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Your Mileage May Vary on Sonic 2006, but... Uh-oh! Gotta speed up!

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The Duke of Soleanna: A caring father concerned for his people, or a selfish, vile man who caused the events of the game?
    • Mephiles (and by extension Solaris): Angry at the whole world for daring to experiment on him, or destructive Mad God who always wanted to destroy everything?
    • Do the guards and priests just not care about Elise's well-being? The fact that their Knights and Knaves puzzle and multi-staged test takes up so much time that the heroes arrive in time to see Elise crash and burn seem to say so.
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    • Is Silver an Idiot Hero who believed Mephiles because he had no common sense, or was he so desperate to save the future, and so tired of constantly fighting Iblis over and over again, that he started grasping for straws (even if said "straw" was the Big Bad)?
  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • For a god of light and time, Solaris is fairly easy to defeat. Doubles as a Breather Boss, considering what you have to go through getting to it. Not to mention instead of having an epic phase of it being damaged enough so that it splits into Iblis and Mephiles again so you can finally kill them for good and make them pay for what they've done and Sonic gets payback on Mephiles for murdering him temporarily, no instead Sonic and Elise find the tiny flame, Elise blows it out and that's it.... No chance of properly fighting Mephiles and Iblis one last time, no satisfaction of killing them for good in an epic battle, no seeing Mephiles die and the satisfaction that he payed for killing Sonic.... JUST NOTHING ABOUT THIS FIGHT IS SATISFYING!
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    • Both fights against Mephiles are surprisingly easy considering you can just spam the attack button after you fill up and activate Shadow's Chaos Boost.
    • In Silver's story, the battle against Sonic is this, as you can spend the entire match running around, preventing him from using his ridiculously telegraphed Homing Attack, and throwing chairs at him. Very ironic, considering that the battle against Silver in Sonic's story is anything but.
  • Ass Pull:
    • Mephiles proves at the start of the final episode that he can summon all of the Chaos Emeralds to him whenever he wants. This is rather incredible, considering the trouble people normally have to go through to get them, even if he is half of a Physical God. Unfortunately, like many things, this dips into his Complexity Addiction on why he didn't do that in Silver's time, with Iblis right out there.
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    • A lesser but repeatedly used example would be the sudden reveal that not only can two Chaos Emeralds and the usage of Chaos Control allow for time travel at will, but the fact that Silver only sees Chaos Control once and yet apparently can use it perfectly thereafter to create time warps with Sonic and Shadow. Sonic did it too, but this is debatably a worse case. Beyond his first attempt to counter Shadow with it, which results in a time warp in the first place which, conveniently, goes exactly to where Mephiles and Iblis were born in the timeline, Silver never uses Chaos Control as an actual ability, only for the time travel plot.
    • While well regarded in the end of his story mode, Shadow using the rings in his wrists as power inhibitors (an idea taken from Sonic X) is never established in the story or the previous games before it happens.
  • Awesome Bosses:
    • The final fight with Solaris is generally agreed upon to be the best fight in the game, despite being very easy overall.
    • The three boss fights against Robotnik's machines (Egg Cerebus, Egg Genesis, and Egg Wyvern) are the best-handled parts of the game. Egg Wyvern is a nice throwback to the Egg Viper fight.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The one thing that most people genuinely enjoy about this game is the soundtrack, which, in true Sonic tradition, is awesome. Some highlights include Wave Ocean, Aquatic Base, Kingdom Valley, Flame Core, and White Acropolis.
    • Most of the character themes are pretty great too, but the one that stands out is Silver's theme, Dreams of an Absolution. The original song is great, but the remix on the Several Wills vocal album is something else, especially with Jun Senoue's wonderful guitar work.
    • Solaris Phase 2, an epic remix of Sonic's theme (His World).
    • The first phase deserves mention too, especially with its chilling Ominous Latin Chanting.
  • Awesome: Video Game Levels:
    • Those who did play the game tend to agree that Crisis City stands out greatly among the other levels. So much so that it was the level to represent this game in Sonic Generations.
