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Quotes / Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

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"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog."
— Sonic the Hedgehog

"My... That's a pretty snazzy performance there."
— Sonic's first line in his opening cutscene.

"Nothing starts until you take action. If you've got time to worry, run!"
— Sonic, talking to Elise.

"It's no use! TAKE THIS!!."
— Silver, during his boss fight.

"The present day... The here and now that you've stolen... Time to take it back!"
— Super Sonic attacking Solaris in the present.

"I determine my own destiny."
— Shadow, before he first fights Mephiles.

"If the world chooses to become my enemy....I will fight like I always have."
— Shadow, before confronting Mephiles the Dark.

"The 'I' of now absorbed your power through your shadow in the past. What may have worked 10 years ago, no longer does!"
— Mephiles, breaking free from the new Scepter of Darkness.