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Due to the game's nature and its relation to Undertale, all spoilers will be unmarked!

  • Accidental Innuendo: If you hit Ralsei's dummy too many times in the combat tutorial, he'll say that "... if you want to hit me, that's okay, too!" It's due to his Extreme Doormat personality, but given how he blushes while saying that, some players joke about him having... ulterior motives, not helped by all the intentional Ship Tease between Ralsei and Kris.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • One of the main complaints about the original game was how the Pacifist Run often required you to not defend yourself against creatures intent on murdering you, and the game treating killing in self-defense as just as bad as killing for sport. Deltarune, by contrast, takes a far more realistic approach to the Pacifist Run. While there are enemies who don't want to fight and can be talked out of it, a few of them can only be placated by tiring them out, and using one of Ralsei's spells to calm them down. The game is also less condemning of violence against foes with zero redeeming qualities to them. The King outright exploits the characters in a Pacifist Run by claiming to have a Freudian Excuse and being willing to talk it out after his battle, only to sneak attack the characters after he tricks Ralsei into healing him. Ultimately, he doesn't pull a Heel–Face Turn; either he's overthrown by Lancer and his subjects and thrown into the dungeon, or Ralsei realizes the King had tired himself out and uses the Pacify spell to tranquilize him, depending on how many "kills" the party has at that point.
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    • One of the complaints in Undertale (that Toby agreed with) was the player character's movement speed, frequently saying that the human child moved far too slowly. This game allows you to either hold the X key to run, or choose the option to auto-run. The slow movement speed is even referred to in-game, as, during the beginning portion, Susie repeatedly complains about Kris walking too slowly.
    • Another complaint about Undertale was being unable to skip the Game Over screen. Here, the Game Over screen is much shorter after the first time it happens, and can be skipped entirely by repeatedly pressing Z and X right after dying, taking you straight back to your last save.
  • Awesome Music: As expected from Toby Fox, but to the point that people have said that most if not all of the soundtrack so far is a step up from the previous game's soundtrack. You can once again find it on Toby Fox's Bandcamp.
    • The new battle theme, "Rude Buster", is a sharp departure from Undertale's Battle Theme "Enemy Approaching", replacing the sweeping, triumphant-sounding, cheery song with a frantic, punchy, yet jazzy beat, fitting of the darker setting. It's also been pointed out that it sounds similar to "Bergentrückung" and the Game Over theme from the previous game.
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    • "Legend", as Ralsei tells "The Prophecy of Delta Rune". It starts out as a simple eight-bit theme akin to Undertale’s "Once Upon a Time", but then suddenly becomes more bombastic and dramatic when the legend gets to the destruction and coming of the Delta Warriors.
    • "Don't Forget", a vocal song by Laura Shigihara, plays during the credits of Chapter 1, with its lyrics being about how no matter how dark it may seem, You Are Not Alone.
    • "Field of Hopes and Dreams", the theme of the first major area, is also a delightful tune that will get your feet tapping with the beats, featuring motifs from "Once Upon A Time" and, well, "Hopes and Dreams" from the previous game.
    • "Scarlet Forest" is a beautiful orchestral theme and one of the best tracks from either game, even including the game's Recurring Riff.
    • "Vs. Susie" turns Susie's leitmotif into a hard rock track that's overflowing with coolness and attitude. This cover gives it live instrumentation with some twists of its own to make a real headbanger.
    • "Chaos King", which plays during the boss fight against the King, turns "Card Castle", which played during the preceding dungeon, into a climactic-sounding fight track reminiscent of the previous game's "Bergentrückung" in terms of sound, purpose, and epicness.
    • "THE WORLD REVOLVING", the theme of Chapter 1's Bonus Boss: Jevil, the Mad Jester. A grand, wild, bombastic tune with calliope instrumentation fitting of Jevil's clown-like nature, and swinging synth-trumpets fitting of an incredibly difficult Bonus Boss fight. With motifs from "Don't Forget", many consider this song to be the best of Chapter 1's Soundtrack. As an added bonus, many listeners have commented that it sounds like something out of the Mario & Luigi games.
