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Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers is a comic-book franchise originally created by Jack Kirby for Pacific Comics in 1981. One of Pacific's first titles, it was originally a Spiritual Successor to Kirby's New Gods, telling the story of Captain Victory, the brave captain of the dreadnaught Tiger, as he battled his villainous grandfather Blackmaas, dictator of the planet Hellikost. The series lasted 13 issues, but by 1984, Pacific had collapsed and Captain Victory faded into obscurity. A revival, called Victory was attempted by Topps Comics in 1994, but was cancelled after only one issue. Kirby himself died that year.

Years later, the rights to the series landed with Dynamite Comics, who revived the franchise as part of Kirby Genesis, a Massive Multiplayer Crossover involving as many of Kirby's creator-owned characters as Dynamite could acquire. This led to a new six-issue miniseries, in which the good captain and his crew dealt with the modern world.

In 2014, Joe Casey put out a six-issue miniseries involving Captain Victory. In this reimagining, the current Captain Victory is killed in battle, and an accident causes two of his clones to be sent to opposite ends of the galaxy, forcing his crew to find them while also battling against Blackmaas and dealing with Ranger Central, which has assumed that Victory is dead and wants the Tiger to return home to get a new captain.

Versions of Captain Victory also appeared in Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters (written by Kirby's daughter Lisa, based on unused material from Captain Victory #7) and Legenderry.

Not to be confused with Captain Victory, a Golden Age hero by the same name.

This series contains examples of:

    The Original Series 
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Captain Victory was originally supposed to be the son of Orion from New Gods, which would make Darkseid his grandfather. As this was obviously not an option for Kirby after his defection to Pacific, Darkseid became Blackmass, and his obsession with the Anti-Life Equation became an obsession with the Anti-Truth Equation.

    The Joe Casey Miniseries 
  • Amnesiac Hero: Both of the Victory clones were incomplete, and thus don't have the full memories of their predecessor.
  • Canon Welding: Casey's series came closer than ever before to Canon Welding Captain Victory with New Gods, depicting the silhouette of a corporeal Blackmass (clearly Darkseid) in flashback as "the universe's Dark Side".
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Victor, the teenage clone of the Captain, is sent back in time to 1970's Earth.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Just as the crew of the Tiger manage to home in on the older clone's location, Ranger Central suddenly steps in to demand that they return home, as their ship is due for repairs and replenishment and the clone that they're tracking is in a quarantined galaxy.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Without their Captain pulling them together, Talin, Orca, and Mister Mind spend a lot of their time bickering.
  • We Have Reserves: Ranger Central's stance on Captain Victory's possible death is that the crew of the Tiger was reckless going into battle without a ready back-up for their captain, and therefore, they need to return to base for a new captain.