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"I don't hate everybody, I think i'm better than everybody. It's completely different"
Monet, X-Factor

Monet St. Croix, aka 'M' was created by Scott Lodbell & artist, Chris Bachalo in 1994. She first appeared in Phalanx Covenant before starring in Generation X with her classmates & their mentors, Banshee and Emma Frost.

She possesses a variety of mutant abilities which represent a near-perfect specimen, causing Jubilee to think that her power is merely being perfect.

Over the years, she's worked with many teams since Generation X, such as Banshee's X-Corps, Multiple Man's X-Factor Investigations, Storm's X-Women, Magneto's X-Men, Sabretooth's Weapon X-Force, and Cyclops' search & destroy team for Mother Mold.

She resides on the Island of Krakoa with the X-Men & other mutants.


Media Appearances

Comic Books


  • Wolverine and the X-Men


  • Generation X (1996): portrayed by Amarilis


  • Absolute Cleavage: Her X-Factor outfit, which made its return in Weapon X and Uncanny X-Men (2018)
  • Act of True Love: Thought by Emplate do this for Sabretooth in Uncanny X-Men. As he's feeding on Creed & Callisto, Monet attacks, telling him to get on with trying to kill her & leave them alone -before willingly leaving with him. He's surprised how quickly she came just to save the others and detected affection from her when it came to Creed.
  • Alpha Bitch: In Generation X.
  • Ambadassador
  • Bad Date: With Guido in X-Factor, which is summed up during their argument. Guido finally revealed he wanted to impress her, but gives up trying to explain himself or win her over and storms off. He says the date was a stupid idea, and Monet calls him a jerk and scolds herself for slumming.
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  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Sabretooth in Uncanny X-Men (2015).
  • Berserk Button: She has a few
    • Don't mess with her mind. She'll kill you violently.
    • Don't hurt anyone she actually cares about. She might not kill you then.
    • Mentioning Heaven after her resurrection is also a very bad idea.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Sister for Monet, who's very supportive & loving toward Nicole & Claudette. According to the former, she is the only one who doesn't treat them like freaks. When they're trapped in Penance, Monet spends her time visiting them and making sure they are as comfortable as possible.
    • Zigzagged with Marius, who declares openly that he loves Monet & only ever wanted her to feel the same. He points out his abuse of her was not his finest moment, but he has to feed to stay anchored with the world and not sent away to suffer in a purgatory dimension. He notes detecting affection from her when it came to Sabretooth and later warns her that if he doesn't kill her, Sabretooth would do it.
  • Bunker Woman: An extreme when she's trapped in the Penance body by Emplate, where she was imprisoned for years, unable to touch, or have her cries for help heard.
  • But Not Too Black: When she first appeared in Phalanx Covenant in 1994, she was black with a light brown and caramel complexion, along with having notably curly hair & more full facial features. Her father was also shown to be black. But given some depictions of her in Generation X, it's clear some colorists & artists were practitioners of this trope.
  • Cain and Abel: The Abel to Emplate's Cain. Monet was their father's favorite, and it didn't help their relationship.
  • Character Death: Like any superhero, she's had a few of these.
    • In X-Factor, she's critically injured during her encounter with Pluto and is dying when she fights Strong Guy, who finishes killing her with one good blow when he gets serious.
    • She dies again in X-Men, digging her way out of rubble and making a note to herself to stop dying.
    • Recently in House of X, she gets killed off-panel when she takes on numerous enemies to protect Jean.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: If Monet has eyes for a guy, she won't take kindly to other girls getting too cozy.
    • While she & Jubilee liked Synch, Monet won by a landslide and their relationship progresed slowly much to Jubilee's ire. When Jubilee wanted to spend time with Synch, Monet grabbed his arm & dragged him away, telling Jubilee that Synch is coming with her.
    • Creed & Rachel try to find the missing Inhumans in limbo. But the former goes to find Monet instead. When Monet asks where Rachel is so she can "catch up", Creed says he sent her back & Monet asks if he's protecting his new friend, warning him she that she doesn't like it.
  • Civvie Spandex: For the first half of X-Factor, up until the renumbering, Monet's outfit tended to be whatever she was wearing at the time.
  • Close-Call Haircut: When facing Deadpool, she gets a face full of napalm which leaves singes & a huge bald spot on the right side of her head.note 
  • Covers Always Lie: Many cases throughout the second half of X-Factor & in Weapon X where Monet is dark-skinned on the covers, but fair-skinned in the interiors.
  • Critical Hit: She was already dying from brain hemorrhaging before she took on Strong Guy in Hell, so when he finally got serious, all it took was one good hit to finish her.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Given her temper and brawler nature, she's received few of these. Such as getting kicked to the moon by Hulk, manhandled by Pluto, then finally clobbered and killed by Strong Guy.