    • "Darkness Falls", the Game Over theme if the player chooses to not continue, is a beautifully somber take on both "Gaster's Theme" and "Fallen Down".
  • Best Boss Ever:
    • The King ups the ante from Undertale in, well, spades. He consistently messes with your dodging area in ways that would make Sans blush, forcing you to stay moving, and has an absolutely badass Boss Remix of the Card Castle music to go with it.
    • The Bonus Boss Jevil, due to being akin to the absolutely brutal exclusive bosses from the Genocide route of Undertale, along with his battle theme being considered on-par with King's theme.
    • The minor bosses are no slouch in the creativity department either. Susie and Lancer fight as a team, complete with a Popple and Rookie-esque duo attack, and the second fight with K. Round implements a trajectory system just so you can hurl Ralsei at him for a speedy victory.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The "Create a Machine to Thrash Your Own Ass" plot, both in its introduction and in its sudden anticlimactic return. Even Susie and Lancer seem confused as to why they went with that plan. The blueprints did show up in Sans's lab in the previous game, but that just raises more questions.
  • Broken Base: Debates about whether Kris breaks free of the player's influence or they get possessed by Chara or another character in Chapter 1's ending tend to become Flame Wars very often, due to the fact that Chara is one of Undertale's most Base Breaking Characters. These debates tend to open old wounds about how good or evil Chara is and how much if any control they have over Frisk in Undertale's genocide run.
  • Complete Monster: In a series that puts an emphasis on how no one is truly evil and that pacifism is always an option, the King of the Dark Worldnote  gleefully defies such a notion. A rotund, monstrous tyrant defined by his genocidal hatred for the Light World's inhabitants, the King protects a dark fountain that the enigmatic Knight created to throw off the balance of light and dark, and is giddy at the prospect of letting it overwhelm and kill all Lightners so he can take their land for himself. When his young son Lancer befriends Lightners Kris and Susie as well as their Lightner-sympathetic friend Ralsei and tries to convince him to spare them, the King furiously strangles the boy and threatens to hurl him to his death if the party doesn't surrender. When they submit, he forces Lancer to watch as he tries to execute his new friends. When the party fights back and has him on the ropes, he feigns remorse for his actions and tricks the kind-hearted Ralsei into healing him, only to stab him in the back by brutalizing and attempting to murder him and his friends, all the while mocking him for his misplaced compassion.
  • Crack Pairing: Shipping Susie with Berdly of all people is gaining traction, in spite of them having never interacted in canon at all and Berdly's whole characterization boiling down to being a Smug Snake Academic Alpha Bitch.
  • Crazy Awesome: Jevil is verifiably crazy, crazy. So much so that he was actually locked up in order to keep everyone else safe, yet he insists that he is the only free man and the rest of the world is imprisoned, referring to the inside of his cell as "the outside." He's also aware of the fact that he's in a video game, has a bullet pattern that revolves around the bullet screen in 3D, foreshadows things that no-one else even mentions, and has voiced lines, so he's verifiably also awesome, awesome.
  • Demonic Spiders: Bloxers hit like trucks, capable of taking down Ralsei in two hits and Kris in three, and their attacks can form hard-to-avoid patterns. The method to defeat them non-violently, while an interesting gameplay change, can take quite a while if your timing isn't good enough, and the fact that you only have two party members when they show up doesn't help. They're about the only enemies that can cause problems during Chapter 1, aside from the later bosses.
  • Die for Our Ship:
    • Noelle the deer girl has never truly even interacted with Susie, but her expressing attraction has led to many jumping to conclusions that this will be Alphys/Undyne all over again, wishing death for Noelle so that they could instead ship Susie with someone else. On the other hand, there are those who are livid at the idea of Susie paired up with anyone other than Noelle.
