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Funny / Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

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  • The live action blooper reel. Clearly they had way too much fun doing these scenes, especially Richard Divizio (who played Quan Chi) and Lia Montelongo (Sareena.) Replete with Large Hams, it includes such gems as (using the characters' names):
    Sareena: A mortal. With the ability to freeze.
    Quan Chi: ...I forgot my line.
    Sareena: You suck.
    • And the tongue twister of:
    Quan Chi: We have toyed with the linja long... FUCK! (In another take, he reads the line as "We have toyed with the ninja... LONGENOUGH!)
    • But the ultimate side splitter is:
    Quan Chi: DO NOT FAIL ME! We, you and I. *Pause* ...we, you, me, everybody in this fuckin' room! Oh, shit!
    • Sareena gets some funny ones, too.
    Sareena: SIR!....HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Sareena: Sir, a mortal has escaped from the...shit.
    Sareena: Sir, a mortal has escaped from the prison of souls. He is headed toward the base of immortality. (suddenly strikes a triumphant pose after getting her line right)
    • Quan Chi is the king of these.
    Quan Chi: DO NOT QUESTION- meh, forget it.
    Quan Chi: Haha, She said "Sir!"note 
    • A small one courtesy of John Turk (Sub-Zero).
    Raidennote : You are reality's only hope.
    Sub-Zeronote : I'll do it, thunder god...only because I don't- *accidentally stumbles off the platform landing one foot on the green-screen floor.*
  • A lot of FMV death scenes of falling over can be this, ranging from Sub-Zero's loud and hammy scream of death, or his drowning FMV makes it look like he just got flushed in a giant toilet.
  • Scorpion gets a fantastic line when Sub-Zero has been thrown in the Netherrealm prison with him.
    Scorpion: I am a dead man. But somehow you have retained your mortality, which would mean you are vulnerable to DEATH.
    • Quan Chi has a great one as well:
    Quan Chi: The Netherrealm is a PLACE for...EEEVIL BEEEINGS!

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