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    Psychic Assaults 

Code Geass

  • Shirley Fennete aka India Foxtrot in Armed Resistance gains a geass that allows her to force people to answer her questions. One or two questions merely leave the victim disoriented for a short period of time, but continued questioning can (and often does) drive them insane.


  • In Aeon Natum Engel Fettel mind rapes Dagon long enough for Rei to kill him.
  • In the Negima and Nanoha crossover Equal and Opposite Attraction, Mind Rape seems to be on the menu. Its happened twice. Once with Arf when she was forced to watch Fate get tortured all over again. And again with Hayate, who again has to watch her knights get killed in front of her, but this time its BAD: Only Signum gets the quiet death she received in the series, since Vita gets impaled on an iron fence, Zafira gets beaten to death, and its implied that Shamal was raped on top of being killed. To top it off, Reinforce is revived, only to kill Nanoha and Fate right in front of Hayate, then proceeds to destroy the entire city, leaving Hayate the only living thing for miles. The chapter ends with one word:
    Hayate: "Help"
  • Child of the Storm has multiple examples, owing to the proliferation of telepaths.
    • Odin locked away Thor's memories of his time as James Potter - a justified example, since being violently murdered and witnessing his wife's murder in spirit form drove him completely insane with grief and rage, descending into the Warrior's Madness, to the point where it was very likely that he would have gone on to destroy Britain, if not the entirety of the Earth, in his madness.
    • This a favoured tactic of Doctor Essex a.k.a. Sinister, who used it (and bribery) to avert attention from how Harry was being treated at Privet Drive in order to keep him on hand for study. He even managed to do this to a young Jean Grey and her family, making them forget Harry existed. It's also implied that he did this to Harry himself. Needless to say, Thor's near-homicidally enraged.
    • What Riddle's Diary did to Ginny is explicitly compared to rape, with Sean Cassidy - a former US Army Intelligence Officer and Interpol Detective who's seen far too much - stating that it ticks all the boxes for sexual abuse, something that Tony and Natasha both concur with. She winds up getting therapy.
    • Harry's manifestation of psychic powers allows Voldemort to access that power and do a little bit of this, acting as a sort of psychic foreign object, forcing Harry's powers to flare out of control to allow more power from him to draw on - for which he is deservedly rewarded in chapter 68 when Harry's psychic tutor, Betsy, lures him into feeding on Harry's powers, then cuts the connection, resulting in absolutely brutal feedback.
    • Voldemort himself responds to the latter by using the power he's accrued to forcibly possess Pettigrew, erase his mind from his body as he reshapes - 'recycles' it - into one more to his liking. Horrified screaming is mentioned.
      • On his reappearance in chapter two of Ghosts of the Past, he reveals this as his new favourite tactic: first, he turns Harry's friends into People Puppets just to screw with Harry, then when he's losing the first psychic duel between him and Harry, he starts draining the life from them. When Harry then tries to reach out to Betsy, he gains revenge for what she did to him by giving her an aneurysm, briefly torturing her before, when Loki tries to investigate, detonating the psychic equivalent of an EMP, which leaves Loki with a migraine and Betsy comatose. After that, he makes Harry cooperate by threatening to force the heavily pregnant Pepper cut out her baby, eat it and enjoy doing so. He then pulls a "Freaky Friday" Flip on Harry's friends, banishing them across the camp, and setting more People Puppets, Death Eaters, after them.
    • Harry is normally a rigid practitioner of Mind over Manners, being absolutely terrified of violating this rule, but first accidentally does this when he loses control and traps Cassidy, Ron and Hermione inside a particularly lethal memory. He later tries to do it to the Ravenclaws after Luna's death but Thor talks him down, before getting into the habit of knocking out Mooks with his powers.
      • In chapter 2 of Ghosts of the Past, he winds up destroying the remains of the minds of the Death Eaters that Voldemort turned into People Puppets to save his friends. This leads to significant angst, but he gets over it.
    • This is Maddie's favoured tactic, until she learns that it's wrong.
