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Dominus Mundi : The King of Kings by DarthImperius is a Harry Potter fanfic, and a reboot of King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers, written by the same author.

Set in an Alternate Universe, in this story Harry comes to learn that the Durseleys are mereley his adoptive family due to his own mother's adoption by Petunia's biological mother, and he has at least one living relative on his mother's side. The problem comes when said relative is the Queen of Portugal on both the muggle and wizarding world, and ruler of a few other places, and when he learns that he desends from the last ruler of the Roman Empire, Constantine XI Palaiologos.The story takes elements from both the original and rewritten versions of King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers, but itself is a new story with a mostly different plot.


Dominus Mundi: The King of Kings provides examples of:

  • Advanced Ancient Humans: The Atlantean humans were a very resourceful and highly intelligent species, to the point where they created an artificial dimension where they stored all the information gathered over many millennia, a priestly order known as the Paramount taking care of its maintenance.
  • Anatomy of the Soul: Instead of the soul being composed of several components, the soul itself is a component of something called a Nucleus. It is composed of the already mentioned soul, of emotions, dreams, memories and the mind. However, other unnamed components also appear to exist.
  • Atlantis: The world was once ruled by the highly theocratic and magocratic Atlantean Empire, before the entire civilization was destroyed in the Great Cataclysm.
  • The Church: While there are many religions in the Wizarding World, the only one worthy of this rank is the Aenean Orthodox Catholic Church, which was created right after the death of Saint Aeneas, a former Christian monk who according to Aenean Canon, was given the Truth of God and the mission to divulge it to the wizards around the world.
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  • Defiant to the End: After being defeated by Alastor Moody and Harry, the agent of the Consortium which commanded the attack on the Magnaura choose to kill himself rather than being apprehended and interrogated. His final words however, were to Harry:
    Consortium Agent: To thee, my Divine Sovereign.
  • Due to the Dead: A decade after their deaths, James and Lily's (Maria Theresa) remains are exhumed and brought to Portugal, where they remain for several days lying in repose, while four Requiem masses in different countries are held for them, the last one being set in Portugal, which is attended by a few professors of Hogwarts and a few other wizards (despite the place being packed with muggles).
    • In fact it is a pureblood society dictate that says that all relatives of the deceased have to attend a funeral or get disowned. Cygnus Black, the Head of House Black ends up casting out most of his family for not showing up at the funeral.
  • Eldritch Location: The Graveyard, a by-product of the creation of time and standing in opposition to the Future. The Mandarin described it as the place where "time goes to die", and contains all events that occurred before the main point of the timeline. It is stated that mortals cannot enter it, or they cease to exist due to the Graveyard's proximity to non-existence itself. It also seems to be impervious to the laws of physics (or at least most of them).
  • The Empire: The Roman Empire is still around in the Wizarding World, although the throne has been empty since the death of Constantine XI.
    • In ancient times there was also the Atlantean Empire (also known as Al-Antidia), which ruled over the entire world.
  • Eye Scream: The initiates of the Order of the Blind Priests have their eyes plucked out and burned as offerings to the Triumvirate of Fate when they become full-fledged members of the Order.
  • God-Emperor: The title of the ruler of the Atlantean Empire was "Divine Sovereign", and all descended from Amilanius, whose mother was a deity. There were some which also had a divine parent as well, furthering their claim to divinity.
  • Great Big Book of Everything: The Encyclopædia Veneficia, a book written in the 18th century, is this for the Wizarding World. It is a bit outdated, though.
  • Guile Hero: After some advice from Theodore Nott, his Slytherin cousin Harry manages to undercut Draco Malfoy's status in Slytherin and also use Malfoy family skeletons to get Wizarding England to join his grandmother's empire.
  • High Priest: Back in Al-Antidia, the second highest caste in the Empire was that of the Exalted - a group of twelve high priests, each having a member of the Sacred Twelve as their respective patron deity. They were all subordinate to the Divine Sovereign, who was in turn the High Priest of Aion.
  • Lost Orphaned Royalty: Having his parents killed by Voldemort, Harry was this until he was reunited with his grandmother, Maria III.
  • Mind Rape: Harry suffers one after touching a corrupted Nucleus. The description of the whole thing is rather vague on what exactly he is seeing, but when he is nearly snapped out of it by someone, he somewhat becomes aware of himself again, but he is described as still screaming in terror and pain, the whole experience leaving him trapped in a “world of horror”. It leads to the awakening of what remains of Anipheon within him, causing Harry to experience a few flashbacks of his past life.
  • Nebulous Evil Organization: The Consortium serves as this to the story.
  • Past-Life Memories: As mentioned above, during his coma, Harry not only sees but also experiences memories of when he was Anipheon IX.
  • The Precursors: The Atlanteans serve as this for all the major cultures on Earth. It is said that the Roman Empire is the spiritual successor to the Atlantean civilization and their empire.
  • Reincarnation: Anipheon into Harry.
  • Reincarnation Romance: The Eternal Queen Ahkatheria, and the Divine Sovereign Anipheon were married. Some of the Order of the Phoenix fear that this might occur.
  • Vestigial Empire: In the muggle world, after a series of conflicts between the Greeks and the Turks, the city of Constantinople and surrounding lands fell into the hands of the Greeks, leading into the creation of the Roman Imperial State of Constantinople, a diarchy under the dominion of both the Ecumenical Patriarch and the King of Nicaea, who was a member of the House of Anemas (later Habsburg-Anemas) and a direct descendant of the Palaiologoi.
  • Warrior Prince: Ioannes Anemas, the Crown Prince of Nicea that killed Herpo the Foul for good and drove the consortium into the ground.


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