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  • In Angel Densetsu, it's a small wonder Ryoko or Ikuno still finds people bothering them. You'd guess that after beating up half the city's delinquents, the other half would smart up a bit.
  • Armitage III: This happens to Armitage, in what is possibly her most dehumanizing and monstrous scene in the first OVA. They see a small woman and assume she's easy pickings, but once she drops her cloak and they can see the battle damage she sustained earlier in the series, they realize they've made a huge mistake.
  • Justified in Assassination Classroom. Every single one of Class E's students is being taught by a Chivalrous Pervert Eldritch Abomination Smiley Face known as "Korosensei" (the name reads as 'unkillable teacher') in the fine arts of assassination...specifically, he's teaching them to attempt to assassinate him, a monster who has a slew of defensive tactics, inhuman special powers, and a speed of Mach 20. However, the assassination training is supposed to be kept a secret to the world, so the 95% of the school that isn't Class E still pick on the hard-luck cases and trouble children from that group.
    • Takaoka thinks that Nagisa, a small, shy, and sincere Class E student, will be an easy target to beat up and humiliate in front of the entire class. He quickly becomes the victim of a nasty surprise when Nagisa nearly slits his throat simply by walking up to him and taking him down with a clothes pull.
    • When a group of the school's 'educational elite' attempt to intimidate other members of Class E during test finals, the upper-class students make the mistake of saying they should risk their lives on the wager of the outcomes of the tests. Instantly all five 'elite' students find (thankfully blunt) objects jabbed into their jugular veins the moment they finish speaking, courtesy of the Class E students.
    • During a class trip to Hokaido, a gang of delinquents from a local school steal the field diary of one of the girls, and after a quick skim, decide the girls are upper class twits that would be easy pickings for kidnapping, ransom, and a bit of fun. Nagisa, Karma, and Koro-sensei track them down, and deliver unto them a beating that they will never forget.
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    • At the finale, Nagisa is put in charge of teaching a class of delinquents each over twice his size, and armed with weapons. After he politely asks them to sit down so he can start the class, all of them take offense to "being ordered around," and one of them comes at him with a weapon, grabbing him by the collar, and threatening to kill him. Nagisa shows the thug just how easily the thug could be the one on the floor in a pool of his own blood by putting his middle finger on the jugular of the assailant after pulling him down into a sleeper hold before smiling and calmly going back to teaching class like nothing happened. The delinquents are properly horrified.
  • The Asterisk War: In the anime-only episode 8, Kirin is just learning to swim under Saya's tutelage and bumps into Alpha Bitch Violet Weinberg by accident in the pool. Violet starts bullying her, and Kirin is too much of a Shrinking Violet (no pun intended) to bring up the fact that she was, until the previous episode, Seidoukan Academy's #1 rank. When Saya, unranked but with enough prowess to be a Page One, defends Kirin, Violet challenges Saya to a duel. Violet is ranked 35th at Queenvale Girls' Academy, the least-dueling-focused school in Asterisk, so you can guess how that went.
  • Baccano!:
    • In the first episode, Firo has his fingers cut off by a random beggar after he sees just how much money Firo is carrying around. The fingers in question instantly reattach themselves, and he asks: "Did you do this knowing that I am Firo Prochainezo of the Martillo family?" Following this, the beggar promptly has his face rearranged by his would-be victim.
    • Not to mention the two different would-be villains who, one immediately after the other, try to murder that one redheaded conductor, not realizing that he's everyone's favorite Sociopathic Hero Claire Stanfield. Bad idea. Really bad idea.
    • In the Light Novels, Ennis remembers an incident in which someone tried to mug her and wound up getting killed by her master/"father", the immortal Mad Scientist Szilard.
    • Also in the Light Novels, Monica encounters a couple of sailors on shore-leave that have rather ill intentions towards her. Not only does she slice the leader's arm open, she does it so fast that they don't even realize she's the culprit (allowing her to play innocent bystander and point them to the nearest medical facilities).
  • Early in Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature, a motorcycle gang chases down what they take to be a woman in a trench coat. She packs quite a scratch, leaving all but Ryo wounded with no wounds herself. It's later revealed that this woman was the titular Bagi and that she was a cat previously owned by Ryo, explains why she didn't attack him.
  • Black Lagoon: At first, people in Roanapur tend to seriously underestimate the Lovelace family Meidos, Roberta and Fabiola. Since either of them could give the Terminator a very busy, bad time, things get interesting really quickly whenever this happens.
    • Likewise when the Florida mafia, who are after Greenback Jane, tries to intimidate Eda by shooting the church door next to her. Bad move, made even worse by the fact that Revy is also there, and the bullet shattered her drink. And made even worse by the fact that even if Revy wasn't there, it's still a church full of gunslingers that run local arms dealing. And to top it off, we have Lobos (who does know better) constantly telling Mr. Elvis, the shooter, not to shoot at anyone.
    • Chaka also did this with Revy. Eager to engage her in a gunfight, he decided to provoke her by beating the shit out of Rock and later brags about having a body count that she passed years ago (10 kills for Chaka against 13 kills on the first episode for Revy). Needless to say, it does not end well for him.
  • In Blassreiter, young harmless Malek and his only friend Johann are ridiculed by the upperclass German natives, who look down on them for being immigrants. Once Malek becomes an Amalgam, this ends up being a bad idea.