    • During the Forever Red arc of Ghosts of the Past, Harry's on the receiving end from Sinister and more mundane examples in the form of the Red Room's programming efforts for about two days straight. Maddie then makes it look like she erased his mind, leaving behind a Blank Slate, when she'd actually hidden it inside the 'phoenix feather' Harry kept on him. Afterwards, Harry is effectively mind-raped by six months of the Red Son's memories. After that, he goes Dark Phoenix and starts dishing it out.
  • In the Naruto/Negima crossover Happy Families Are All Alike, Evangeline tries to read Naruto's mind. The Kyuubi... hurts her. Literally tore her mind down to the foundations. Then Evangeline REBUILT HER MIND and pushed the demon out. It is implied that the Kyuubi does this with fair regularity to Naruto via nightmares.
  • Last Child of Krypton: When Asuka falls into the Sea of Dirac, Leliel sends all kind of nightmares and illusions into her mind to drive her to kill herself, one of them being a giant, knife-wielding version of the doll her mother called Asuka, and says over and over she is useless and worthless and nobody will ever help her or love her. Shinji dives into the Sea to save her, breaks into the illusion despite of the mental barriers and traps set by Leliel and shields Asuka. When Leliel objects, Shinji simply replies: "Burn.".
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, this happens at least three times.
    • The first is canon background for Halo in which Cortana experiences this courtesy a Flood Gravemind.
    • The second involves a similar villain to the first—this time against Sarah, partially catalyzing her Heel–Face Turn.
    • Third involves Sarah against Jackie Jakobs, though the In-Universe reasons for why aren't clear yet.
    • Sarah spends almost a whole chapter doing it to Thalia Tediore, but Torture Is Ineffective so it only shows how far she is willing to go to try to be helpful and prove her attitude has been adjusted slightly.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: It happens like in canon and completely smashes Asuka: Her worst nightmare becomes "true" as the Angel pulls an Inception and has her think that she broke out of the canon Mind Rape by going berserk and killing everybody she loves (and the Angel, and Rei) with her bare hands, plus an appearance by Superman to give her a rather scathing speech. Shinji also was affected, but turns out that what remained of his Extreme Doormat tendencies gave him some amount of resistance.
  • My Little Castlevania: Just looking at Death's face causes whoever does so to relive every painful memory they have. The fact that Dirt Nap is unaffected by it is what clues Death and Actrise in to the fact that he might be an asset.
  • In The Return mind rape is Alexia's favourite recruitment tool. Convert someone into a succubus and mindrape them into submission.
  • In XSGCOM, this is standard procedure with every alien they don't consider "to valuable to cause brain damage". Yeah, X-Com are ruthless
  • The Mission Stays The Same; when Jack expresses her disbelief of Gallardi's stories, Maeteris corrects her by implanting some of her memories into Jack's mind. They weren't pretty.
  • In Royal Heights, the Elite will occasionally undergo bizarre or downright terrifying shared dreams called Elite Visions created by the Headmaster of the school. These visions are meant to be of some assistance to the Elite in order for them to know about their future work on their new Utopia but it ultimately gives them a gander into pure nothingness, seeing themselves dissected and hooked up to a machine but still self aware. And the worst thing about that vision is that it's meant to truly happen to them at some point.
  • In the Harry Potter and Star Wars crossover The Hidden Empire Series, Draco suffers this at the hands of Harry after deciding to taunt him.
  • In I Against I, Me Against You, O'Malley gains the ability to infect anyone, regardless of whether they have armor and an A.I. slot, and takes over Pinkie Pie's mind for most of the first act. Even when O'Malley is purged from her mind, Pinkie is still left with residual images of the ways the maniacal A.I. wanted to hurt her friends, and attempts to isolate herself from them as a result.
  • In Kingdom Crossovers, this is the purpose of the Overview Omnipresent Perspective Sphere. Anyone strapped into it is forced to feel every harm (both physical and emotional) they've ever done to another person along with every harm they've ever considered doing, all at once. It normally causes the victim's mind to blow out, but Zim survived it thanks to his Pak taking most of the impact and this is what led him to a My God, What Have I Done? moment and his Heel–Face Turn.
  • In Thousand Shinji, Arael mind-raped Asuka. It's a remarkable "feat", since Asuka got improved mental defenses against psychic powers, and she'd got over most of her past issues, so Arael looked for and exploited other weaknesses.


