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Shadow is Silver's dad or grand-daddy
Face it, he goes through the game with this little flashing sign on his back saying "I am this guy's father figure." Silver obviously thinks Shadow is awesome from the moment he gets roundhouse-kicked in the head. Then there's the physical similarities, the personality similarities of determination, the way Silver trusts him so easily despite Mephiles getting to him first, the way Shadow's conveniently immortal and is in stasis in the future, the way Shadow administers his fatherly discipline to the head... Oh yeah, and the huge, flashing amount of Shadouge in this game helps it along (I'm not a Shadouge fan but even I can see it). And Sonic certainly can't be his dad because he's DEAD yet it doesn't destroy Silver.
  • Shadow and Silver have been shown to work together in other games too. Heckaroonies, in the Sochi Winter Olympics they have a "special" Team animation together, in which Silver does his best to copy Shadow's more serious stance. Shadow even says "Naturally" and they keep looking at each other. Look, I don't care who Silver's mom is, but Shadow is so obviously Silver's dad that it makes your bladder leak.
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  • And let's not forget who Shadow and Silver represent in [Sonic and the Black Knight]. Shadow represents Sir Lancelot, the most famous knight of the Table, and Silver is Sir Galahad - Lancelot's son and the only knight who was allowed to drink from the Holy Grail, and then wished to die at a time of his choosing.
  • It's even Word Of God that they started thinking Trunks during the creation of Silver and that this is apparently who you should think of when writing for Silver.

Shadow isn't Silver's dad, but Silver does look up to him.
Word Of God states they aren't related, however that doesn't mean they don't know each other. Shadow is The Ageless, so assuming he isn't killed he'd be alive in Silver's time. We don't know when exactly Future Shadow got sealed up, it's possible he may have helped the world survive during Iblis' reign before eventually being hunted down. Either Silver or his ancestors were on good terms with Shadow, so decided to try and emulate his look with a Chest Of Virility. In the new future, Silver got to know Future Shadow personally and Shadow became his mentor, so he continued to emulate him to impress Shadow. When Silver first goes to the past he's astonished Shadow is in his way to kill the Iblis Trigger but he wants to impress Shadow and so does what Shadow would do - never give up. But then he turns to trust him quickly. Whenever Silver's in the past he wants to fanboy over the younger Shadow, but has to play dumb to avoid changing history. Shadow took Silver under his wing because he remembers meeting him.

The dimension Blaze went to is the same one Tikal and Chaos were in
And Mephiles killed them all.

Elise was intended to be an Audience Surrogate for female players.
I mean, by using the same tricks done for decades to attract female audiences. Elise has little personality, gets captured many times so Sonic can rescue her, etc..

In another timeline, Mephiles would have been called "Homunculus".
They have very similar origin stories, and the Duke of Soleanna looks almost like Father!
  • ... You think so too? Heck, Mephiles and Father even have similar goals; to merge with an Eldritch Abomination and become a god. Then there's the fact that they both have similar true forms (amorphous, shadowy blobs).

Eggman made/ is responsible for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.
He made it as part of his Anti-Sonic Propaganda Project.

Mephiles made Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.
So that if he shows up for another game, no one will take him seriously, which he will use to his advantage. As an added bonus, the cast wouldn't remember him because he isn't supposed to exist.

Maybe Mephiles' plan has an explanation.
Probably the longer Iblis stays within Elise, or even free but separate by its "brother", the more independent it becomes, making it harder to recompose Solaris. That's why he doesn't simply go to the future to merge with Iblis: she's too independent by that point.Also, he cannot merge with Iblis in the period from its creation, to the separate sealing of the two parts, to the liberation of Mephiles from the Sceptre of Darkness: maybe it's because Mephiles is now more "normal" and cannot exist in two places at once (not counting the clones).This would have made sense...if it was somehow explained in the game. But hey, it's a good explanation... that cannot be jossed, because the game doesn't have one.
  • Look at the "pure" Iblis at the end of Silver's story. He's freaking huge. Compare it to the tiny Iblis fresh from the lab, or the slightly larger but still small Iblis fresh from Elise. There's obviously something that happens to him if he's out too long.
  • Also, note that Iblis is said to have no wisdom or sense whatsoever, he wouldn't be able to recognize Mephiles in the future and might even attack him, which is why he couldn't join with Iblis in the future, so he has to merge before Iblis gains sentience and independence. This still wouldn't explain why he couldn't fuse with Iblis from the lab, though.
    • To be fair, Solaris was brought into existance, experimented on, and split into two separate beings. Mephiles is completely silent until Shadow corners him, and even then he struggles to speak coherently; by the time he's freed in Kingdom Valley, he's much more eloquent. So, it's possible that Mephiles started out as a mindless being trying to escape, and then realized that he needed to reunite with Iblis.

The Blaze in this game is a Descendant of the one in the Rush games
  • Given Blaze is in the future here.
    • This could also explain why she keeps saying "blue hedgehog" as if it's familiar to her. Tales about Sonic were passed down through her family. Doesn't explain why she lives in the future of Sonic's world instead of her ancestor's world though.

