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Narm / Sonic the Hedgehog

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Yis u wuz, Sanic. Yis u wuz.

While the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has grown up, it doesn't always show when it comes to the writing.

See also the page for moments that are truly and intentionally funny.

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    The 8-bit/16-bit games 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • After Scrap Brain Zone Act 2, with only one act left before Final Zone, the devs decide to intensify the story. The music changes, and the diabolical Eggman, with a big grin on his face, slowly approaches and hits a switch that... takes you to the next level. Which is an inexplicable Palette Swap of Labyrinth Zone.
    • The final showdown is simply called... Final Zone. Not even a "The" preceding it, just "Final Zone."
  • Multiple:
    • A strange breed of unintentional hilarity in the classic games: any time Eggman is scripted to run as fast as he needs to to avoid Sonic's grasp, like in Sonic 2's Death Egg Zone where you can spin dash at him and he'll still get away.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog CD features the Metallic Madness Bad Future theme in the Japanese version. The robotic voice of Dr. Eggman taunting you would be a tad more menacing, but then he throws in the line "Get some help!" It sounds like he's encouraging the player to to seek out a therapist.

    Sonic Adventure 
  • As a rule of thumb, let's just say pretty much all of the dialogue and acting in the game's English dub falls into this due to a combo of cheesy lines, the either blank or ridiculous looking facial expressions combined with stilted to nonexistent body language, and wooden or misdirected line reading.note 
  • Let's start with this line from the opening scene:
    • What really pushes this into Narm territory is the fact that, upon receiving this order, the kneeling police officers calmly get to their feet and proceed to moonwalk away from Chaos.
  • "Our hearts combined form awesome power!". Sure they do, Tails.
  • "Watch out, you're gonna crash! AAH!" Made more ridiculous by the way his tongue sticks out at the end of that line. Doubly so since he does that expression a few times. Stick out spines and poke tongue out. It's almost adorable.
  • While we're at it, almost every single facial expression in the game.
  • There's also Knuckles' absolutely apathetic cry of "Oh no" whenever he is hit in the boss battle against him. It's become infamous to the point of Memetic Mutation, especially since Sonic Mania's intro made him a minor Butt-Monkey. Part of why the phrase sounds so wrong is because it is wrong. It's from a different take his voice actor did (which can be heard on the E3 demo) and is from a completely different cutscene.
    • Same goes for Sonic whenever you fight against him. Not quite as memetic as Knuckles, but still infamous.
      • The way Sonic says "No" when he dies is just as bad.
      • It's even "better" if he falls into water or a bottomless pit. "NAUGH."
  • Sonic half-yelling "Eeeeeeeeegmaaaaaaan" with all the passion and rage of a waitress reciting the beer menu. (To be fair, he had just gotten a face-full of sleeping gas and was about to lose consciousness. But then you'd expect him to be slurring his words, not trailing off.)
    • Tails' version of it is even funnier. He sounds like a zombie.
  • Once Chaos gets the first Emerald, Sonic tells Tails "We can't let that monster get any bigger. It could get ugly!" It sounds more like he's worried about how hideous Chaos will look, rather than the danger he poses.
  • "All's well that ends well, right?" Made even funnier if you've seen the Hellfire Commentaries play-through of it:
    Fastest Thing Alive: THE CITY'S BEEN FUCKING DESTROYED!!!!
  • Let's not forget the infamous Tails line, "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?"
  • Eggman's infamous line "Get a load of this!" Unsurprisingly, it became quite popular for use in Stupid Statement Dance Mix videos.
    • Not to mention the "Ha ha ha, see if you can make it through here, Sonic!" line whenever he reveals his weak-point for all to see...
    • Also Eggman's ridiculous arm flailing when he says the above line.
      • ANYTHING Eggman says is truly narm in the English dub, because of the hammy delivery.
  • Some of the lyrics to Knuckles's theme, especially this line: "You can call me Knuckles/Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle/I'd rather flex my muscles." The chuckling line becomes funnier if you remember how in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, he chuckled a lot as he antagonized you while Sonic did no such thing.
