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Alien Abductees Fight Back

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Stories regarding Alien Abductions typically involve aliens, whether Little Green Men or The Greys or whatever else, abducting unwitting humans (or cattle), experimenting on them and then returning them with no memory of what had happened to them, assuming they'll even return them at all.

Any witnesses are likely to be dismissed as crazy and the government, if they're aware of it, will probably just cover it up.


However, things don't always go that easy. Sometimes, the abductees are able to escape and fight back, causing quite a bit of trouble for their alien kidnappers. The escaped humans can team up not only with each other, but with other aliens that had similarly been kidnapped from elsewhere. They can also get their hands on the aliens' own weapons and turn them against them.

Sub-trope of Alien Abduction. Can go hand-in-hand with Humans Are Warriors.



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    Comic Books 
  • In one Cindy and Biscuit story the pair get abducted by an alien animal collector. Biscuit sends his ship haywire by pissing on a control panel, and then Cindy beats him with a pipe until he agrees to let them go.
  • The Origin Story of the New 52 version of Grifter is about Cole Cash being a Con Man and army's desertor, and in one con mission he was abducted by Daemonites to be used as another body for new disguises, but he awakens in the middle of the abduction and escapes from Daemonites, which gives him some Psychic Powers and a mind connection with the aliens. Since then, he goes into a Secret War against them, knowing which are real humans and which are Daemonites.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: Steve Trevor, Diana Prince and the Holliday Girls ends up as the latest human victims abducted to Saturn and made into slaves. This works about as well as can be expected for the slavers, with Steve and Diana leading a Slave Revolt and using the Saturnians own weapons to destroy what had been built of the earth invasion infrastructure the slaves were set to work on.

  • In Captain Marvel (2019), Carol Danvers, a member of a Kree squad, gets captured by the Kree Empire's enemies, the Skrulls. However, she manages to break free, fight off the Skrulls and commandeer an escape pod after accidentally causing a hull breach. Later on, it's revealed that Carol had previously been kidnapped and brainwashed by the Kree into thinking that she was one of them. After learning this, Carol turns against her old squad and helps the Skrulls.
  • In Cowboys & Aliens, it's eventually revealed that Jake Lonergan and his wife Alice had been kidnapped by the aliens. Jake witnessed his wife being autopsied and subsequently incinerated by an alien doctor. When the alien doctor tried to do the same to him, Jake managed to scar him with his own equipment and subsequently escaped with the alien doctor's Arm Cannon attached to his forearm. However, a side-effect of Jake's exposure to the aliens' control device resulted in him being rendered amnesiac, unable to remember anything about his past until he regained them later on.
  • This is the premise of Predators. A group of humans have been abducted by the titular Predators and taken to a "hunting preserve" on a different world. However, the Predators deliberately take humans that no one will miss and will put up a good fight - Special Forces types on highly-dangerous classified missions, cold-blooded mercenaries, serial rapists and murderers.
  • In Skyline, Jarrod and Elaine, a young couple, get sucked into the alien mothership toward the end of the movie. Elaine, being pregnant, is transported to another chamber where other pregnant women have been sent, while Jarrod's brain is removed and installed into one of the alien war machines. However, Jarrod has developed a resistance due to repeated exposure to the aliens' hypnotic blue lights. As a result, he gains control over the machine and manages to rescue Elaine.

  • Give Yourself Goosebumps: One of the sub-plots from All-Day Nightmare have you and a friend, Max, being alien abductees, and losing your memory as a result. But you might retrieve an alien blaster earlier on during your adventure before being re-abducted again, where the story allows you to hijack the aliens' spaceship when they attempt to re-abduct you, and have them restore your memories at gunpoint.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: Voyager: "The 37's" revealed that, in 1937, an alien species called the Briori abducted over three hundred Humans from Earth, including famous female pilot Amelia Earhart, and transported them to a planet in the Delta Quadrant to be utilized as slave labor. The Human slaves revolted, however, and overthrew their Briori masters, taking their weapons and technology, and eventually establishing a thriving settlement.
    • Star Trek: Enterprise: "North Star" revealed that, in the 19th century, humans were abducted from Earth by the Skagarans. Several thousand Humans were taken from America's western rocky desert regions (with their horses, dogs and cattle). They were then forced to work as slaves, helping the Skagarans start a colony on a planet in the Delphic Expanse. However, by the mid-22nd century, the descendants of the abductees had overthrown their Skagaran masters.
  • Invoked in the Supernatural episode "Clap Your Hands if You Believe...". When the Winchesters investigate reports of Alien Abductions, Crop Circles, and lights in the sky in Elwood, Dean seemingly gets kidnapped by aliens. When he later returns, Dean explains that, when they tried to pull him towards some sort of table, he resisted by hacking away and firing at them. Surprised by this, the aliens returned him. However, it's ultimately revealed that the "aliens" were actually fairies.
  • Taken: Three generations of the Keys family, Russell, Jesse and Charlie, fight against the aliens with every last bit of strength that they have in spite of the overwhelming odds.