  • In Alexnandru Van Gordon's Teen Titans fanfic "Not Again", a telepathic OC ties Robin down and does this. He enters Robin's mind and forces both of them to experience the death of Robin's parents, as well as the other awful memories in Robin's head. The reason- to see if Robin is worthy to kidnap and adopt.
  • In Outside85's Teen Titans fanfic "Raven Rising, Book 2: Scars, Raven is captured in Tartarus (Greek hell) and subjected to torture involving getting constant visions of Amazons, Titans, and Justice Leaguers hurting and killing her. In this, it takes the trope literally when one of her visions is of Nightwing/Richard Grayson raping her. By the time a team of Amazons, Titans, and some Leaguers rescue her, Raven can no longer tell what is real and what is her torture.

Death Note


  • In Forward, the "Inducer" type of psychics do this to people. The Academy has to keep them constantly sedated and under guard by combat drones or they'll drive the research staff insane, and this is mostly the ones who are too insane themselves to control how they influence minds. The ones who know what they're doing and understand how to influence people's minds can do far worse.
    • In the "Charity" story arc, this one almost becomes literal rape. An Inducer makes River and Jayne sexually attracted to one another to keep River distracted. They almost do the deed on a pile of crates right after surviving a fight with a small army of mercenaries, before Jayne realizes something is amiss. The chapter afterward involves River being directly mindraped repeatedly when she confronts the Inducer behind it all, and it ends with the Inducer taking control of her.
    • In the subsequent story arc, it gets worse. When River manages to briefly regain control of herself, she tries to fight back. The Inducer in question becomes pissed off and proceeds to brutally crush her mind by alternating between intense grief and guilt and intense pleasure and satisfaction.

Harry Potter

  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Professor Quirrell does this to the auror guarding him. By humming.
    • He also claims that this is what Lord Voldemort did to Bellatrix: "there are surer ways to break wills than the Imperius, if you have time for torture, and Legilimency, and Dark Rituals of which I will not speak." He's lying.
  • In The Jaded Eyes Series dark!Harry/Tristan is fond of giving to his enemies all the pain he's ever experienced in his life or locking them in their worst nightmare. Also Tristan dumps three lifetimes worth of memories into Canon!Harry's head. These memories include being a mass murderer that's killed off almost all non-magical humans.
  • Dumbledore does this to Harry in Paraselenic. After Dumbledore realizes he's lost control of "his weapon," he traps Harry's mind in a Lotus-Eater Machine showing how everything could have been so perfect if he would only forfeit his pesky freewill and become a mindless slave for Dumbledore.
  • In Arabella's fanfic The Very Secret Diary, all of the gruesome mind-rape that probably went on between Tom Riddle and Ginny Weasley in the second Harry Potter book is detailed to an uncomfortable degree. It's damn fine writing, though.
  • In The Well Groomed Mind Dumbledore did this to Harry the moment he set foot into Hogwarts, rewriting his personality from the "clever survivalist" that he was into "Messianic Archetype Idiot Hero" that everyone expects him to be.
  • This Harry Potter fanfic is based around the idea that Ginny was repeatedly raped by Death eaters using Polyjuice potion to look like her father. It later all but mentions the trope by name, following Harry's reveal that Voldemort forced him to watch Ginny's literal rape and made him suicidal.
  • In Dominus Mundi The King Of Kings, Harry suffers one after touching a mutated Nucleus. What happens when he touches it is vaguely described, but the narrator describes the aftermath of the experience as Harry being locked in a world of terror and screaming in horror and pain.

Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

Marvel Universe

Mass Effect

  • In Mass Effect: End of Days, Reaper indoctrination is presented as this, just as it is in the games themselves. During the aftermath of a Collector-raid, we get to follow one of their prisoners as the indoctrination takes a toll on his mind.
    He did not dare to sleep, for then the whispers would grow louder, stealing his thoughts and dreams. The whispers were already in his head, taking his thoughts away. He felt it before, when he had finally managed to shut his eyes, when the whispers had entered his dreams, obscuring them with shadows and screams. It was as if... as if a graveyard had become an entity, which held him down and... ...and... screamed... screamed into his soul.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • In Prince Charming, the titular prince was blessed at birth with the power to do this to everyone he interacts with... whether or not he actually wants to.
    • This work also features the Bound Oblivion, a spell that literally burns away all capacity for desire or emotion, then sets magic in place to govern the movements of those so lobotomized. The King uses the "akumas" thus created to manage the Prince, since they're the only ones immune to his blessing.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, during his original rampage Discord tortured Morning Glory's mind for days and days, leaving her almost completely unresponsive to those around her. And due to Rosedust isolating the Flutter Ponies in anger, Morning Glory spent thirteen hundred years like that.
  • Checker Monarch from Getting Back on Your Hooves has done both this and the 'mundane' method facilitated by psychic methods. Using a dream infiltration spell (which is highly illegal for her to use at all) combined with Lucid Dreaming, she's a Dream Weaver capable of entering someone's dreams and manipulating them however she pleases.
  • Another Discord example: in Night of the Shy, though no details have been given yet, it's revealed by Luna that he mind raped her and Celestia's parents so far past the Despair Event Horizon that they lost the will to live and violently refused to be fed, allowing themselves to waste away.
  • Nyx receives memory fragments from Nightmare Moon wherein she wants to kill Twilight Sparkle... the pony Nyx considers as her mother.
  • While the canon version of him's methods were (almost) too tame to count as this, the Pony POV Series version of Discord loves doing this. Everyone being Driven to Madness under his rule cases such psychological pain that pretty much everypony in Ponyville pretty much needs weeks of consoling and help to get back to some resemblance of their old selves (except Fluttershy, who's hackneyed job on Discord's part simply left her with a pathetic excuse for an Enemy Within who she browbeats easily). Applejack pretty much sums it up quite well:
    Applejack: Ponyville used to be the nicest, simplest, all around friendly town ya could hope ta settle in. But now it's feelin' like a little filly whose lost her innocence a little bit too soon.
    • His psychic Mind Rape of Diamond Tiara persists weeks later and effectively manipulates her into freeing him from his prison again by threatening to harm her mother. Discord is still a statue at this point, it was all a lingering effect of his Mind Rape presumably as a back up plan.
    • The sexual angle is referenced when the Wonderbolts member Fleetfoot states that, because of what Discord did to her, she feels violated. Some readers even assumed it was ACTUAL rape until Word of God explained it. The worst part? Discord does every last bit of this For the Evulz.
  • Done repeatedly throughout The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. The fact that it's a Conversion Bureau fanfic should tell you something.
    • Becoming a newfoal turns people into perpetually smiling, mindlessly cheery zombies, with little (if any) free will of their own. How is very brutal - basically, the Newfoals' human souls are literally broken to pieces and then bound to Queen Celestia and Tirek's will. Even worse, according to the zebras' elder shaman Quagga, it is utterly impossible to repair said souls; only Mercy Killing them will make their souls whole again and set them free. Meaning even if the Queen and Tirek are defeated, only mass euthanasia will set their souls free.
      • The Last Train From Oblivion side-story shows the process from the perspective of the convert. Said convert is a female member of the PER and willingly lets herself be ponified. She then undergoes a "ponification matrix" that decides to design her new pony self into a perfect slave for the Solar Empire. She begs them to let her be a nurse (her old human occupation), but instead, she's "programmed" physically and mentally into becoming a Sex Slave for Royal Guards (despite her having problems with sex due to having been molested in her past). Be Careful What You Wish For, indeed.
    • It's also revealed that Queen Celestia placed a "geis" on the Royal Guards so that they serve her every command without question. All of them. In fact, most of the natural born Equestrians have also been brainwashed to some extent; TCB!Apple Bloom describes it as feeling like her thoughts are slowly being replaced by an irrational hatred for humans and a desire to ponify every person she sees (though thankfully, she's able to break free from it).
