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Shadow is acrophobic.

  • He's afraid of heights. It's brought up how high they are sometimes. Allies often say "It's a long way down" and "Look below you". At one point Black Doom even mocks Shadow in Air Fleet and asks him "Surely you're not afraid of heights?". And it makes sense too - Shadow has fallen from the ARK twice; a lot of his bad times involve being in high places. In fact, the most likely thing you are to die from, is something height related. Shadow even has an animation where if he comes too close to an edge - sometimes even if you may be running fairly fast at the time - when he freezes up and flails his arms, keeping you from running over the edge.
    • It also makes a great contrast to Sonic's inability to swim and his perceived aquaphobia.

The game is actually Shadow's Self-Insert Fic
  • After the events of Sonic Heroes, Shadow, after (somehow) getting his memory back, was bored as well as jealous of Sonic's popularity. To alleviate this, he writes his own stories in an attempt to make himself look cooler! This is one of his more crazier stories.

    Why are crazy aliens be involved? So Shadows would have the excuse of "Aliens made him do it". Why does the grass suddenly explode in the intro? Explosions make things awesome! Why does this game allows Shadow to wield guns and drive motorcycles? He wants to look badass. Why is Sonic dying at Shadow's feet in the Pre-title cutscene? The Fic is a Revenge Fic! Why is this the only Sonic game where you're allowed to harm the human soldiers who are also lead by a Hedgehogist(?) jerk? Because the GUN soldiers killed Maria, making them Acceptable Targets for him. Why are characters swearing like Shadow is? They are Out of Character to fit in with Shadow's edgier beliefs. Why does the game have multiple paths that are meaningless in favor of Shadow being the good guy? He doesn't know what he wants to do with the story, but he does want everyone to see him as being as cool as or even cooler than Sonic.
    • And it would be perfectly in-character for him to write it.

"Goodbye, forever" was actually Shadow's note of staying on the ARK
The ones we see from now on are Androids.

Shadow regaining his hatred for humans was due to Prof. Gerald's conditioning of his mind 50 years ago.
The reason Shadow had regained his hatred for humanity as learned in the opening scene of the game was due to the fact Prof. Gerald Robotnik had reprogrammed Shadow's mind into hating them after Maria's death at the hands of G.U.N. After Shadow realizes that Maria wanted him to help humanity, he made a Heel–Face Turn and helped Sonic save the world, which led to him falling into earth. After Shadow was awakened with amnesia, not to mention after the events of Sonic Heroes, the images of Maria being killed at the hands of a G.U.N. soldier had appeared in his mind, and it turns out that the brainwashing Prof. Gerald had done to him 50 years ago still had an effect on him, though to a lesser extent. In the last story, however, Shadow's hatred for humanity was remedied for good after he resolved to put the past behind him and saved the world again from the Black Arms.

Black Doom is subtly using mind control to influence Shadow during the entirety of the game.
That would largely account for why Shadow blindly trusts him at the beginning of the game rather than talk to someone he already knows (such as Rouge or Sonic) and why he takes orders from Doom so willingly in many of the Dark missions. In one of the last cutscenes, Shadow is shown to have a resistance to Doom's mind control, so he may have built up a tolerance towards it. Doom's control over Shadow is weaker than his control over the Black Arms because Shadow only has some of his DNA and is not a member of the alien species himself.

E-123 Omega sang Waking up along with Julien-K.

Blaze the Cat is secretly involved with the events of the game.
She brought the Chaotix to the ARK's main computer room, to recover some data using five secret disks and used the Sol Emeralds to power up the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet. She is the Chaotix's client.
  • Incidentally, both this game and Sonic Rush released on the same day in North America and Europe. Was this more than just a mere coincedence? Also you're missing some points. If Sonic Rush happens at the same time as Shadow the Hedgehog, then how come Blaze never met Shadow during her search for the Sol Emeralds? Alternate Sonic dimensions maybe?

