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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Bring Me to Life:
    • After liberating Cordelia from her control, Buffy gives off an epic one to Jasmine, which doubles as a Badass Boast and Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?:
      Jasmine: You think you've won? You have no idea what you've lost! What you've cost everyone! You have no earthly idea why I even tried to do what I did! What I was trying to save you from!
      Buffy: Yeah, and you know what? I don't care! [punches Jasmine in the face] News flash, but the end doesn't justify the means! You killed and you maimed and you hurt people I care about along the way to getting what you want! Angel, Cordy, and Wesley might have their own thing in L.A. now, but they were part of my gang first. Part of my world. So, hurting them was your biggest mistake 'cause once a Scooby, always a Scooby. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us...and when you mess with Buffy Summers, you get your ass kicked. Hard.
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    • She gets a simpler one earlier in chapter 17, when the possessed Cordelia is mocking the Spike/Buffy/Angel Love Triangle and its related angst. After getting sick of listening to it, Buffy responds by cold clocking her in the face, knocking her out in a single punch.


  • Friendship Is Aura: During the fight with Cerberus, he rants about how ponies are weak and friendship is worthless. The Mane Six reply by obliterating him with the Elements of Harmony.
  • The God Empress of Ponykind: During the Siege of Canterlot, Silverlight, the leader of the Loyalist Lunar Knights, manages to completely resist Nightmare Moon's corruption through sheer Heroic Willpower.
    Shadowbolt Leader: I...Impossible! None can resist the Dark Gods!
    Silverlight: I believe I just did. (decapitates the Shadowbolt)
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC gives everyone a turn or two to monologue about something, but whenever the villains lecture someone, a rebuttal isn't far behind. Respectively, Superman responds to Lex Luthor's monologue with one clear-cut statement, and Spider-Man draws on his own experiences to show that Joker doesn't have a leg to stand on. However, it's ultimately Green Goblin who utterly destroys him verbally.
    • The scene in question comes later, but the way Gobby brushes off his standard death threat also warrants mention:
      The Joker: Tell me something, my friend — ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
      Green Goblin: Yeah, he told me you're gay.
  • Justice League of Equestria:
    • Mare of Steel:
      • Early on, when Rainbow Dash first runs into Trixie in Seaddle, Trixie tries a "Not So Different" Remark by pointing out that they're both braggarts. Rainbow shoots her down by pointing out that at least she knows to stop before someone gets hurt, and then when Trixie tries to challenge her to prove who's superior, Rainbow just walks away, saying she's not worth it. Trixie has a brief Villainous Breakdown at this.
      • Later, this exchange during her final fight with General Zod:
        Zod: You will kneel before me, daughter of Jor-El. Even if it takes my entire life and all my strength, you. Will. KNEEL!
        Rainbow Dash: (blocks blow) I'll only kneel to two ponies. And you're not one of them! (throws Zod through a wall)
      • In the second arc, there's her refusal -a shout-out to the Superman: Brainiac arc- to submit to Brainiac's Sadistic Choice and let him break her, instead saving Scootaloo and rushing off to stop the bomb in Cloudsdale.
      "Welcome to Equestria, Brainiac."
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    • The Princess of Themyscira: During the Final Battle, Ares derides the mortal realm, and questions why Diana is even bothering to protect it. Diana responds with a speech about all the good and beauty she's seen since coming to Equestria, despite the mortal ponies' flaws, saying that is exactly why she won't stop defending them as long as she's still breathing.
  • My Little Avengers: During the Final Battle, each of the Avengers does this to their Dark Avenger counterpart — Captain Equestria breaks through the Ghost Flyer's attempted Mind Rape via sheer willpower and delivers a brief speech before beating the Flyer unconscious; Firebird and Iron Pony both point out the hypocrisy of Iron Monger and Red Skull's own Breaking Lectures (with Iron Pony giving his own WOC speech in the process); and when Loki (in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown) is screaming at Thor for defying him, Thor retorts that after everything Loki's done, he has no right to be upset about Thor fighting back.
  • Light delivers an epic one combined with his own Breaking Speech in NoHoper when he gets sick of Nepheret's Cultural Posturing and her insistence that all vampyres are really nice and cuddly and that humans oppress them for no reason:
    Neferet: While we are permitted to excel in the Arts and live freely this part of our daily lives, we are not always permitted to worship our Goddess Nyx with such freedom, while humans are – and for much of human history have always been – able to worship their god or gods. While we have not judged them for their decisions, for we are Nyx's children and the humans are not hers, they feel it is their liberty to judge us for ours. As you have no doubt heard or seen, this has culminated, as of late, in the slaughter in cold blood of our beloved professors by religious zealots. We have done nothing to them, and yet they feel the need to do something to us-
    Light: Excuse me, Neferet, but you cannot possibly believe that.
    Neferet: Oh, what can I not possibly believe? Am I to believe that two honoured professors were not murdered on our grounds? That this wasn't most likely the fault of the People of Faith?
    Light: On the contrary, what you cannot possibly believe is that the vampyres were completely faultless on their part.
    Neferet: And would you care to elaborate on this theory of yours? Why don't you stand up, so everyone can hear what you have to say?
    Light: You see, Neferet, my father was a police detective. Thanks to this, and international broadcasts, I know that vampyres have committed many atrocities against humans.
    Neferet: I see, and how do you know that these 'atrocities' are not stories cooked up by the media, or stories force fed to you by humans themselves?
    Light: I know because I have seen the case files myself, and memorised every detail, down to the date, the place, and the number of human victims in each case. Since the end of the 1970s, the list goes as follows:
    1979, on the 28th of October, in Prague, a 12 year old girl was found two hours after she was killed. 1982, on the 5th of November, in London, a 1 month old child was orphaned before dawn. 1983, the 12th of December, Paris, a 17 year old was drained of her blood and thrown into the River Seine.
    1984, the 29th of February, Moscow, a single mother was eviscerated, and her 5 year old son along with her. 1985, the 12th of April, Berlin, 13 year old twin girls were found dead in their home, from exsanguination. 1986, the 2nd of May, Vancouver, Canada, a man in his mid-thirties was mutilated and drained of his blood.
    1987, the 31st of July, in Washington DC, a whole family of four was found dead on Pennsylvania Avenue, North-West. 1988, the 7th of September, Beijing, an 11 year old boy was found dead outside his school's gates. 1989, the 11th of November, Seoul, a 5 year old girl's parents were decapitated and drained of their blood and found dead in their home.
    Neferet: Light, that's enough-
    Light: 1990, the 25th of December, Kuala Lumpur, a teenage boy went missing, only to be found drained of his blood in the city centre park. 1991, the 13th of January, Sapporo, a 20 year old woman was disembowelled and drained. 1992, the 28th of February, Tokyo, a young family were found in their home, slaughtered, their throats ripped out save for their 3 year old son, who lived. All of them were killed by vampyres, and not one vampyres has been identified as of-
    Neferet: That's enough! You will not spout such lies any longer!
  • The Prayer Warriors get off a few.
    • In "The Evil Gods Part 1", in response to Annabeth deriding Christianity as "old and tired", Jerry says "But at least our way works! Amen" before killing her.
    • When the Prayer Warriors confront Josef Stalin near the end of "Threat of Satanic Commonism," he says that he was "just trying to help" by allowing freedom of religion. They then respond with "They only person you were trying to help were yourself! You evil Satanic Kant!" before killing him.
  • Harry delivers one in The Wizard in the Shadows, combined with his own Breaking Speech:
    Harry: And why would I want to serve a being that is restricted to existence as a giant eyeball on a tower, who sends petty emissaries to lie to us and try and crush us with despair? If Sauron had the One Ring, he would not send something as pitiful as you out to 'negotiate' with us. You spoke of whether any of us were fit to negotiate with you. When I look at my companions I see people of power, nobility, impeccable lineage and courage. You have the Royal House of Rohan, whose current King fought the Witch King of Angmar, a millennia old sorcerous wraith and your master's second to a draw. You have the new King of Gondor and Arnor, who under the name of Thorongil burnt out your miserable lair of Umbar and other deeds too numerous to name. You have Gandalf the White, a being of such power and wisdom that you could not know or understand a fraction of his thoughts, who was sent back by Eru himself to face your Master's evil after fighting a dark creature of the same order as your Master to the death. And then you have me. I, who faced a Balrog of Morgoth, Durin's bane, and lived to tell the tale, I who fought Saruman the accursed and cast him down, I who drove the Witch King of Angmar into the earth with a power this world has not witnessed since the elder days, I who killed a Dark Wizard of equal power to any of the Nazgul in single combat at the age of 17, after drawing at the age of 14 and driving him off at 11. And that is just the beginning, you miserable piece of Black Numenorean slime. My fellow wizards and witches have faced dark wizards whose cruel deeds and power would curdle the blood in your veins since they were little more than children. All my other companions have been slaughtering your master's minions in uncountable numbers. I think Sauron is frightened. He has seen his greatest servants fended off and destroyed, some by myself personally, by our power.