    • Ralsei also gets ship-related kerfuffles hurled his way from people who would rather ship Kris with someone else due to his reactions to being hugged by Kris and him blushing around Kris if they stand close to him being perceived as Ship Tease.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: At least one person speculates that King has more of a Freudian Excuse than he lets on, even if there are no notable redeeming qualities of his that are implied so far.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • While the main party of the game, as well as major character Lancer, are certainly all-around well-received, so too are two minor antagonists: Rouxls Kaard, for his hilarious ineptitude in stopping the party throughout the castle, and the Bonus Boss, Jevil, for how utterly unique his arena and nature are, the fascinating hints of the game's greater backstory he provides, the fact that he has actual voice lines, and providing an awesomely challenging boss fight.
    • Noelle is the most popular of Kris's classmates due to her cute design and her genuine friendliness towards Kris, as well as having some Hidden Depths in her interactions with her father and having an implied crush on Susie. There has been plenty of clamoring for her to become the fourth party member come the full release.
    • Among the minor enemies, K. Round gets the most love for its ridiculous concept and fun fight gimmicks. Clover also gets a lot of attention and fan art due to her design.
    • Seam the shopkeeper gets some love from the community from his Punny Name, his worn stuffed toy appearance, his personality, and his Hidden Depths involving Jevil.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Why is everything the same, yet different? What is with the Significant Anagrams? Why is everyone acting like the events of the first game didn't happen? Why do these things contradict the first game? Just about everyone agrees that it must have to do with the space-time continuum getting screwed up and/or having something to do with Gaster.
    • Who is Kris? Are they Chara, Frisk, some sort of fusion, or someone completely new? While their design is most reminiscent of Chara, they do share certain elements with Frisk that Chara lacked (most notable being the yellow skin tone, something Frisk had while Chara's was more pale). The ending of Chapter 1 heavily implies them to be like Genocide-corrupted Chara, but that still doesn't explain why they're called Kris or why no one recognizes them as Chara. It's worth noting that Toby has stated that "...what you're seeing here is not the world of UNDERTALE. UNDERTALE's world and ending are the same as however you left them." Although, knowing his storytelling style, there's absolutely the possibility of an Exact Words situation coming to light come Deltarune's full release.
      • When you save for the first time, you save over a previous save file for Kris, and the new save file from then on will be under the name you gave yourself, the player, at the beginning. What's going on? Who are you? What have you done?
    • What exactly is Gaster's involvement in the game? Many people have tied his "DARKER YET DARKER" log to the game's "dark" theme, as well as the official tweet describing it as "VERY VERY INTERESTING", verbatim to what was in the same text log. Is he going to be vital to the plot? Could he be Rouxls Kaard, who has a similar face shape? Or is this all an elaborate Red Herring?
      • If you enter "GASTER" in the name survey, the program instantly shuts down as if panicking at being recognized.
    • What does Susie have to do with all of this? The Clam Girl/Goner from Undertale mentions a "Suzy" multiple times in the game, so is this the same one? And if so, what does she have to do with Frisk and Gaster?
    • Who is the person Jevil met that caused him to Go Mad from the Revelation? His vision of the world being one big game is generally agreed to point towards Gaster since Seam quotes him when discussing Jevil, but Gaster himself isn't really associated with the fourth wall in Undertale. Is it the Knight or the Queen, both of whom he mentions but neither appear? Could he even be referring to the Dark World being just a game of make-believe played by Kris and Susie in the unused room at school?
    • And how many of those questions are answered simply by Toby's official statement that this is "not the world of ''UNDERTALE''"? One might even say that the original world of Undertale is UNALTERED and the new world is UNRELATED, which is very suspicious on its own.