    • What's even better is the final line: "I was born by myself, I don't need a posse/I get it on by myself, adversaries get shelved." I mean, honestly? This was included in a children's game?
  • There is a cutscene where Knuckles spots Dr. Eggman in the hotel lobby holding what suspiciously looks like a Master Emerald piece, for some reason moving at a slower pace than he walks. Cue Knuckles frantically shouting "Hold on! Come back here!" at the doctor as the latter leisurely slides towards the door at a snail's pace, and yet still failing to catch up.
  • Afterwards, once Chaos 2 is defeated, Eggman reveals to Knuckles that Sonic is (allegedly) also hunting down the pieces of the Master Emeralds, followed by Knuckles slowly, dejectedly walking towards Eggman for some odd reason, head facing down towards the ground. It doesn't help that his walking animation continues to run even after he's stopped to think about it.
  • After completing the Sky Deck and leaving the pool in Knuckles' storyline, there is a cutscene in which Knuckles witnesses Chaos' transformation into Chaos 6 some distance away. It would be an okay scene, but for some reason the game plays his "drowning" death vocal, making it seem like he drowned in air. It doesn't help that his drowning voice clip sounds like he's possessed by Goofy.
  • A player-invoked example can occur whenever Amy has to turn a valve to operate platforms or open doors, during which she sways her hips side to side for some weird reason. As her animation when doing so can be played or reversed at any speed by rotating the analog stick in either direction, she can either appear to frantically dance like a complete madwoman at the speed of sound, or do her best "stripteasing Burlesque dancer" impression as demonstrated by the Game Grumps.

    Sonic Adventure 2 
  • Even though Sonic Adventure 2 was made in America, the script apparently got translated to Japanese and then back into English, rendering lines that were only sometimes comprehensible, rarely synced to the mouth movements, and even overlapped each other. "He must be using the Chaos Emerald to wa...[rp]" "[My] is Shadow."
    • Let's not forget how some of the lines were left completely untranslated.
    • This exchange:
      Shadow: Faker? I think YOU'RE the fake hedgehog around here! You're comparing yourself to me?! HA! You're not even good enough to be [my fake]!
      Sonic: [I'll make] you eat those words!
    • Worse, sometimes the overlapping was between lines spoken by the same character. "Hey. It's not his spee[d]. [H]e must be using the Chaos Emerald to war[p]."
    • Then there's an instance where Eggman is supposed to cut off another character, but because of Japanese and English's different sentence structures, he reacts about a second too early.
      Reporter: Mysteriously, the only thing that was stolen was th—
      Eggman: The Chaos Emerald?!
      Reporter: —aos Emerald.
    • Speaking of that scene, the news report could have been dramatic if the reporter wasn't speaking with some kind of mix-and-match accent made from bits of Australian, cod-Canadian, and rugby-ball-up-the-arse English. The strange part is that this seems to be intentional.
    • Sonic's finishing blow to the Egg Golem in the Dark story:
      Sonic: TERIAAAA!
    • Add to the fact that this is one of the more serious Sonic installments, and the subtitles are in Comic Sans MS.note 
    • Tails' reaction to Sonic's (apparent) death was something of a Dull Surprise.
      Tails: What have you done, to Sonic? I'll never forgive you for this.
    • Before the scene above, there's the scene where Sonic tries to give the fake Chaos Emerald to Eggman. When Eggman traps him, Sonic gives out a "Whoa.", while his mouth is stretched out to comically large proportions. Even worse, the "Whoa" is the same thing he says during playtime when the player has him an inch away from falling off a cliff.
    • The same scene has Amy's ridiculously fake crying: "Soniiiic... UH HAW HAW HAW."
    • During both Sonic and Shadow Duel Boss fights, if you're using Sonic and hit Shadow enough times, Shadow will drop these gems:
      Shadow (first battle): I'm the coolest!
      Shadow (second battle): Ow. That hurt.