    And what are you in comparison to that? You are simply the latest and by far the most pitiful of his attempts to destabilise us. Run back to your Master, wretch, grovel in front of him and tell him that he is right to fear us. We have courage, steel, powers your master will never understand and the strength to wield them effectively. Go, now, while we feel merciful, you worthless piece of shit. Or I will fight you to the pain. I feel I should explain at this point what that means. To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose. After that, you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right. But your ears you keep and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear Eru! What is that thing?" will echo in your perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.
  • The Mission Stays the Same; during the fight on Horizon, Harbinger possesses a Collector and begins one of his "Resistance Is Futile" speeches. Gallardi shoots him before he even finishes his first sentence.
  • Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Master: during the fight between Archer and Ben as Ultimate Humongousaur, Archer realizes that Ben Would Not Shoot a Civilian and immediatly tries to take advantage on it, all while mocking Ben for this. Cue Ben shrugging off his attack, reaching for him, telling him to remember that the civilians stay out of this and hurling him off the battlefield.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage:
  • The Bridge:
    • Monster X gives one the dark voice in his head (later shown to be Grand King Ghidorah) when it attempts to take over his mind.
    • When Xenilla gives Blade Dancer a speech deriding love as an addiction that controls everyone, she responds by punching him in the face (hard enough that he actually feels it), states that when she's felt love it's been real, not an addiction, and ends by stating that if he's ever felt love, then by his own logic he's as much a slave as anyone else.
    • During their fight, Xenilla interrupts Sombra's ranting by blasting him in the face, all while being rather bored.
    Sombra: You brute! Have you not evolved the ability to address your better?!
    Xenilla: No words needed. I'd have a human gesture for you, but I don't have any fingers at the moment.
  • In Verdant Magic, Harry flat-out rejects the Joker's claim that he just needs one bad day to become a monster.
    Harry: One bad day? At the Dursleys, I had nothing but bad days! I was their servant, called a freak! And at Hogwarts, I've had to face Voldemort in some form or another three times, had Snape being a petty bastard, Dementors making me relive my worst memories, and I saw someone die right in front of me. You didn't have a bad day. You were just rotten already, long before you became the Joker. You're not my father, just a sperm donor.
  • Fates Collide: Edmond Dantes claims the only way Mordred can possibly gain the strength to defeat him is to give in to her hatred. She retorts that while she hates her father for abandoning her, that feeling doesn't rule her as she has her own life to live and she can defeat him in her own way. She proves it.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • When defecting from the Red Room, Maddie - who's spent her entire life being told that by almost everyone around her that she's nothing more than a Living Weapon, that that is her sole purpose - breaks off Lukin's attempt a "The Reason You Suck" Speech by simply telling him that perhaps everything he says is true, but, pinning him with Mjolnir for emphasis, "I am Worthy. And you are not."
    • When Snape tries to taunt Harry about his name being in the Goblet of Fire with his 'crossing lines' jibe, Harry snipes back at him ("Says the former Death Eater"), remarking that if anything, Snape's ahead on the 'crossed lines' thing. Snape, nerve touched, growls how Harry is just like his father, Harry tells him that yes, in some ways he is his father's son - but more and more, people are telling him that he resembles his mother. When Snape snarls that they must be wrong, Harry goes in for the kill with a Psychotic Smirk, suggesting that Snape didn't know her as well as he thought he did.
      Harry: In fact...I think that I'm living proof that you didn't.
    • When Syrus starts ranting about how all mortals belong to someone, Carol complains, "Would you shut up with your evil hipster riff? It's not cool, it's not edgy, and it's not original." And when Syrus points out that the range of Harry's abilities is severely limited due to the fact that he's present via Astral Projection, Harry agrees - but points out that first, Carol is worth every risk, and secondly, yes, his abilities are limited...and Syrus just walked right into his reach.
    • Cowl tries to convince Wanda that he's the least evil of all the people trying to obtain the Darkhallow, since whereas they want to become Physical Gods purely for the power, he wants to make the world "better" (in his view). Wanda replies by shooting down his claims, stating that the Lesser of Two Evils is still evil.
  • Fate/Zero/Lupin III crossover fanfiction Just an Unorthodox Thief Before their battle Rider tries to criticize Saber's kingship and wish like in canon, but by this point in the fic Saber's heard it all before and just doesn't care. She tells Rider that she's long stopped caring what other people think of her life, which makes Rider begin to respect her.
  • Invoked in "Worlds Collide", when Oliver, Barry and Kara join the battle against Zod on Earth-96; once the battle is over, Lex Luthor tries to claim that he was working with the heroes to stop Zod all along, but Oliver just ties him up with a bola arrow and Barry runs him to the nearest relevant police station.
  • Avenger of Steel: As Malekith and the Dark Elves face the Avengers during the Convergence, Natasha shoots him with SHIELD's Destroyer-based gun mid-rant, observing to Steve that when someone admits they plan to destroy the universe, it's not necessary to hear their full speech.
  • Infinity Crisis:
    • When Loki criticises the Legends based on what he's heard of their exploits from Constantine, Sara counters with "If you're so smart, how come you're dead?", prompting a chuckle from Thor when Loki cannot reply.
    • When Thanos continues to defend his actions even after the heroes have restored the dead, Tony hits him with a repulsor blast to the face to get him to stop talking.
    • In Powers and Marvels, Dr. Strange banishes Lord Zedd and his forces back to his reality while Zedd is ranting about how he will turn Strange's corpse into a decoration.
  • In The Chronicles of Tanya the Holy, during the siege of Hearthglen, the commanding Lich calls out the living for the futility of their resistance and offers them a chance at eternal life by serving the Scourge.
    Tanya: Eternal life? What a sham! Tell me. What's good about being raised into undeath if you lose everything that makes life worth living? Love, hate, and friendship. Can you still feel those? Do you even feel anything? Can you savor the sweet and bitter taste of wine? Can you relish in the smells of a carefully prepared meal? Can you feel, can you touch, can you even make love anymore? You're nobody, and no one will remember you. Yet, you don't even know the shame of that because you can't understand any of its meaning anymore. For you were a coward who found life too hard and chose the easier path of death, erasing your own name as if it was a badge of honor! Only those alive can understand its hardship and worth. So what if you can see the world ages later when you can’t appreciate it. Without the ability to feel, to taste, to experience, to hope...Without all of that, you're nothing but a worthless, walking corpse who contributes nothing to the society!
  • The Weaver Option:
    • Chapter 7.1 opens not with a Hannibal Lecture from Tzeentch to the Emperor, boasting about the inevitable victory of Chaos. Chapter 7.2 opens with the Emperor delivering a blistering rebuttal, made all the better by the abysmal failure of Tzeentch's plan in the previous chapter.
    • In 8.5 a drastically weakened Slaanesh manages to survive an attack and boasts that it cannot be killed by anything except a true god. Lelith calls it a liar and gives her blade to Cegorach who severs Slaanesh's being into its core essences, permanently killing it.
  • Displaced: At the end of their first confrontation, Spider-Man webs the Joker's mouth shut to silence his crazy rant.
    "Well, Spider-Man," Joker spat the name out with Surprising venom, "I'll make sure my next plan involves dealing with you once I get out of Arkham...again!" He threatened dramatically before he threw his head back and laughed. "It's going to be so much fun! You joke around unlike Bats, always so serious that one. I—" he continued but was cut off by Spider-Man webbing his mouth.
    "Sorry, my hand slipped."
  • An interesting version happens in Worlds Collide; an Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) fic. When Azula approaches both sets of heroes in the crystal caves beneath Ba Sing Se, Mikey stops her from continuing her monologue as he claims to have heard them all before and doesn't want her to embarrass herself.