  • Bleach:
    • Kenpachi Zaraki vs Nnoitra Jiruga. Nnoitra ripping off his eyepatch is probably the biggest mistake in the whole series, if not all of anime.
    • Also, when normal people try to beat up Ichigo, he usually wins. Even when he's unrealistically outnumbered. This is somewhat Truth in Television as in real life, when regular joes try to gang up on a battle hardened soldier trained in The Spartan Way (like Ichigo and his repeated Training from Hell) they tend to get curbstomped. Almost uncanny spatial awareness and an almost animal battle instinct are almost mandatory side effects for people like that, because if they don't have it, they die. Of course, they don't win perfectly every time effortlessly like he does.
  • In Blue Sonnet, the titular character finds herself threatened with box cutter-wielding juvenile delinquents who want to steal her lunch money under the impression that she's a sheltered foreign rich girl when actually she's a tank-busting supervillain who grew up in the worst part of New York City. The trope is averted because she doesn't want to blow her cover and so hesitates long enough for a not-strictly-necessary rescue to show up. The motorcycle gang earlier in the movie were less lucky.
  • In the prologue of Bokura no Kiseki, a group of upperclassman bullies choose protagonist Harusumi as their next target. He puts up with it at first, but when they go too far, he nearly ends up attacking them with magic that would certainly have killed them. In the end, he ends up knocking them out with a weaker spell, in the process freaking them out too much to ever mess with him again.
  • At the beginning of Brave10 S, a group of bandits tries to mug an assortment of Braves making their way back home. Considering they're all anti-heroes and Kamanosuke used to mug people for entertainment, this goes exceedingly poorly for them.
  • Tokiko was trying to invoke this trope in the first chapter of Buso Renkin, but was thwarted by Kazuki's Senseless Sacrifice.
  • In Cat's Eye, the Kisugi sisters are attacked by crooks or other delinquents in multiple occasions. As the Kisugi sisters are also Cat's Eye, the titular group of Phantom Thieves that can steal anything and are combat trained, physically stronger than the average man and extremely agile, the delinquents are lucky if the sister they bothered simply steals their belts and tells Toshio (a police officer and boyfriend of the middle sister) they harassed her.
  • A Certain Magical Index opens with a group of tough customers trying to harass a middle school girl. The hero intervenes and then leads the punks on a merry chase. It was then that it was revealed that he was trying to save them from being electrocuted by the girl they were harassing, who was actually one of the strongest espers in the city. A Certain Scientific Railgun shows their first meeting under similar circumstances. In fact, she gets menaced by gangs on a fairly regular basis, even though she's wearing the uniform of a school where every student is at least a Level 3 Esper.
  • It's almost a Running Gag in City Hunter: one or more crooks will harass one of the protagonists or a recurring character only to discover the hard way that the two less dangerous ones are a tomboyish woman who carries an Hyperspace Mallet and multiple grenades and can beat up grown men bare-handed and a gorgeous woman who is a former cop and a Magnificent Bastard and carries a .357 Magnum handgun.
    • The most epic example is in a filler chapter, when a shotgun-wielding bank robber tries to take refuge in the Cat's Eye Cafe (a coffee house whose owners are two Hitmen With A Heart) while one of the owners was away but the one who was there was the gigantic Umibozu and our protagonist Ryo was helping him. As soon as they decide that Umibozu should deal with him, the shotgun has the barrel bent.
  • Cowboy Bebop:
    • In the two-part episode "Jupiter Jazz", the same group of thugs try to mug Faye and then Spike. It doesn't end well for them either time, particularly since their leader makes the mistake of calling Spike by the name of his rival Vicious. By the time Jet encounters them, the badly roughed-up leader is sulking in an alley declaring he's done trying to rob out-of-towners.
    • Happens in at least another episode when a thug tries to mug Spike using a knife. He is dispatched with no effort whatsoever. Spike in general seems to attract this, because people just assume thin equals weak, and he's definitely not weak.
  • Darker Than Black:
    • One unruly client wants to leave a restaurant without paying and beats those who try to stop him. Including the waiter, a guy who was nicknamed "the Black Reaper" before he got super powers. And the place was owned by Yakuza to boot. The only reason he didn't get zapped senseless or stabbed within seconds of his first punch was that Hei was undercover.
    • Also none-too-bright: Goons are meeting November 11 to arrange a deal. He brings a bunch of money as a down payment. They break off negotiations halfway through, and he goes to pick up the money and leave... at which point a thug slams his hand down on the briefcase and blows smoke in November's face. Whoops. He gets his arm frozen off. The second guy gets stabbed through the eye with the contents of a cup of coffee. Their boss tries to get away, but April causes a rainstorm and November froze his feet to the ground. November 11 gets his information, and said boss ends into a much more fatal than usual Human Popsicle. See, that's why you should cooperate with the nice sociopaths.
  • In Date A Live, Kurumi Tokisaki is walking home from school when she runs into three thugs who drag her into an alley intending to rape her. Little do they know that she is a powerful and psychotic spirit. She stains the alley with their blood and walks away thanking them for the meal.
  • Detective Conan: Most main-adjacent characters who look like harmless high school students are terrifyingly competent in some form of martial art, though love interest/karate champion Ran probably holds the record for Most Failed Hostage-Taking Attempts. And of course, the protagonist looks like an undersized elementary school student, and is actually a genius outfitted with weapons that could have been stolen from Inspector Gadget. That goes well for so many criminals.