Solaris wouldn't have been evil if the moronic King hadn't decided to do (probably) hideous experiments on the deity his people worshipped
Exactly what it says on the tin. How cruel and amoral do you have to be to capture and experiment on the GOD THAT YOUR PEOPLE WORSHIP? Admittedly, we don't know if Solaris was really a god or not. Still, that's kind of a dick move, honestly. If someone tried to take control of MY mind and make me control time for them, a mindless slave, and then I went insane and decided to destroy everything, I'd be pretty pissed too. All kidding aside though, I can't be the only one who thinks the stupid king is directly responsible for turning a probably harmless god into a psychotic Lavos-wannabe.

Adding onto this, the Duke of Soleanna is evil.
When his wife died, the Duke of Soleanna went nuts. Wanting to stop tragedies from ever happening, he planned to control time itself through the Time Master that is Solaris.
  • I would like to slightly amend this so that he became Stupid Evil when his wife died.

Mephiles killed Blaze!
How else would he get Iblis back?
  • Or she starved to death.
  • What would he need to do that for? He merged with the Iblis from the present.

Either Silver or Elise was supposed to be Sally Acorn

When Sonic and Elise reset time,
it didn't affect anyone outside that particular reality.When Blaze sealed herself into another dimension with Iblis, she went into an entire different place with its own timeline that wasn't affected by the Retcon because Solaris didn't exist.
  • But if that dimension wasn't affected by the retcon, then why doesn't Blaze know Sonic in Rush? If it didn't change anything else, it wouldn't change her memories either.
    • Iblis. Its influence/existance could have easily wiped her memories.
    • See the Blaze dying WMG above.
    • The Rush Blaze is a diffrent character from the 06 one.

Shadow and Silver were Bunnie Rabbot and Sally Acorn at earlier points of development

And there were two games: Sonic Adventure 3 for Wii, and Shadow The Hedgehog 2 for PS3/360. These two were combined into one.

Final Character (06) = Orignal (SA 3/ Shadow 2)

  • Sonic = Shadow (Shadow 2)
  • Shadow = Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic Adventure 3)
  • Silver = Sally Acorn (Sonic Adventure 3)
  • Blaze = Sonic (Sonic Adventure 3)
  • Elise = Rouge (Shadow 2)
  • Mephiles = Ixis Nagus (Sonic Adventure 3)

    • Uh-huh. Because Sega is known for giving a damn about Archie/SatAM characters.

We were originally going to see Blaze die onscreen

Mephiles is a Fourth-Wall Observer.
He's not trying to blow up reality for kicks. He's aware he's in a game, and a terrible one at that. The destruction of time supposed to force Sonic and co. into erasing the game from history. Him killing Sonic was due to the game forcing him to do it, and/or to prove just how bad this game is. If he destroyed time, it would mean there wouldn't be a game in the first place. Either way, the canon is spared from having to include this game. Unfortunately for him and us, his influence wasn't able to Ret-Gone our copies of the game.
  • Yeah, but he would have destroyed the entire Sonic universe, which would have erased the good games, too. So he's still evil.
    • Not exactly evil, but willing to do what it takes to purge Sonic 06. The end of the franchise is Necessarily Evil to him. He may even feel that the games and their reputation are doomed. Of course, that's a worst-case scenario. As I mentioned, his ultimate goal was to erase Sonic 06. Destroying the rest of the Sonic games was a risk in the grand plan, and he was willing to take it.
      • Or maybe by the point Solaris was whole again, it lose on purpose (it's a easy boss after all, you just have to remember to switch characters when their rings are low), just so that Sonic and Elise could snuff out Flame!Solaris. Except that doesn't kill Solaris, it merely prevents its coming in the real world. Sonic and co don't get to "live" Sonic '06, Solaris gets to not be bothered. Addictionally, it gave us Sonic '06 as a warning: "Do not. Split. Me. Ever. AGAIN.".

Mephiles didn't know any better...
He was just trying to survive the only way he knew how. Those terrible hedgehogs were out to get him, and no one seemed to want to help him find his brother, who'd been missing since the lab exploded and they were separated. He had reason to believe Iblis was kidnapped like he was, and was being held against his will in a place not too far from where he resided. Mephiles recruited Silver and Blaze to rescue him before learning that Silver was an accomplice with Shadow during both of their kidnappings, and that Sonic was the one heavily guarding the place where Iblis was being held. Unable to wait any longer, Mephiles moved forward and eliminated Sonic to free his brother, who had been waiting ten long years. Mephiles was too overcome with emotion during their reunion.

Sadly, the both of them never lived happily ever after, because he did not fully kill Sonic, who teamed up with Silver and Shadow to "take care of their problem". Some say they (mis)used the power of the Emeralds that Mephiles had tried so hard to keep from them, and erased all accounts of what really happened, and rewrote it all hastily before the story was released in the form of the game we are now so familiar with.

