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Awesome / Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

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Not one, not two, but three super-powered hedgehogs. And one of them has Psychic Powers.
  • The first time we see Sonic, he jumps in the middle of Eggman's drones as they attempt to kidnap Elise and uses his super speed to blow out the fire surrounding them, introduces himself to the Princess whilst waiting for Eggman to order his robots to attack, before leaping out of the line of fire and destroying all the machines — bar one — in less than two seconds. And the one Sonic leaves? Well, he stops right in front of it, waits for a moment, before simply poking it with his foot and causing it to fall off a broken bridge.
    Sonic: (strikes a pose as he introduces himself) My… that's a pretty snazzy performance, there!
    • And then in his ending, Sonic has to get Elise off Eggman's latest airship as it explodes. Cue Sonic carrying Elise, as he runs and jumps to different parts of the airship as the damn thing explodes all around them.
  • In Shadow's ending, Mephiles tries to get Shadow to make a Face–Heel Turn, but Shadow then declares that no matter what, he will keep fighting. At which point, Mephiles creates an army of clones of himself, before having them attack Shadow. Shadow removes his bracelets to unleash his full power, before proceeding to fight through the clones. The intro to the game's Last Story shows that he makes quick work of them.
    Shadow: "If the world chooses to become my enemy, then I will fight like I always have!"
  • The scene following Shadow's battle with Silver. Just as Silver tries to strike him one more time, Shadow slows time down using Chaos Control, casually walks around Silver, and roundhouse kicks him in the back of the head.
    • The cutscene prior to this battle. Silver attacks Sonic again and is about to kill him. Cue Shadow arriving. He saves Sonic, pulling a Vegeta, and offhandedly glances at him to say; "I got this." Sonic gives him a thumbs up in gratitude and leaves after Eggman. It really shows the respect that the two have for each other.
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    • The cutscene is even better in the Japanese version. After defeating Silver, Shadow uses Silver's own catchprase "Muda da" ("It's no use"). After getting mad with Silver screaming this over and over, it is incredibly cathartic to hear it in Shadow's Badass Baritone. (Unfortunately, the English dub translated Shadow's line as "Don't bother".)
  • After Eggman reveals the totality of his plans to Elise, she says she'd rather die than be his prisoner again and backs off the ship, fully intending to sacrifice herself so he won't succeed. Later, she only surrenders to him when he threatens to destroy Soleanna if she refuses.
  • Mephiles killing Sonic. This is a hedgehog that has survived gods, Humongous Mecha, the prototype Ultimate Life Form, and being spaced. It has to count for something since Eggman has tried and failed at every occasion. Mephiles succeeded where so many other villains have failed. And he gives one of the greatest evil laughs in all of video game history after doing it.
  • Silver gets one too, in the final boss battle; Iblis has a desperation attack where he throws a giant meteor at you that destroys the platform if it hits, making you plummet to your death. What does Silver do, provided you time it right? He doesn't even flinch, stopping the meteor in midair and flinging it back at Iblis.
    • Timing, nothing. All you need is the same ol' telekinesis you've been using to catch projectiles for the entire game. It doesn't even take up much more of your Action Gauge.
  • Sonic, Shadow, and Silver take down Solaris, a sun god.
    Super Sonic: The present day. The here and now that you've stolen? Time to take it back!
  • The cutscene before the first Mephiles boss fight, where he tells Shadow that humanity fears him, and that they will eventually turn on him, and then offers Shadow his... symbolically posed body as proof, and Shadow has a large Screw Destiny moment, and then Mephiles then transforms from a black and white, green eyed, mouth-less version of Shadow to an Eldritch Abomination.
    Shadow: "I determine my own destiny."
  • The end of Sonic's version of Kingdom Valley. Yes, it's a Mach Speed segment and it's hard as hell, but it looks fantastic. Running though what can only be described as a giant half-pipe formed by an upside down waterfall, with segments of ancient ruined castle forming a path through. Notable parts include running on the waterfall, jumping from perch to perch, and the amazing music. For a short time, the game works and it is glorious. This level also seems to be a magnet for Lets Player's own awesome moments, as proven by pokecapn's group and the Grumps.
    • It's so awesome, in fact, that this very segment in an earlier stage in development was the very first thing the public eye ever saw of this game.
  • Amy Rose, of all characters, gets one. Just as Silver's about to finish Sonic off in Soleanna, Amy leaps between Sonic and Silver — read: a 12-year-old girl stands up to a powerful, difficult hedgehog with Psychic Powers, who, as described above, caught a giant meteor-sized fireball in midair and can throw live missiles and giant robots around as easily as sofa cushions — to protect Sonic and make sure he can go to save Elise. It's also this very action that causes Silver to start questioning his mission for the first time.
    • The line delivery is also a crowning moment for Lisa Ortiz herself.
      Silver: (unsuccessfully tries to get past her) Get out of my way, Amy! This is my mission!
      Amy: (stands her ground) Absolutely NOT!

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