  • In Digimon Frontier, Sagittarimon tries this on the digidestined, but they are saved by Angemon. Still, he comes back with some Centaurmon to back him up, only to be beaten up by the digidestined.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In an episode, some random crook shoots Tao Paipai. Without warning. From behind. Tao Paipai deflects the bullet straight at the attacker with his hand.
    • In fact, this is how Son Goku meets several of his future friends in the first series. Both Yamucha and Oolong first attempted to rob or take advantage of him because he was "just a little kid", only to be taught very quickly that Goku is no one to trifle with. Fortunately for them, Goku will forgive almost anyone.
    • Goku's first visit to the big city has him accosted by a pair of thugs. After Goku takes down one thug, the other is more than happy (And scared spitless) to help him out.
    • In the first episode of the series, Bulma shoots Goku several times after he threatened her, although she did hit him with her car. The bullets barely hurt him.
    • During the Crossover with Doctor Slump, General Blue tries to prevent Goku from attacking him by holding Arale at knifepoint. It does work at first, as Goku doesn't know about Arale's strength either, but then he tries to kill Goku, and Arale sends him flying to Egypt.
    • Some Red Ribbon Army mooks try to kidnap Master Roshi, thinking he was the scientist who invented the Dragon Radar and that he is a frail old man. He effortlessly kicks their asses until they take Launch hostage, but then she sneezes and unleashes her Super-Powered Evil Side.
    • The Red Ribbon Army's interaction with Goku starts out as this. They believed that he is just some kid and don't really take him seriously. It is not until he brings down Muscle Tower that they begin to see him as a true threat. After that, it becomes a clear case of Bullying a Dragon.
    • Dragon Ball Z:
      • When Raditz first arrives on Earth he is accosted by a farmer wielding a gun. The farmer shoots him only to have Raditz catch the bullet and half-heartedly toss it back hard enough to kill him.
      • During the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta and Nappa crashland on an alien planet inhabited by Insectoid Aliens during their journey to Earth. The planet is ruled over by an Evil Overlord who usurped the throne and oppresses his people, and the two Saiyan warriors are promptly thrown in jail. After they get bored they decide to overthrow the tyrant and kill everyone in their path.
      • The Ginyu Force truly believed that Goku was just a little punk with a power of only 5,000. By the time he was finished with them, only Jeice was left standing.
      • In a filler episode, Mr. Shuu, Gohan's sadistic tutor spends his time whipping the boy who could blow up the planet with a finger. Then said tutor insults Goku in front of both Gohan and Chichi, the latter of whom beats the hell out of him and throws him out a window.
      • The androids 17 and 18 are attacked by a group of gangsters. Those are thrown into the sky.
      • Catapy deserves special mention for thinking he could tickle Goku into submission. It ends with him flying a couple hundred feet in the air.
      • When Mr. Satan is trying to reform Majin Buu, a pair of gunmen try to take matters into their own hands and kill Buu. Note that Buu is a nigh-unstoppable Blob Monster who's nearly depopulated the Earth in a few days by now, and they go after him with a rocket launcher and machine gun, which were rendered completely ineffective against most fighters way back in Dragon Ball. Their assassination attempts mostly just confuse Buu. Shooting Mr. Satan and Bee the puppy has more effect... in that it completely enrages Buu, who spawns Evil Buu (and consequently Super Buu), who horribly murder the two idiots.
      • Majin Buu, now a nice guy, is shot during a hold-up in a jewelry. Being a blob, he absorbs the bullet, spits it out, then playfully throws it back with enough strength to put a crater in the wall behind the crooks. Said crooks promptly gave up and surrender to the police. Gohan and Videl show up and strike a pose reminiscent of the Ginyu Force only to be completely confused about why the bad guys are surrendering before they beat anybody up.
      • When Vegeta is at the tournament waiting for his match, a guy walks up to him and constantly berates him. Vegeta then knocks the guy out with an Offhand Backhand.
    • In Dragon Ball GT, some kidnappers decide to get a ransom out of Bulma by kidnapping her daughter, Bra. Rather than the predictable result of drawing the wrath of her Saiyan father, however, Hilarity Ensues and they end up kidnapping Goku, who was recently aged down to about 10 or so. Goku being Goku, he ignorantly hangs out with them as they try (and miserably fail) to ransom him off. Finally, while driving around looking for a phone, Goku overhears them and flies off, only to return with a telephone booth he has casually uprooted. They wisely decided to drop the plan.
    • In Dragon Ball Super some muggers try to hold up Goku and steal his car. At this point, he's a Physical God so they have ridiculously less of a chance than usual.
  • In Durarara!!, a panicked Nasujima tries to rob the first person he sees after running from Anri. The first person he sees happens to be Heiwajima Shizuo. The same author created Baccano! (see above); it would seem he's fond of this.
  • Elfen Lied: Lucy had a pretty miserable childhood due to other kids constantly bullying her because of her horns. Lucy hardened her heart and stoically put up with their abuse for a long time... until they realized they'd get more of a reaction out of her if they beat her puppy to death while she watched helplessly. What they didn't know was that Lucy had horns because she was a diclonius, a condition that also came with the ability to tear people apart with her mind. And thus, a cute little girl who could theoretically wipe out humanity in a matter of years was filled with an overwhelming hatred for people.
  • Fairy Tail
    • Some street punks mistake Gajeel for his wimpy alternate-universe counterpart. He kicks their asses.