It's the Duke's own fault Solaris and everything related to it wants to eat time.
Okay, let me take some time to explain. So we have Solaris, god and creator of time. He's happy living in timelessness and using the Flames of Disaster as his avatar. But the Duke of Soleanna wants to play around with time, so he tries to make Solaris physical. Making a god of time physical is a bad idea. Iblis represents the rage of Solaris at being made physical. Mephiles is the sentience of Solaris, who became sadistic when he was locked up in the Sceptre.

The entire game is a daydream thought up by Princess Elise

It's why Sonic falls in love with her in one day. It's why she gets kidnapped every other second only to be rescued by her favourite blue hedgehog. It's why the physics don't work like they should, it's a daydream, it doesn't have to make sense. It's why the story makes no sense, it's how she knows Silver when she shouldn't, it's why she's the single most important person ever.

It's all a daydream from a bored Princess Elise waiting for the festival to start. The end of the game is when she finally jerks out of it.

  • This makes so much sense that it actually fixes the game's convoluted story. She probably hears about all the Sonic characters on the news and idolizes them. Turning the flames of Solaris into a villain is her way of expressing how she hates this festival and how she wished it didn't exist. It'd also explain why the tiny glowing necklace in her cutscene suddenly grows into a large Chaos Emerald during the game.
  • What it doesn't explain, however, is why Crisis City is in Sonic Generations.

The Hyrule Royal family has some connection to Soleanna.
Just take a look at the Hyrule Royal Crest compared to Solaris' second form. It's TOO similar to be a coincidence!

Mephiles trying to make Elise cry instead of just killing her makes sense
Maybe Elise dying didn't release Iblis: maybe she cried and released him just before she died. If that happened, it would make (slightly more) sense.

Mephiles has a Complexity Addiction because he is Stupid Evil.
Mephiles absolutely loves making people suffer. It's not so much that he could have simply released Iblis through killing Elise instead of Sonic, but he wanted to torture as many people as he could emotionally. His initial plan was probably not only to trick Silver into killing Sonic to cause Elise grief, but to tell Silver the truth after the fact to cause him grief as well. He simply doesn't care if he is Stupid Evil. Causing suffering is his absolute number one favorite thing to do, and he would give up ANYTHING to cause suffering.
  • Mephiles isn't Stupid Evil because he knows he can get away with it. The guy is practically immortal, seeing as how he lived for 210 years and his reaction to Omega shooting him point-blank range is to laugh it off. He can break out of the Sceptre of Darkness, aka the one known object that can stop him. He can time travel. He's like Aizen except cooler: he can wait and dick around with people because he can afford it-even if he fails at one time, he can just try again with time travel.

Elise is kidnapped with great frequency.
Hence why no citizen or officer goes to help her: She's been kidnapped so many times it's guaranteed that she'll be back and be kidnapped again.

Amy doesn't use actually powers of invisibility; she uses a Somebody Else's Problem Field.
This is the only game in the series where Amy can turn invisible, and as one might expect from this game, absolutely no explanation is given. (It's been said that she uses tarot cards, but she only uses them to hunt down Sonic, so I can't imagine her occultism goes beyond that.) Because Eggman's robots and Iblis' fire monsters were programmed to look for Elise (and aren't terribly smart to begin with), the sight of a pink female hedgehog running around [insert level here] wouldn't cause much concern unless they accidentally noticed her—the only way to discover something cloaked by an SEP. Very few people that don't already know Amy rarely notice her unless she she accidentally glomps them, so an SEP would likely explain her invisibility.

Silver and Blaze trusted Mephiles the Dark because ...
A couple of different factors:
First of all, as suggested on the Fridge Logic page, we're talking about a Bad Future set After the End, and people are doing whatever they can just to survive. There's no TV and no popular culture, and no, so there's no concept of "Obviously Evil," since Iblis is the only thing which is evil and obviously-so.
Second of all, Silver is apparently the only one who is capable of fighting Iblis. Neither of them think to say "Well why don't you go back in time and do it yourself?" because they implicitly assume that Mephiles is less skilled/powerful than Silver (and, by extension, the Iblis Trigger).
Finally, it's implied that Iblis has blotted out the sun (I base this on the Cue the Sun moment in the ending of Silver's story), so the most prominent source of light is fire, and Iblis's flames in particular. Therefore, in the minds of the people in Silver's time, Dark Is Not Evil — in fact, "darkness" might be a symbol of solidarity against the Flame of Disaster. "Mephiles the Dark" might as well mean "Mephiles the Guy Who Really Hates Iblis," in that case.
  • That makes perfect sense, I completely agree!

Soleanna is Silent Hill or some Sonic equivalent, in which everyone native to Soleanna is dead...
Taking a few strange things into account:

In the 360 version of the game, at the very least, you can play your own music over the soundtrack, and if you hit Pause, not Stop, you can access the ambient sounds of any game as the sound bytes instead of just that and music. The creepy thing is that the kingdom of Soleanna sounds completely dead. The people hardly speak.

