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Because even if it results in a pretty jarring Art Shift, giant checkers pieces still need their calcium.
WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages.

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  • While the character creator at the beginning can be rather unnerving, there are a few moments that lighten it up:
    • When given an option for legs, they all look identical... aside from the very last pair of legs, and the only difference compared to the others is that they are mirrored. This is almost entirely unnoticeable, aside from the fact that one of the legs is one pixel wider than the other. On this last legs sprite, the *other* leg is wider.
    • The character creator gives an option of favorite blood type. The options: A, AB, B, C, and D.
    • When it ask how do you feel about your creation? It then adds "(It will not hear.)"
    • The game prompts you to name your vessel, so the logical assumption made by most people is that this is the name you're going with. Then it prompts you to enter your actual name. Many players end up facepalming at this point for not noticing the use of Exact Words, especially because you really should've seen this one coming if you've played Undertale.
    • The way the character creator takes the character you spent time and thought making and unceremoniously throws it away can be Actually Pretty Funny when you consider that the game is trolling you before it even starts.
  • If you decide to take a look at the menu when Kris wakes up in their bedroom, you can have them open their cell and select the only option available, "call home." Toriel will answer, but realize that it's Kris and will be annoyed, saying to not make her come back in and get Kris out herself.
  • Using the cell phone in the living room results in Kris being stuck because they can't pick up the ringing phone, since they are already on the phone.
  • In the Dreemurr bathroom, the shower has a small container of apple-scented shampoo and a gallon-size container of pet shampoo. Considering Kris's family consists of three goat monsters and a human, it makes sense.
  • During the exploration of the house in the beginning, when you enter the living room, you see the return of "Chairiel", but it's actually the reading chair this time and not the small wooden chair from Toriel's room.
  • When you're asked to find a partner for your group project, Noelle offers to let you join her and Berdly's group. Berdly, of course, does not approve, leading to this exchange:
    Alphys: Noelle, what were you saying?
    Berdly: She was just saying we're FINE being alone!
    Noelle: A-actually, I just wanted to know if...
    Alphys: Noelle, can you PLEASE SPEAK UP?
    Door slams open, Susie stands in the doorway
    Alphys: H... Hi, Susie.
  • Examining the lockers in the hallway outside the classroom gives the relatively normal "The locker is locked." But if you do it a few more times:
    "The locker's lock is locked."
    "The lock's locker is locked."
    "The locker's lock's locker is locked."
  • In the classroom, Kris can interact with a classmate's hardboiled egg.
    *(The hardboiled egg emanates a feeling of pity towards you.)
    • Even better? The classmate in question is a Temmie. Even better-er? The boiled egg is Temmie's partner on the group project.
  • After Kris is told to accompany Susie to get the chalk, talking to their classmates has a few funny lines; some of them act like that Kris has been marked for death. If you speak to Snowy, he first says that Kris will probably survive getting beat up by Susie and that the worst part is that Kris will fail their project because Susie won't help. If you talk to him again, he asks Kris if he can have Asriel's CDs if Kris dies.
    "Kris, don't listen to 'em. It's not that bad. You'll PROBABLY survive Susie beating you up. You're just going to fail when she doesn't do ANY of your project!! It's like we always say, Kris... You SUZ, you LOSE!!! ... uhhh, that's not very reassuring, huh."
    "Hey Kris, if you die, can I have your brother's CDs?"

    Chapter 1 
  • Lancer's entrance has him crashing into Ralsei with his bike and sending him flying offscreen, complete with a shoddy CGI explosion.
  • During the first fight against Lancer, you can compliment him. The first time, he's flattered and his attack power drops. The second time, he'll assume you're insincere, and his attack power goes back up. Do it a third time, and he'll get confused as to your sincerity, which causes his attack power to go sideways. And if you let him hit you after that, the damage numbers will be sideways.
  • The training session at the beginning:
    • If you repeatedly choose to do anything else besides FIGHT, Ralsei will politely end the lesson after several turns.
      Ralsei: ...
      Ralsei: Kris, I think I've, um, perhaps... reached the limits of what I can teach you today. Let's go find Susie.
    • Consistently missing your attacks causes to Ralsei get increasingly confused and agitated and he will decide to move on to teaching you how to DEFEND. If you then select "FIGHT" and miss again, Ralsei reaches his breaking point and politely ends the lesson.