    • Any stage in which either Sonic carries Elise or when Blaze is playable, mostly due to their unique and fun gameplay styles being largely emphasized and supported by said stages.
    • Blaze's Wave Ocean: a short, well-designed level with arguably the easiest character in the game to control.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Silver. Either seen as one of the saving graces of the game with an interesting ability, deep plot, and unique characterization, or seen as one of many the wrong things with it for being an idiot Jerkass with broken gameplay.
    • Is Mephiles the series' shining Knight of Cerebus and an entertaining Chessmaster villain who uses the game's Uncanny Valley to good effect, or a flat villain whose plot made no sense and only gets as far as he does because everyone else was holding the Idiot Ball?
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Sonic's test of love; Does Sonic love Amy Rose or Princess Elise? You pass the trial, no matter who you choose, and the answer has no bearing on the rest of the game.
  • Bile Fascination: People who play this game today play it to see if it really is that bad.
  • Broken Base:
    • There are fans who consider this game to be the closest thing to a "Sonic Adventure 3" due to the similarities it contains with the Adventure titles, while others disagree due to how the game turned out.
    • Also, while most can agree that the game is bad, just how bad the game is, is sometimes a subject of debate. Is it mediocre, but not quite as bad as people say? Is it as bad as the reviews say? Is it So Bad, It's Good? Or is it a downright terrible game the competes with the likes of Superman 64?note 
    • Once Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric came out, this game's status as "worst Sonic game ever" was challenged by some.
    • Whether or not SEGA should consider remaking this game. Those who say yes argue that the game has a lot of good ideas and potential that was underutilized and that it would be a shame to let it go to waste. Those who say no argue that the game has already done its damage to the franchise and that it would be better for SEGA to focus on new projects instead.
  • Catharsis Factor: Sonic vs Silver is That One Boss. Silver vs Sonic on the other hand... you get to act out that Curb-Stomp Battle yourself.
  • Character Rerailment: One of the few saving graces of the game is that it finally gets Shadow's character back on track after several games of nonstop Wangst.
  • Complete Monster: Mephiles the Dark is the malignant conscience of Solaris taken physical form and the one responsible for arranging most of the events of the game. Accidentally created during the Solaris Project alongside Iblis, the raw physical strength of Solaris, Mephiles was sealed within a scepter that landed in the hands of Dr. Eggman. Upon breaking out, Mephiles orchestrated a gambit which involved inflicting pain and suffering on Princess Elise, causing her to cry, release the Flames of Disaster, and in doing so would reunite him with Iblis to become Solaris, allowing him to destroy everything in existence. To do this, Mephiles manipulates Silver into attempting to kill Sonic, and later cold-bloodedly kills Sonic himself—temporarily—to goad Elise into crying over him. Mephiles manipulates everyone he can for the purpose of his ultimate goal and takes a sadistic glee in watching people suffer; unlike the mindless Iblis, Mephiles is fully aware of the scale of his atrocities and does them for no other reason than to see the world decay around him. A being that craved destruction alone, Mephiles's actions heavily damaged the space-time continuum and brought a darkness to the franchise seldom seen prior.
  • Creepy Awesome: Mephiles. He manages to kill Sonic after all. That's as much villain cred as one can get.
  • Critical Backlash: A surprisingly large portion of the hate surrounding this game has been met with adamant defenders, with both sides bickering over whether or not it's at least enjoyable.
  • Damsel Scrappy: Princess Elise, who manages to get kidnapped more times in one game than a good number of video game princesses do over the course of their entire franchises. Another thing your mileage may vary on: whether Silver being the cause of half those kidnappings is making things better or worse, and every time that Sonic isn't looking at her, she gets captured. At one point, she doesn't even need to be captured, but she surrenders herself.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The eyeball-like spheres in the final level, which will spawn in the most inconvenient places and have two variations: one that sucks you towards them for an instant death, and one that throws objects at you at extremely high velocities. And if too many of them spawn, space-time collapses and you die instantly, so you have to periodically hit switches that despawn them. They are single-handedly responsible for the majority of game overs in the last level.