  • In Kazuichi Strangelove or I How Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Time Loop, after despair!Mikan and Monokuma try to turn Kazuichi back into despair by unlocking his memories as an Ultimate Despair, he fights off the memories and proves himself stronger.
    Kazuichi: Despair is weak, Junko is dead, it feeds off of things around it and it cannot survive.
    • And when Mikan tried to use a Breaking Speech on him by stating his own faults and flaw (calling him a coward and nothing more than comic-relief), he admits that it's true, but he still manage to find accomplishment as the Ultimate Mechanic, while Junko choose not to find happiness in others instead of despair.
  • Danganronpa: Last Hurrah
    • When Jirou condescendingly suggests that Nao doesn't know the value of Euler's number, Nao gives him the first 21 digits, leaving him speechless.
    • The mastermind(Jirou, again) complains about how a NEET like Nao was the one who solved Norio's murder, and by doing so, revealed the mastermind's identity. Nao, however, is unfazed by the insults.
      Mastermind: I cannot believe that out of all possible people to figure out my secret, you are the one to do it, a fucking N.E.E.T. This is the most ironic thing to ever happen to me. The type of person I hate the most is the one to get to me.
      Nao: You underestimated me and it bit you in the ass.
  • A subtle one occurs in New Hope University: Major In Murder. The class is forced to use a machine called the Cricket, which can detect any lie that someone speaks. When Juliet claims that the Cricket can't detect any lies that Lucina, who cannot speak, writes down, Rocky asks Lucina to write down a lie to test it out. Lucina complies and writes "I am afraid of Juliet," something that the Cricket detects as a lie.