    • And the corruption of the TCB!Mane Six, combined with an especially brutal form of And I Must Scream. They were all imprisoned in their own minds while dark personalities were implanted into their bodies to carry out the Queen's will. The girls basically possess the same amount of agency as a human being controlled by a Yeerk, and all they can do is helplessly watch as their bodies are used as tools to commit Moral Event Horizon grade acts on the humans. By the time Canon!Luna finds this out during a Journey to the Center of the Mind, the real TCB!Twilight is reduced to desperately begging and pleading with Luna to kill her, if only to end everyone else's suffering.
    • And even TCB!Celestia herself given what the Bag of Tirek did to her.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: Asuka was mind-raped by Arael in the past. Shinji several times remembers how she was screaming and pleading for his help and he resents his father for not let him save her.
  • The Child of Love: In chapter 3 of the sequel Arael strikes. It weakens Asuka's mind with visions of her attempted suicide and nightmares where Shinji loses his nerve and leaves her before forcing her to relive her mother’s suicide again.
  • Discussed in Ghosts of Evangelion when Asuka and Toji have a talk about how Arael and Bardiel got inside their heads and saw things they didn't want anyone to know.
  • HERZ: In chapter 2 Asuka has a nightmare where she relives her Mind Rape and how Arael's blinding light pierced her mind despite of her screams and pleas for it stopping.
  • Higher Learning: Asuka goes through one, like in canon. Unusually, the ordeal is seen from Arael's point of view. And the Eldritch Abomination is also sickened with its actions, but Arael thinks that it is sadly necessary for the good of everyone, including the own Children's -and including Asuka's-. He must test them and they must succeed so that they become stronger if they want mankind survives.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide, this becomes a strategy of the Emerald Tablet. As it is allowed to make contact with the minds of Eva pilots, such as Asuka, Rei, the Chinese pilot, and Keiko it tries to make them susceptible to its control so it can use their connection to Eva as a conduit to take control of of the Eva itself. It achieves this by attempting to destroy their minds by using the mental connection it makes with them. In Asuka's case, it at first subtly plays on her insecurities and darker sides, such as her Blood Knight tendencies, but eventually it goes all out, confronting her directly by dragging her into its mindscape where it gives her a Breaking Speech while subjecting her to mental images of all her worst existential fears. Rei's encounter with the Tablet is described as quite abstract, but the experience itself ends up almost killing her and puts her out of commission for quite some time. What it did to the Chinese pilot is not directly shown, but the implications, such as the fact that 'she tried to tear off her own face, is rather horrifying.
  • The One I Love Is:
    • When Shinji fell into Leliel, the Angel entered his mind to try understand the human mind. However Shinji did not realize what was happening, and he attributed the visions he got to an hallucination.
    • On the other hand, when Arael burst into Asuka's mind, forcing her to relive her worst memories, she was painfully aware what was happening. She screamed and even begged for it stopping and leaving her alone.
      "My mind has been sullied. Shinji... it's polluted. What should I do? My mind has been polluted... I... I want to die..."
  • Being a Peggy Sue story, The Second Try revisits the infamous trope naming scene. Since Asuka and Shinji have long since gotten over their inner demons, she thinks it'll be easier to deal with this time. So Arael targets the knowledge that her 4 year old daughter Aki is alone in a post-apocalyptic future and there's nothing she can do about it. Even worse, it has a mental version of Aki remind her that she had originally tried to kill her in-utero via starvation. If Shinji hadn't been able to talk with her during all of this, she probably would have suffered another complete emotional breakdown.
  • In Neon Metathesis Evangelion, it is Shinji who is attacked by Arael. Arael shows him how lonely his life has been, and how this has been mostly his fault for having turned any advances or attempts to build relationships. Thus Shinji becomes convinced it will most likely always stay that way. He is a near-catatonic wreck after the experience.
  • Both Rei and Kaworu end up getting attacked by Arael in Advice and Trust and are subjected to their worst fears (Rei being rejected by Asuka and Shinji for her angelic nature, and Kaworu giving into his instincts and causing The End of the World as We Know It). Rei takes it so hard that she begs Ritsuko to drug away the pain afterwards despite her history with being drugged. Fortunately, there are no long term effects thanks to the emotional support from their friends.