    • An even better example occurs post-timeskip, in which Makarov has a meeting with the Guild Master of Twilight Ogre, who was dumb enough to think Makarov was just another dwarf-sized old man, and from that tried to extort money from him. It especially didn't help that Makarov brought Erza and Mirajane with him to said meeting. In this case the Guild Master of Twilight Ogre had already pushed their Berserk Buttons, they went there to talk and calmly repay the debt of them destroying their propriety and hurting their Guild Mates for 7 years.
  • Fist of the North Star:
    • How many times has this happened to Kenshiro? Every page. Every single page. Everywhere he goes, he is instantly attacked by crazy maniac Road Warrior people whose destiny is to literally explode after he strikes them. You would think word of this man would get around. Although that would require some bad guys being left alive to spread said word. Given what usually happens to them when they mess with him... yeah.
    • Rei is introduced this way, although he does it on purpose. By putting on a hood and cloak, bandits mistake him for a woman (although how they can mistake anyone with that kind of shoulder and chest musculature for a woman is anyone's guess) and harass him, whereupon he promptly kills them and takes their supplies.
  • Franken Fran:
    • In one chapter, some sex slavers try to kidnap Veronica. She slaughters them all and leaves their informant alive to explain the mess.
    • In another chapter, some thugs attempt a school kidnapping, while Veronica and Gavrill were there (The latter as a replacement teacher). Terrible idea for them, as it was delightful news for Gavrill, who's been holding back her lust for bloodshed the entire chapter.
  • Happens in Fullmetal Alchemist: Serial killer Barry the Chopper attempts to accost and attack a young woman walking home late at night. What Barry doesn't realize is that the young woman is one 1st Lt. Riza Hawkeye, who is a war vet and experienced sniper. In an amusing twist on the usual result, her poise wins his (twisted) adoration and he happily surrenders himself to her custody.
  • Episode 2 of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu has a gang of delinquents picking a fight with main character Sagara Sousuke, a paranoid 16 year old sergeant of a top-secret UN counter-terrorist force who is undercover as a bodyguard for main heroine Chidori Kaname.
    Kyoko: You're really woried about Sōsuke, aren't you.
    Kaname: (facepalm) No. I'm more worried about those guys surviving.
  • In Gantz, Nishi's classmates are calling him a psychopath and are constantly bullying him (going as far as throwing him of the second floor window), then they find out that he really is a heartless killer that has no real problema with killing others and have both the equipment and fighting experience of a super-soldier.
  • Kurudo Akabane of Get Backers fame gets so much of this. People have attempted to mug and antagonize him so many times...including, occasionally, the protagonists. Considered that Akabane is considered one of the, if not the, most powerful characters in the series' universe, it usually ends pretty badly for the muggers.
  • Kumiko Yamaguchi of Gokusen is very short and thin. What idiots who attack her don't know is she grew up in a house full of Yakuza who taught her how to fight.
  • Most Gundam series start off like this: the antagonists invade the colony that the protagonist faction is testing the resident Gundam in, whether to search out for said Gundam or to attack the colony itself. After the antagonists make mincemeat out of the defending forces, the main hero will "accidentally" end up in the Gundam's cockpit and activate it. The trope kicks in when the antagonists notice the Gundam's activation and, thinking it's like any other mobile suit, attack it... only to realize that their weapons can't penetrate the Gundam's armor, and much more the Gundam is packing more heat than their suits.
  • Gunsmith Cats:
    • Anyone who attempts to rob the home of Irene "Rally" Vincent will quickly learn why breaking into the residence of a gun shop owner/bounty hunter and the lover/apprentice of the mob's #1 bomb specialist is a very bad idea.
    • Then there was that guy who tried to steal Bean Bandit's cargo from him. It's amazing how many people keep trying to double-cross or con him, even though it's common knowledge that entire gangs have disappeared overnight after trying to make a fool of him.
  • In Hajime no Ippo it's shown during his fight with Takamura that Brian Hawk was nearly mugged in the streets of New York. Of course, it wasn't successful as Hawk proceeded to beat the mugger nearly to death with his bare hands.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team episode 5: While Taro and Konoe are out of the mansion they're approached by three thugs who proposition Konoe and grab Taro. Konoe responds with martial arts attacks that quickly drive the thugs off.
  • In Heavy Object a band of kidnappers call Froleytia's private line to try and ransom her daughter. It turns out they had the wrong number and managed to push every one of Froleytia's buttons while giving her a legitimate excuse to send her soldiers after them. When the caller realizes he has the wrong number, he hangs up while wailing in terror.
  • High School Dx D: Issei runs into this a couple times. Most notably, a Mook tries to challenge him one on one. Since the baddy is a shadow-based Elemental Shapeshifter, he seems to do okay. And then he attacks the child with Issei. Issei pulls the child to his chest, slams his Made of Diamond wings shut around her, and lights the whole building on fire. Phasing doesn't protect you from heat...
  • Part of Saeko's backstory in High School Of The Dead: a would-be rapist runs afoul with a 14-year-old girl... who happens to be the best swordswoman in the country. Who happens to be carrying a training sword. She thoroughly enjoyed beating the man to a bloody pulp.
  • Inu × Boku SS: In the first episode, a human burglar breaks into the mansion and tries to take Ririchiyo hostage, demanding money. He finds he's bitten off more than he can chew when everybody, including Ririchiyo, reveals themselves to be supernatural beings.