Danny Phantom


  • Dance with the Demons: During their final battle, Batman isn't impressed with Kobra's hammy taunting, and literally suggests him to stop talking.
    Batman: We can do this easy, Kobra. Give me the antidote. If it works, you go free. You have the word of the Batman on that.
    Kobra: You waste both of our times. Both of us know the wine of violence. Both of us know that this must end here, with a long and heady draft of it. I will toast your death with it.
    Batman: You talk too much.
  • In Power Girl fanfiction A Force of Four, Queen Hippolyta delivers one:
    Wonder Woman: Fury, Mother, get behind me.
    Hippolyta: Never. I stand between Mars and all others, no matter what the cost. I stand in the name of Aphrodite.
    Mars: She does not rule here. She has no influence here.
    Hippolyta: She rules everywhere. Even in the depths of your alien world-dungeon.
  • Hellsister Trilogy: At the climax of the Apokoliptian War, Darkseid intends to "reward" Supergirl for ruining his scheme. Kara's reply to the unimaginably powerful God of Tyranny is a boot to the face.
    He advanced on her. "Woman," he said. "I perceived what you did. You shielded D’reema from my power. You gave her time to speak the Life Equation. Because of you— because of you— the power of Anti-Life is lost to me forever. Perhaps. For that, there must be recompense. For that, there must be death."
    "I'll settle for yours," said Kara, and, quicker than Darkseid could react, she gave him a red-booted foot in the face. He tumbled backwards.
  • In Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation: Superman himself gives a fundamentalist a roasting:
    "Julius Morton," said Superman. "Industrialist. Double-plus seated, super-secure. One question: why?"
    "You would have to ask why," grated Morton. "You worship Rao, not Christ."
    "I have a feeling both of Them would be as disgusted with you as I am," said Superman. "It's over."
  • With this Ring... (Green Lantern): Hector's attempt to intimidate and/or impress Hal Jordan doesn't work.
    Hector Hammond: Now, Green Lantern, be sure to tell your fellow Corpsmen on the other side that the last foes you fought were known, collectively, as the Triumvirate of Terror.
    Hal Jordan: Go to hell, Hammond.

Death Note


  • The Digimon Tamers fanfic Digital Prey has Renamon do this a couple times to Stalkermon, though the first time doesn't work out too well for her.
    Stalkermon: I must say I am impressed; very few Digimon have managed to evade my Sniper Shot attack, much less several times in a row. You may well prove to be worthy prey yet.
    Renamon: Shut up! I do not care about your damned hunt; I am only doing this for the sake of my tamer.

Fire Emblem

  • In Fire Emblem Awakening story Golden Threads Tie Us, Grima is gloating that Lucina and her friends were doomed from the start when Chrom shows up alongside his army to prove him wrong:
    Grima: Isn't this precious? What will it be, child of Naga? Will you buy a few more minutes of life by watching your friends get butchered? Or will you stay behind and render their sacrifice meaningless? I must say I shall enjoy this either way! [...] Don't you see? Humanity is finished. You have no future. Your mother and father are dead. And now, the exalted!
    Chrom: ...Not quite!
    Lucina: What...? Falchion is glowing. I...I know that voice!
    Chrom: Stay strong! We're here to help! Not one of you needs to die today!
    Grima: I-impossible...He's dead! I buried him myself! There's now way he could be here. This future has already been set in stone!
    Chrom: That's not true, Lucina! Anything can change! And I'm going to prove it to you right here and now!