    • The red Eggman Walkers for their tendency to fire homing lasers that are both very fast and hard to avoid, which can quickly turn players into sitting ducks even when they're in the middle of attacking. While they otherwise tend to be rather rare, they are infamous for their ability to easily take the lives of players at least once during The Test Of Courage.
  • Die for Our Ship: Elise for SonAmy shippers. Curiously enough, the game itself lets the player choose a pairing for Sonic, if only as a Breather Level Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. It has no effect on the plot itself, not even the most minor case of Multiple Endings.
  • Disappointing Last Level: End of the World, this game's version of Cannon's Core. It may be among the most loathed parts of the game, with the instant death black holes, ridiculous length, and more loading screens than ever (since you switch between levels and characters at each section).
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Blaze is this in terms of gameplay, with people claiming that she handles way better than everyone and that she runs much faster than Sonic. Unfortunately, you only get to take control of her three times.
    • Omega was appreciated for a time because of just how much he can break the game when he’s playable.
    • Of the characters introduced in the game, Mephiles was incredibly well-received.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • A somewhat popular fan theory is that the world Blaze seals herself in is her world from Sonic Rush. A few other fan theories say the Reset Button didn't touch her there. However, this has since been deconfirmed by Takashi IizukaBlaze has always been from her dimension seen in the Rush games, not from the future of Sonic's world.
    • The writers managed to have Silver be the only one who ever acknowledges Blaze's existence in any cutscene, leading to a theory that she only exists in his head. It doesn't help that she frequently and inexplicably disappears and reappears offscreen, and knows Silver went back to the past with Shadow despite not being around to see him do so.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Such that despite also being Canon Discontinuity (its events were erased via Cosmic Retcon at the game's end), the appearance of content from it in Sonic Generations received flak, despite fixing what was criticized about them, for acknowledging it ever existed.
  • Fountain of Memes: Listing all of the unintentionally silly moments and lines that came from this game would take up an entire page.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Sonic's Red Gem and Purple Gem custom actions. The former slows down enemies (and the timer), while the latter turns him small and allows him to jump forever. And the best part? The meter that Sonic has at the bottom of the screen doesn't work at all, meaning that you can use the Red Gem and the Purple Gem as many times as you want.
    • The Sky Gem is this as well. See Sequence Breaking on the Video Game page for more information.
  • Goddamned Bats: Burrowing worms, especially the stronger purple variety.
  • Goddamned Boss: Iblis Phase 2. You have to hit a purple ball to light it up, provoking Iblis to jump at it and expose his weak spot. However, the platforms the balls float over are far away from where you start, separated by lava. You must wait until Iblis drops stalactites for you to cross the lava, but Iblis can take his sweet time dragging this out. After hitting him, Sonic/Shadow will bounce an unnecessarily long distance away, looping the fight back to be beginning. On top of that, occasionally Iblis will just ignore the ball after you've lit it up. Be prepared to wait several unnecessary minutes for the battle to go anywhere.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • The Havok physics engine is so poorly implemented that a great deal of fun can be had by playing around with it: Silver's telekinetic powers, flying crates and boulders, etc.
    • The player can glitch through the final door in Silver's version of Dusty Desert by jumping on a box and hovering it towards the door, completely bypassing the infamous Egyptian billiard ball puzzle.
    • The gauge for Sonic's gem powers never decreases, meaning you can slow time constantly and use constant Metroid-esque Space Jumps to bypass any obstacle.
    • Some bugs allow you to finish Flame Core as Knuckles, Crisis City as Blaze, and White Acropolis as Tails. The Rank Screen still appears, which is notable with Knuckles, who never gets to finish a level otherwise.
    • Omega can float upwards if you hit corners just right. Failing at that, you can still rapidly tap the button, turning his gliding power into infinite hovering.