There is no background murmur of people conversing in grouped areas when you would expect.

No one seems to be overly worried of incoming danger half the time.

The only dog (Pelé the Beloved Dog) in the kingdom spends his time (as in not during the mission) sitting by the edge of the water between two buildings, staring out at the abandoned castle, and if you push him aside, he will simply trot back and sit down, and continue to stare at the abandoned ruins.

There is no obvious link to the world beyond the kingdom, other than the magic portal mirrors.

A particular line of dialogue by Mephiles in an early draft of the script included the statement "I transcend time itself... A bridge to other worlds!". Let's dissect that for a moment. To "Transcend" is to be above. Mephiles is above time itself, and therefore cannot be affected by changes in it. He is a "Bridge to other worlds". A "bridge"? "Other worlds"? There's other universes that exist beyond the main canon and the Next Gen sub-universe? (I believe this game took place in an AU, with only half the opening and the whole closing scene being canon, while the rest was merely Deja Vu when eyes met...)

Mephiles bridges the gap of other worlds as well as manipulates time and cannot be touched by it. Perhaps Mephiles was merely a gatekeeper or guardian to the entry of Soleanna, Iblis is the demon that decimates it, Solaris was supposed to be who the people prayed to for protection, and Sonic and his friends were merely outsiders who stumbled upon the lost world through whatever Chaos based shenanigans that ensued... Chaos energy has been known to cause space time rifts, and merge souls of the ancients to the present time, after all.

Elise was meant as a vessel to house and contain Iblis, to keep peace to Soleanna. Mephiles, knowing that it's not how it should be, seeks to free Iblis to either bring back the destruction, or maybe he seeks to join with Iblis to become Solaris in order to return things as they once were, but is instead seen as being a villain for deciding a couple sacrifices must be made to achieve the goal of the people as a whole. Perhaps the royal family of Soleanna had been under a pact with Solaris, one which was broken the moment The Duke sacrificed himself in place of what might have been Young Elise's early demise... Perhaps the royal females' lives were meant as a trade off to keep order in that pact. Elise's mother died while the girl was young, at least, young enough to not fully grasp the finality of death itself ("Will we be able to see Mama again?"). No indication is given of it being through illness, nor complications, so why..?

Because Elise is the only remaining member of the royal family left alive, and therefore, her death now would quickly terminate any deal such as that, before she has a chance to continue the lineage... Perhaps Mephiles settled on the plan to simply upset rather than just kill her to release Iblis, as it was confirmed that her death would break the seal as well if Iblis was not transferred to another vessel prior to death. He chose to do it that way in order to spare her should the event arise that Iblis would need to be contained again.

Mephiles, while temporarily joining with Iblis, would then attempt to cleanse the isolated world of the overwhelming darkness, before splitting again and trapping Iblis once more until time calls for it again, but is misunderstood as attempting to destroy reality, hence why the characters saw fit try to destroy Mephiles as well, even though they couldn't really because he was not affected by time changing. With Iblis destroyed, Mephiles must now remain in Soleanna forever to continue to guard the portals, and avoid the monsters that seem to reside only there (Worms, Takers, Biters, Golems, Stalker, Titans...) from escaping into the other worlds.

Having been this guard for many, many years, by himself, all alone, has caused the unfortunate side effect of instability manifesting in his bizarre, twisted childish behavior (demanding to be entertained, referring to things as his "Puppets", fits of anger when "rules" are not followed, his tendency to twirl around theatrically as if enjoying the attention on himself...), as well as giving him Cheshire Cat like qualities (appearing when he feels is convenient, cryptically conveying information in a riddle like pattern, giving "Yes and No" answers, causing havoc out of boredom, and seemingly jumping between either sides when it suits his interest.).

Likewise, Mephiles has possibly grown insane from the demands of such a task, with knowledge of any and all realities, and no clear way to mentally sort which one he exists in now, and his fascination with Shadow could stem from Shadow being a key part in one reality that he could assume that sticking close to him and wanting to offer an alliance is really because Shadow is the solution, as perhaps Soleanna is Shadow's Silent Hill.

Why Shadow's? Because there's some striking similarities between The Soleanna Disaster, and the ARK incident.

