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Because even if it results in a pretty jarring Art Shift, giant checkers pieces still need their calcium.
WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages.

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    In General 
  • Kris tending to be The Comically Serious due to their stoic nature.
  • The fanfare that plays whenever you seal a Dark Fountain can sound overly dramatic, especially with how short it is and how it only accompanies a scene with your SOUL slowly rising to reach the fountain. Unless you've completed a Weird Route...
  • If you give Ralsei a Dark Burger, heíll remark that itís a little burnt. Giving one to Noelle causes her to freak out.

Chapter specific


    Undertale 6th Anniversary Livestream 
The Livestream Playthrough of Chapter 1 with Toby Fox and several Fangamer representatives, conducted in celebration of Undertale's 6th Anniversary, is chock-full of humor.
  • Toby has spent most of his post-Undertale life as The Faceless, and he continues to uphold that tradition here. So how does he appear "in the flesh" on-stream? Being represented by an Annoying Dog plush with text-to-speech voiceovers, in true Toby fashion.
  • Toby makes his entrance via skateboard (specifically taping the Annoying Dog plush to a skateboard), passing through several cutaway scenes and wreaking havoc on the way.
  • If you look closely at one of the shelves in the background, you can find the creepy Mr. Saturn doll (the very same one that left Shigesato Itoi in genuine Stunned Silence) from the Hobonichi tour installment of StephenVlog that Toby appeared in all the way back in 2016. It makes for one hell of a Mythology Gag that adds to the offbeat tone of the stream.
  • During the vessel-creation scene, the "Favorite Food" section has its "Pain" option replaced with "Nacho Flamin Cheese".
  • Toby acknowledges how Kris and Toriel entering the car has them go under the car, and explains that he simply doesn't know how to animate them going into it properly.
  • Some of Berdly's dialogue's been changed to be nerdier and meme-y to make him even more insufferable, like how Kris will lose their "moss% run on Smashing Fighters" once he publishes his 40-minute documentary proving they spliced their footage.
    Berdly: Now get out of here, you're making me lose subscribers!
  • After leaving the screen with Top Chef, he suddenly explodes. Every time you leave it. Toby tells us and one of the hosts not to worry about that and move on.
  • A small red nub with a face named "Nubert" is suddenly introduced. Nobody questions him or his existence, and his only contribution is saying that everyone loves him, which Ralsei and Susie attest to. "My man!" He later becomes an official character in Chapter 2.
  • Every now and then, there's a guest knocking at the door, usually Mettaton (or rather an Elvis-style impersonator on set) giving Fangamer the props and product placement they need. Sometimes, it's the plushies themselves making way.
    • With this, 3D Toriel returns, this time stiltedly animated and speaking with a somewhat-corrupted form of Toriel's voice. Her model is so advanced that the framerate of the stream immediately tanks, and she then proceeds to destroy the set with her laser eyes. That's one way to cue a short ad break from the stream.
  • The hosts and producers can't help but have fun messing with digital effects over the course of the stream.
    • Parodic use of applause, laugh tracks, and "gasping audience" sound effects happen whenever they feel like it.
    • During Susie's introduction scene, Toby voices his concern over how her dark hair made her look weird in the doorframe (with nostrils for eyes), leading many players to initially think she was some kind of worm. He and the hosts ask for a visual representation, fanart if possible, and the showrunners just put random pictures of worms on the screen. The dads and dog accept this.
    • After the chat casts their decisions at certain points, Toby demands they add "I Voted" stickers to him. The producers oblige, until chat decides to assemble the "duck" variant of the Thrash Machine, in which Toby and the producers demand they take the stickers off in disapproval.
      Toby: This must be how Jerma feels.note 
    • As the conversations sometimes become weird, or at least threaten to veer into it, Toby requests he be given a sword so he can stop future awkward moments before they start. The hosts add they use "cool" 3D graphics, and they're answered with a slow gif of a rotating sword. Later, Toby gets a foam prop sword from the Mettaton impersonator.
    • Any time a graphic persists for a bit, everyone voices how they need to move on and get the stuff off the screen.
  • Charlie, the one tasked with playing the game, not only faces off against Jevil, but also apparently needs to fight the battle at 20% faster speed, with only one attempt at this. It's as funny as it is amazing to watch.
    • Toby also makes sure to save up on time by adding the full key to the corner of the room, which he apparently did during the second ad break. In-game, the flavor text notes the residual fur and cake frosting.