Girls und Panzer


Harry Potter

  • In Chapter 49 of The Parselmouth of Gryffindor, the Cup Horcrux, possessing the Sorting Hat, launches into what is basically Voldemort's third-favorite thing in the Parselverse (after being a Dark Lord, and flying), namely, Evil Gloating — with a healthy dose of insults aimed at her, Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat and Dumbledore. She utterly refuses to listen and declares him a nuisance.


  • In We're All Doomed, Future!Gamzee ( one of them, that is) is able to shut down his murderous past self's tirade with one word: HoNk.

Invader Zim

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • At one point during Queen of All Oni, Ikazuki gives a captive Tohru a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how weak humans are, only for Tohru to point out that it was humans who defeated the Oni in the first place, and that even now, they need human bodies to do anything. Ikazuki doesn't take that well.
    • When the blindfold Jade starts wearing following her encounter with Lung allows her to shrug off an onion to the face, she gloats about it, only for Viper to throw a cut up piece of onion into her mouth, shutting her up by leaving her sick for a bit.
  • Webwork: During their confrontation in the junkyard, Daolon Wong tries to torment Uncle by reveling in what's happened to Jade, only for Uncle to yawn, say Wong is boring him, and accusing him of being scared of Uncle.
    • There's a villain on villain example earlier, when Wong is trying to impress Jade and Tarakudo by bragging of his great accomplishments, only for Jade to shoot him down by pointing out how they all turned into failures.
    • Ms Hartman gives one to Tarakudo when he tries to get into her head, telling him that once Jade realizes that she doesn't need him, he'll be left with nothing.
  • In Ages of Shadow, right before the start of her final duel with Trace, Jade offhandedly offers his friends a chance to join her. Mildred tells her to fuck off.

Marvel Universe

  • Fire!: In addition to a no-holds-barred fight to the death, the final battle between Captain America and Red Skull is a long string of "Shut up, Nazi asshole!" moments.
    Red Skull: Because it is finally, finally, the end of our age. Is that impossible for you to see?
    Captain America: I see nothing but a disease I'm sworn to eradicate. The disease of Nazism.
    Red Skull: Ah. But do you not see, Captain? That is a disease you will never wipe out. Nazism is the Strength of Man. The will to be strong, to conquer, to dominate. The very will that led your pioneers to conquer this country, to subdue its inferior races—
    Captain America: Shut your mouth, Skull! I'm warning you.
    Red Skull: Warning me? Of what? How much of your history do you really know, Captain? If your Red Indians wrote your history books, or the Chinese immigrants, or the schwartzes whom you took as slaves, the ones who are now at your throats, or even the damnable you think they would read in the same fashion? Those races are rising up against you now, Captain. And America is too weak to consider the final solution. That is because you have no strength.
    Captain America: You've felt this strength before, Skull. You've felt it every time we've met, from the Forties till today. It's the strength of America, Skull. The strength of democracy, of compassion, of the ability to recognize our mistakes and strive to correct them. Our history's there, all right. We've made as many blunders as any other nation. But none of those minorities, those 'inferiors', as you call them, are trying to leave. Every one of them knows of the greatness of America, of its freedom and opportunity. Despite whatever disadvantages they may have here, they're staying, and fighting for their rights. And I stand with them. I've met the ones you spoke of...the Indians, the Asians, the blacks, and yes, the Jews. Every one of them has accepted me as a brother. None of them rejected me for being a white man, a Christian, or an American. All right, maybe it is because I'm called Captain America. But that name means a lot, Skull. It stands for a lot. And it'll always stand for something better than yours. No matter what happens today, it'll always stand.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • The Evillustrator is taken down much more swiftly in Spellbound than in canon, using the original "pretend to go on a date with him" plan. Upset at being tricked by Marinette, he angrily shouts that she's just like Chloe. Chat Noir, who was already envious of their fake date, very calmly points out the flaws in this accusation.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

  • Wings to Fly has Lucrezia Noin and Zechs Merquise catastrophically on the outs and they do not actually converse during the Second Battle of Mars, but only because Noin is not speaking on an open channel. Rather than answer him, she commands her squadron to volley their missiles at him.
    Noin: Lightning, come to two-one-seven, arm missiles. Lock Tallgeese.
    Zechs: Noin, may we speak?
    Noin: Launch by my order. ...One Flight, launch. Two Flight, launch. Three Flight, launch.