  • An example in the fic CRME. Cinder decides to punish Mercury for undermining her authority. She has Emerald use her Semblance to project several images of his Abusive Parents tormenting him and insulting him. Something that distresses and angers him because he came to Cinder and Emerald to forget about his past. And Cinder makes him relive the experience Up to Eleven. It is apparently so distressing to him that he promises to beat the crap out of Emerald if she even thinks to try it for fun. And the only reason he didn't straight up murder Cinder is that she'd make him go through it again.
  • In the Ruby and Nora series, Salem's Seer Grimm beast also has the added effect of digging its tentacles into a person's brain and using it to lobotomize them into her servitude. She has performed this on some characters and threatened to do it to others for failing her.

The Slender Man Mythos

  • The Slender Man fic By the Fire's Light feature Slender Man inflicting enough mental pain and anguish on his victims so that they forget everything else except for the pain and the Slender Man itself. This is done to strengthen the Slender Man since it runs on belief.

The Smurfs

  • In Empath: The Luckiest Smurf, the Psyche Master subjects Empath to this as an infant to erase all his memories. He also does this to Empath in an alternate timeline story when he is forcibly returned to Psychelia on his 151st birthday.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In Entropy, There's a plant known as the Abbadonia Rose, named after the demoness who created them. Either from sniffing the flower or used as a gas called Abbadonia's Fury, its designed to cause violent hallucinations, especially for the Stupilites (aka Blue Hedgehogs). We see through Sonic's eyes how much he suffers from exposure on several occasions.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, the voice of Dark Tails either kills those who hear it outright or drives them violently insane. Cosmo nearly meets this fate in Episode 58, but her mother's amulet protects her from the worst effects. Venus, Alice and Trinity are not so lucky.

Star Trek Online

  • Reality Is Fluid: Eleya has a mental conversation with an Undine that proves extremely painful to her (represented by the Undine inflicting a Neck Lift and manual strangulation through most of the conversation). She came out with minor brain damage (nothing Star Trek medicine couldn't fix, though).


  • In the second arc of Hellsister Trilogy, Desaad realizes he can't physically torture information out of Pariah so he fetches his mind-breaking tools.
    That had led Desaad down the right track. For tortures of the mind can be even worse than tortures of the body, and Apokolips has mind-probers aplenty.

Tales of the Abyss

  • In Phasis, Shadow (the aggregate sentience of darkness fonons) fights by showing the characters illusions of their fears or desires. Some of them break out of it on their own, while others have to get help from someone else. In the end, Jade suffers the most lasting damage: just before the battle, he had realized what was going on and come up with a solution...then the battle made him forget not only what he'd figured out, but the memory of figuring it out in the first place.

The Thing (1982)

  • The Things, written by Peter Watts and nominated for the Hugo Award (so you know it's well written), is The Thing (1982) from the alien's perspective. Though Childs' status is ambiguous in the movie, in the fanfic he has been taken over by the Thing, and just before his mind is consumed the following exchange takes place:
    The Thing: (narrative) How little it knows. It knows even less than I do.
    Childs: I know enough, you motherfucker. You soul-stealing, shit-eating rapist.


  • Alicorn's Luminosity includes:
    • Chelsea, a witch whose power is to sever and create relationships—which she does mostly to make people care about her. And you don't feel it happening.
    • Due to a series of events and Mega Manning, Addy and Elspeth have the ability to do this with true memories. There are things people would rather not know, much less experience.