  • Dan, one of the Fangamer hosts, mentions that he loves how Rouxls Kaard is meant to be your "recurring nemesis in the game", yet he doesn't show up until the very end of your adventure and is at worst a mild inconvenience. Toby interjects with his own equally apt description:
    Toby: It's like a birthday party clown clocking in at the last ten minutes of the birthday party showing up drunk.
  • Any time the concept art and related trivia is being discussed. Toby makes no bones about how crude his drawings are, which he gives to Temmie as a basis.
    • Toby pleads for Charlie to view The Original Starwalker, and the others display the concept art for it, to show just how little its design and dialogue changed.
    • One of the conceptual enemies doodled by Toby is "Death Lord", some weird cat-bear animal thing with a gun. In another tangent involving Temmie suggesting a character design, they show a screenshot of Temmie only supplying him with a pair of eyes and half of a muzzle.
  • At the Hometown epilogue, Toby comments his astonishment at meeting "Sans from Smash Bros." while everyone else doesn't treat the dialogue with him as any big deal.
  • The conversation shifts towards the then-soon-to-be-released Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl at one point, and Toby mentions that he would never put anything from Spongebob Squarepants into his games, as he's afraid that Patrick Star would wavedash to his house and kill him for it. Funny on its own, but even funnier because Undertale already has a couple references to the cartoon, one obvious (Napstablook's Thundersnail minigame is an nod to "The Great Snail Race") and one subtle (Sans' Voice Grunting has been deduced to be sampled from Patrick saying "Maybe it's the way you're dressed").
    • Later, Toby jokes that Sans is now going to wavedash to his house and kill him for talking to him. One dad jokingly responds that Sans is actually going to "befriend" Toby's mom, which Toby considers much worse.
  • Late into the epilogue, Toby switches his text-to-speech program to Japanese in order to explain how to say "Fuzzy Pickles" in the language ("Cheese Sandwich"), and leaves it on for a full three minutes, giving the amusing sound of TTS trying to pronounce English words as Japanese writing. Toby sheepishly admits afterwards that he didn't realize that he still had the Japanese voice on, to the dads' bewildered amusement.
  • Toby states that the slow text for Susie joining the party was a Shout-Out to Illusion of Gaia... and the ridiculously long time it takes the text for item drops to scroll.
    • During the same conversation, we have this.
      Toby: Shout-Out to Brazilnote  from OMORI.
  • At the end of the stream, the dads get up to leave and say their goodbyes to the audience. Toby, still represented by an Annoying Dog plush, becomes concerned with how he's going to leave now that he's alone in the room.
  • A very subtle one, but once Toby begins playing Chapter 2 as a teaser, he initially refuses to make Kris steal $5 dollars from Asriel's drawer. Then Toby checks under Asriel's bed, where Kris finds Catti's & Catty's cartridge for Cat Petters RPG... after which Toby immediately goes back to the drawer and makes Kris take the $5. Even though Toby's the one playing, the Annoying Dog's still the one on-screen.
  • After the Chapter 2 teaser, the very last thing that appears on-stream is a reprise of the pre-stream bumper depicting the Annoying Dog playing the maracas from the Chapter 1 epilogue to the tune of "mus_dance_of_dog" (from one of Undertale's Dogcheck rooms). It doesn't last long before the Annoying Dog sees that he's visible, gets embarrassed, and quietly walks away.

    Future chapter previews 
  • There's a Lightner kid who's dancing in a random puddle in the rain.
  • We finally get to see Queen's room, which consists of two speakers which she's doing a wall cling in between, and a static Rouxls Kaard with a lampshade on his head. Also, Queen is busy sipping battery acid through a straw (causing her to make sipping noises almost every other sentence) and offers it to the heroes. Susie points out that they'll die if they drank it.
    Queen: Oh Dear First You Don't Want To Swim In The Free Swimming Pool
    Queen: (looks genuinely crestfallen) Now You Don't Want To Drink The Free Pool Water
    Queen: (smiles again) More For Me I Suppose
  • The silhouette men Darkner enemies' spare requirements involve shooting their socks off with small red hearts launched out of your finger guns.
    • A hidden website has a room with a shower curtain where you can pull to discover the silhouette man putting on a sock, causing him to scream in terror when he's spotted.

    Spamton Sweepstakes 
The Spamton Sweepstakes Charity Event in September of 2022 is absolutely filled with hilarious moments, given that the website itself is designed like a poorly constructed scam site from the 1990's.