  • Perfection Is Overrated
    • When faced with Shizune, a fundamentalist Christian who kills everyone who disagrees with her, Yukariko denounces Shizune as "nothing more than a murderer who perverts Jesus Christ's teachings of compassion, tolerance and love!" Shizune is unfazed, and says Yukariko is a false Christian as a Catholic.
    • During the Final Battle, The Usurper makes a last-ditch attempt to get the Himes to help him make a perfect new world, only to get rejected yet again.
    Mai: To hell with your new world that is only perfect for you! We'll decide our own future!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Actually, I'm Dead: After Lightning Dust comes surprisingly close to defeating the dark force inside The Alicorn Amulet, despite the huge power gap between them, said entity gives her a We Can Rule Together, after beating her down. Her response?
    Lightning: Up yours.
  • Earth and Sky: When the Flim-Flam brothers are in Cloudsdale, Professor Destiny starts giving a rant about how their flight harness makes them superior to the pegasi...only for an angry mob to start pelting them with pies.
  • The Immortal Game:
    • During the second Battle of Ponyville, while Terra is beating the Mane Six and Luna into the ground, she's also ranting about how survival is all that matters in the world, and doesn't understand why they're fighting her even though they have no chance to beat her. They shoot her down simply:
      Terra: What could possibly be more important to you ponies than survival?
      Fluttershy: Friendship.
    • This is immediately followed by Terra stating that she's still more powerful than all of them and trying to finish them, only to be stopped by the previously-neutralized Elements of Harmony reigniting.
      Terra: I have more power than all of you combined. Against me you have nothing. No weapons. No magic.
      (Attempts to kill Twilight, but the Elements reignite, blocking and then immobilizing her)
      Terra: No! That's impossible!
      Twilight: Hadn't you heard? Friendship is magic.
  • The Pony POV Series has several examples:
    • Twilight does this to Loneliness on multiple occasions throughout the final battle with her. Finally, Trixie finally manages one when she defies Loneliness in the end before grabbing her Element Of Harmony and destroying her.
    • Fluttercruel to Princess Luna, when Luna brings up the possibility that they really can't know who the "original" and who the "copy" is. 'Cruel replies by saying that they're both real and it doesn't matter whose the "original". Luna is impressed by this.
    • Sweetie Belle gets one on Silver Spoon's mother in "Butterflies" — when she says the CMC don't deserve to be Silver Spoon's friends, she points out how well connected they are through their sisters (and Rainbow Dash in Scootaloo's case), and is completely polite while doing so.
    • In the Dark World, Apple Pie manages one when Derpy's refusal to give in to the Valeyard's Breaking Lecture restores her own hope (after he tried to convince her that there are no happy endings in real life), saying she's going to write her own happy ending.
      • During the same fight, Derpy gets another one to the Valeyard when he begs her for mercy while she's beating him to death to force him into a regeneration back into the Doctor.
    The Valeyard: Derpy, we're friends! Don't do this!
    • Later on in Dark World, Rarity has one against Fluttercruel after the latter tries to pull a "Not So Different" Remark on her when she declares she's going to kill Fluttercruel for torturing Fluttershy's mind for centuries until Cadence's spirit saved her.
      Fluttercruel: At LAST you get it!
      Rarity: No, I don't 'get it' you sad filly. You kill for thrills. I'd do nothing if you just stopped. I'm nothing like you. And that hurts, doesn't it? To know just how alone you really are.
      • She gives Fluttercruel another one when they each summon small armies to aid them. Fluttercruel uses disposable Mooks. Rarity asks for help from the souls of Fluttercruel's victims and gives them stone bodies to use, and points out how they're different.
    • Ironic as it may be, Discord manages to do this to the Nameless Passenger by cutting off her "The Reason You Suck" Speech and pointing out that, this time, she's just trying to make him feel worse to cope with her own Villainous Breakdown at Rancor throwing a wrench in her works (ironically, by stabbing Discord In the Back and mortally wounding him), then comparing the two of them.
      • The Passenger gets two more in Dark World 26. First, when she tries to get Twilight to kill the seapony Aquamarine (who is acting on Discord's orders to take feathers from the petrified Celestia and Luna as part of a means to maintain Sky Ocean after Discord's defeat), Twilight refuses, stating that she won't harm the seaponies, who are innocent of any wrongdoings, despite what the Passenger thinks. Then a little later, Shady's spirit shows up and comforts Discord while the Passenger is mocking him, saying that while Discord has done many terrible things, the self-righteous Passenger is worse.
      • Twilight and company get quite a few against the Nameless Passenger after she reveals herself as Twilight's potential future self Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox as she tries to convince Twilight to become her, shooting down all her arguments.
      • Spike delivered what may be the most awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! in the series, when he refused to restrain Twilight for her.
    Nightmare Eclipse: YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S LOST HER MIND Twilight! Everything in this world is nothing but shadows of a lie of a fantasy. You're not being rational! Spike! Restrain her!
    Spike: No.
    Nightmare Eclipse: Spike, I'm warning you!
    Spike: I'll have you know I am NOT a robot, or a distortion, or any of those other things. And I need to be loyal to the real Twilight.
    • Bright Eyes gets one against Cruel Eyes/D___t's Shadow of Existence, using her love of Lancer to help her beat his Breaking Lecture.
      Bright Eyes: ...We can't be certain...if what we think of ourselves is true, and we can be certain what others think of us is true. The heart is always subjective. All we have left in the end is who we chose to trust. I'd trust Lancer with my life, I trusted him with my heart a long time ago!
      Cruel Eyes: This is not over, I swear to you, I shall stalk your soul and its iterations across creation, and when your heart cries out in deepest despair, I will be there to devour you, we will meet-!
      Bright Eyes: (impales him through the heart) Sorry, but that's not happening. (bisects his head with enough force to drive her sword into his chest, destroying him completely) Ever.
    • Cadence gets one against General-Admiral Makarov in Part 15 of the Shining Armor Arc using the Magic Music of a "The Villain Sucks" Song to tap into the bonds of Misfit Actual and the Rebel Deer and kick his flank.
    Makarov: What are you going to do? Sing me a song?
    Cadence: Maybe I will sing.
    • In Shining Armor 18, Minuette gets one against the Master when he tries to tempt her into opening her fob watch and becoming him again. After she resists his attempts, he snaps and yells that she has no choice because she is him. Her reply?
    Minuette: No. I. Am. Minuette. Colgate! (hurls fob watch across the room)
    • In "Character Rerailment", Silver gets a few against her now Nightmarified friend Diamond Tiara while she's trying to convince her she only exists to be her bully toady and is worthless otherwise.
    Diamond Tiara: What have you ever done, Silver on your own? Who has ever liked you when you weren't of any use to them at all? Who would miss you if you died? I know I wouldn't. Your parents? They'd just have another foal to replace you. Fillies like you are a dime a dozen. You're a worthless, pointless, little waste of space."
    Silver Spoon: ...I...I'm not worthless…I'm not worthless! The Crusaders took me in! They didn't need to! I wasn't of use to them at all back then! I was their BULLY! That was the only Silver Spoon they'd ever known! And they STILL helped me...they still SAVED me...My Cutie Mark...I don't know what it means, but it's not 'being born with a silver spoon in my mouth' or being a minion...the heart in the handle is more important. Just because I don't remember the charity doesn't mean it didn't matter to me!
  • In the Chaos Verse (an official spinoff of the Pony POV Series above), that universe's version of Discord offers one to the Dark World version of himself from the main series (or rather, an illusion of him created by Nightmare Phobia; same difference). When Dark World!Discord tries to tempt Chaos Verse!Discord back to evil, Chaos Verse!Discord not only rejects him, but thanks him for showing him the error of his ways, and stating that by extension, it was him who saved Fluttercruel from Oblivion. This causes the illusion to fall apart and allows Discord to break free.
  • The Powers of Harmony: During their first fight, Applejack at one point shuts up Eclipse mid-gloat by bucking her so hard her head explodes. She regenerates, unfortunately. Or not, given she's possessing Rarity at the time.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: In the out-of-continuity story, Trixie manages to shoot down Grey Hoof's attempt at a Sherlock Scan on the Bearers by pointing out he's not doing anything clever - Ditzy's not exactly hiding her strabismus, and any idiot can see Carrot Top and Lyra are a farmer and musician, respectively.
  • Loved and Lost:
    • In the 10th chapter, Commander Hildread gives Twilight's friends a lecture about their treatment of her during the course of "A Canterlot Wedding" in order to break them into allowing themselves to be taken into custody. At first the five mares become depressed from the truthful part of Hildread's lecture, but then Fluttershy notices a chandelier hanging above Hildread and the guards. She gives Hildread a retort before she covers her and her friends' escape by dropping the chandelier onto Hildread and the guards.
      Commander Hildread: To think, Twilight Sparkle considered you all her best friends. What kind of pony would risk everything she cares about for the sake of her worthless, pathetic, annoying so-called friends?!
      Fluttershy: Twilight would!
    • During the climax, the Big Bad attempts a Breaking Speech on the captured Celestia by claiming that the usurped princess will be remembered as a failure by the future generations. Celestia interrupts the following Evil Laugh with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about her evil nephew's arrogance and underestimation of the Mane Six and the Magic of Friendship.
      Jewelius: Just accept it, you've lost and I will make sure that you will go down in history as the worst ruler Equestria has ever had. The very mention of your name in a positive light will be punishable by death! [laughs maniacally]
      Celestia: I'm afraid it is you who will not be remembered for your greatness but your arrogance, Jewelius. You, like many others before you, have underestimated Twilight and her friends and the Magic of Friendship. And that will cost you dearly!
  • Knights of Equestria: The ponies deliver one when they power up the Rainbow Of Light by telling Tirek to basically shut up about how meaningless life is.