    • Certain exploits in Silver's and Blaze's movesets allow you to hop through and ignore otherwise lethal water and quicksand areas, provided the player manages to master the timing.
    • A car randomly bouncing 30 feet into the air.
    • Believe it or not, there are bugs that let you warp to the credits.
  • Ham and Cheese: Dan Green's gloriously over-the-top performance as Mephiles the Dark is easily the most enjoyable part of the game.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog is often considered the worst game of the series, being that Sega rushed the product too soon for Sonic's anniversary, and they ended up doing it again.
    • Sonic's death scene was intended to build up to his Came Back Strong moment in the climax, but instead accidentally serves as a metaphor for what fans thought of what became of the series.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Eggman's goal is to use Solaris to conquer time itself. While it's not the same Eldritch Abomination, he definitely achieved something close to it with the Time Eater.
    • The video of AVGN's reaction to Sonic 06, uploaded in 2009note , became much funnier when in December 2013, Mike Matei gave James a chance to play the game for himself, and he ended up finding it every bit as bad as Mike and the other fans felt, even pointing out the bad voice acting. Five years later, The Angry Video Game Nerd actually reviewed the game.
    • The realism of the setting and the human characters certainly clashes with the cartoony designs of the Sonic characters, and the style dissonance is a common criticism of the game, but another big franchise attempted the same, and succeeded.
    • In Sonic Colors, Sonic has a line saying how he thinks it's a good idea to "investigate anything that glows." In this game, it's how he gets killed.
    • In the game, there is an archaeologist and historian named Adrianna who is passionate of studying ancient civilizations. Sounds like a certain Relic the Pika from the Archie Sonic series.
  • Ho Yay: Some people cite the Sonic and Shadow interactions in the game to be this. For once, they aren't at each other's throats, but are helping each other find Chaos Emeralds in the future. Further along the track in the game, Shadow rescues Sonic from a potentially fatal situation and fights Silver in his place. Then comes the last story, when Sonic is dead, Shadow can't bear to look at Sonic's dead body. Then he takes on the final level of the game, (which is usually the hardest), implying he'd do anything to save Sonic. And during the final battle, when Sonic is low on ring power, rather than saying to get out of his way, Shadow asks Sonic if he's ok. Take of that what you will.
  • Idiot Plot: The entire story depends on the characters taking every single bit of information given by known villains at face value, a completely helpless princess getting repeatedly snatched away by the same exact villain within minuscule time intervals, and everybody completely failing to comprehend the potential applications of their ability to time travel at will.
  • It Was His Sled: Sonic dies in the last story, then comes back, thanks to the infamous kiss by Elise.
  • Mis-blamed:
    • Several Sonic 2006 defenders insist that pokecapn's Let's Play is partly to blame for the expansion of this game's bad reputation. First and foremost, Something Awful's forum rules on Let's Plays dictated at the time that anybody who wanted to LP a game had to wait six months after its release. The reality is that the game had been out for well over a year before pokecapn played it, and in that time it had sold over a million copies and earned a highly negative critical and fan reception on its own. In fact, it was the game's negative reception that motivated pokecapn to play it in the first place, the opening post of the LP explaining that pokecapn started the LP because he had heard the exact same complaints about every other 3D Sonic game before and figured it probably wasn't that bad this time, either.
    • Maddie Blaustein was frequently criticised for her stiff and nasally take on E-123 Omega, which was a far cry from the intimidating deep voice Jon St. John gave him. During an interview on Serebii forums, she stated the different take on Omega was according to SEGA's voice direction. She even noted she had problems keeping to their wanted depiction because it was too emotionless, with her second take on Omega in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series sounding much more like the original. note 
  • Memetic Mutation: The game spawned a lot of memes, including:
    Commenter: (as Silver) "Couldn't you just backhand me like a normal dad?"
    Commenter: Father-Son Bonding?
    • Nearly all the glitches. The Knuckles wall-climbing glitch, featured on Game Grumps, may be the most infamous.
    • Shadow's death scream: NOOOOOOO!!!!