    "Mundane" Torture 

Axis Powers Hetalia

  • The fancomic/fanfic, Taste of Revenge found here in comic form and fanfic form. (If you like the personification of the United States of America, Alfred F. Jones, please save yourself the guilt and disgust by not reading this. If you're not weak-stomached, go ahead and read this.) The basis of the story is that Alfred, or U.S.A. gets gang-raped by other countries for causing global recession, in the meantime getting seriously Mind-raped for all the shit he did in the past. It's a good read and worth your time, but the comic and the read is not Work Safe. The worst thing of it all, they think they're helping Alfred by teaching him a brutal lesson. Sure.... rape the world's last remaining superpower who has enough nukes to destroy you all. Real nice.


  • The AU Winter War had Aizen use both the Hogyoku and Cold-Blooded Torture to Hollowfy and break high-level Shinigami to the point of generally unquestioning servitude, though final results depended on the individual (and were horrifying no matter what).

Death Note

The Lion King

  • Nala in The Lion King Adventures suffers this in The Return of Hago. Her own father is the cause of it, too.
    • This is the King of Dreams' schtick.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Checker Monarch from Getting Back on Your Hooves, due to having Manipulation as her special talent, is quite adapt at doing the mundane version, but probably the most clear example is when she infiltrates Trixie's dreams and gives her a Breaking Lecture that leaves her so traumatized she is almost too terrified to actually go on stage for her public apology. Counts as mundane instead of psychic because she only used her words and nothing else.
  • For another example from pony-related Dark Fic, look no further than Pattycakes. Part 1 has Fluttershy, saddled with a really creepy infantilism fetish, psychologically break Rainbow Dash and make her regress to a childlike state by forcing her to act like one until she totally gives up hope and internalises it. This takes...less than a day, and the most intense torture consists of forcing Dash to use a nappy and drink from a bottle, yet at the end Dash is completely convinced that her oldest friend is actually her mother and that she is let's go with twenty years younger than she actually is. Part 2 retconned it so that Fluttershy instead used a drug called "foalmula" to make Dash regress, and even lampshaded the rape angle to a degree by having Fluttershy comment that for Dash she'd abandoned her rule about only using foalmula for consensual age play. Things get creepier from there.
  • Unlike the canon version, the Pony POV Series version of Discord's breaking of the mane cast is treated as this, though for some of the group more than others and in part due to the psychic effects. However, what he does to Trixie most certainly counts, as like Twilight, he doesn't need to do the psychic version and effectively convinces her no one can even tell she exists by illusions and a nasty Breaking Speech. Even after he's been defeated, Trixie has been so psychologically broken she's still "Discorded" weeks later.
    • Her own reharmonizing chapter reveals this Mind Rape was so severe, it caused Trixie to gain a nasty Enemy Within named Loneliness who attempts to Mind Rape and kill Twilight when she comes to heal her. It takes a lot of help from Twilight to break her free of it and destroy Loneliness.
  • Pages Of Harmony takes this concept, runs with it, and exploits it in a variety of ways - Twilight uses Mind Rape on each of her friends to analyze their Elements in a quest for "preservation of harmony", altering their memories so completely that all of them go through permanent physical and psychological changes, most barely having any remnant of their old selves. Easily the most evident example is Rainbow Dash, who is reduced to being a self-cannibal in an attempt to rid herself of any loyalty to herself or others - a trait that becomes a self-destructive habit even after she dies. Her thoughts are then consumed with only one true desire: murder Twilight and make sure she burns in Tartarus. And this is just the first of the victims.


  • The Crack, aka Mind of a Hero, has Vlad use a device as an Emotion Bomb, which he claims will bring forth what Jung referred to as the shadow on Danny. To say that it didn't end well is putting it mildly. Both parties are still messed up about it seven years later to the point that Danny can't/won't have normal relationships.


  • Nightingale uses both psychic and mundane forms of mind rape. Orochimaru in particular prefers the psychic version via genjutsu, and used so blatantly it’s almost mentioned by name.


  • Bloodsucker: The Aswang tries to perform a mundane form of it on Nora using supernatural methods. He changes his voice to sound like her dead friend Ren to throw her off while fighting her. Obviously, this is meant to distress her and make her doubt herself.


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