    • To add another Adventure 2 Battle line to the mix, during the final fight of Dark (Shadow vs. Sonic), whenever Sonic falls off the edge (which will happen a lot): "I'll use your technique! CHAOS... CONTROOOooOOL!" Every. Single. Time.
      • He stops himself mid-sentence most of the time. "I'll use your — CHAOS CONTROL!"
      • Sounds like Sonic is throwing a Poké Ball containing Chaos Control...
      • In the Dreamcast version, Sonic just says "I'll use... CHAOS CONTROL!"
      • "I'm not done with yo[u yet!] — SONIC WIND!
    • Sonic and Shadow's second battle with each other is full of Narm, no matter which side you're playing. The equivalent to Sonic's above quote is Shadow's, "THIS IS THE ULTIMATE!"
      • The above cases are rare examples in which the player is largely responsible, as Sonic's lines ("I'll use your technique! Chaos Control!")can be cut off if the player zooms too far ahead of their rival during the utterance and subsequent Chaos Control warp, causing the dialogue to skip ahead so that the A.I. can keep up with the player. Shadow's line ("This is the ultimate power!") is played in full, but is notably more quiet at the "power" word, and that part of the line usually can't be heard in normal gameplay.
      • Before their first battle in Green Forest on the Hero side, you see Shadow jump down onto the platform Sonic's on. While it looks cool, Shadow's model does not have a mouth and has hilariously drooped down eyebrows, all while he's saying, "There's no time to play games. You won't even get the chance!", as if Shadow is a wet blanket that doesn't want Sonic to have any fun.
    • The final fight with the FinalHazard. The Biolizard's merged with the Space Colony ARK to expedite its descent onto Earth, so Super Sonic and Super Shadow head out to stop it. The battle itself is epic, complete with Crush 40's "Live and Learn" blaring out, but the final boss itself becomes a lot more silly, since it looks more like the Biolizard has the ARK's Eclipse Cannon shoved up its arse.
  • Sonic's delivery of the line "BLOWS UP?!"
    • Adding to that, in the Hero Story, Sonic says this line, as well as the line, "I've got to find Amy and Tails right away!" with his teeth clenched. He actually moves his mouth on the Dark Story, but that doesn't excuse how he can do that in the Hero story.
      • Not to mention Shadow with his mouth hanging open the whole time.
  • "My power is FAILING!"
  • In the last story, we have this hilarious moment. The colony starts falling, Sonic and Knuckles feel the sudden vibration and realize something bad is happening. Rouge appears and explains the situation in a complete deadpan... And then she opens her mouth and eyes widely, after Gerald's last message suddenly pops up on a screen nearby.
  • The last story. Sonic and Shadow are preparing to go into their super forms to fight the Biohazard and save the earth. Knuckles watches them, transfixed in awe... with the most vacant expression ever on his face. Summed up best by the Great Clement here.
  • Before Amy busts Sonic out of his cell, he says the reason he's imprisoned is because of "that fake hedgehog." What makes it funny is that Sonic can't be bothered to interrupt his little exercise session.
  • For such a stoic character, Shadow has quite the hammy displays at times, enhanced by his permanent frown and his English VA's delivery:
    Shadow: *talking to no one* It all starts with this... *holds Chaos Emerald over his head* A jewel containing the ultimate power! [1]
    Shadow: *speaking slowly to Eggman* I've been waiting for you, Doctor. Now, I will show the glooorious achievement of what the world's leading scientist — Professor Gerald — has created. (...) A weapon capable of destroying an entire planet. *points index finger skywards* Codenamed: The Eclipse Cannon! *clenches hand into a fist* (...) *extends arms to the sides* Once you have that, then you have the ultimate power of destruction to use as you please. And then... (closeup on face) the wooorld... could be yooours! [2]
  • Is that what...Chaos Control is?! — Said by Shadow, the first person to use Chaos Control in the series.
  • Some of Eggman's lines are pretty strangely delivered.
    (when petting a Chao) Yooooosh.... note 
    (in the cutscene leading up to Cannon's Core) Then, let's get to WOOOOORK!