    • The most famous, also due to Game Grumps, is the audio clip that plays each time you speak to a male character in Soleanna, being: "EEEEEY", sounding like a certain catchphrase, just not so extended.
    • Elise and Sonic's kiss.
    • NOW LOADING...Explanation 
    • "Silver be a bird!" or "Silver be free to be the bird you always wanted to be!" Explanation 
    • Mephiles's twirling.
    • Silver's head quills resembling a marijuana leaf. One LP group took note of it.
    Lewis: I am Pothead the Porcupine!
    Clement: (as Silver) After I smoke a J, I will destroy you!
    • "Hahaha! One!"Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mephiles/Solaris crosses it when takes way over this through his Evil Plan to destroy everything and his way of doing it is by killing Sonic sadistically and then laughing at Elise's cries.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • "NOT! Nooooooow."
    • "Unh!"
    • The sound that Tails' tails make when spinning.
  • Narm Charm: The very hammy performances of Dan Green as Mephiles and Jason Griffith as Shadow don't ruin their scenes at all. Quite the contrary, they make them a good bit cooler.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • The fanbase's feelings towards Sonic Team in regards to Elise's kiss. To this day, Sonic-related articles, even in professional media, tend to use snarky lines like "hopefully this time Sonic won't be trading saliva with human females!", just to make sure no one forgives and forgets.
    • The game itself for the entire Sonic franchise, giving the franchise and Sonic Team a black mark for its infamous glitches and faulty design that simply refuses to fade away for some people.
  • No Yay: Very few seriously supports Sonic/Elise, be it because of Shipping, Elise being The Scrappy or just general disgust.
  • Older Than They Think:
  • Porting Disaster: The PS3 version, released later with several extra months of development time to boot, ended up making the (already long) load times even worse, with slowdown issues not present in the Xbox 360 version and a small but noticeable degradation in graphics.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: One of the few good things about this game is Shadow's characterization. With all the Wangst in Shadow the Hedgehog throw out of the window, he's a much more bearable and overall admirable character. While Mephiles attempts to challenge Shadow into questioning his own existence, Shadow becomes a Stoic badass. As Shadow puts it, "I determine my own destiny!" and, "If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have." It helps that, unlike Sonic, his plot and Silver's actually delve into the real conflict of the story, and unlike Silver, his plot isn't driven by stupidity for listening to a Devil in Plain Sight. Also, Shadow and Sonic interact without being at each other's throats, even teaming up to use Chaos Control in one scene and the former saving the latter in another.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Princess Elise is generally disliked, mainly due to her overt Neutral Female tendencies and her feelings for Sonic, to the point that she claims at the end that she doesn't care what happens to the world if she has to forget about him. Because of the latter, she's frequently compared to Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X, who is hated for similar reasons. She was written out of the series completely due to the botched effort on her character.
    • The police guards in the town. They are completely useless and sometimes actively hinder the player's progress by making them play trivial "sidequests" that amount to nothing more than a couple loading screens and dialogue boxes.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Sonic's Mach Speed sections, which are essentially Turbo Tunnel: Sonic Edition. Because you're constantly moving forward, you have very little time to react to enemies and even the landscape, which can result in some unavoidable collisions. If you jump at the wrong angle you may just end up jumping off the map. Sometimes the camera suddenly switches to focus on what Sonic's running from, denying you the ability to see where to steer him to.
    • Some of Shadow's vehicle sections qualify, as do Silver's infamous billiard ball puzzles in the Dusty Desert stage.
    • We could very well say every single alternate gameplay style in the whole game aside from Sonic (as he still generally feels like he does in the Adventure games), Shadow and Blaze (both for playing like Sonic). And even then, Sonic's play style is subject to several limitations that he never had before, such as the inability to attack with a simple jump, a nerfed spin dash that you can't cancel out of by jumping, and a comparatively low top speed.
    • Even those who enjoyed the alternate play styles often admitted it got tedious switching between them mid level, especially since so many got their own levels to begin with (Tails not only has his own variation of Wave Ocean but invades Sonic's).
