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Nightmare Fuel / Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

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Despite the reputation this game has garnered, it's still one of the darkest games in the Sonic franchise as the below entries will show you.

From the game proper

  • Elise's situation is horrifying to think about. No matter what happened to her she couldn't cry, ever, because if she did the world would be destroyed. Really, just think about it.
  • Eggman's plan in the game is to control time and space forever with the Chaos Emeralds and Solaris.
  • Mephiles the Dark's introduction. He slouches over and walks as though a puppet on strings with his creepy staring eyes, able to talk without moving his mouth, all with this music playing.
    • At the start of the last story, Mephiles appears out of nowhere and instantly kills Sonic. Even though Sonic comes back to life eventually, it still happened.
      • The laugh he makes while doing it, without his mouth moving and with his head rolling back, is also incredibly unnerving.
  • This game is the first, and thankfully only, to feature a realistic-looking Eggman so far. Unfortunately for Eggman, he was never meant to look realistic in the first place, and therefore attempting to cash in "serious, realistic-looking next-gen games" only resulted in Eggman falling deep in the Uncanny Valley.
  • The Mephiles boss fight involves him summoning an entire swarm of mini-Mephiles which will dogpile Shadow while making creepy, high-pitched noises.
    • Also, this plays during the fight. Enjoy.
  • Crisis City, a metropolis leveled to the point where it's submerged in lava. Silver straight up says at the start of his story it's a bad place to live.
  • In the final level, End of the World, there are dark colored orbs with creepy slit pupils known as the Eye of Solaris. The dark red type bombards you with containers and the dark blue type sucks in everything surrounding it like a black hole, including you.
    • The End of the World and the fight against Solaris take place in a chaotic fusion of Soleanna's areas in a purple limbo, due to Solaris devouring time itself.
  • End of the World also plays music that reflects the mental state of each of the characters. Some are...unnerving.
    • Tails' version is extremely bleak and lacks anything in the background other than a low hum.. This, his word choice when starting the level and obtaining the Emerald, and The fact that his stage is Crisis City shows that Sonic dying has unhinged him massively.
    • Amy's is also fairly bleak and mostly consists of slow beats and singing in the background. Seeing her crush's dead body hasn't helped her at all. Also, the Emerald she collects is the Blue Emerald. Coincidence?
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    • Although not as creepy as Tails' and Amy's, Silver's theme just feels...dead. Considering Solaris just took away his ultimate victory over Iblis, killed the man who helped him do it, and meant that Blaze's sacrifice was for nothing, it can be assumed that Silver's pretty ticked off about this, but the emptiness of his theme implies it may have gone further...
    • Knuckles' theme has the least amount of revisions, though an eerie organ plays constantly alongside many, many drums. Knuckles has more at-stake here than everyone else. Not only are the Emeralds he's been charged with protecting in danger of being lost permanently to time itself, but one of the people Knuckles values most has been murdered. This is his last chance to right the wrongs that have been done. If he can't, the world will end; And it will end because he couldn't bring it as the Guardian of the Emeralds. He's angry, sad and confused: The three worst traits to be approaching a problem with. But it's all he's got. And he'll dig to the depths of Earth itself to save the world....Or die fighting back.
    • Even less creepy than the themes above, Shadow's theme is a mis-match of continous, yet repetitive beats that overlap. Shadow has spent the entire game dealing with Mephiles' machinations while managing to survive the identity issues and angst that the creature's been tormenting him with. Now, the world's greatest hero is dead and time itself is on the fringe of total collapse. The black hedgehog is running on a mixture of desperation and rage. His Emerald being the often anger-associated Red doesn't help.
  • The beginning of the last story, with Mephiles grabbing the Purple Chaos Emerald as it floats towards him. Afterwards he slowly turns his head to the camera and faces the player all without saying a word, implying he's well aware of both the fourth wall and your presence.
    • Not to mention that the knowing way he turns towards the camera and the creepy stare he gives implies that, despite not having a mouth, he's smiling - an implication supported by the fact that the reprise of his Leitmotif playing at the time is called "Mephiles's Smile" on the soundtrack.

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