  • Fortean Times reports frequently on the latest stories of abductions, and charts how the emphasis has changed and mutated ever since the original Betty and Barney Hill abduction half a century ago. On one occassion, the magazine reported on a claimed abductee's story that whatever the form of paralysis the aliens placed on him prior to abduction and an attenpt at probing, it wasn't nearly effective enough: the abductee recalls the aliens suddenly getting very worried indeed that he woke up on the slab and swung his legs off it. When the human ran at them - in panic more than rage - grabbed one, and demanded to be let off the ship and taken home right now - they scuttled away in panic. The abductee then recalls waking up in his own bed, regretting he hadn't really lost his temper and thumped a few...

    Video Games 
  • DC Universe Online has this as its Origins Episode: Long story short, Brainiac invades in the future where there's no Justice League. Lex Luthor steals Brainiacs Exo-bites which contain knowledge on every hero and villain up until then encountered by Brainiac, and travels back in time. Then spreads the exobites into the atmosphere where they symbiotically bond with random humans, giving them their corresponding superpower. When Brainiac arrives, he locks onto his future self's exobites and teleport-abducts anyone with them in their system to his ship so they can be digitized. But thanks to the new superpowers, he can't contain them, the former civilians break free, wreak havok on the ship, and escape.
  • Fallout 3's "Mothership Zeta" DLC has the player character being abducted by aliens and leading a group of abductees to hijack the titular mothership.
  • Infinifactory begins with the protagonist being abducted by aliens, and for the duration of the main campaign, they're forced to build factories for the aliens. But at the end of the main campaign, a resistance movement frees the protagonist, and the expansion campaigns consist of building factories to fight back against the aliens.
  • In Prey (2006), main protagonist Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi, his girlfriend Jen and his grandfather Enisi are captured by aliens and taken aboard their massive vessel called the Sphere. However, Tommy gets free in an explosion and sets out to save his loved ones. Along the way, he also gets help from the Hidden, a resistance group consisting of humans that have been abducted from Earth centuries ago.
  • At one point in South Park: The Stick of Truth, the New Kid is abducted by aliens and subjected to Anal Probing, but manages to break the probe with their powerful sphincter muscles and convert it into a teleportation device, which they use to cause havoc on the alien saucer.

    Western Animation 
  • One episode of the Baby Huey Show had Baby Huey abducted by an alien. As soon as Huey realizes what's happening, the alien ends up in the sample jar himself.
  • In Ben 10 episode "Grudge Match", Ben and Kevin are kidnapped by an alien called Slixx Vigma, who tries to force them to participate in an intergalactic gladiator tournament. They form an Enemy Mine alliance with one another and lead the other gladiators in a revolt against Slixx.
  • DC Animated Universe:
    • In Superman: The Animated Series episode "The Main Man", Lobo and Superman are taken by an alien collector. The alien soon finds out the measures he took aren't enough to keep them in their cages.
    • Superman, after defeating the collector, takes his collection of creatures to preserve in the Fortress of Solitude. An episode of Batman Beyond reveals one of the creatures eventually took over Superman's body.
  • An unusual example in a Dexter's Laboratory short, in which Dexter becomes so fed up with his sister Dee-Dee that he allows some aliens to abduct her so he can have some peace. While he becomes very remorseful for what he did and goes to get her back, Dee-Dee's customary barrage of extremely destructive antics and curious mischief had done so much damage to the aliens' ship that when Dexter arrives to perform his rescue they gleefully hand Dee-Dee back.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: Gallaxhar has abducted Ginormica and is intent on draining all the quantonium in her body that caused her transformation. Ginormica, however, is able to free herself by tearing the containment unit apart with her bare hands and chases Gallaxhar all through his ship. Unfortunately, he leads her into an extraction chamber, where she is removed of quantonium and Brought Down to Normal.