  • Spamton encourages people to donate and "HELP OUT THE [Little Guys]", which seems sweet, only to have this reaction when he finds out it's all going to Child's Play Charity
  • Some of the donation prizes are pretty average, like gift cards for the Fangamer store, plushies, and posters, though there are some that are decidedly not.
    • There's a roll of Spamton-themed toilet paper, which is just normal toilet paper, except printed on it is the quote "I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A MAN OF THE [PIPIS]. A REAL [PIPIS] PERSON!" with a hyperlink that obviously doesn't work since it's printed on paper. The description tells you to "[$#*&] YOURSELF IN STYLE."
    • The Championship Belt is a WWE-themed golden belt with Toby Fox's drawing of PogChamp Spamton engraved on the front. The description is equally hilarious, with Spamton explaining what a belt is by saying it's "BASICALLY A [ring] FOR YOUR [ass]", and a very lengthy and colorful description of how he's gotten beaten up in the past.
      "YOU WON'T BECOME A [Big Shot] WITHOUT TAKING A FEW [fights]. I HAVE BEEN [beat] ON, [stepped] ON, [$#&*] ON, [$#&*]D UP, [$#**]D DOWN, [shaken] UP, [stirred] AROUND, [cracked] LIKE AN [egg], HAD [sand] KICKED IN MY [eyes], HAD MY [nose] METAPHORICALLY [ripped off], [kissed] ON THE [mouth], [tucked] INTO BED, DRANK MY [orange juice], FELL DOWN THE [stairs], AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I STILL GOT UP [in the morning], AT [2 A.M.], TO GO DIRECTLY BACK TO [bed]!"
    • Another prize is what appears to be Spamton's ashes, which is really just a bottle of sand with two colored balls inside. The bottle itself is labeled "Spamton After Not Surviving".
    • There's a scented candle, and while the description dances around what it actually smells like, the scent listed on the candle itself is "My Ass (mei asinus)".
    • There's also a banana on a pedestal.
    • One of the most bizarre prizes is the "Mr and Mrs and Spamton" throuple's cutting board. Complete with knife set!
      "THIS [commemorative cutting board] WILL HELP [introduce your partner to a new and spicy stage in your relationship], WHETHER YOU ARE [already married], LOOKING TO [immediately divorce], OR NEED TO USE THIS TO [propose].
      NOT READY FOR THE [next stage] YET? JUST USE IT AS A [threat] TO SAY SPAMTON'S GONNA TO BE [Mr. Player 3] IF THEY DON'T [cook more]!!
      AS AN ADDED [bonus], WE WILL PROVIDE A [red correctional marker], SO IF YOUR RELATIONSHIP GOES [South of the Border!], JUST CROSS OUT THE [Mr.] OR [Mrs.] [as needed]!"
    • One of the prizes is a pair of Spamton-themed socks. Here's Mr. No. 1 Salesman 1997's colorful description on the idea:
      "HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO MAKE ME INTO YOUR [living puppet] AND [enslave me] WITH [visions of glory] ?
      [%$#@] YOU MAN! [&#@!] YOU MAN! [&@#!] YOU MAN!
      BUT I CAN'T BLAME YOU, I SURE AM [1] [handsomeGuy]. SO I WILL LET YOU HAVE MY [pair of dirty socks] AS A [eternal sacrifice], JUST AS [old] AND [krusty] AS THE DAY I [Die]!"
    • There's also a regular Deltarune poster, but with all faces except for Kris's replaced with Spamton's. The poster itself is listed as a "Fungible token", complete with a cheap clipart monkey as the title.
      "WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE SPAMTON [fungibleToken]."
      NEW AND UNIQUE [bleeding edge technolongy] WILL ALLOW IT TO BE [crocs compatible] WITH ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE GAMES, SUCH AS [putting it on the wall], [darts], [folding], AND BEST OF ALL, [forgetting you own it]!
    • There's a "skeleton snowglobe" that apparently plays music, and that, according to Spamton, has "EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE FAMOUS [skeleton]" in it. But it has nothing to do with Sans and "Megalovania". Who he's referring to is unclear in the website, because due to copyright issues, he's had to blur the image to the point where it's unrecognizable.
    • There's a Spamton body pillow, complete with legs and... ass.