    (said when Sonic enters the last room in Crazy Gadget) Well done, Sonic, but you'll never leave this room alive! Ha-HA!
    • That last line is delivered so strangely, it doesn't even sound like Eggman.
  • At the beginning of Rouge's driving stage:
    (spoken normally) I'm picking up a signal from the Emerald. (amazingly high-pitched and whiny) Fox boy, wait for meeee!
  • And then there's the immortal line, "We all did it together!"
    • Making this even worse is that it comes right after Eggman makes a surprisingly emotional and genuinely well-acted speech about his grandfather. Nice job ruining the moment, Tails!
  • Tails is capable of drowning in the Dreamcast version of the Hero Garden because of both how short he is, and the pool being deeper than expected. Unlike Sonic and Shadow, who have unused drowning voiceclips while using Knuckles and Rouge's drowning animations, Tails is completely silent as he keels over backward stiffly without even changing expression, and then floats up. The whole thing makes him looks like a cardboard cut-out that's been blown over by the wind.
    • The same thing happens to Tikal in the multiplayer mode when she drowns, silently rotating onto her back without moving otherwise. It's arguably even more silly in her case, due to the lack of the scary countdown music in multiplayer, and how she can actually swim.

    Sonic Heroes 
  • Let's show that creep THE REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK! Yeah, because WE'RE SONIC HEROES! Actually, the entirety of Sonic Heroes was pretty Narmy.
  • "Let's blast through with SONIC SPEED!"
    • "OK!" "ALRIGH-"
  • "SHAA!"
  • Rouge's "I'm getting dizzy" vocal sounds suspiciously like Howard Dean's YAAAGH scream. It's even worse in that her VA says it sounding very much like Tails.
  • This cutscene leading up to Team Sonic vs. Robot Storm.
  • There's also this from Hang Castle. All-around Narm.
  • And that's not getting into the music... Although it comes off as Narm Charm to a point.
  • Upon defeating Metal Sonic:
    Metal Sonic: I am the ultimate overlord, Metal Sonic! I am the real Sonic!
  • "Take thi- Take thi- Take thi- Take this!"
  • "Hey! There's a FROG over there!"
  • "Shi! Urah! Yeeeeeaaaaah!"
    • Which, frankly, sounds like "Shit! Rock! Yeeeeeaaaaah!" to some.
  • "I'll punch this thing WITH MY FISTS!"
  • Play as Team Chaotix, get a bad reel on one of the casino level slots with Espio as the lead. Listen to his needlessly overdramatic guttural growl of:
    Espio: NOOOOOO! I have failed!!
    • He really elongates the "NO" there and can't decide between screaming it and growling it. It sounds very silly, especially when Espio's now portrayed as a ninja, if not then a parody of anime ninja. It's surprising that SEGA hasn't had him recite the Kuji-In yet.
  • "You're going to pay for this!" does not sound very threatening when being said by a big dopey cat to a giant robot-dragon thing.
  • The 4 Conflict Ball cutscenes where 2 teams are about to battle each other. It's absurd how quick they are to start a fight. Take a look:
  • Tails' extremely grating "YA WANT SOME MOOOORE!?" line makes him sound like a kid who's trying to act like a tough guy he saw in a movie.
  • Amy's cry of "Oh my GOD!" whenever you come across an item like a 1-UP is sure to raise a few laughs.
  • Anything Tails says in the English dub, due to his VA being an actual child who can't act to save his life. He makes the Peanuts voice actors sound like Meryl Streep in comparison.
    • He also has one of the most infamous mistranslations in the franchise:
    Tails: Look at all those Eggman's robots.
  • Eggman's shout of "WOAH!" whenever you hit the Egg Hawk. To make matters worse, most people complete the battle using Homing Attack spam, which creates an ear-splitting chain of "WOAH!".
  • "Hey, look! There's bingo on the table!"
  • The beta version of the main theme doesn't actually consist of proper words. Instead singer decided to just mumble random gibberish which can be really funny.