    • Attempting to use an item repeatedly will cause Ralsei to explain to you that items... do things, but you shouldn't use them right now and you should practice FIGHTING. Again, if you refuse to actually FIGHT, he will end the lesson.
    • Continuously attacking the dummy after you've already proved you can fight it will make him increasingly nervous, since it looks like him. He also tells you it's alright if you want to hit him later on before ending the lesson.
    • There's also the "Hug Ralsei" command. He gets hilariously flustered, and doesn't actually end the lesson if you keep picking it.
  • Early on, Ralsei gives you a manual that cannot be read. If you drop it, he cheerfully puts in back in the inventory. If you drop it a second time, he sadly accepts it, and offers to make a better manual next time. It turns out the manual is actually Dummied Out, but you can read it online, and it's worth a hoot too:
    • It opens with macaroni art, almost akin to an elementary school project; this is followed immediately by a Dedication to "The unending pillar of darkness that gives my body form."
    • In the foreword, there are pictures of all the Delta Warriors. Kris and Susie are in silhouette and look pretty good, but Ralsei is just a crude doodle.
    • The page on the game's controls starts off fine, but the final column is dedicated to "Cooking" controls, which isn't even in the game. All the buttons are mapped to "Butter", except "W", which is mapped to "pulsar cannons".
    • The page on battle commands mentions a status effect where a dog eats your commands, leaving you unable to do anything for the rest of your life.
    • The "Life Advice" section is mostly helpful information, but includes this:
      Brush your teeth or you'll get a cold.
    • Next to that is a little doodle of Ralsei looking surprised or startled, almost like he has no idea why he wrote that.
  • Entering battle with the first Rudinn you can encounter multiple times will have the game assert that this is a different Rudinn from the one(s) you fought earlier in several different ways.
  • Speaking of which, one of the ways Rudinn can be spared: you just tell them that he should stop fighting and...
    Rudinn: Yeah I guess that makes sense...
  • Lancer attacking the party by sending three Hathys:
    • The fact that Hathys are Support Party Members whose attacks can be dodged without moving at all, making this a Zero-Effort Boss.
      Ralsei: It's like a dinner made of three glasses of milk.
      Lancer: ... And that's, umm... unusual, somehow?
    • After the fight, Ralsei will announce the amount of EXP and money you got. Cue Lancer:
      Lancer: Sweet! How much do I get?
      Ralsei: You... lost, Lancer. You don't get any.
      Lancer: Oh. (beat) Can I have some of yours?
      Ralsei: No!
      Lancer: Fine! Later, losers!
    • After Lancer flees, you find him just standing there on the side of the path.
      Lancer: Sup.
      Ralsei: I thought you were running away.
      Lancer: Yeah, I finished.
  • If you fail the puzzle to rearrange a Bloxer, they'll complain about having an incorrect body part position. If you put the head in the correct spot and botch the legs/abs, the Bloxer will say this.
    ARRGH!! NO!! MY FACE IS MY FACE!! Wait...
  • The entire "Create A Machine to Thrash Your Own Ass" sequence.
    • Lancer's war machine building program describes the component parts in terms more suited to beauty pageant contestants, but there's also an option to just make a duck. The descriptions for each of the duck parts keep telling you that you'll lose points. And when Kris and Ralsei encounter the completed machine later, all the parts will be replaced with random objects that look similar except for the duck parts, which look exactly the same as they did during the creation scene.
      Your machine sucks ass. Is that OK? [YES/NO]
    • Lancer tries to trick you into doing it for him by dressing up as “a sweet young boy”... with a fake mustache. When Ralsei questions this, Lancer protests that he needs to have a mustache because he’s in disguise. Kris and Ralsei go along with it because Lancer also claims that it’s “for friendship.”
    • Susie will comment on the stats of the machine you just assembled. When the highest-ranked category is "GUN'S" [sic], she'll be surprised that you like guns so much. When the highest ranked category is "HOT," Susie will express confusion over why the machine looks like something you want to kiss. And if you design a duck, then Susie ends up exasperated over the fact that you've designed a duck, and then decided that their evil plan sucks ass, causing Lancer to ask if it's his fault, and after Susie tells him it wasn't, he claims that the bad guys have got off scot-free again.
    • Even better, if Susie asks why the machine looks like something Kris wants to kiss, Ralsei gives some reassurance.
      Ralsei: (It's OK to express yourself, Kris.)