  • Both involved someone trying to create a way to cheat death (Shadow having been made by Prof. Gerald to culture a cure for NIDS to save Maria, and Mephiles resulting from an attempt to resurrect Elise's mother, a project lead by Elise's father.)
  • Both Project Shadow and the Solaris Project ended in a disaster that caused many of those involved to die, and the products of the projects to be locked away for years and nearly all records of their existence to be wiped.
  • Both Projects have resulted in both a small hedgehog like creature that isn't a pure hedgehog (Shadow and Mephiles), and a large beastly counterpart from the opposite ends of the spectrum (Biolizard and Iblis).
  • Both Shadow and Mephiles were quickly assumed to be dangerous and promptly persecuted for actions they had yet to commit upon being discovered by outsiders. Shadow was put in cryo for half a century, while Mephiles was stuffed in the Scepter of Darkness for a decade. Both wake up to a vastly different world years later, and find that no one knew of them or what had transpired prior to their trappings.
  • Both the ARK and the Castle still remain, but as abandoned ruins.
  • Both Shadow and Mephiles escape their containment prisons with an intense hatred for who caused that to happen to them.
  • Mephiles displays similar personality quirks to Shadow, such as the delusion of being superior to all because of the status of enhance being, the cocky attitude when able to stand in a place that allows him to tower over his audience, and the dramatic gesturing seems reminiscent to Shadow's movements in Sonic Adventure 2, namely when he first encounters Sonic, as well as reveals the Eclipse Cannon to Eggman. Both even misleadingly promised something grand to the ones they manipulated (Shadow telling Eggman he will control the world with the EC, and Mephiles telling Silver that he can change to world if he destroys Sonic...).
  • The Ark is located in space, and is isolated from the rest of the world. Soleanna is surrounded by vast bodies of water, and has not been shown to be close to the rest of the countries within the planet the series takes place in. Isolated locations. Featuring laboratories.

Basically, Mephiles is what Shadow could have been, and Shadow is what Mephiles will never be.

Following Silent Hill logic, the demons there manifest as personifications of fears, guilt, pain, anger, and all things negative inside you and your heart. Mephiles could serve as Shadow's equivalent to the SH creatures and beings like Pyramid Head, Dark Alyssa, Mary... Perhaps Mephiles is instead the manifestation of Shadow's guilt of attempting to, at least twice, nearly ending mankind, his fear of being seen as a monster, his anger over the injustice Maria originally suffered, his pain of realizing that he is not truly the same as his companions (he will outlive them all in due time, and the previous game showed him to have alien DNA in his genetics...), his confusion as to why no one bothered to take the few minutes to sort out the situation instead of assuming he was a dangerous being rather than the friendly hedgehog he was (implied in flashbacks involving Maria), and his dread of possibly being so easily manipulated with those emotions again like he had been by Black Doom (such as the darker storylines leading to Shadow being quickly brainwashed by Doom, and the neutral storylines had Shadow quickly descend into madness, speaking and laughing high pitchedly to himself, without the guidance of anyone.). Several of the monsters you fight in this game appear to be of similar stature to several Black Arms entities, such as Worms to Burrowing Worms, Takers to Black Hawks, Titans and Golums to Giants (those massive BA Soldiers).

Mephiles even attempts to manipulate Shadow in a way similar to how Doom did. Being that Mephiles resembles Shadow in appearance, is that any significance to the event? The persistence in telling him to join against humanity, that humans care nothing for him, that no one will truly side with him at all, that they are there to ensure it doesn't happen that way, that they would be formidable allies... The occasional break from antagonizing to say "There's still time to change your mind, Shadow!"... Is Mephiles merely a manifestation of Doom's personality rolled into a perversion of Shadow's image, as if to say his subconscious is trying to push him that way?

"I'm your shadow... You can't even touch me!"

What a rather strange line of dialogue for someone who is supposed to be something else. And how about when Shadow quickly turns around to face a free standing flame, about five seconds before Mephiles even begins to appear... How did he know that would happen? There was no indication of sound, and Rouge doesn't even see it happen, or realize that Shadow never followed her through the portal until after she was back in present time. Shadow even reacts as if startled before Mephiles appears then... Does Mephiles posses the ability to communicate to Shadow prior to being in sight? Several instances in which Mephiles speaks to Shadow while others are present show the other characters being confused to Shadow's response, especially when Mephiles is seemingly freely speaking openly to Shadow that his friends will betray him.

How can he communicate to Shadow so openly on such a subject without expecting an interjection from Shadow's allies and friends... Unless he can do so through his mind. Doing so would allow him to be able to override white noise distractions and drill ideas firmly without being contradicted. Why can he? Because he is a creature custom tailored to counter Shadow in this alternate world.

Next Gen itself comes off as being more like a Shadow sequel than a true Sonic game. If you remove Sonic's story, it would still play more or less the same.

So yeah... Soleanna is some kinda Silent Hill for Shadow...

  • This makes too much sense...
Silver is a biotic

Kind of a not-entirely-serious WMG, but... well, the stuff he pulls has been shown to be capable by some biotics (let's chalk up his full-on flight to Cutscene Power to the Max; his hovering, at least, has been done in ME canon).

Silver is an Ultimate Life Form.
This runs along with the theory that Sonic is in fact a part of Project Shadow that Gerald set up after he went bananas - the machines that created him had a malfunction that released him earlier than planned, and thus he didn't have any mental preprogramming to destroy the world and woke up at a younger physical age than Shadow first did. Far in the future, someone founds the same ancient mechanisms that created Sonic and used them to create another super-hedgehog for the purpose of saving the world.

Silver is The Stoner.
His spines are shaped like a pot plant, his partner's name is Blaze, and he quips about hitting a pipe during Crisis City.
  • Technically it's meant to look like a Maple leaf...