      • For that matter, just how truthful is Toby's statement that 'your actions don't matter in this world'? On one hand, the game goes out of its way to try and deny the player freedom of choice and technically Chapter 1 ends with the King being overthrown no matter what the player does. However, the context of the King's overthrowing is vastly different depending on how violent the player was during the course of the game. Either Kris or Susie get run out of the world by the Darkners if they took a violent approach, or Lancer overthrows his father and the two Lightners depart from the world on civil terms by the pacifistic one. How much choice does the player actually have? Was the statement just a Red Herring to throw people off who have grown on to the original game? Or will circumstances like what happens in Chapter 1's ending lead to some turn of events that will somehow undo whatever the player has accomplished?
    • The whole point of Deltarune is that "your choices don't matter" by turning your "choices" into subverted Quick Time Events, rendering it impossible to click X or Y decision. Why is that completely ignored when you enter the real world? Is there any significance to it, or is it only because Toby wanted the players to be able to relax and dig up the lore of Hometown on their own without being forced to?
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop:
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Hiveswap, though the hatred is mostly one-sided. Despite the fandoms of their respective source materials being Friendly Fandoms, Hiveswap's Troubled Production, as well as the radio silence from said game's developers, has led to many Deltarune fans poking fun at the fandom, claiming that they're idiots who spent $2 million on vaporware. It's worth noting that some of the Deltarune fandom is made up of disgruntled Hiveswap fans who were sick of the endless Schedule Slips and silence from What Pumpkin.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Since Kris and Susie changed in clothing and coloration when they entered the Dark World, it's common to speculate what would happen to other characters stumbled into it. Particularly Noelle.
  • Fanon:
    • It's generally accepted that if Noelle were to enter the Dark World, her hair would turn green and her clothes would change into a Santa-inspired dress, giving her a Christmas theme.
      • On a similar note, if Asgore enters the Dark World, he would gain the royal garb he wore in the original game.
    • Rouxls is often depicted as being made of inky goo. This likely stems from him looking very human; fans have used the the bit of "skin" connecting his lips, which can be interpreted as a strand of slime, as a reason to see him as a more nonhuman creature.
    • Seam frequently gets portrayed as having an Irish accent, probably because of how his name is pronounced.
  • Foe Yay: Catty and Bratty contrast their friendship in Undertale with a rivalry that borders on the obsessive. They seem to follow each other around, list very specific reasons why they hate each other that could've only come out of an interest in their respective hobbies, and share many similarities if only they'd talk to each other.
  • Fountain of Memes: The secret bonus boss of Chapter 1, Jevil, is absolutely one of these. It probably has something to do with his ridiculously catchy boss music, as well as his highly quotable dialogue and voiced sound clips.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Deltarune fans seem to be getting along well with Paper Mario fans, as many have made crossover art of the resident Monster Clowns, Jevil and Dimentio.
    • Kirby fans also get along with Deltarune fans. Fanart depicting Magolor, Taranza, and Susie as the game's main trio (Magolor is Kris, Taranza is Ralsei, and Susie is Susie), along with Marx as Jevil has become very common.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • When Deltarune's first chapter was released, a prominent meme in the community was about Sans being confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the game, just as Toby Fox asked players to not spoil the game for the next 24 hours after release, Sans asks the player to come back in 24 hours to discuss something with him... when, the next day, November 1st, 2018, was a Nintendo Direct addressing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Talk about timing. And then there's the "World of Light" trailer for Ultimate showing themes of light and dark and souls. Eventually, a Sans costume was added for the Mii Gunner character.
    • The Undertale fangame Determination had a Gaster encounter, where he discussed how the player "LATCHED ON TO THE VESSEL" in the Genocide Run that took place beforehand. Fast forward to Deltarune, and Gaster(?) allows the SOUL you control to do the very same thing with Kris.
    • The protagonist inherits traits of Frisk and Chara from the previous game. Chisk, anyone?
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: Ralsei & Kris is often called "Toothpaste," with the male Kris variant being called "Toothpaste Boys."