  • Death Is Cheap: As noted above, she's died a few times but won't stay dead. Strong Guy becomes Lord of Hell to revive and subsequently banish her from Hell, thus resurrecting her. She's recently killed in House of X #4 when she faces an army of Orchis soldiers but House of X #5 has her revived with the rest of the killed team
  • Defiant to the End: Her sacrifice in House of X #4. She sends Jean off of the Orchis-invaded ship in an escape pod before turning to face them. Despite being outnumbered & overwhelmed.
  • Did They or Didn't They?: With Synch. They share a passionate kiss one night in the school library before Monet suggests going someplace to be alone. They aren't seen again after this. When they're seen in the next chapter, they're shown holding hands, which is the first time they've done so.
  • Disappointing Older Sibling: An understatement. Emplate killed his mother when his power awoke and was cast out by his family. When he tries to recruit Monet, she laughs & calls him pathetic for turning into a freak for the sake of power. Many years later, nothing has changed, as she pronounces him pathetic & desperate like before.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: She usually got defensive when Sabretooth showed concern for her.
  • Effortless Amazonian Lift: She's shown to easily be able to carry Strong Guy & Sabretooth in X-Factor & Uncanny X-Men respectively.
  • Everyone Can See It: When it came to her & Sabretooth, a total of seven characters have pointed out that they seem to have feelings for each other, if not more going on.
    • Psylocke was the first in Uncanny X-Men 1 when she notes how much they bicker, suggests they get a room, and thinks they may be flirting. In the finale, she compared them to Starkweather & Fugate.
    • Callisto was next, mockingly calling Monet Creed's "little girlfriend" at first, and later during a spat, she cuts in to warn them of the situation but wryly apologizes for interrupting "whatever's going on" between them.
    • Emplate follows, saying he detects what seemed like affection from Monet when it came to Creed before guessing that she's bored with handsome, cultured men. Much later, he manifests Creed's claws and threatens to gut her with a warning that Creed will do it eventually, causing Monet to snark at looking down on the guys she hangs around.
    • Deathstrike comes up in Weapon X. When Creed is briefing them on Monet and the mission to save her, Deathstrike instantly notes Monet as his ex girlfriend, causing Creed to become defensive.
    • Domino instantly follows as a Shipper on Deck as soon as she hears Deathstrike's comment, thinking it adorable. When she sees Creed shyly trying to speak with Monet, she gushes, tells Monet about how he wanted to save her, and how nobody believed his protests.
    • After hearing Domino summarize things, Deadpool instantly follows and asks impatiently if they're going to kiss which causes Creed & Monet to defensively tell him to shut up.
    • Finally, Omega Red interrupts to tell them to focus on love after they finished with war. But later when Creed & Monet finally get to talk about what happened between them,Omega Red can be seen watching them with a coy grin.
  • Exaggerated Trope: Her Rich Bitch nature in X-Factor is dialed Up to Eleven, sometimes bordering on hatefulness & cruelty. As seen in her moral debate with Siryn.
    Siryn: I've had it with your holier-than-thou attitude..
    M: You're lecturing me about being Holy? You're the one who thinks God is out to get you because you lost your baby.
    Siryn: Don't you dare bring that up!
    M: Too late. What are you gonna do? Scream at me?
  • Face–Monster Turn: After she's merged with Emplate in Uncanny & later became the villain of Generation X (2017). Sabretooth, Jubilee, and Paige note that her psychotic behavior is her brother, not her.
  • First Love: Synch. After his death, she yells at Jubilee that he was the first person she ever had feelings for.
  • Flying Brick
  • Fusion Dance: Largely unexplored but she and her siblings can fuse with each other and create a unique person. A pair of twins can fuse into an exact copy of her and impersonate her for years.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Reveals this during a therapy session with Doc Samson. She knows people see her as a self-absorbed bitch, but she has to be that way because she's still suffering from her time as Penance. Everyday, she has to make the choice not to kill herself and gets her strength from the arrogant 'M' persona.
  • Hypocrite: X-Factor had this as a major flaw of her's.
    • She's a reckless hothead who prefers solving things violently, but is quick to point out the recklessness of others. At one point, Layla calls her out by saying she's is the last one who should tell anyone how to act when she just got done getting clobbered by Pluto.
    • She admitted to Doc Samson that she's still traumatized by her brother's abuse & chooses not to kill herself daily. However, she mocked Siryn for the way she grieved the death of her father & child.
    • She expressed belief that the dead shouldn't be revived & only those who can't let go tamper with such things. She seemed touched after Guido resurrected her, ignoring her earlier rants about the dead.
