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Ultimate Fairy is a crossover fanfic between Ben 10 and Fairy Tail. Originally done by The Incredible Muffin later adopted and overhauled by Ultimate10.

"18-year-old Ben Tennyson is transported to the magical world of Earthland. Upon arrival, he immediately engages with the Fairy Tail guild. With a few hiccups along the way, while adapting to Earthland and his situation, Ben finds himself with trouble understanding how to get home. With aid from his new teammates, he learns to make a new life and undergo adventures to help him realize there was more to life than the one universe he thrived in."

In October 2020, Ulltimate10 initially abandoned the fic to TypingMonkey98 with Ultimate10's approval. However, TypingMonkey98 was unable to continue the story, so Ultimate10 resumed writing it until it was adopted again, this time by pyrohelixdrago. The story can be found here.

Oh, and the fic has its own wiki, believe it or not, found here.

Ultimate Fairy provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Origin Connection: Whereas the two were unconnected previously on account of being from completely separate franchises, it turns out that Nirvana was responsible for the corruption of Addwaitya.
  • Adapted Out: The events of Ben 10: Omniverse did not happen, though aliens introduced in Omniverse still appear.
  • Age Lift: The fic begins two years after the end of Ultimate Alien, meaning Ben is 18-years-old.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Deconstructed by Natsu's Leeroy Jenkins tendencies during the Oracion Seis arc, as he shares the spotlight with Experienced Protagonist Ben Tennyson. Repeatedly, Ben keeps telling Natsu to think before he acts, but time after time, he continues to act impulsively, and with a nearly fatal consequence, as Cobra poisons Erza (Ben had lost Julie to Vilgax, and was flashing back to those moments seeing Erza near death). At this, Natsu makes Ben reach his Rage-Breaking Point, and gives him a harsh "The Reason You Suck" Speech, where he harshly criticizes his continued refusal to strategize or not to fight (much in the same way Tetrax Shard did to him back when he was 10). He then states that Lisanna's death was because Elfman acted in the same way, and also refuses to train with him since Makarov's punishments and Erza's discipline has done nothing to change his behavior, much to Natsu's distress. Afterwards, he undergoes a severe change in personality, becoming much more sullen, and tries to prove himself against Racer alongside Lyon that Ben can trust him, and actually does come up with a genuine plan to take him down.

  • Beast Of Kryptonite: Wildmutt is this for Cobra for two reasons 1) Because of the status of the Vulpimancer home world, Vulpin, as a toxic wastedump, heís immune to his Poison Dragon Slayer magic. 2) Cobra canít read his mind because Wildmutt doesnít just speak in growls and barks, he thinks in them.
    • The latter doesnít apply with Ultimate Wildmutt who can speak.
  • Butt-Monkey: Natsu's clashes with Ben tend to end embarrassingly as he's either gotten defeated by exploiting his motion sickness via Cannonbolt and Gravattack or gets one shoted by Nanomech and Gray Matter. Reedus giving Ben paintings of each defeat to decorate his house is just overkill.
    • Averted in Ben and Natsu's fight during Nirvana where the two get a more even battle before Ben uses Gravattack to end it.
  • Composite Character: Ben takes queues from several different points in his life. His character is primarily based on his canon counterpart in the first two seasons of Alien Force with the same outfit. He has the new Omnitrix he received at the end of Ultimate Alien, and it also has the evolutionary function from the same series.
  • Commonality Connection:
    • Heatblast becomes Natsu's favourite alien because they both have fire powers.
    • Likewise, Big Chill becomes Gray's as they both have ice powers.
    • Happy, perhaps unsurprisingly, becomes a fan cat for Rath.
    • Elfman bonds with Ben because they're both shape shifters, even asking the Omnitrix wielder to give him some pointers.
  • Crossover Couple: Ben and Erza.
  • Forced Transformation: In one chapter, the Omnitrix malfunctions traps Ben as The Worst after transforming Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy and Elfman into Cannonbolt, Upchuck, Crashhopper, Rath and Four Arms versions of themselves respectively. To make matters worse, three thugs, The Rabid Weasels, are transformed into NRG, Armadrillo and Humongousaur.
  • Fusion Dance: Upgrade merges with and enhances Erza's armour. This leads Upgrade to becoming Erza's favourite of Ben's transformations.
  • Lost Lenore: Julie Yamamoto, who had been killed Taking the Bullet from Vilgax to save Ben.
  • Mind Rape: The Entrapment spell, casted on Ben by Jellal. As stated by Porlyusica, this spell traps the victim in their own mind and forces them to undergo immense emotional trauma by making them view their worst nightmare, breaking their will, and will eventually kill him via Death by Despair. The only way apart from early treatment to rescue a victim is to restore their willpower, hence why Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy travel into Ben's mind to try and save him. The spell, though, is sentient with a personality of its own, being a Faux Affably Evil Soft-Spoken Sadist with a superiority complex against non-wizards (like Ben) and can actually summon opponents from the victim's past to act as antibodies. All the while, the current victim is also taunted by previous victims of the spell, encouraging them to give into Death by Despair.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Ben's "Reason You Suck" Speech ends up making Natsu's vulnerable to Nirvana's effects, causing him to attack Ben after Lyon's apparent death.
  • Not So Above It All: The Strongest Team has to travel through Ben's mind to remove the Entrapment Spell. While watching one of his memories, Natsu and Gray get into an argument over which of his aliens is the best (choosing Heatblast and Big Chill respectively) with Happy chiming in that it's Rath. Erza quickly reminds them they are in the middle of a serious mission and they need to focus.... before stating that Upgrade is the best alien to Lucy's chagrin.
    Erza: Silence! ([She] commented, making the trio flinch). You need to focus and cease this banter! And for the record, all three of you are wrong. Upgrade is obviously his most awesome form.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Natsu is notably sullen after Ben's "Reason You Suck" Speech and tries to rein in his Leeroy Jenkins tendencies.
  • Official Couple: Ben and Erza.
  • Original Character:
    • Beelzebash, the Omnitrax's sample of the Galuna Island demons.
    • In Chapter 41 Ben unlocks the sample from the map maker dragon's species seen in Alien Force, which he dubs Laserscale.
    • With help from Verdona, Ben is able to unlock an ultimate form for Terraspin, being a powerful user of magic.
    • Vanessa Masters.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech/What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Ben gives a brutal but deserved one to the Allied Forces, including his teammates and Wizard Saint Jura, after they didn't take the threat of the Oracion Seis seriously and let their pride and petty rivalries to get the in the way, leading to Erza getting poisoned and Wendy captured.
    • ...On the other hand the fic goes on to deconstruct this, showing that Ben may have been correct, but he went way overboard in what he said. Natsu ends falling to Nirvana's influence as a result. Also, calling out people you barely know doesn't win you any friends, and just causes more tension between the guilds. Ben acknowledges he was out of line after seeing Natsu's memories, regretting how he handled the situation and ultimately apologizing to the Fire Dragon Slayer after the Oracion Seis are defeated, admitting that he didn't want Natsu to make the same mistakes that he did.
  • Scars are Forever: Ben has a scar on his chest from Vilgax's attack, and not even forms able to regenerate have been able to heal it.
  • This Cannot Be!: The Entrapment spell is stunned when Ben, after his Big Damn Kiss with Erza, is able to fight against him, unable to comprehend that someone without any magical power is able to fight against him.