  • A Father's Wrath: During a fight against Hidan, Orochimaru is put under a jutsu where his son Naruto appears before him and tells him he hates him and he resents the fact he is the son of a man who did so many horrible experiments to others. Orochimaru is ready to succumb to his words as memories of his past and horrible deeds he did showup until another memory appears and he responds with this line which breaks the Jutsu.
    Orochimaru My son loves me and that means you're not my son!
  • In Desperation Attracts Vultures, Neji gives Naruto the usual "A failure can never become Hokage" speech, only for Naruto to easily turn it around by saying that while he might never become Hokage, Neji would never be more than a slave.
  • Sakura does this to Ami in The Fourth Apprentice, pointing out that unlike her, Ami dropped out of the Academy and quit, whilst Sakura stayed and continued on despite being bullied and became a Kunoichi, so in her eyes, the only loser is Ami and she's nothing but trash. Ami goes to smack her but Sakura thanks to her training effortlessly blocks it and delivers one of her own and warns her to never bother her again.

One Piece

  • In This Bites!, when Cross reveals that callers can call in and be on the SBS, Doflamingo tries to horn in on the show. Cross hangs up on him. Repeatedly. And then blacklists his number for good measure.


  • Test Of Humanity has Wheatley of all people doing this to GLaDOS by literally telling them to "shut up" and then punching them in the eye.
    "Shut up."
    GLaDOS looked down at Wheatley, "What did you say?"
    "I said, SHUT UP!" Wheatley shouted too blinded by rage to think clearly...not that he ever really thought clearly in the first place.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Journal has Heath deliver one to the Darkrai Shard in Chapter 31, after a discussion about the inherent pointlessness of Heath's mission.