  • Jerkass Woobie: Susie. She's the class delinquent who scares everyone, steals chalk to eat, and threatens Kris. But she's obviously very lonely, has a rather realistic response to being Trapped in Another World, and points out that it's hard for her to be nice because she hasn't had much practice. Her friendship with Lancer brings out her soft side, though, and in time, she learns to warm up to Ralsei and Kris.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships:
    • Susie, of all people, seems to be the go-to character when it comes to pairings in the fandom, probably due to a combination of factors (Amazonian Beauty, Troubled, but Cute, Tsundere, etc.) that make her appealing to ship with others.
    • Not falling short from their predecessor is Kris, who is commonly shipped with Susie (two friendless misfits growing into Fire-Forged Friends), Ralsei (Extreme Doormat that seems fully devoted to them and loves to be hugged by them), Noelle (one of the few to treat them nicely, evidence of childhood friendship and family interaction, pranks...), and that's just the three of the biggest ones in roughly descending order.
  • Love to Hate: The King, the Final Boss (of Chapter 1), is a challenging opponent to fight against in battle, and is shown to be a horrible father to Lancer right out of the gate. This makes his defeat very satisfying, especially after he's betrayed by his subjects in one of the endings. Even better, in the context of its predecessor to some players, he's a huge breath of fresh air for reasons detailed in the Family-Unfriendly Aesop and Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped entries.
  • Memetic Mutation: Has its own page.
  • Moe:
    • Prince Ralsei, for his adorable design, endearing mannerisms, and kind personality. Especially when he takes off his hat.
    • To a slightly lesser extent Noelle, for being cute, shy, and being quite an unfailing sweetheart.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The King crosses the line (in spades) in his first few minutes of screen time. He threatens to throw his son to his death for befriending the heroes if the latter don't surrender, while giving a pre-mortem Would You Like to Hear How They Died? speech. If that didn't do it, his Wounded Gazelle Gambit to feign defeat after Ralsei healed him pretty much did.
  • Never Live It Down: In the game itself, Susie ate a single piece of chalk on-screen, and has been implied to steal some a couple times earlier. She also eats just about everything else she comes across, making her Extreme Omnivore tendencies clear. In fandom, however, the specific example of chalk has been overexaggerated, turning it into a Trademark Favorite Food for her, and greatly downplaying her tendency to snack on other things.
    • On a similar note, the fans aren't going to let Kris forget that time they ate moss any time soon, considering how often it shows up in jokes and fanart.
  • Nightmare Retardant: When you first fall into the Dark World and see the silhouette of someone watching you, you just know it's going to go badly — cue the creepy chase music as the figure begins to hurl missiles at you and Susie, forcing a frantic dash for safety. The second time through? That's Lancer. You know exactly who that is and it's Lancer. It's probably the only time in the story he was a plausible bad guy.
  • Older Than They Think:
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • The King only shows up when it's time to fight him, but makes his Hate Sink nature so well-executed that his defeat is both satisfying and memorable.
    • The bonus boss of Chapter 1, Jevil counts as well for his catchy fight music and frustrating battle.
  • One True Threesome: Kris/Susie and Susie/Noelle fans who don't want there to be fighting in the fandom have come to accept Kris/Susie/Noelle as an outcome where everyone wins.
  • Popular with Furries: Even as early as Chapter 1, this game has already garnered a furry fanbase. Helps that this game is meant to be related to Undertale in some form or fashion and has a good amount of characters from the last game such as, but not limited to, Toriel, Asgore, Undyne, and Alphys.
    • And of course, some of the new characters introduced in this game have earned some attention as well, like Susie, Ralsei (who looks suspiciously like Asriel under his hat...), Noelle, Seam, among overs.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Krusie seems to be becoming a pretty popular name for the Kris x Susie Ship, as well as Suselle for the Susie x Noelle equivalent. They have tension.
