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"He was a candidate for a Midwestern congressional seat, and he hired me to manage his campaign advertising. Unfortunately, his opponent turned up something in his past with which we could not cope."
"Let me guess: he was secretly a liberal."
"Worse. An alien."
"You're kidding?! An undocumented alien running for—"
"No. A space alien, Ms. Walters."
Sensational She-Hulk #11, Jan. 1990

A character of extraterrestrial origins. For tropes about what makes them alien, at least from a biological standpoint, see Bizarre Alien Biology.


If you thought it meant "illegal aliens" and signed up, click Race Tropes. For interspecies romantic or sexual interactions, see the Interracial and Interspecies Love Index.

If there are no aliens at all, see Absent Aliens.

Compare Fantastic Sapient Species Tropes. Not to be confused with Otherness Tropes, though there may be some overlap.


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