works with Kelly to take out Deadites. He's a member of the Knights of Sumeria, an order dedicated to getting rid of the Necronomicon.


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