Eggman lied; Shadow's not the original.
Eggman used data from the ARK to attempt to construct new Shadow minions, as they were the only thing of manageable size which could use Chaos energy and put Sonic on the ropes, but they were incredibly hard to get right and he ended up with hundreds of "template" models, the androids, which each have a small adjustment towards the overall intended product. The likes of Shadow seen these days are the first ones Eggman tried to make, which were too independent and used their advanced capabilities to cause problems, resulting in him doing things such as sealing them away in cold storage. The later "Shadow androids" deviated only slightly from a controllable template, making them safer in the long run.
  • The amnesia is due to "Shadow" not having any memories of his own, just those Dr Eggman knows about and could program in. He wasn't even finished adding them until he decided to put him in the tube. He doesn't think about things that would prove he's an android like needing to eat because the A.I and his own identity crisis won't let him realize that.

Shadow is a cyborg, not android.
Being the Ultimate Lifeform allowed him to survive falling from such a massive height, but was heavily damaged in the process. Eggman, already having experience with keeping animals alive inside his badniks, decided he can rebuild him and made a new android body. Saying that he created him is being Metaphorically True as Shadow is in a body Eggman made-it's like how Dr Gero stated he created Android 17, 18 and 20 when they're all modified humans(the last being Dr Gero himself). He may be reduced to just a Brain in a Jar, which means he doesn't have or need a number of biological requirements his flesh and blood body required.

Egg Dealer isn't a battle mech
Dr. Eggman originally built the Egg Dealer as an attraction for one of his casinos, but he needed something immediately on hand after a few other designs didn't work and he found himself suddenly pressed for time. All he had was Egg Dealer, so he changed the reels out for weapons, Pawns, and Shadow Androids (Rings was the only holdover from its intended purpose) and repainted it, all in great haste. That's why it's unfinished and so easy to defeat: He just didn't have time to fit any other weapons onto it. All that guff about "MY STRONGEST CREATION YET!" is bravado: He's lying through his teeth and he knows it.

The canon path
First is Westopolis: Normal. At the beginning, Shadow doesn't really care about the GUN vs. Black Arms conflict, and just wants to get the Chaos Emeralds and get his memories back. After all, in the opening and trailer we see him fighting both aliens and GUN. At the end of the stage, Black Doom teleports him to Glyphic Canyon to punish him for not following him. This leads to Glyphic Canyon: Dark, as Shadow decides that angering Black Doom further is more trouble than it's worth and that he should play along for now. Afterwards is Cryptic Castle: Hero; Amy and Cream's plight subconsciously stirs Shadow's memories of his failure to protect Maria, and he helps them out. This lines up with Cream's quote in The ARK on Expert Mode: "Thank you so, so much for rescuing me the other day!" Having gotten sidetracked from his original goal twice now, he gets back to pursuing Eggman with Sky Troops: Normal. This leads him to Iron Jungle, where Shadow discovers his android copies. Panicking, he helps Eggman in order to get the truth out of him by doing Iron Jungle: Dark. Before the subsequent boss fight, Eggman claims to Shadow's face that he is an android copy of the original Shadow, lining up with a quote late in the Devil Doom fight where he admits to having lied directly to Shadow on this matter: "This might be the last chance I have to speak to you, so... what I said, about having created you? It was all a lie." This also brings Shadow to the Black Comet for the final level, where The Last Way clearly and explicitly takes place. Now hoping to get answers out of Black Doom, Shadow does Black Comet: Dark and faces the Diablon mech in battle, lining up with the GUN Commander's quote in Space Gadget on Expert Mode: "First, I want to... apologize, for the other day..." His wording here sounds more like he is apologizing for a specific incident than his general treatment of Shadow, which could only be the Diablon fight. Having acquired all of the Chaos Emeralds, Shadow decides to learn the truth about his past and faces down Black Doom once and for all, as depicted in The Last Way.

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