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Being related to Undertale, the game has gotten its fair share of memes quickly.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Continuing off of the "Sans is in Super Smash Bros." meme, jokes about the true purpose behind Deltarune and/or Toby Fox's ominous tweets leading up to Deltarune being to promote the reveal of it at the Nintendo Direct on November 1st, 2018 furthered the meme. Further amplified by being released 24 hours before an actual Smash Nintendo Direct with a message to not spoil the game for the first 24 hours, as well as the game itself actually being referenced near the end.
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  • Todoroki Deltarune. Explanation 
  • Undertale 2. Explanation 
  • Sans Deltarune. Explanation 
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  • Sans Undertale Fucked My Mom. Explanation 
  • Considering that "Deltarune" is a Significant Anagram to "Undertale", some fans have pointed out that sooner or later, Toby Fox has to name one of the Undertale spin-offs "Nudealert" or "Nutdealer".
  • The missing f. Explanation 
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  • Two separate memes came from Toby Fox asking to not discuss it until the 31st: one half of the memes was about two people fighting on whether or not to obey (example) while the other memes revolved around how Tumblr and Reddit instantly ignored the plea and posted analysis and fanart already an hour after the game was shared (example).
  • The massive amount of people who claim to not want to get back into the fandom, but have no choice (Example1, Example2 and Example3).
  • Distant trousle of bones. Explanation 
  • Lancer Deltarune. Explanation 
  • Your [X] sucks ass. Is that OK? YES / NO Explanation 
  • CHAOS, CHAOS! I can do ANYTHING! Explanation 
    • The latter line also leads to a very popular depiction of Jevil as a troll and Commander Contrarian who will reply to anyone saying "You can't do X" with "I CAN DO ANYTHING!" and promptly proceed to do X, whatever it might be. Notable example here.
    • I CAN’T do anything. I’m in a fucking wheelchair... I have hepatitis C. I can’t bounce around, or do my magic, I can’t even turn into the Devilsknife! My life is misery, misery! It’s pointless, pointless! But on the bright side, at least I've got this wheelchair... And the wheel's broken.Explanation 
  • Susie is Barney's daughter Explanation 
    • Alternately, "Susie - The Hard-To-Destroy Monster" Explanation 
    • Then there are the comparisons between Ralsei and the Once-ler and Lancer to The Boss Baby. And of course, comparing Krisnote  to Dora.
  • Most of the fanbase has indulged in Comical Overreacting to Undyne saying, "Who's that?" when asked about Alphys.Explanation 
    • "SHE'S JOKING. IT WAS A JOKE."Explanation 
  • Rouxls Kaard edits.Explanation 
    • One of the edits featured him yelling: "I'M MAKING FUCKING MAC AND CHEESE AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME" and now the fandom has started associating him with this.
    • "That wasn'tst really my ultimate [x]! I have a wayst better one right... here!" "Can we see it?" "No"Explanation 
    • This Rouxls-themed version of the Expanding Brain template is also very popular, especially on Reddit.
  • Images of Ralsei holding a gun or some other form of modern weapon (in one case even driving a tank) have begun cropping up in fairly often for reasons unknown. Possible Explanations 
  • Please do not lewd goat boi. Explanation 
  • Ralsei wants your credit card number.Explanation 
  • KFC. Explanation 
    • An alternate abbreviation is "FCK" or "FUCK". Explanation 
  • Kris just wanted some pie. Explanation 
  • K. Round's crown giving people... ahem...legs. Explanation 
  • Jevil and Minecraft. Explanation 
  • I'm driving a Mercedez-Benz.
  • Many jokes have been made about Jevil's supposed tendency to focus on Ralsei a lot, which is exacerbated by Ralsei's tendency to go down in a few hits.note 
  • Lancer's myriad signs in the first half of chapter 1 resulted in people taking his signature and running with it.(SIGNED, LANCER)
  • "KRIS, IS THAT A WEED?" Explanation 
  • Metal Max wanted battle. Explanation 
  • Ralsei is a girl! Explanation 
  • This meme is from the future. You don't get the reference yet. Explanation 
    • LOVE
    • HOPE
    • ❤️FEAR
      • LUST Explanation 
  • "What's up kid, TRICK or YEET?" "Yeet?" "Yeet it is." "AAAAAAAA-"Explanation 

Rouxls Kaard: That wasn'tst really my ULTIMATE meme! I have a wayst better one right... here!
Ralsei: Can we see it?
Rouxls: No

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