  • Inuyasha:
    • This is practically a Running Gag, as 95% of the time you ever see bandits (or arrogant feudal lords leading dozens of armed men), you know in five minutes they're gonna be scraped off the floor after meeting the Monster of the Week. The rest of the time, they'll last just long enough to harass one or more of the heroes. Sango is a popular target, being a beautiful woman living in deeply misogynistic feudal Japan, but her complete lack of superpowers doesn't stop her from slaying demons for a living.
    • A group of demon-slaying priests happened to run into Sesshomaru. It falls short of Bullying a Dragon because while they did know he was a demon, they were wholly ignorant of just how powerful he was.
    • The movie The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass features a group of bandits that attempt to mug Hojo while Inu-Yasha, Kagome and Shippo are passing by. This is after Inu-Yasha has had a phenomenally bad day.
    Shippo: I'm serious, guys, you better apologize.
    Inu-Yasha: Too late. (asskicking ensues)
  • It happens so often in Iron Ladies, it's practically become a Running Gag. It usually goes about this way: Some snobbish Upper-Class Twit sees our protagonist and decides because he looks poor, it would be an easy target to bully, kill and rape his companions. Our protagonist usually asks calmly if they're going to commit a blatant crime in broad daylight, twit answers "Hell yeah!" and sicks his goons on him. Our hero proceeds to show why he's the World's Strongest Man, with thousands of loyal followers that will gladly tear the mooks and twit to pieces. Other antagonists instead love Bullying the Dragon, brimming with Suicidal Overconfidence, and they all fare as well as the mooks.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • This is actually how Robert E.O. Speedwagon and Jonathan Joestar meet and become friends. Jonathan/JoJo is looking for the antidote to a poison in a rough part of town and is accosted by a gang of thugs led by Speedwagon. Jonathan gives them a speech telling them that no matter what, he's getting the antidote, so they best move on. As a display of resolve he takes a knife through his hand and Speedwagon declares him to be his new best friend on the spot.
    • Later on, a senator has the misfortune of having his car commandeered by Dio Brando and tries to push him around by mentioning how important he is. Dio is not impressed.
    • Several people (including: a taxi driver/scam artist, Risotto, and Secco) all had no clue what they were getting themselves into when they picked on the cowardly Doppio.
  • Happens a few times in Kaze no Stigma, most noticeably when a guy comes up to Kazuma and Ayano as they walk through some street. Defeated in seconds. Also, since members of the Kannagi family are pretty strong, Ren easily beats one of his classmates older brother who happens to be sort of possessed by a youma.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple:
    • Some school bullies tell Tirawit to jump as it's part of the "traditional Japanese greeting," but obviously so the change in his pockets will jingle. As the head guy closes his eyes and explains, Tirawat jumps about twenty feet straight up and then crushes the coins between his fingers ("And this is a traditional Thai greeting.") and makes them his minions.
    • And any time that someone unknowingly picks a fight with one of Kenichi's masters. The foremost example is when Freya's Amazon Brigade decides that it would be a great idea to attack Shigure. Good thing Kenichi talked her out of using an actual weapon. Instead, she disarms all of her enemies with a wooden spoon. And by "disarm" we mean "sliced all their weapons into pieces and cut their clothing in places that made Kenichi bleed out from his nose" naturally.
    • Subverted hilariously by Kenichi after the end of D of D arc. Kenichi and co have returned to school after fighting their way through life-threatening battles against opponents who had the skill, ability and mentality to kill them. Kenichi is promptly approached by a group of incoming wannabe delinquent freshmen and shows the fruits of his training and experience by... averting his eyes and cowering away. Nijima and the Shinpaku alliance have to bail him out and Nijima expresses his disbelief that Kenichi can still be afraid of common thugs. Kenichi responds that he's still traumatized from all his years as a professional bullying victim.
  • In Kill la Kill, when Ryuko Matoi first comes to town, she gets her pocket picked by a kid. She finds him, and he calls in his friends, thinking she is a helpless girl. She isn't, and they soon bow and beg for mercy.
  • In the first episode of the first season of Koihime†Musou, Kannu is accosted by a group of bandits. She beats them easily.
  • A slightly more realistic example happens in Kodomo no Jikan. It's revealed that the previous teacher was a serious Jerkass who insulted, cussed out, and generally made all of Rin's class miserable. Then his torment of them made her friend Mimi stop coming to school. She proceeded to harass him so much that he quit and was seriously ill because of it. The Aesop? Don't fuck with Rin, she's willing to ruin (or end) your life.
  • Happens surprisingly often in Kyou Kara Ore wa!!, with people picking a fight with the wrong guy without knowing it's someone who can and will kick their ass. Justified with people who aren't students or from Chiba (and thus don't know Mitsuhashi and Itou) or pick a fight with Riko (her short stature hides her mastery of Aikido very well), but local school-aged punks should recognize on sight the distinctive hairdo of the guys who sent a Yakuza to the hospital and stormed Akehisa High (a school where the local Gang of Bullies includes the whole school and is justifiedly feared by any student in town).
    • A thief once broke inside Mitsuhashi's house and tried to steal his wallet, having no idea of who he was. Hilarity and a Chase Across the Town Ensued before the poor thief got a bucket to the head and was given to the police.
  • As a beautiful woman in a crapsack and crime-ridden post-feudal Japan, Oyuki, a.k.a. Lady Snowblood, is frequently targeted by would-be rapists. They do not survive their attempts.