  • When Kris and Ralsei bump into Susie again, she regretfully joins them again. Ralsei says "cue the fanfare!" at which time a fanfare plays that says "Susie joined the party!" Afterwards, Susie gives an Aside Glance and walks away. The fanfare plays again, but this time it says "Susie follows at a distance such that no one can tell she's associated!", while the fanfare is at a slightly warped pitch.
  • When she first meets Lancer as part of the party, Susie compares Lancer's laugh to "baby Santa Claus" before threatening him. Lancer instead thinks she's trying to teach him how to be scary, even imitating her Evil Laugh. The real punchline, though, is Lancer running away shouting "Merry Christmas!"
    Susie: (I guess that's KIND OF an improvement...)
  • At the section of the game with the tutorials about the playable characters, one of the NPCs notes that, when Rouxls Kaard was promoted, the other puzzle-related employees were fired without pay, as Lancer just gave everybody "itchy beanies" instead of money.
  • Partway through the game, Ralsei, Susie and Lancer argue over what the team name should be. You have the option of picking the neat paper (Ralsei), the crumpled paper (Susie), or the Lancer labeled paper:
    • Lancer's choice for your team's name is "Lancer". However, he figures that it doesn't sound quite right when he declares that "LANCER's going to meet absolute doom!" so he changes it to "the Lancer Fan Club" for short. He then decides that his own team is the Dark Lancer Fan Club.
    • Letting Susie pick the name leads to your group being called "The $!$? Squad", which Ralsei very much objects to and even Lancer refuses to say out loud since it's a tier-2 swear. And yes, this does lead to The Dark $!$? Squad later on. Ralsei initially complains about the name, and Lancer suggests that he can join the Squad while Ralsei can be the bad guy, telling the other Darkener to call the Spade King himself and tell him that he has a new son, one who has to "take a shower whenever he reads a swear word." Ralsei relents at this.
    • If Ralsei picks the name, he proclaims it to be "The Legendary Heroes: The Herald of Fun and Friendship." Susie shortens it to "The Fun Gang," and it later leads to "The Dark Fun Gang."
  • K. Round's boss fight is full of these:
    • On the leadup to the fight, Lancer mentions that something so scary was blocking the path that he couldn't get home. Cue a tiny checker.
      Lancer: W... Wow, purple girl! You aren't scared!?
      Susie: Heh, why would I be? What's it gonna do?
      Lancer: Hmm, well, normally...
      (checker advances to the last row)
      (crown slowly descends from ceiling onto the checker)
      (checker grows to giant size, reveals Mettaton-like legs, and stomps the ground)
      Lancer: It crushes people to death, I think.
    • The community's reactions to this scene aren't bad either.
      Alpharad: Something bad's gonna happen, he's gonna turn into a monster somehow.
      (Checker grows larger.)
      Alpharad: Yeah, kinda like that.
      (Checker reveals its Mettaton legs)
    • One of its attacks is flying through the battle box with Bishie Sparkles falling from its legs. Another has it flick sparkles from the legs.
    • Upon taking enough damage, it will "practice self-care"... which involves drinking from a carton of almond milk represented by an actual full-color photo of a carton of almond milk.
    • K. Round doesn't understand if you warn it about Susie, so you can warn it again, by Kris making siren noises with their mouth and looking at Susie. It still doesn't understand.
    • When K. Round is defeated, its crown falls to the ground and slides off-screen. K. Round then shrinks down, falls, and slowly rolls away with no change in facial expression.
    • Using the Check command, the ingame message will remind you that "this is checkers, not chess". And will also replace the Check option with Checkers, including the one in the second fight against it.
  • After defeating K. Round, Ralsei tries to call Susie out on her violent tendencies toward enemies to no avail. He then reminds her that she ate Top Chef's cake. Her response?
    Susie: (briefly turns toward the camera) Cakes... are also my enemy.
    Ralsei: (unamused look)
  • How Top Chef got rid of Susie: he spritzed her with a water bottle, and she hissed and ran away.
  • If you go back to Top Chef with Susie, talking to him causes an amusing conversation between the two.
    Top Chef: Mama miba! Mom AMOEBA! Y-You're the beast that ate my cake!
    Susie: Yeah? So? Want me to spit it back out?
    Top Chef: N-no, that's quite fine...
    Susie: Sure? It wasn't that good. It'd probably improve it.
    • And if you talk to him again, you get this gem.
      Top Chef: Why are you looking at me like that!?
      Susie: I don't trust anyone that won't eat my spit.
      Ralsei: ...So you don't trust anyone?
      Susie: Yeah.