    Shadow the Hedgehog 
  • The GUN Commander's voice. It's one thing to sound gruff to show that your character is a no-nonsense military officer, but it's another thing entirely to sound exactly like Rafael (whom he shares a voice actor with).
  • The expression on the GUN Commander's face when, as a child, he saw Shadow's creation.
    • The fact that the GUN Commander as a kid had such a horrified reaction to the sight of a cartoon hedgehog after cheerfully playing around in the same space colony that housed the creation of dangerous research projects like a giant mutant lizard and the berserk bionic clones of a god that destroyed an ancient civilization. This was apparently traumatic enough for him to blame Shadow for the death of Maria and to try to get revenge on him by joining the very organization that was actually responsible for her death.
      • Also, why exactly was a kid other than Maria on the Colony anyway?
    • Not helping this scene was the introduction before it, in which the GUN Commander gives a speech about Maria being like his sister over a flashback of the two of them on the ARK. Would have been more dramatic, except the GUN Commander as a kid tauntingly spanks himself as if to say that Maria can't catch him, all while on a big, dramatic space station. And the gesture looks very, very silly.
  • The game in general has been hailed by some as a camp masterpiece, largely due to the copious amounts of Narm (but not entirely).
  • "Where's that... DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?!"
  • Black Doom manages to be sillier than just a typical Generic Doomsday Villain thanks to a voice that sounds eerily like Dr. Claw.
    • In the Last Story, as he sics his Black Leeches on the paralyzed heroes:
    Black Doom: "Ah, my dear offspring... eat and devour these savory dishes!!!"
  • Jason Griffith's hammy performance as Shadow is further exacerbated by animations that have him clutching his chest like he's suffering heart failure.
  • Shadow's ridiculous barrage of expletives whenever he gets attacked.
    • After Shadow falls...
      Shadow: Damn! Not here!
  • Upon discovering Eggman's fleet of Shadow Androids, Shadow goes on to utter the following line with downright Shatnerian diction:
    Shadow: Shadow.... ANDROID?! Am I... an... android TOO?!
    • One level later, Shadow asks Eggman if he is indeed an android. Eggman confirms this, but Shadow's reaction is a very confused "What?", like he didn't actually expect Eggman to say yes.
    • This "revelation" is even more hilarious if you complete the Hero mission on Air Fleet or the Dark mission on Space Gadget. Despite never seeing a Shadow Android in those stages (at least, in Iron Jungle's Neutral mission, he does encounter them, so there was some kind of logic behind that), for no logical or discernible reason, he still jump to the conclusion that he's an Android.
  • During the Glyphic Canyon level, when you've got Knuckles with you, has a segment where you have to walk into this tornado to progress. What does Knuckles have to say while you're doing this? "HELP!!! WE'RE BEING SUCKED IN!!!" This is made much more hilarious for two reasons: the first is that Knuckles is voiced by the glorious Dan Green, and the second is that, if you wait around on the bridge for a bit, Knuckles will tell you to walk into the tornado.
  • The GUN Commander's exposition rant to Shadow just before the Cosmic Fall level. Quite profound and dramatic and would be very much so in a more serious game... if not for the fact that, gun aside, the scene looks quite comical when he's ranting about this to a nearly adorable cartoon hedgehog.
    • After Cosmic Fall, if you go for the Hero ending of the Hero pathway, Shadow will lament that he should never have been created. This Tear Jerker moment is then promptly ruined by Vector blurting out "Hey, don't go there...yet!" in his exceedingly goofy voice.
  • The Pure Hero Dark Ending: After defeating Sonic, Shadow goes on to proclaim..., I am the most powerful hedgehog in the world! The power of these Emeralds makes me invincible! I am the ultimate hedgehog! This is WHO I AM. *maniacal laugh*
  • A lot of the "enraged" faces Shadow makes during the intro.
  • Shadow taking the Chaos Emerald powering the space colony he's on, causing it to meltdown which prompts him to make this face. The dialogue immediately preceding this shot is incredible too, especially if you're playing on a more heroic route.