  • Professor Arc: After learning about his lies, Nicholas forces Jaune to literally fight him for the right to stay at Beacon. During their duel, Nicholas taunts Jaune about his silly desires to become a hero. Jaune angrily bellows that he doesn't care about fame.
    Jaune: I don't want to be a hero. I don't care about reputation. I don't care about what people think of me, I don't care about being a hero. The reason I'm doing this is to protect the people I care about; my students, my colleagues-everyone at Beacon. There is no other reason!


  • Ultimate Spider-Woman: The titular heroine gives Jack O'Lantern an epic one of these in issue #48, after she narrowly breaks out of the drug-fueled Heroic B So D he tried to force her into. Jack's less than pleased.

Spyro the Dragon

  • The Portal: Blizzard delivers Zobek one of these during the latter's last ditch attempt to possess the former in chapter 25.
    Zobek: You will surrender yourself to my will.
    Blizzard: Get out of my head!
    Zobek: Only when you surrender to me.
    Blizzard: Go screw yourself!

The Simpsons

  • Bart Simpson: Attorney at Law: After Jeremy Hawthorne's attempt to Blackmail Bart and expose Alex's life as his married man-extorting whore falls apart, he tries to convince Alex to return to him by reminding her of all the "good times" they had, and claiming she is too good for Bart. Alex, however shoots him down.
    Jeremy: Was it really that terrible, Alex? We were making good money, both well ­fed, nothing to slow us down, nothing. You don't really think that I wasn't going to introduce you to the big people, huh?
    Alex: You made me believe a lot of things, back then. I was young, poor, and stupid. All of which, I'm not now. I'm better off without you, Jeremy.
    Jeremy: I thought that at one time, too, ya know? But then, in an airport bar, I saw that guy of yours on trial for sexually harassing a poor innocent girl . And I thought, "Am I really going to let, dear Alex, throw her life away, for this creep? Hell no. She belongs with me! Me and the fashion kings of Hollywood! Don't you agree? C'mon, Alex. We've had good times, you and me. Remember? There was that time, that…
    Alex: No, Jeremy. There were never "good times". You manipulated; brain washed, and corrupted me. I'm staying right here, and if you are wise, you'll get the hell out of my life and stay out.

Tolkien's Legendarium

  • Heart of Ashes:
    • When the White Council confronts the Necromancer/Sauron in Dol Guldur, Gandalf gives the Dark Lord a concise rebuke before starting the fight.
      Sauron: There is none… that can stand before the darkness… You cannot fight against the oncoming night…
      Gandalf: But neither can the dark stop the dawn!
    • In the 15th chapter, General Victis calls Lord Beronor out of underestimating Smaug's threat over Vathvael. The arrogant Lord tries to claim that Victis couldn't defeat the dragon because of his old age and error in judgement. The feverish and injured General points his sword at Beronor and explains why he can't be blamed for being unable to defeat the dragon. Beronor is left paled.
      Lord Beronor: Perhaps the general is tired. His mind is fevered from his wounds. Like us all, he is ageing and simply does not want to admit that he lost his battle against the dragon due to his lack of sound judgement due to age —
      General Victis: Bastard! [points his sword at Beronor's chest] I may be old and tired, aye. But I had PERFECT judgement when I was out there with my men! It was not my judgement that made the arrows bounce off of the brute's scales! It was not my old age that gave that creature such a deadly ferocity that it tore my men apart with little effort! If you believe that our army is sufficient to take it down Beronor, then you won't mind when I volunteer you to be at the front line leading the men when the thing next comes!
    • At the end of the previous conversation, Queen Lalemwen decides to prepare against Smaug by asking the dwarves of Erebor to create any Black Arrows they can for whatever price they ask. Beronor tries to object to asking for help from the people he and Lord Gregorse planned to "discreetly" conquer. The gentle, pregnant and widowed Queen finally snaps and scares the Lords into submission.
      Lord Beronor: Your Majesty! We cannot go to others and beg for help! The words of Dorwinion have always been 'Strong and sure'.
      Queen Lalemwen: I do not give a damn about words when my people are in danger! If that dragon returns, I want us to live long enough to say that we swallowed our pride to survive so that we might have any pride with which to speak of.
      Lord Beronor: Your Majesty, please listen to us when we say —
      Queen Lalemwen: [rises up to glare at the Lords] I am the Queen. You. Listen. To Me!


  • Beast Wars Fan Series:
    • Mostly directed towards Megatron/Galvatron.
      Cheetor: How about I remedy your existence, Mega-Jerk!
      Victoria: Galvatron, you are so dispicable. Now, DIE!
    • Cheetor also delivers a good one towards Spittor at the end of Season 1:
      Shut up. Just the thought of what you did to me and Natalie all those decades ago makes me sick. Even worse than that is seeing you alive and kicking and still reeking of that darn swamp smell. Just that gives me the strength to destroy you, you sick monster! This is for Natalie! And Victoria!
    • And while fighting Spittor in the movie:
      Spittor: You will have to do better than that.
      Cheetor: Spare me your mockery, frog. I plan on it!
    • Perhaps the best one is in the final episode, as a retread of Optimus's and Megatron's conversation at the end of the original series:
      Galvatron: What, no destiny and honor speech?
      Optimus Primal: Speech...(*PUNCHES GALVATRON*) This! Murderer.


Warhammer 40,000

  • Attelus Kaltos does this in Secret War sequel Secret War: Upon Blood Sands to Serghar Kaltos after Serghar stabs Attelus through the guts during their "battle". By punching his father in the face with a throwing knife.


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