Mephiles can't time travel.
At least, not physically. Being the mind of Solaris, Mephiles doesn't have access to Solaris' time travel power-Iblis does(the past isn't screwed because Iblis doesn't have any intelligence to use Solaris' power). Mephiles' ability to "time travel" is actually a form of Mental Time Travel-Mephiles is capable of reading his future or past self's mind, and using that to his advantage(or, more accurately, his mind exists simultaneously throughout history). The unnecessarily complex plan was because Mephiles was unable to alter history-even if he knew what was coming, he'd be physically unable to change where he should be. The solution-get someone else to alter history in a way he could have an impact. That way, an alternate timeline would allow him some freedom, regardless of why. If Silver killed Sonic, it would have Iblis' flame form out in Soleanna, and he would be waiting there. If Silver failed to kill Sonic, he'd expect Sonic would want to know why, and would try to Set Right What Once Went Wrong by saving Elise-changing history so that Iblis could be released in a pure flame form, giving him another chance.
  • Okay, then how did Mephiles transport Shadow and Rouge to Crisis City? And this still doesn't solve why Mephiles just didn't kill Sonic, as he still had a physical presence in the present.
    • With the former, he can make portals for other beings, but not himself. With the latter, its Sonic 06.

Lex Luthor trapped Sonic in another virtual world.
Before using it on Superman, Lex wanted to test out his computer simulation on Sonic. He had access to better technology, but was just as inept at programming it. The game suffers from many of the same problems as Lex's first simulation. such as poor draw distance (although he didn't even bother with the fog this time) and glitches. Everyone Sonic encounters are really just part of Lex's simulation, and the Idiot Plot, as well as the idiocy of Soleanna's citizens, is explained as the simulation's poorly programmed AI. Eggman's new design (and subsequent return to his old design after this game) comes from Sonic's mind combining his memories of fighting Dr. Eggman with the simulation's image of Lex.

Blaze was Silver's imaginary friend.
Think about it. Mephiles doesn't acknowledge her. Sonic doesn't acknowledge her. No one but Silver acknowledges or interacts with her. She has no relevance to the plot except for the end of Silver's story.
  • And furthermore, she constantly dissappears and reappears throughout Silver's story. She came about through Silver effectively being the last living being alive, subconsciously making him believe things such as ash-preserved corpses are living people. She is the result of a subconscious effort to stop himself going mad from isolation and a need for companionship. Hence why, as he explores a living, breathing world, "Blaze" disappears and reappears.

  • This is also why Silver trusts Mephiles - he KNOWS this guy is not to be trusted, but he's a desperate man. Deep, deep down, he knows the truth of the state he's in, and is willing to Deal with the Devil to remedy this. But now comes the question - how did "Blaze" manifest as an exact replica of the princess of another dimension? The answer ties in to how Blaze remembers Crisis City in Sonic Generations despite the backstory given in that game making it impossible. At one point prior to Silver's story, Blaze came to Crisis City for some reason (a lost Sol Emerald, maybe). There she meets Silver, who believes that she too managed to survive and even develops some feelings of friendship towards her. However, before she leaves, Silver learns that this is not the case. Due to... something, she remembers that world. Silver, however, still remembers her, and deludes himself into believing she stayed. As time goes on, he believes she was always from his world, and wasn't a princess who guarded emeralds. By the time the game begins, he believes they were childhood friends and that he effectively provided the "comfort" in their (non-existant) Hurt/Comfort Fic-esque childhood.

  • The one hole left is how "Blaze" absorbs Iblis if she doesn't really exist. The answer is that it is all symbollic: Blaze was formed around Silver's conscience and thus acted as a physical "voice of reason" for him (hence why Blaze doesn't know how to answer Silver's question of "is it OK to kill to save the future" - Silver is conlicted, so as a result she is too). Although we didn't see it, Silver DID absorb Iblis in the end - before it was just self doubt. However, as he is not Soleannan royalty, he must pay a price - the loss of his conscience, and therefore "Blaze". In the Last Story, time and space are jumbled up, so Silver does and does not have Iblis in him, so while he still retains his conscience, he also does not, and "Blaze" is absent. When the Reset Button fixes everything, the future is not bleak, Silver is not the last one alive, and he has no need for an imaginary friend. As such, "Blaze" ceases to exist.

  • I believe Silver could absorb Iblis without consequence because he's the son of the Ultimate Lifeform (and therefore not entirely Mobian). In return for his brave act, Iblis then cures his schizophrenia!

Mephiles and Iblis are the Pharaoh and Zorc from Yu-Gi-Oh!
It's an alternate universe where they merged after being sealed in Ancient Egypt.

The Eggman we see is Actually a Doombot.
Beginning to realise that Evil Is Not a Toy, Eggman created a Doombot-esque copy to do more dangerous work such as experimenting with a splintered, angry Father Time. Since the Doombot isn't meant for battle, he designed it to mimic human movements. Big mistake.