    " A Chaos Emerald? You've gotta be kidding me, guys. This is like taking candy from a baby. Which is fine by me."
  • "This blue sky... staring at it from afar, have I seen it before?"
  • The President having a framed photograph of Sonic and Shadow.
    Danny: *cracking up* The only thing that was missing was him, like, gently running an index finger across Sonic's face!
  • "You're going STRAIGHT TO HELL!"

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) has a lot. This is especially due to the contrast of the kind-of realistic humans and the animal and human contrast during the drama scenes, the nonsensical plot, the dialogue, and moments of pure silliness like Eggman or Tails pressing buttons like he was a cartoon.
    • During Shadow's Story, there's a message from a GUN Agent who tells you that Omega has tracked down Mephiles to Wave Ocean... and the actor botches up the line and tries it again! Keep in mind that this is left in the "finished" game.
    • At least Eggman's moments are So Bad, It's Good. The scenes with him in are pretty much one of the few bearable bits of the game's plot.
    • "Don't touch it!"
    • “Let’s get moving!”
    • Don't forget Mephiles' "resurrection," where he introduces himself then starts zombie walking while looking straight down. This, combined with his black and white color scheme, led to numerous jokes about him being an emo.
    • And then there's the glorious Narm that is Sonic's death scene: the overdramatic slow-mo fall, Princess Elise's Big "NO!", the organ that plays like an old-timey film, the total randomness of the murder, or the fact that being impaled by a laser lance of death apparently doesn't leave a single mark on him.
      • Mephiles's Large Ham laugh.
      • The heroes' reactions to seeing Sonic's corpse.
        Tails: No... You don't think?
    • Much earlier in the game, there's another bit of Bloodless Carnage. Sonic takes Elise to what can only be described as the Windows XP desktop, but Elise notices that Sonic's shoulder is apparently wounded. "You're hurt!" "It's nothing." And just like with Mephiles impaling's literally nothing. Though this doesn't stop Elise from bandaging it up...said bandage isn't rendered in gameplay, and never appears again in any cutscene afterwards. It only served as an act of sappy romance.
    • In Sonic's boss battle with Silver. "It's no use!" While meant to cause fear, surprise, or even wonder, it quickly becomes Narmy, and even more quickly becomes frustrating, especially after the 20th or 30th time.
    • "That tornado is carrying a car!"
      • Besides carrying cars, the tornado is also sentient (throws cars in front of Sonic) and politely stops when you finish the level, just hanging out in the background while Sonic poses.
      • These traits returned in Sonic Generations' Crisis City stage, seemingly sentient in its following Sonic and throwing every car in his direction and also stopping when Sonic reaches the end.
    • Sonic's "Test of Love." If an oracle using "Dramatic" lines to tell you to choose between two girls in a mission that's so random it's basically a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment isn't enough for you, keep in mind that this supposedly dramatic choice used the same upbeat little tune all the other missions use.
    • During the final boss of Sonic's story, Eggman will occasionally yell "Fall!", sounding less like an evil genius trying to kill you and more like a little kid who was one pin away from getting a strike in bowling.
      • Similarly, him occasionally yelling "Here I come, Sonic!" sounds odd considering this incarnation of Eggman was more realistically designed and acted than his more traditional appearances otherwise.
      • And than there is his infamous death scene
    • And then there's Sonic's hilariously goofy/creepy laughter. Thank you, Jason Griffith...
    • What about the part where Mephiles twirls? As seen here, he sort of pirouettes off screen. It's supposed to be teleportation, but it looks more like he's auditioning for the role of Rothbart.
  • When the characters fall down into Bottomless Pits, you can't help but get a laugh. Shadow's dramatic death quote is particularly funny. There's also the sound that Tails makes when he falls into a pit or a body of water, which sounds less like he's falling to his demise and more like he's overreacting to something gross.
  • The achievements have some pretty hilarious Engrish, such as "Super Sonic obtain the all moves!"