  • Signature Scene: Lots:
    • The infamous Sonic x Elise kissing scene
      • And for that matter, Mephiles killing Sonic.
    • The fight against Silver (IT'S NO USE).
    • Shadow using Chaos Control and kicking Silver on the back of his head.
    • The loading screen.
  • Snark Bait: Probably the biggest example of this in the Sonic franchise. Between the myriad of glitches, oppressive load times, convoluted story and questionable writing that are pointed out in essentially every video, review or article about the game, it's hard to find someone who actually likes anything in it (unless they like it ironically, as seen in So Bad, It's Good below).
  • So Bad, It's Good:
    • Depending on who you ask, this game could be considered this. The glitches are so hilariously broken and a lot of features are left so unfinished that a lot of fun can be had playing around with them.
    • The story can be considered this also. Most of the story, voice acting, and cutscenes are so unintentionally funny that one can derive entertainment from the story alone.
  • Squick: A certain cutscene from the Last Episode. In order to resurrect Sonic, Elise gives him an Emerald-powered kiss. This scene was made squicky by the fact that she, a human, kissed a hedgehog, who also happened to be dead. This moment still leaves a bad taste in peoples' mouths and put a severe damper on the Interspecies Romance trope for a while. It doesn't help that she's rendered in a realistic style and Sonic in his normal cartoony style. They don't even look like they belong in the same game.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • If you talk to one of the kids in Soleanna, he'll tell you that he wishes the guards would stop standing around doing nothing and actually try to do their jobs.
    • The famous scene where Shadow slows down time with Chaos Control and promptly kicks Silver in the back of the head.
    • For a more meta example, the fact that the game ends with a Cosmic Retcon that erases the game from the main timeline.
  • That One Boss: The fights against Silver, with Sonic and Shadow, are surprisingly difficult, and for the wrong reasons. If you approach him while he's not carrying something, he'll pick you up (screaming "IT'S NO USE!" in the meantime), hold you in place for several agonizing seconds, and then toss you straight away from him. In that vein, if you jump above him...he will catch you on the way down, while you're still recovering from being tossed up in the air, completely overriding your Mercy Invincibility. It doesn't help that a quirk in the game's ring-dropping mechanics can result in the fight getting stuck in an infinite loop that's only escapable via restarting.
  • That One Level:
  • That One Puzzle: The billiard ball puzzle in Silver's Dusty Desert. You have to maneuver a ball through a long hallway with a 90-degree turn using Silver's very imprecise psychic push move, with bottomless pits everywhere. What makes this hard is that the ball has a timer on it, and the timer decreases by a number if you push the ball. So not only do you have to push the ball down the hallway very precisely, you also have to do it in an allotted time and with as few moves as possible. Many players have been stuck on this puzzle for (sometimes literally) hours trying to get past it, for something that should have been nothing more than a very quick piece of gameplay. Ironically enough, the Very Hard DLC mission for the stage simply replaces it with a gauntlet of enemies and pits.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Blaze's levels are praised as being the most polished and glitch-free in the game, with actual speedy gameplay (Game Grumps described her as "fast Sonic") and some surprisingly cool moves. They're also short and desperately infrequent. Her story role leaves much to be desired too, as even when ignoring the Retcon with her backstory, she keeps disappearing and reappearing for no reason.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Blaze is the new living seal of Iblis, and now she's gone to another dimension. As the princess of another dimension, this had potential... then the reset button got pushed.
    • The idea of Elise herself. The Duke of Soleanna sealed Iblis inside of her when she was just a little girl and told her that she shouldn't ever cry or else the world will be destroyed. Although her character arc involves her opening up and being more expressive, it's never shown how much this act of bottling up her sadness and likely her other emotions affected her; instead, the plot focuses on her being a Living MacGuffin and having an apparent crush on Sonic.