Mephiles is an Alternate Universe counterpart of Sonic
Mephiles was made to be the anti-Shadow while Shadow's an anti-Sonic. The two 'anti's cancel each other out. Mephiles=Sonic

Iblis is female
Or at the very least, the feminine aspects of Solaris.Basically, what this troper means is that since Solaris is supposedly a deity, and the central deity of a monotheistic religion, it can be assumed that Solaris is in and of itself possessed of both male and female traits. Since Mephiles is very evidently masculine, judging from simply the voice and mannerisms and ignoring the fact that he modeled himself on the very masculine Shadow, because that's irrelevant, then that would mean that Iblis would have to be feminine. Now, this troper doesn't mean anything by characterizing the violent and destructive force of nature with no sense of self control as female, I'm just going off the concept that a creator god would have to be male and female at the same time, and since the two are only half of the god in question, then they would have to have only one or the other.

This game itself was made by Dr. Eggman.
You probably know enough evidence for this.

Sonic wasn't the Iblis Trigger, he was the Straw that Broke the Camel's Back.
Look at all the raging paradoxes their time travel opens up. Mephiles didn't need Silver to kill Sonic. He was hyping up to kill Sonic himself from the start.
  • Mephiles knew Silver wouldn't be able to kill Sonic. but by having those guys run around all over time and space, he knew that Elise would have grown close enough to Sonic to cry, releasing Iblis and mucking up the future.
  • It was bad enough that everybody was going all over the place with Time Travel (Omega being told to shut-down for 200 years to give Shadow a Chaos Emerald was particuarly eye-watering, especially since he couldn't have captured Shadow if he was in Standby for all that time) but when Sonic was killed it really screwed what had already been happening right the way up, which was what tore up time badly enough to destroy the world, not just burn it.

The Sonic Rush Blaze and the Blaze here are both canonical
There just coincidentally happened to be two teenage pyrokinetic cats. One in the future, and another in the Sol Universe. Also, it would explain the personality differences. The Blaze in Rush preferred solitude and usually had a grumpy attitude. The Blaze here is more of a wise, mentor type, apparently has no problem working with others and is far less aggressive.

The game (design wise) is a metaphor for mental illness
Mechanics as metaphor. Think about it: Several things in the game don't function properly, it exhibits various levels of instability, and will occasionally completely break down. Just replace "game" with "mind" and you have a pretty good description of a mentally ill person.

Soleanna has no actual citizens, and is in fact filled with disguised Iblis monsters.
Think about it - the unnatural grunting noises whenever you talk to anyone, the uncanny animations, the pointless and frustrating sidequests that can throw you off the main story with their sheer stupidity (and the outright trolling nature of some of them)... The only Soleanna residents that aren't secretly monsters are Elise and the one handmaiden in the entire game with proper voice acting. Elise is completely unaware of the truth about her citizens, but that handmaiden... she knows.

Soleanans are mostly horrible drivers.
And why so few cars are shown.

Sonic 06 is an hallucination Silver is having while high
Makes perfect sense: The crazy physics, the time travel, Silver's powers... are all his imagination.Blaze is also Silver's subconscious attempting to wake him up, this is why no one addresses her except him...The final stage is when Silver's close to overdose, and that's why everything is brokenWhen you defeat Solaris Silver wakes up...
  • Plus, her name.

Silver trusted Mephiles, because he already knew him and had no reason not to
It makes sense. When Silver sees Mephiles for the first time in the game, the two do not introduce each other and Silver never asks "Who are you?". Remembering that they never formally introduce each other, Silver somehow knows his name when they later meet up. Silver is also more willing to listen to Mephiles than those from the present, only listening to them once he learnt the truth about him. Unless Mephiles and Silver knew each other already, it would be strange that he is willing to believe ONE complete stranger completely, while completely ignoring the others.

The game is actually a Self-Insert Fic written by Elise
Elise is not actually a princess, or even related to royalty to begin with. Instead, she's just huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, hearing all about how how he stopped the apocalypse twice. She decides to write her own Sonic adventure, setting it in the fictional town of Soleanna. This is why Sonic slowly acts more and more romantic towards her, because she views Sonic as her idol or she somehow has the hots for him.

Sonic 06 was about a corrupted, messed up reality that was caused by all reckless Time Travel the characters were doing through out the game.
And the entire game is about the player controlling bizarro versions of the Sonic Gang (and Silver) to correct all the weirdness that was going on. That's why Blazes backstory here isn't canon, why Silver still exists despite his timeline being erased, and why the Sun Festival can still happen despite Solaris being blown out. the glitchy, horribly butchered design of the game is because the universe has so many paradoxes. It would also explain all the rifts and tears in Spacetime in the final level, because the time-line was beginning to fall apart.

By blowing out Solaris, the corrupted, heavily damaged timeline was erased in favor of a cleaner, nicer timeline. Perhaps a new version of Solaris (I will call him "Solaris 2.0") somehow managed to bring back Elise's Mother via prayer before the experiments happened or something else beside Time Travel stopping him from doing so, thus preventing the whole fiasco of Shadow and Silver capturing Mephiles and the sealing of Solaris is Elise. With this, the events of Sonic 06 never happen. Silver would be the only one to time travel, but to do more trival things like play sports and race sonic.