  • The Scrappy: Berdly isn't well-liked at all in the fandom, since he's a massive Smug Snake who uses Noelle just to get an A on their project and acts condescending to everyone he meets. While he's meant to be a Hate Sink, he also has little relevance to the plot. Many people would love to see him getting his comeuppance, especially if it's from Noelle.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night:
    • Mettaton and Rouxls Kaard don't meet in Chapter 1, or even give anything to indicate that they know the other exists. This has stopped absolutely nobody, probably owing to their somewhat similar (yet contrasting) personalities and roles.
    • Shipping Rouxls Kaard with Papyrus has also taken off, as they're both Large Hams with a love for making puzzles.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Let's just say that tensions have been rising between fans who ship Susie with Kris (Krusie), and those who ship her with Noelle (Suselle). Given that both pairings get Ship Tease moments in Chapter 1, neither side wants to budge an inch. And let's not get into those who ship Susie with Lancer, which arguably has as much Ship Tease potential.
  • Signature Scene: As the amount of tropes related to him would clue you in, the Bonus Boss fight against Jevil.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: One possible interpretation of the game's "some people are too evil to be reasoned with and can only be pacified through force" theme.
  • Special Effects Failure: Unlike the other main characters, Lancer and Rouxls Kaard have no walk cycles. Given both of their executions, however, it's clearly Played for Laughs.
  • Stoic Woobie: Perhaps surprisingly, Seam the shopkeeper gets this treatment. He runs a shop selling items that he admits he has no personal connection to, is the retired court magician, and had to lock up his only friend for the safety of everyone else. Some of what Jevil told him certainly stuck with him about being a fictional video game character, and despite his composure it's quite clear Seam is beyond the Despair Event Horizon. All of this and his mangled, worn toy appearance gives him a sympathetic side. What makes him more a Stoic Woobie instead of The Woobie is that he doesn't care anymore whatsoever.
  • That One Attack: Jevil fittingly has a large amount of troublesome attacks, but his ring, carousel, and scythe attacks stand out the most. The first one of these summons a bunch of spades and encloses them one after another in the circle, and is very hard to dodge without some luck or knowing which one to dodge first (and this is his second attack, by the way). The second of these takes up a lot of the dodge window and moves up and down almost as fast as your SOUL does, not to mention its hitboxes are somewhat distorted. The last requires you to quickly move away from the center to avoid the first volley of boomeranging scythes, and they keep rotating in and out very quickly; the second time he uses it, Jevil will throw out massive straight-moving red scythes that you need to avoid alongside the rotating ones.
  • Ugly Cute:
    • Lancer is hardly what you'd consider traditionally cute; he has crooked teeth and his eyes are rarely visible (and when they are, he's not making a very cute face, either). But he's still an adorkable Cheerful Child implied to be yearning for affection and approval, which makes him endearing to many fans. Not to mention, the way his tongue hangs out of his mouth may bring to mind either a child making a raspberry or a puppy.
    • Despite (or maybe even because of) his Facial Horror, there's a large number of fans who see Seam this way. Being an anthropomorphic cat toy probably doesn't hurt him either.
  • Unnecessary Makeover: Some fans felt disappointment when Ralsei took off his hat, revealing his goat face, having gotten used to him as a cute, spider-like black furball. Though given the name...
  • Unfortunate Character Design: The King has (and keeps wielding) a spade that comes out of a mouth that is above his crotch.
    • A few people have pointed out that Ralsei's pink scarf could be misinterpreted as a pair of lips, making it look like he has Black Face.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Both Susie and Ralsei get this. Due to Susie's sprite in her introduction having her wearing ragged clothing, fitting her being The Bully, not having many feminine features, her hair going past her eyes and her overall resemblance to Joey Ramone, many initially confused Susie to be a long-haired guy. By contrast, due to Ralsei wearing pastel green robes with a heart on them, a reddish-pinkish scarf, an interest in baking, and his face being rather feminine-looking after he takes off his hat, some players confuse him for being a girl.


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