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    Popular Masked Singer Guesses 

The Grand Finale is a reunion special for nearly all the singers, as well as the real final unmask.
Because let's face it, it'd deflate the eventual victory if they unmask both the winner and the loser of the final two on the same night. And the start of episode 5 shows that they're testing the waters with a group number with several singers, and proved popular enough that they'd do it again.
  • Looks to be jossed as previews of the next and last episode already say "All Are Unmasked".

Nicole Scherzinger knew all along that The Peacock was Donnie Osmond
and just played dumb to fool her fellow judges.Because there was no way the woman known for being
Andrew Lloyd Webber's muse would not recognize the wig that got Osmond's character thrown into jail in Joesph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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