Mephiles' Complexity Addiction comes down to him being inexperienced.
Chronologically he's only ten years old, at least when it comes to being an individual rather than part of Solaris. When Shadow encounters him in the past the recently created Mephiles doesn't act like a fully-grown cognizant former time god, but almost primitive given his interactions with Shadow. He may not even be truly evil, just confused and angry like a small child lashing out. The reason why it took so long for Mephiles' plan to come into being is because he spent the Bad Future trying to master his powers, understand just what he is and what he needs to do.

200 years later he's more or less mastered his powers, but there's some stuff he doesn't know like the Chaos Emeralds or the intricacies of time travel. The reason he has Silver and Blaze do his dirty work is because he's yet to field test his powers, and needs to test it on a guinea pig. He doesn't fuse with the future Iblis because he doesn't know if it's possible, and if it's harmful to him. Only by going back in time, by having enough experience with the Chaos Emeralds and his own powers is he certain his plan will work. At that point he goes after Sonic and Elise, and now that he knows exactly what he needs to do and is experienced enough he can safely merged with Iblis, finally becoming his true Solaris self once more.

The Duke is the villain, not Solaris.
It makes so much more sense if Elise's father is the real villain here. Up until he started experimenting, Solaris was just a peaceful little living flame, supposedly destined to destroy everything but never actually doing so. But then the experiments ripped him asunder, literally tearing his mind out and leaving just a raging beast and a disembodied consciousness. Its goal throughout the entire game was simply to reunite consciousness and body, and only when it did so (after having been sealed away for years, very likely driving it mad from the isolation) did it begin to destroy everything (in revenge, perhaps?). If they had just left it alone, then Solaris would've likely remained a peaceful little flame, and none of this would've ever happened.

Solaris always existed. The flame was just its conduit to the physical world.
It's rather peculiar that a super-dimensional time god would be born from a mere flame, or a time god would be susceptible to a Ret-Gone. Rather, the flame used to "create" Iblis and Mephiles was a conduit to the true Solaris, a proverbial burning bush. What the Duke was really doing was dragging Solaris out of its higher dimension so he could impact his own. Solaris couldn't handle this at first and split in two in the first place. This is why Mephiles had such nihilistic hatred for the world-how would you like it if you were dragged down to some lower plane of existence against your will? Like any self-respecting Eldritch Abomination, Solaris is so powerful and inexplicable that immediately bringing it in full to the physical universe broke it. Sure, that's what it wanted but even after being defeated merely having such a higher being in Sonic's universe broke reality and the only solution was to Reset Button the Duke's experiment anyway. The true Solaris exists in a Place Beyond Time, and is still alive-Sonic and Elise just made sure it wouldn't interact with the main universe and be off not bothering anyone in its higher dimension.

Mephiles/Solaris is only evil because of Shadow and the Duke.
Not my theory, but posited here. When Mephiles initially splits off from Solaris he doesn't actually cause any trouble at first, at least consciously. Sure there are some Mephiles and Iblis monsters, but they could just be the result of the experiment. He doesn't even try to re-merge with Iblis, despite having an opportunity. While he threatens to kill Shadow while being sealed up, from his perspective Shadow just showed up and imprisoned him for no reason. After 10 years of being imprisoned for what, at least at that point in time, no fault of his own, contributed the brewing madness that molded him into an Omnicidal Maniac. The idea that he wasn't born (well, emerged) evil but became so over time gives an explanation for why he never tried to merge with Iblis when Elise died in the original timeline, and instead resorts to time travel 200 years later; he was already bitter when screwed up, but not enough time had passed for him to become pure evil.

Granted, being the mind of Solaris could just mean he was only reduced, however while known to have a wrath Solaris was still a revered deity by Soleanna. It was only until being fragmented that he was consumed by wrath and lust for destruction. Iblis was destructive from the start, however being power without consciousness he can only be seen as evil as a forest fire.

Mephiles is the reason Shadow is crucified by the world in the future.
Mephiles looks exactly like Shadow. It would not even be the first time in the Sonic universe that a hedgehog is mistaken for another, nor the first time someone impersonates Shadow in particular. And if anyone would want the strongest guardian of humanity gone, it would be Mephiles. He would even be getting revenge for Shadow sealing him away in the past, as well as have a strong card to persuade the in-game Shadow with. Way to purposely leave out the details, Mephiles.

Time is Broken in Soleana

If one analyzes the time travel rules in this game they seem to make no sense & blatantly contradict each other. But what if there was an explanation for why time travel in this game makes no sense. I propose that when the duke of Soleana Split Solaris in half it basically cracked time in an area localized to Soleana. It would explain why time seems so wonky there. This could also be an explanation for why Time Travel is possible with the chaos emeralds when it hasn't before