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  • The promotional comic has this gem when Kano uses an explosion to distract Sonya so he can board the ship to the tournament unhindered;
    Johnny: Dude, was that real?
    Kano: No, it's an illusion... Hey, you're Johnny Cage! Can I have your autograph?
  • The SNES version of the first game has Sonya with a masculine scream when you uppercut her into the Pit Bottom.
  • Raiden's ending doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight:
    "Raiden's victory comes as no surprise to him. He was never impressed by Shang Tsung's inferior sorcery, Goro's brute force, or the challenge of the other contestants. He quickly becomes bored with his mortal competition and soon invites other gods to participate in the contest. The ensuing battles rage on for years. And the wars result in our world's final destruction. Have a nice day."
  • The legendary Nut Punch. Nuff said.
    • What's even funnier is that Goro is programmed to counter Johnny if he does so. If you managed to defeat Goro with the Nut Punch, he will grab Johnny to slam him into the ground, roar, then collapse. Johnny however will not receive health penalty from this.
  • Meta example: When the game was first being shown off, a kid tried it and ended up performing Sub-Zero's Spine-Rip fatality on the very first match. However, because the devs were still trying to keep the Fatalities a secret at the time, they refused to acknowledge that it happened. As a result, the kid spent the rest of the day trying to convince everyone it really happened and kept playing to see if he could do it again.

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