  • During an episode of Last Exile, the crew of the Silvana end up having shore leave at Walker Palace, conveniently at the same time as the crew of the Anatoray battleship Goliath. Thinking of the newcomers as average renegades, the Goliath crew make the mistake of picking multiple fights with the Silvana bunch, leading to a brawl between the two crews. This brawl is only stopped upon Alex's entrance, but upon his attempt to call it off, the Goliath captain makes the even bigger mistake of throwing his glove at Alex, instigating a duel. Needless to say, when the Goliath people realize that they just picked a fight with the legendary Silvana (literally known as "Kill Em All Silvana"), and the captain himself realizes that he just talked down to the one and only Alex Row, the expressions are just priceless. And then they made their last mistake by trying to shoot the Silvana in the back, before the order to fire was given... making them the ideal test subjects for the Silvana's new jet propelled shell cannons.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid shows that this was how Chantez and Sister Schach first met. Chantez was once a Street Urchin who tried to mug the latter and got a face full of Belkan Knight fist for her troubles. This being Lyrical Nanoha, Defeat Means Friendship happened afterwards and Chantez became one of Schach's students.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • "Death Glasses Takamichi" is capable of using air pressure to simulate the force of a punch from about 15 meters away without magic. The people on campus thus have tremendous respect for his problem-solving abilities... but not visitors to the school festival. They are all flattened in seconds when they refuse to stop trying to pick a fight.
    Takamichi: You're rushing at me? You must not go to this school.
    • Random guys in a magic world bar also try picking on Negi thinking he's a weak pretty boy. Not so much.
  • An odd example in the detective series Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro wherein a boy who is being horribly bullied decides to kill his bullies. In the typical style of the manga he uses a strange over-the-top method of murder by creating an animal-head shaped mask that sprays flesh-dissolving acid from the snout. However, when finding one of the boys, knocking him to the ground and attempting to melt his face he finds the boy just calmly smiling at him and talking through the melting bloody gloop that is his head. Turns out he just attacked Kaitou Sai, a shapeshifter whose already killed the boy and taken his shape so he could murder a pedophile teacher for the giggles. Strangely he isn't killed for this attack, instead the villain seems to agree with what he had done, reassure him that he had never bullied him since he had stolen the shape very recently and eventually basically hired the kid.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid:
    • Chapter 1 has some criminals trying to break into Kobayashi's home and come face to face with a dragon large enough to have her head fill the doorway.
    • Chapter 43 has Tohru recruited for a neighborhood watch patrol. It is bad enough when a local delinquent takes a swing at the weird chick who walks around all the time wearing cosplay horns, but his entire gang and their man-mountain of a leader show up near the end to make an example of her.
    • In chapter 11 of the spin-off series Elma's Office Lady Diary
      • Kobayashi refers to now having three dragons living in her home and the dangers of attacking it. She notes she is more concerned about stopping the protectors from killing the intruder than anything else.
      • Elma finds a burglar in her home who Elma thinks at first is the locksmith coming to fix her door. When she realizes he is a burglar, he swings a bat at her, only to have her dodge and think on how to stop him without killing him. It is only when he kicks her bag of chestnuts that she gets pissed and reveals her dragon form. She is only stopped by Kobayashi bringing more food that calms her down.
  • Monster:
    • A pair of hoodlums attack old, slightly chubby Doctor Reichwein, who promptly disarms the first and knocks the other unconscious with a headbutt. As he tells the former, while choking him out, "I used to train with the Swiss Guard!"
    • Also Japanese surgeon Dr. Tenma has the balls to walk into a bar frequented by neo-nazis and ask about the gang's boss. He wouldn't take shit from anyone.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • A group of low-life thugs think it's a good idea to antagonize Dabi, a scary, Frankenstein-looking Serial Killer who likes to roast people alive with his fire quirk. No prizes for guessing what happens to them.
    • When he was little, Bakugou was often the target of bullies, and he made sure to give them a good taste of his explosion quirk for their troubles. Sadly, curb-stomp battles such as these, as well as the positive attention people gave his powers, would makes his ego swell to massive proportions, and he would eventually become The Bully to Midoriya over time.
  • Late in the Chunnin Exam arc of Naruto, a group of shady types confront one of the competitors on his way to the arena floor for his fight and demand he take a dive because someone is betting on his opponent. Said competitor is Gaara. It does not end well for them.
  • One Piece:
    • In the "Water 7" arc, first, a band of one-shot pirates try to take advantage of the Galley-La company, only to get thrashed by the Dock 1 shipwrights. Then, the Franky Family try to rob the Going Merry — while Zoro is watching it.
    • Then, when Franky Family actually do succeed in their mugging (in this case Usopp) they ended up triggering the Straw Hats' Berserk Button, leading to one of the most massive beatdowns of the series.
    • Shortly after Enies Lobby, Zoro (of course) gets lost while trying to make his way back to the crew to warn them about some Marines in the area. Some random dudes try to rob him. After an off-panel beatdown they're quite apologetic and more than happy to help him get back to the crew.
    • In a flashback, Ace is shown being harassed by bullies as a small child, who are talking smack about Ace's dead dad, the former pirate king. Cut to Ace sitting on a rock, being asked what happened in town.
      Dadan: A bunch of thugs were beaten half to death!
      Ace: You mean they're not dead?