  • One of the links on the page leads to what looks to be an old, early 2000s-style blog by holidaygirl1225 (who is strongly implied to be Noelle). Opening the comments section leads to a conversation between holidaygirl and a user named smartgenius55561554291 (who is just as strongly implied to be Berdly), who sends her long, wordy, adoring messages before getting angry at whoever keeps prank-calling him. Turns out those numbers in his username are his actual phone number. The last messages are from a user named sports, whom holidaygirl was excited to see. They asked if her favorite game had sports in it, was denied, and promptly said they're not using the site again.
  • There's a page where Noelle talks about being horrified when she saw a pizza box with Ice-E printed on it wink at her at night. December burned the eyes on the box to "kill" it and Asriel told them to bury it. However, after Kris dug a hole for the box, they turned around with it over their face to scare Noelle. December hit them for it, but even after all that Noelle still thought the box would come back and kill her. For more Black Comedy, the writer states December also had cryptid sightings to share, and links to... an Internet Explorer 404 page.
  • The Sweepstakes also featured a Question and Answer section at Fangamer's Twitter profile, with plenty of plot-relevant and nonsensical exchanges between the fans and Spamton.
    • Q: Spamton, why do they call it ďovenĒ when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
    • Q: did the knight also pour milk on you and slam you against the walls of their fountains, causing a loud thud
      A: WHO THE [$#&] IS [The Knight]?????? IF YOU WANNA [Milk me] GET IN LINE, WE DON'T DO THAT WITHOUT [A 72 hour paid Appointment]!!
    • Q: spamton do you dye/color your hair
      A: I [Die] EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY I FEEL LIKE IíM [Dying]. AND MY INSIDES TURN A LITTLE MORE [black and charred].
    • Q: SPAMTON !!! MY [acquaintance that I have acquired.] I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU A SPECIL [question]!!! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THIS KIND FELLOW [the image I have inserted below]. HEíS BEEN [all over the television] AND IíM [dying] TO KNOW!!!
      (An image of Jevil is attached.)
      A: DON'T SHOW ME THIS [fool] IN [clown's clothing]!!! ALL HE THINKS ABOUT IS [Games, Games, Games] WHILE I'M OUT HERE [Busting my @$$] INTO A [Sc3nt3d Candell]!!! EVEN IF I [Cheated] [(theoretically)]] I NEVER [You're Winner] EVEN ONCE!!! [$#&*] HIM AND [$#&* the ketchup kids]!!!
  • In a shocking turn of events, RadioTVSolutions of Half-Life but the AI is Self-Aware fame was in almost complete control of the finale, and Socpens' signature style fit perfectly for Spamton... which, by requisite, implies it's a barrel of laughs.
    • The stream is lead by a Spamton lookalike, Spamton A. Spamton, an actor (Wayne) dressing and painting himself to look like everybody's favorite salesman. However, there's another Spamton lookalike, Spamton B. Spamton, played by an actor (Baaulp) in low quality mocap with a fake nose. Spamton A. rips off one of his mocap balls, breaking his visage. Neither does anything to fix this, with Spamton B. remaining a guy in a blue mocap suit and a fake nose; the most damage control they try is dressing Spamton B. in Spamton's clothes.
    • At the beginning of the stream, Spamton A. Spamton requests that everyone rises for the "National Spamton" anthem as a green flag with Spamton's overworld sprite is raised. The anthem in question is a warbly, low-quality marching band rendition of "Happy Birthday" that repeatedly starts and stops at inopportune moments.
    • Speaking of stopping and starting at inappropriate moments, Spamton A. seems to have taken on traits of Spamton's stuttering and full-stops. The equipment operator doesn't help matters, abruptly changing cameras and forcing Spamton A. to redirect his train of thought, or lingering on something far longer than he clearly expected.
    • Throughout the stream, Spamton A. reveals the rewards of the Spamton Sweepstakes event and who got them, and many of the reveals are just as weird and unhinged as Spamton G. Spamton himself:
      • The announcement for the Ralsei plush nurse costume consists of calling Ralsei a "scringly dingly," a "plongy spongy," and a "disgusting, yet popular animal" with all the casual enthusiasm of a clueless adult trying to look hip. Additionally, one of the points promoting the outfit is "Anxious attachment style."
      • Spamton A. introduces the Spamton-themed worm on a string with the incredibly bizarre threat "Are you a single mother? No? Well, you will be soon!" The description for the item simply reads "worm" for every point, the last of which is in all caps.
      • The commentary for the replica banana consists entirely of a text-to-speech voice rapidly saying "potassium." And nothing else.