  • Elise, if you get an A rank on Dusty Desert: "I'm tho happy," in a voice that sounds more like a Valley Girl than a princess.
  • When Silver is defeated, he half-yells "Not... now..." in a tone that brings back unfortunate memories of Knuckles's "oh no" from Sonic Adventure.
  • Sonic travels across the entirety of Tropical Jungle carrying Elise on his arms and doesn't seem to be hampered one iota by that. Sonic has all of his moves, attacks, speed, and jumping height as if he wasn't carrying anything. When using his Homing Attack, his movements look like he shoves Elise into enemies to damage them. He can even grab onto swinging vines!
  • Most of Sonic's deaths in the High Speed Sections, which either involve rotating randomly behind a wall while running on mid-air, or just going straight through the floor.
  • The fact that Shadow the Hedgehog is the only character who is combating Mephiles and actually doing plot related things while everyone else are running around like idiots.

    Sonic Unleashed 
  • The Dark Gaia battle of Sonic Unleashed suffered from a Narm of its own: The Unexpected Gameplay Change of fighting its first form with a Humongous Mecha formed from all of the Gaia shrines, Rock'em Sock'em Robots style.
  • Speaking of Unleashed's final boss, Chip's super awkward grunts deserve a mention.
  • Whenever the Werehog dies by fall damage or water, he lets out a scream of bloody murder, which is very capable of being Narm. To elaborate, whenever he falls off of a high place, after a certain point you suddenly hear a startlingly loud "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" from the Werehog.

     Sonic Forces 
  • Even though Sonic Mania has no Narm, Sonic Forces treats itself more seriously than previous games, meaning a lot of potential Narm, thanks to being written by the same guy who did Sonic 06. In particular, there's the part where Sonic was apparently tortured for 6 months after being captured, yet is still as cheerful and snarky as ever, with no visible physical or mental repercussions. And that part was only added in the English script, as no such thing is mentioned in the original/Japanese script.
  • When Eggman expresses disbelief at Sonic managing to escape Null Space, Sonic’s response is so ridiculously on-the-nose that it sounds like something a certain other anthropomorphic character would say.
    Maybe by myself, but I had a little help from my friend. Something you wouldn’t understand, since you don’t have any friends!
  • At the end of the boss fight in Stage 5 of Death Egg, the Coup de Grâce Cutscene has Sonic roundhouse-kicking Zavok in the face multiple times in an unusually brutal manner for a Sonic game, during which you can actually hear the stock sound effect of bones snapping. This led many to jokingly interpret this as Sonic indeed being mentally scarred and traumatized after said 6 months of torture despite the game acting otherwise.
    • What really takes the cake, though, is the way Zavok spits out his "This Cannot Be!" line at the exact moment he gets one last taste of Sonic's shoe; the way he delivers it seems to completely ignore the fact that he just had his literal teeth kicked in, sounding more like an outraged anime villain who lost a children's card game.
  • Eggman's plan to destroy the Resistance is to have Infinite create and drop a sun on them. It's so over-the-top it becomes silly; further still, this threat is dispelled after one level and is never brought up again.
    • Even worse is the Avatar stage that deals with this. Cue rather literal lyrics singing about how the sun is falling from the sky and that the final battle has begun. There's a reason why people consider situational lyrics to be extremely cheesy, but this is overdoing it even for Sonic standards!
  • Silver continues his run at hilarious lines with this gem:
    Silver: I'm an optimist, but i'm also a realist.
    • After saying this, he presumes that Sonic is dead (even though he was taken alive), and Tails has gone insane (even though he’s clearly fine). Like any optimist would.
  • The fact that Sonic and the Custom Character managed to escape Null Space in the way the former always does in similar situations: Simply running really damn fast.
  • Episode Shadow gives us Infinite's breakdown after Shadow effortlessly defeats him. His repeated statement of him saying he's not weak, followed up by his overdramatic gestures, and his final scream renders the whole thing hilarious. Seriously, as good of a voice actor as Liam O'Brien is, not even they could save that scene.