    • During a flashback very early in the series, we see some random bandit harass Shanks... who actually more or less ignores them to avoid trouble. When they mess with Luffy, however... Turns out Shanks is one of the remaining crewmembers of none than Gold Roger himself, and was valued at hundreds of millions at minimum, and a future Emperornote  to boot. The 8-million berry bounty Higuma didn't stand a chance.
    • When Luffy and Zoro play this out, Bellamy and crew beat them up before they get word that Luffy's bounty is 100M and Zoro is 60M. Luffy returns to show them exactly how he earned a bounty that large. By putting down Bellamy with ONE UNSTRETCHED PUNCH.
    • Then, after the timeskip, Luffy gets mugged by an imposter pirate crew claiming to be the Straw Hats. He knocks them out effortlessly. Earlier the same people were harrassing Nami and Usopp when he came later. Both promptly show them why you don't mess with them.
    • In the fourth movie Dead End Adventure, a young boy was given the Sadistic Choice to kill a pirate in order to help his ill grandpa. He sneaked on-board Merry, thinking this was the weakest pirate ship. But when he attempts to attack Zoro and later on, Luffy ...
    • Also in the Ice Hunter arc filler, the Phoenix Pirates attempted to drug the Straw Hats so they could bring them to the bounty hunter family, the Accino Family. They didn't expect that nearly all the Straw Hats saw through their deception easily.
    • In another arc (Dressrosa), a bunch of swindlers attempt to extort a blind old man out of his money by flubbing roulette; while the old man keeps winning, his hosts constantly tell him the opposite result. Sitting nearby, Luffy takes notice of this and points the old man to his latest win, thoroughly angering the swindlers and causing them to go on the rampage. Big Mistake, as their mark just happened to be Issho, aka Admiral Fujitora, one of the newer admirals to succeed the recently promoted Akainu and the resigned Aokiji. One sword draw later, there's a new gaping hole in the floor and the restaurant is down thirteen patrons (and one roulette table).
    • In the same arc, when Luffy entered the Dressrosa tournament to win the Flame Flame fruit, a competitor thought that he was a puny runt (not knowing it was Straw Hat Luffy in a Paper-Thin Disguise) and attacked him. Big mistake obviously.
    • Early in the series a trio of Buggy's pirates try to first rob Nami, who uses the weather to capsize their ship, then Zoro who simply beats them up offscreen.
    • The Reverie Arc has a pirate crew that decides to kidnap a princess that's bound for the Reverie, and later sets their sights on kidnapping Viola as well. Never mind that Viola is fully capable of kicking ass (and would have literally seen them coming from miles away via her Devil Fruit), all of the royal families that are gathering at Marijoa have Marine escorts. Cue Koby foiling their brilliant plan and rescuing the princess. To further add insult to injury (literally), the kidnapped princess started attacking the pirate crew that kidnapped her out of revenge.
    • When the Straw Hats go undercover in the Wano Country, Sanji starts a soba noodle stand under the name "Sangoro". Naturally, a few local gangsters show up to shake "Sangoro" down for protection money, and press Sanji's Berserk Button by spilling the food. By the end of the fracas, both thugs have been taken down by Sanji and Franky, and Sanji forces one thug to eat the spilled noodles. In retribution, one of Kaido's Headliners in sent out to take down Sangoro, only to get his ass kicked when Sanji stops playing around.
  • Anyone that attacks Saitama out of the blue in One-Punch Man, not realizing that he's so far above them (he is the World's Strongest Man that resolve every battle with a single punch). On two separate occasions, "Snake Fist" Snek, Tanktops Black Hole, and Tiger try to bully or defame Saitama into quitting professional superhero work, only to quickly realize his insane power, which they all wrote off as a trick or joke, is completely real. Bang lampshades this as he observes Tiger and Black Hole's attempt. They could have gotten away with the attempt to shame Saitama (not that Saitama gives a damn), but Bang pretty much immediately declared that they were screwed the moment they attempted a newbie crushing.
    • In the redrawn manga, Garou's attempt at attacking Watchdog Man. While Watchdog Man is an S-class Hero, one of the strongest in existence, Garou had recently overcome his fellow S-class Hero Tanktop Master and thought he could come out on top thanks to his amazing martial arts skills... And then quickly found out that not only Watchdog Man is vastly stronger and faster than Tanktop Master, the fact he fights more like a beast than a man means that his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist style, meant to fight against human, is useless. The only reason Garou survives the encounter is that he quickly recognizes he's well above his head and runs, and even then Watchdog Man was almost on top of him when they crossed the city limit and the dog-disguised man let him go.
  • In Overlord (2012), Pretty much anyone who attacks the residents of The Great Tomb of Nazarick in the first 8 books often end up in a Despair Event Horizon and Villainous Breakdown moment. Special note goes to The Syndicate group “Eight Fingers” many of whom end up with a Fate Worse than Death for antagonizing Sebas.
  • During the Wales arc in 3×3 Eyes, a bunch of Satanists looking for a sacrifice kidnaps Pai and her muggle friend Peckinpah. Being the human personality of a 300 years old magic-wielding Triclop, Pai is not scared the slightest of the cultists, much to their perplexity. Eventually, Yakumo arrives in time before her true personality surfaces and intimidates the whole cult with his Guang Ya demon beast, causing the bad guys to leave in a hurry.
  • Semi-comic example from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman episode "The Secret of the Birdstyles". Jun goes out by herself as bait for Galactor agents. Two men, one armed with a knife, force her into an alley. We hear sounds of a beat-down, then she comes out unharmed and gripes, "Just a couple of street thugs. I thought they were Galactor!"