      • To reveal who won the auctions for the Mona Spamton and Berdly Statue, Spamton A. brings in "Tony Fox" himself to make the announcement. Except when "Tony's" feed opens, we see low-quality footage of a disheveled hermit that obviously isn't Toby Fox muttering something about "seven years" and childishly trying to hoard the prizes for himself, much to Spamton A's confusion.
      • The reveal for the Spamton-themed body pillow consists mostly of Spamton A. repeatedly shouting "Spamton ASS!" and "Spamton YES!" He then attempts an Audience Participation bit by getting the viewers to respond "yes" when he asks if they want to "cuddle me all night long, using my huge ass as a pillow." Nobody responds, and the audio cuts off right when he tries to shout "yes" himself.
      • The body pillow itself is censored in the footage; both sides show Spamton's front.
    • Near the end of the stream, he attempts to reveal some products absolutely nobody heard about: A Spamton carving knife and a Spamton sniper rifle. Luckily, he gets cut off by Fangamer and the FBI (if you read closely, it's actually the Fangamer Bureau of Investigation).
    • The winner of the Skeleton Snowglobe was somebody called Among Us. Playing into this, the official Among Us Twitter account asked Fangamer and Toby about the snowglobe and when they would be receiving it.
    • According to one results screen, somebody named Mettaton won a corpse (really just the Spamton After Not Surviving jar).
    • The ending of Spamton A. Spamton seemingly dying, while frightening, was applauded by many an RTVS fan because of the recurring joke of Wayne abruptly ending various streams with him dying, getting kidnapped, or otherwise in peril. Spamton A. Spamton having the same fate lead to many cries of people joking that Wayne died yet again at the end of a stream, this time in front of tens of thousands of viewers.

  • Toby Fox's FAQ has this gem:
    Question: "The game doesn't work" / "I don't like the game" / "Will there be a version for (platform)?"
    Answer: Because it's a free download I'm surrounded by a forcefield that destroys all complaints and platform requests.
  • The Switch trailer for Deltarune Chapter 1 that was featured on the February 13, 2019 Nintendo Direct features a "spoiler-free" trailer. How does one make a game whose main value comes from its experience spoiler-free? Censor everything with the annoying dog, even though most of the scenes don't even appear in the game itself. One shot has Ralsei being dogpiled, Susie yelling at the dog to get off her face, and Kris petting one of the dogs.
    • The Switch trailer for Chapter 2 featured on the September 23, 2021 Nintendo Direct has a big, costumed up Annoying Dog coming out of an exploding Deltarune logo... followed by a pair of gloved hands showing up with a Nintendo Switch revealing Chapter 2 is out for the Switch now. The trailer then ends with that same Annoying Dog dancing on both sides of the announcement for Deltarune's free update to include Chapter 2 there if you already had Chapter 1 on the Switch. The cherry on top? Toby Fox himself confirmed on Twitter that he was the one in the costume.
    • In an official Nintendo article about the release of Chapter 2 for the Switch, Toby briefly talks about his experience with localizing the game as well as its predecessor, and brings up how Mettaton's boss theme, "Death by Glamour", had a slightly different meaning in Japanese. note 
    Toby: The Japanese loan word "guramaa" has a slightly different meaning from the English word "glamour". In English, it means "splendor" or "charm", but the Japanese "guramaa" means something like "big ass and titties".
    The original English title was "Death By Glamour", so if the Japanese title was something like "Guramaa ni Korosareru" ... everyone in Japan might get the mistaken impression that "Metaton is an enemy that kills the player by suffocating you to death with their big ass and titties."
    ...... Well, maybe not... entirely mistaken.
  • A popular joke within the fandom was the idea that an Undertale character, possibly Sans, would join the roster of Super Smash Bros.. However, when Deltarune released on October 31st with a Smash reference in the epilogue, multiple characters telling them to "come back tomorrow" and a Smash Ultimate Direct the very next day, some fans thought it might actually be happening. It ultimately turned out to be sheer coincidence, but for that short period of time...
    • Then Sans actually got into Smash Bros. almost a year later, as a DLC costume for the Mii Gunner. What's more? The fact that Smash Bros. canonically exists in Deltarune means that Sans is logically a Mii Gunner costume there too; fans wasted no time in pointing out the absurdity of Kris finding their weird neighbor as a costume in one of their video games.