    • On the topic of Infinite's breakdown: the mere fact that his entire motivation for becoming who he is is the fact that Shadow beat him up and called him weak. With that context, he seems less like an intimidating villain and more like a pathetic child throwing the mother of all tantrums.
  • When Sonic gets trapped in Null Space, he talks about heading back in such a casual way that it sounds like he's more confused than alarmed by the situation.
  • Knuckles delivers a cheesy War Is Hell line that would be laughed off in a story about The Vietnam War, let alone a Sonic game.
    Knuckles: (in response to "Oh man, that's not good.") None of this is good, Vector. That's why it's called "war."
  • During a large battle sequence in the war, everyone gets to visibly beat the crap out of opponents, even if it's just a single hit per character. Then Amy comes in with her Piko-Piko Hammer and slams an enemy with it... just off-camera. Apparently, it's fine to punch people in the face or with a stinger, but visibly hitting them with a weapon is a big no-no. The same applies to the Red Shirt Resistance members, who never once visibly hit a single thing with their Family-Friendly Firearms, and yet it's perfectly fine for Infinite to kill them with explosions in front of them, Power Rangers-style.
    • Worse yet, Omega appears to pull off a Big Damn Heroes and shoots at Infinite for three seconds. Not only do they basically do nothing on-screen for the rest of the game, not even getting a chance to shoot any other enemies, but Eggman's sun plan happens immediately afterwards, completely making their appearance moot. And yet Rouge still pulls a Lampshade Hanging about it as if it was some big moment in the ending.
  • The fact that the Egg Pawns don't attack Sonic at all in the first levels. They do in later stages, but they're still pathetically ineffective, and then you remember that Eggman conquered the world with those things as his foot soldiers.
  • The very ending of the game has a couple of big moments. Classic Sonic fading away is presented as like he is dying or something, and Tails telling him "You'll always be our shining hope." is just so sappy, and unintentionally meta considering how Mania has been received compared to Forces. Sonic's little speech about fixing the damage Eggman has done could qualify, but lands in more of Narm Charm considering these types of speeches have been given before, such as in Adventure 2. Just like that game, though, Tails' response completely ruins the moment, and in this particular case, it is completely out-of-character. His response? Saying "True dat." like he's trying to be some sort of hip street kid or something!
    • Speaking of speeches, Tails' speech in the final cutscene about working together to restore the world can only be taken seriously if he did anything noteworthy in the game, which he did not. He did little to help Sonic in the initial bout with Infinite, he wasn't working with anyone other than Classic Sonic for a while, and he let Classic Sonic do pretty much the entirety of the work. Not to mention, the speech sounds so dramatic that it almost sounds as if he was practicing that speech for a good while.
    • Let's not forget Tails cowering in fear and begging for Sonic to save him when confronted by Chaos ZERO, The absolute weakest form that Sonic beat in his sleep (and Classic Sonic ends up taking down with a single boop to the head). And this is the same guy who took out Chaos in a form four times more powerful ten years ago.

  • Sonic and the Black Knight has some spectacular moments of this too. In that game, when the characters die by a bottomless pit/lava, most of them simply yell or grunt. Most of them are not Lancelot/Shadow, who screams this with the most hilarious delivery:
    Lancelot/Shadow: I HAVE FAILED!!
  • Most of the official western art from the Genesis era was Off-Model to various extents. In the worse examples, it became unintentionally hilarious. For instance, there are cases of Sonic's eyes being out of sync, giving him a borderline memetic look. But the worst/best example is probably this... thing that passes off for Knuckles.
  • Similarly, many scenes in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog are this as a result of the comic's infamous perchance for hilariously bad art and bizarre dialogue. There are even blogs dedicated to documenting So Bad, It's Good panels from the comic. In addition to the current article image, this a good example. It's from a mileage story in the Knuckles series, in which Knuckles finally hooks up with his love interest. However, the fact that the artist gave the anthros hilariously humanoid proportions that put those of Sonic's infamous design from the Paramount movie to shame made it impossible for most readers to take it seriously.


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