    • After learning Guido was resurrected without a soul, she calls him a freak & monster in his prescience. When Darwin reacts the same way after her resurrection, she takes great offense and punches him.
  • I Gave My Word: She'll keep her word, even if she makes a deal with a super-villain.
  • It's All About Me: She always had shades of this, but X-Factor dials it Up to Eleven. During her date with Guido, he ended up apprehending villains & she was pissed that her company was apparently not enough to keep him focused strictly on their date.
  • Karmic Transformation: Courtesy of Emplate when he finally becomes fed-up with her superior attitude.
  • Logical Weakness: Flying Brick she may be, but Monet still needs to breath. Chloroform will knock her out the same it does anyone else.
  • Love Hurts:
    • Synch was murdered in an explosion at the school.
    • Her night with Madrox was a one-night-stand by one of his dupes, tainting what she considered the happiest thing in her life at the time.
    • Creed was a villain morally inverted by a spell that wasn't permanent. She reunited with him after they were separated for a while, only to lose him again when he was sent to Hell and reverted to his evil self, leaving her to sadly question his fate.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: If they had ever gotten to move passed Ship Tease, she & Sabretooth would've fit.
  • Meaningful Rename: Recently revealed she can transform into her Penance form at will, and as such she now goes by the alias Penance rather than M.
  • Most Common Superpower: And she'll flaunt it whenever she sees fit.
  • My Sibling Will Live Through Me: When Nicole & Claudette think she's dead, they merged to form a lookalike so their father wouldn't notice the absence of his favorite. When the truth is revealed, they feel guilty for taking their sister's life as their own and free her from Penance by switching places with her.
  • Neck Lift: Was on the receiving end of a psychic one from a ticked Polaris until the latter was calmed down by Layla.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability
  • No Romantic Resolution: with Creed as of Weapon X. They had a heartfelt convo while a giant heart loomed behind them as Creed prepared to tell her something, but doesn't get the chance. The book ended with lobotomized Creed running into the Saskatchewan woods and Monet in Aspen wondering what happened to him, which is the last we see of their relationship. We also never learned what Creed wanted to tell her earlier.
  • The Nothing After Death: According to her, there's either this or Hell if you're lucky.
  • Official Couple: With Synch, who remains the only guy she's ever had an actual relationship with. Madrox & Darwin ended as one-night-stands. Guido failed to launch & Creed is completely ambiguous.
  • Old Flame: What she is for Creed in Weapon X. Many assumed they had a Secret Relationship in Uncanny X-Men, but it's ambiguous. Here, Deathstrike follows that thought, calling her Creed's ex. Even though he got defensive at the insinuations, the Ship Tease very heavily implied lingering feelings, despite them not seeing each other in a few months to over a year.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: During X-Factor, Darwin has a blatant and unrequited crush on her, so when she suddenly starts making moves on him, he realizes something's tremendously wrong. She's being controlled by Cortex, and tries to murder him.
  • Overly Long Name: Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix
  • Parental Favoritism: She is the favored child of their father. When Nicole & Claudette thought she'd been killed, they merged and assumed her identity since their father wouldn't be able to bear losing Monet.
  • Pet the Dog: At one point in X-Factor, she buys a new iPhone, and after noticing Terry staring jealously at it, buys one for her as well, along with one for Layla Miller and Rahne (both of whom she really doesn't like)... and then crushes Rahne's in an act of spite for Rahne leaving.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: With Synch after he gets killed, and the cover for Weapon X 27 gave off this vibe with Creed.
  • Public Exposure: In X-Factor she posed nude for a Vanity Fair cover and was shown to have taken some topless photos, one of which Strong Guy secretly carried around with him.
  • The Punishment: Being turned into Penance.
  • Race Lift: Goes back & forth between black & non-black. Her father is black in most depictions but has been white in two cameos, adding to the confusion.
  • Rich Bitch: In X-Factor she could compete with Emma for reigning champion.
  • Same Character, but Different: On two separate occasions. During X-Men vol 4 in 2014 and Pak's Weapon X in 2017. Both books depicted her as a much nicer & more openly caring person, contrasting her typical Rich Bitch nature.
  • Sex for Solace: With Darwin in X-Factor. She was numb after being brought back from the dead, and used him as a way to feel something again.
  • Sex God: Madrox compares Monet & Siryn in bed and notes Monet was the wilder one. He explains that Siryn is like an ocean wave washing over you and Monet is a monsoon.
  • Ship Sinking
    • With Strong Guy. Being a soulless, amoral jerkass tends to kill romance anyway, but killing a kid to become the Lord of Hell just to save her didn't help.
    • Darwin confessed his love at the end of X-Factor & was coldly rejected. Monet slept with him but it's made clear sex was all she wanted, and Darwin admitted to himself she didn't love him after their night together.