  • This is the last thing you see before you die.note 
  • Fangamer advertises upcoming Chapter 2 merch the most fitting way they can: With everyone's favorite [[Number 1 Rated Salesman1997]]!
    • Of course, that's not the only merch Fangamer is coming out with, featuring other characters and Undertale-related stuff in the same video. Spamton is outraged to see them using his advertising space to promote someone other than him.
      Spamton: WHAT THE [Heaven] IS THIS!?
      THIS IS MY [Comercil] YOU HEAR ME!?
      YOU'RE USING MY [Commercial Zone] TO ADVERTISE [ポインくん]'Snote  [handsome, Handsome] FACE!?
      • Spamton proceeds to angrily censor everyone else's faces with text boxes saying "* WRONG!!!!", but notably doesn't do the same to Kris and the Annoying Dog, while aggressively covering up Swatch's place on the poster, giving insight into Spamton's view of things.
    • The page for Spamton's "SPECIL Fun Pak" is custom-made, of course priced at $19.97, with random "users" popping up from the bottom left corner to portray people wanting the merch. The "notifications" are accompanied by their locations, which range from states and countries to other planets and made-up words. Spamton also placed a review of his own product to convince buyers, calling himself a "VERY GOOD BUYER" and giving it eleven stars when the site only lets you place five.
      • The reviews from actual, real people are no slouch either.
      Derek W: Hes in my house. 10/10, opened it and I think Spamton is in my house now, absolutely recommended!
      Humbaynoob: I got a defect and it just made the product 10x funnier. They bent my pipis but Iím not gonna return it because I find it 100x funnier I got a slight defect in a product thatís supposed to be a scam
    • In a much more meta sense, it's quite ironic that a character known for being a failure of a salesman has plenty of merch dedicated to him that can not only actually sell, but also empties stock within minutes of release. The fake UI depicting a constantly-increasing number of customers and users who "[Liked this!]" might as well not be an exaggeration; fans were so quick to buy what is essentially a party giftbag that the store quickly limited orders to one purchase per person and still sold out. Not to mention how they're preparing a plushie doll the following year—something normally reserved for the likes of Ralsei and Lancer.
      • Even Temmie and Toby themselves expressed surprise at fan reaction towards Spamton, particularly after playtesters expressed how unsettled they were at him. In his same Tweet, Toby refers to the merch of the character as "promotional trash" that Fangamer now has to order seven times the stock of to meet popular demand.
        Toby Fox: ... uh, is that good?
  • This excerpt from the game's wiki:
    "Tasque Managerís design and personality are plausibly a play on the internetís affinity for cat-like characters, maids, and whips. Said affinity has been particularly prevalent in the community's response to the character."
  • Playing with the stats and manipulating save data can net some interesting discoveries:
    • You cannot defeat the Sweet Cap'n Cakes no matter how high your attack is, even if you use SnowGrave, which is outright stated to be lethal.
    • Giving your party negative stats nets some odd results such as Susie's Rude Buster healing the enemy and Ralsei's heals practically being suicide. Strangely, IceShock with deep negative stats does more damage than Snowgrave (which becomes 0 damage).
  • For Christmas 2021, Toby posted a bunch of sketches he made of Spamton and much of the other Chapter 2 cast. Among these sketches are Spamton pogging, Berdly as a Homestuck character, a giant motorized Spamton head called "The 'New'" with a Christmas tree nose, and weird mashups of Spamton with Greater Dog and Snoopy.
    Spamton: HAPPY HOLIDAYS YOU LITTLE [@!#?]!
  • Since there wasn't anything particularly major for 2022's 7th Undertale Anniversary, Toby instead had a blog preview of the game's future, the opening lines making very clear he's well aware of who it is that's kept people talking about Chapter 2 well past a year of its release.
    Toby: Even now there still seems to be a passionate fan base for what we put out, thanks in no small part to a disgusting man whose dialogue is probably closest to the way I talk in real life.
  • The trailer for Spamton's Talking Plush being released sort of presents his backstory: he's "adopted" by somebody, gains an obssession over Pipis and blows all his money until he's evicted and becomes a homeless cryptid again. Then the ad devolves into somebody... soaking the plush in milk and throwing it around as a nod to the "I used to have this webkinz" meme. All set to a dance mix of Big Shot. Also, with all that soaking in [Hyperlink Blocked] they forget to actually demonstrate how the plush talks.
    Spampton Spampton he's a weird one, Spampton Spampton he wants to surprise you