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Comic Books of the 1980s

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Most long runners from previous decades persist here. During this decade The Bronze Age of Comic Books ended and The Dark Age of Comic Books began. The Jim Shooter era of Marvel Comics mostly took place in this decade.

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  • Hawkman. First appeared in January, 1940.
    • Hawkman Vol 2. Published August, 1986 - December, 1987
    • The Post-Hawkworld version of Hawkman/Katar Hol. First appeared in August, 1989.
    • The Post-Hawkworld version of Hawkwoman/Shayera Thal. First appeared in August, 1989.
  • Hellblazer. Series began January, 1988.
  • Heroes Against Hunger. One-shot published in 1986.









  • Rat-Man. First appeared in Spot 2. as a supplement to L'Eternauta #86 of June, 1989.
  • Raven. First appeared in October, 1980.
  • Robin. First appeared in April, 1940.
    • Jason Todd. First appeared March, 1983. Became Robin December, 1983.
    • Damian Wayne. First appearednote  September, 1987. Would become Robin in the 2000s.
    • Timothy "Tim" Drake. First appeared in August, 1989. Became Robin December, 1989.
  • Rocket Raccoon. First appeared in Summer 1976, gained his own mini-series in May, 1985.
  • Rogue Trooper. First appeared in September, 1981.



  • Urbanus. First appeared in November, 1982.
  • U.S. Agent. First appeared in November, 1986.
  • US 1. Started in May, 1983.

  • V for Vendetta. Storyline started in March, 1982.
  • Venom.
    • The eponymous symbiote first appeared in May, 1984.
    • Eddie Brock first appeared in September, 1986.
    • The combination of the two above first appeared in April-May, 1988.
  • Vigilante. First appeared in September, 1982. Received their own series in November, 1983.
  • The Vision and the Scarlet Witch. First appeared in November, 1982.
  • Vixen. Secondly appeared in July, 1981.



  • Zenith. First appeared in August, 1987.
  • Zot!. First appeared in April, 1984.