    • Sabretooth got reverted to his evil self which will put a lid on anything he & Monet may or could have had. It doesn't help that she also doesn't know where he is or what ever happened to him after seeing him get killed in Weapon X.
  • Ship Tease: A long one with Sabretooth in Bunn's Uncanny X-Men & Pak's Weapon X. The biggest fuel was Everyone Can See It, as shown above. However, other teases are as follows.
    • Monet has two instances of Eating the Eye Candy when it comes to him. As we see in one instance, she openly admits to doing so.
    • When he finds Monet in limbo, he mentions working with Rachel whom he sent back so he could talk with her alone. Monet asks if he's protecting his new friend, then gives a threatening grin while admitting she doesn't like it.
    • The extent of Creed's protectiveness of her, which he's only shown with lovers. Not counting his mother.
    • When talking about Emplate, Creed says it seems like she feels sorry for him. Digging at him slightly, M flippantly admits to having a soft spot for monsters before nudging him aside while mockingly calling him "frail", a name he used with her against her wishes.
    • A debatable moment comes up which is similar to the above. Creed talks about Psylocke dancing across a midfield dealing with Archangel. Monet smirks & comments that he of all people should appreciate someone having a soft spot for the dormant killer.
    • After her Emplate curse, Creed goes to her room to speak with her, kneeling down & tenderly cupping her face as he does so, which is usually a more intimate gesture in fiction.
    • Weapon X has a possible Interrupted Declaration of Love from Creed, who just wants to say -but he's cut off by Omega Red. Also, during the scene, there's a giant heart behind them, which only adds to the romantic insinuation.
    • After Creed tells everyone of the mission to save Monet, Yuriko concludes that she's Victor's ex girlfriend, which Domino instantly finds adorable.
    • As noted above, Domino ships them & gushes at Victor's apparently feelings for M. The only reason she stayed on the team was to save M when she learns of her history with Creed.
    • She later has a somewhat Love Informant ramble to M when telling her how Creed wanted to save her and nobody believed his flustered argument that she was just a friend.
    • Finally there's the aforementioned Weapon X cover in Please Don't Leave Me.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Madrox, Synch, & Strong Guy, and Inverted Sabretooth.
  • Skewed Priorities: Shows this in on occasion, which money & Nigh-Invulnerability can do. One example in X-Factor is when she was shot by an assailant & more concerned about the damage to her shirt than the fact someone was shooting at her.
    • In Bunn's Uncanny X-Men, Creed pushed her & Elixir out of the way of gunfire, getting shot in the back as he holds on to her. She yells for him to get off because he's bleeding all over her.
  • Smug Super: Why, yes, Monet does know she's a super-strong, gorgeous, rich woman, and she's not about to hide it for anyone.
  • Status Quo Is God:
    • She was cursed by Emplate in Uncanny, but has been cured as of Strain's Generation X.
    • She went back to her cleaveage X-Factor outfit as of Weapon X & Uncanny X-Men (2018).
  • Suddenly Ethnicity: In X-Factor, she defends her religion at an anti-Muslim protest. She openly identifies as Muslim, saying her mother was Algerian and most Algerians are Muslims. Other than this, she shows no Muslim practices or beliefs.
  • Super Mode: During House of X #4, she prepares to fight off the Orchis by transforming into Penance! She then proceeds to slash her way through the army
  • Super Power Lottery: She has flight, Super Strength, Super Speed, Nigh-Invulnerability, Telepathy, telescopic vision, genius intellect and in later stories full-on telekinesis. She can merge with her siblings or her siblings could merge to form her, and the siblings had powers of their own. Most recently she has displayed the ability to freely transform into Penance, the razor sharp, clawed body.
    • Domino calls out this when she says it's like Monet was caught in an explosion at a super-power factory.
  • Tangled Family Tree: An understatement.
  • Time-Delayed Death: After her Curb-Stomp Battle with Hell God, Pluto, she's slowly dying from brain hemorrhaging.note 
  • Tsundere: Type A
  • Veronica: to Jubilee's Betty for Synch. Synch chose the Veronica. To make matters worse for poor Jubilee, Synch would sometimes gush to her about Monet in addition to sometimes trying to talk to her about any awkwardness or problems he had with his relationship to Monet.
  • Women Prefer Strong Men: As noted & shown above, Monet eats the Creed eye candy when he's unpacking the Blackbird, then unashamedly tells him to come on so she can continue to do so while he's doing heavy lifting.
  • Woman Scorned: With Madrox. She thought fondly of their night together, notes it was the one thing that made her happy and that thing's were unbelievable since then. She was furious when she found out he was also with Siryn. Madrox was 90% sure his dupe slept with Monet, so wanted to pond him. Since Madrox can't will certain dupes into existence, she forces out more by pounding him, and clobbers them until she can get the right one.

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