    • Mephiles' motives for his goal are incredibly vague aside from a very off-hand comment from Shadow, and Mephiles himself doesn't get a Motive Rant or any dialogue that reveals exactly why he wants to destroy all of reality. And even though his backstory of being experimented on and abused by scientists is revealed, no real connection is ever made between that and his current goals. Also, Fridge Brilliance suggests that he does have a reason for screwing around with the protagonists the way he does, but again, it's left completely unexplained.
    • Once they realize how to do it, Sonic, Shadow and Silver theoretically could time travel however they damn well want and with seemingly no limitations — it even doubles as convenient teleportation. This could easily become a Story-Breaker Power given the implications. Instead, it is hardly utilized.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: Sonic barely has any role despite being the title character. Compared to Shadow and Silver, Sonic nigh-constantly having to rescue one princess is rather unimportant compared to Shadow fighting the Knight of Cerebus and instigator of the game's events, and Silver's quest for the truth and to save the future.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The rather realistic looking humans look out of place next to the Felix the Cat-inspired designs of our anthropomorphic heroes. NPCs will wave their limbs and heads around in a pale imitation of natural human movement, and Princess Elise herself looks more like a porcelain doll with the in-game graphics, her legs almost twice the length of her upper body and a face that just seems wrong. Even Eggman was redesigned to look consistent with the humans, although some appreciated that they got rid of the doctor's chicken legs. Thankfully, Sonic titles that came after this steered clear out of the valley by designing resident humans to look more cartoony (and with this, the return of Eggman's chicken legs and his appearance from Sonic Adventure on).
    • The Sonic characters themselves look like lifeless dolls, with their faces barely animated as they make incredibly stiff motions as if someone was controlling them like a puppet.
    • Mephiles seems to be a deliberate case, with his ragdoll-esque movements and lack of mouth.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The CG cutscenes, especially the festival in the introduction, look amazing.
  • Vindicated by History: A Character example, but Silver's reputation has warmed over the years after this games release thanks to the well-received comics including him and the following videogames. While a fair chunk of fans still dislike him and the memes aren't bound to go away, when one looks up character popularity polls for the series, it isn't uncommon for Silver to be behind Shadow and Sonic himself.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • After having found out that Iblis can only be sealed into some sort of royal vessel (ie: Elise), Silver then sees Elise die. He promptly lets Sonic go and try to save Elise again on his own instead of going with him despite the fact that they both had just failed horribly, and he goes back to his destroyed future to defeat Iblis and then tries to seal it inside of himself. Whether it's separate timelines or the bad future still existing due to Sonic having failed goes unexplained, but all this serves to do is force Blaze to seal Iblis inside of herself and disappear from the plot, removing her from being playable in the last story.
    • In Sonic's Story, Robotnik tells Sonic that he shall give him the Princess, in exchange for the Chaos Emerald. Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles all agree that it definitely sounds like a trap, and that Robotnik shall not keep his side of the bargain. They walk straight into said trap and give the Emerald to Robotnik, and the surprise was a trap and he wasn't going to keep his side of the bargain.
    • Elise has been kidnapped at the beginning of the game, and Sonic needs to give chase.
      You'd Expect: Sonic to chase after Eggman right away. Surely he could build up enough momentum over time that he could eventually jump up.
      Instead: He doesn't even bother to chase after Eggman, choosing to instead meet with Tails the next day.
      You'd Then Expect: "Hey Tails, let's use the Tornado to catch up to the Egg Carrier!" They catch up, rescue Elise, and take her away before Eggman has a chance to snatch her again.
      Instead: Not only is the Tornado not even considered, the two decide to go to Wave Ocean to chase after the Egg Carrier on foot. The sound you just heard? That's the sound of all but the most diehard Sonic fans banging their heads in frustrationnote .
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: The credits song for Sonic's story is a new version of "Sweet Sweet Sweet" by Dreams Come Truenote  (which had earlier in the series been used as the ending music for Sonic the Hedgehog 2). The person recruited to produce this new version of the song was the controversial Senegalese-American R&B star Akon.


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