  • In Shakugan no Shana, some street thugs try to mug Aizenji in an alley. He promptly slices them in two with his BFS, and eats them.
  • Slayers:
    • Lina Inverse's stock in trade. The first series and at least one of the movies (Slayers the Motion Picture) begins with bandits trying to rob Lina. Magical butt-kickings ensue. She didn't get the title "Lina the Bandit Killer" for nothing.
    • Hellmaster Phibrizzo's attack on Lina after he screws up her casting of Giga Slave certainly counts. Pressing the attack after Lina remained standing led him to the realization that he'd just attacked the Lord of Nightmares (a.k.a. God) by mistake. Cue justified panic.
    • Worse in the novel. He reveals he had a back-up plan to destroy Lina's heart. He does so. Lina no-sells it. He realizes who he just attacked.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Death the Kid (the "son" of a Physical God) met the Thompson Sisters when they tried to mug him. As it turns out he was actually sent to find the sisters - as their violent actions had put them on DWMA's list of targets - but instead Kid took them on as his Weapons instead.
    • Also happens when Soul and Maka go to Italy and are harassed by some of the locals. Said locals end up in a heap. It doesn't get much better for them, since later they try more or less the same thing with the Demon Swordsperson Chrona. They end up having their souls harvested. Baaaad idea.
  • In Sword Art Online, some muggers try to kill Kirito and Silica for their items, but Kirito is so ridiculously overleveled that they can't even overcome his auto-regeneration. He was actually trying to bait these specific muggers into attacking him, so that he could use a specialized warp crystal to send them all to prison.
  • In the third season of Tenchi Muyo!! Ryo-Ohki, Misao Kuramitsu thinks attacking earth is a walk in the park - after all, it's just some backwater garden planet (as far as he knows) and his private ship could defeat the entire first fleet of the Galaxy Police. Turns out, when the two crown princesses of the biggest empire in the galaxy (and the intelligent flagship of said empire, the most powerful ship in the galaxy), the space pirate who managed to cause MAJOR havoc in said empire single-handedly (with her ship, which is still pretty powerful) long ago in the past, literally the greatest scientific genius in the entire universe, as well as some other people who you really shouldn't make angry at all live on the same planet, then said planet is relatively safe.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, during the downtime after the fall of Lordgenome, Ganmen bandits decide to attack a school, thinking it's an easy target. Unfortunately for them, "Miss Yomoko" used to be Yoko, the world's greatest sniper and one of the main characters. The poor bandits didn't stand a chance.
  • This has happened to Toriko twice. The first time, small-time gourmet hunter Zonge tried to bully him into giving up some drinks on a train...only to be scared off by Toriko's Awesomeness. The second time was when the heroes enter the kingdom of Jiddal and are accousted by some toughs. This time, Toriko is actually excited that normal people are picking a fight with him (As it doesn't happen normally) and scares them off by catching a bullet between his fingers.
  • The guy who wanted to rob a karaoke bar in Tower of God really has bad luck. First of all, he picked the bar where the Action Girl who easily kicked the ass of every strong regular in the first season works. He also thought impersonating a recent infamous criminal for extra intimidation was a good idea, but unfortunately, that girl is the criminal's companion. She provokes him with her snarking, he attacks and he goes down. Felled by the hand of said criminal who happened to walk in at that exact moment.
  • Trigun:
    • People really ought to expect this every time they attack the infamous Vash The Stampede. That lynching scene with the truck—are you stupid? You're lynching the guy because he blew up two cities and a chunk of the moon! What do you think is protecting you?
      • Also the time Vash takes on a bank robber gang without his gun, and every single person in town turns out to be armed because of a Chekhov's Gun incident mentioned earlier in the episode. They just needed his example to make a stand. (Incidentally, the baddies are using his name here.)
      • That time Vash was taken hostage by the vengeance people, nonlethal example. Possibly also the resolution of the sandsteamer thing. Vash gets underestimated a lot.
    • A bunch of slavers to try and intimidate Legato, and become increasingly angry when he keeps ignoring them. When Legato doesn't so much as acknowledge their presence, they shoot the fork out of his hand, and when Legato still doesn't acknowledge them (instead asking the waiter for a new fork), they fire additional shots around him. From there, Legato stops ignoring them...
    • There's also the episode 'Quickdraw' in which an official with few morals hold a small boy and his mother hostage to force Wolfwood to kill Vash for him, since he recognizes the hazard of going after Vash outright. Problem is Wolfwood is actually the more dangerous on an average day, and if Vash hadn't been there a lot of the guy's deputies would probably have died.
  • Everything that happens in Yu-Gi-Oh! before the children's card games kick in revolves around this trope. Yugi frequently gets the crap kicked out of him or gets taken advantage by someone with decidedly evil intentions, and his tormentors then inevitably suffer the consequences when Yugi's Superpowered Evil Side challenges them to karmically-appropriate Shadow Games, which usually leave the loser dead or insane.
  • Happens any time in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX when somebody - usually an Obelisk student - thinks Judai is going to be a pushover in a duel because of his red jacket, indicating that he's an Osiris student (a status often regarded of as synonymous with "loser"). In fact, during the Rise of the Sacred Beasts Arc, Asuka was worried that Judai would be the first target because the first of the Seven Stars would obviously go after the Key Holder who was most visibly in Osiris, and she was exactly right. He still won the duel, but barely made it out alive.


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