  • Lancer offers Kris and Ralsei food that he's been keeping in a stump, without explaining exactly what it is. You have the option to accept, decline, or make Ralsei try it. If you eat it, the game tells you it restores something. "Not HP... something." Lancer then says that it's salsa, and that he doesn't know what's in it. Examining the stump tells you it has "some kind of dinner hole."
  • Talking to Lancer and Susie when they're stuck behind a spike puzzle has a few laughs.
    • If you talk to Susie, you will overhear her and Lancer talking about their evil plan (which doesn't sound very good).
      Susie: Then add a mustache over there...
      Lancer: Hee hee, like this?
      Susie: Haha! Yeah! That's perfect!!!
      Ralsei: How's the scheming coming along, you two?
      Susie: Hey, don't LOOK! Spoilers, dude!
    • When you interact with her, she turns to face you, but still talks to Lancer as if she doesn't realize Kris and Ralsei are right next to her is a little funny.
    • If you talk to Lancer, he will greet Kris and Ralsei in a way that is more like a compliment than an insult, causing Susie to tell him off for his language, like a parent telling off a kid for swearing.
      Lancer: Well well well... Look who it is. The Sweet Little Peas We Love to See.
      Susie: Hey! Watch your language!
      Lancer: Oh, sorry... Susie's trying to get me to swear more.
  • Eventually, the Thrash Machine is finished and sent out to block Kris and Ralsei's path. Ralsei's initially worried, but when the darkness dissipates, it ends up being a rather poor attempt at replicating the design you gave Susie and Lancer. Said duo then emerges from the side to blow it up out of dissatisfaction with it, blaming Kris and Ralsei for making the design "suck". The exception to this are any of the duck parts; they end up being the only parts they ever get right.
  • The fight against Susie and Lancer:
    • Having Ralsei talk to them shows just how bad Lancer is at being a bad guy, and if you don't put Susie to sleep, the pair have some funny lines:
      (X-Anything ACT for the 1st time)
      Ralsei: You two look like a really great team! I'm proud!
      Susie: Flattery won't work on US!!!
      Lancer: Oh!!! It's working on me!!!

      (X-Anything ACT for the 2nd time)
      Ralsei: You two, if we don't stop fighting, then... ...Someone might get hurt!
      Susie: THAT'S THE POINT!
      Lancer: Really!? That's bad!

      (X-Anything ACT for the 3rd time)
      Ralsei: You two, if we stop fighting, then I could, um... I could braid your hair!
      Susie: Huh...? I mean... NO!!!
      Lancer: Wow, I'll look amazing!!
    • If you try to ACT again, Susie actually moves over to Lancer and covers his ears. The fact that she can apparently move faster than sound is just icing.
      (X-Anything ACT for the 4th time)
      Ralsei: In summary, I like you two, and... I think we should all just get along!
      (But Susie blocked the soundwaves before they reach Lancer!)
      Susie: Try convincing someone that can't HEAR YOU!
      Susie: Heh, score for the BAD GUYS!
      Lancer: Hee hee! I'm blissfully ignorant!
    • AND if you keep using ACT two more times after that, Kris will order Ralsei to compliment Lancer really fast. It's downright hilarious that Ralsei manages to pull this off:
      (X-Anything ACT for the 6th time without putting Susie to sleep)
      Ralsei: You'reareallyswellpersonyouknowthat?!
    • The Sing act can put Susie to sleep. Seems like a perfect time for Ralsei to Pacify her, right? Lancer will instead block it with his bike, which again leads to some priceless narration:
      (The PACIFY spell was absorbed by Lancer's bike!)
      Lancer: I'll never let you SPARE my friends!!!
      (Lancer's BIKE began to get tired??????????????)
      Lancer: Don't worry Bikey, I'll put you to bed soon...

      (Pacifying a second time)
      Ralsei cast PACIFY!
      (The PACIFY spell was absorbed by Lancer's bike!)
      (The WHEEL of the BIKE became SPARED!)
      (It turned into a SPARED TIRE!)
    • Should you lose the battle and go for a rematch, the exact same sequence plays, since they decide it'd be funny to rebuild the failed Thrash Machine and blow it up every time.
      • With each re-battle with Susie and Lancer, Ralsei will grow increasingly frustrated with the losses to the point where he's practically begging them to let him be a bad guy.
  • The face Lancer makes when he decides to join the team. It's completely out of nowhere, and has become the source of quite a few memes.
  • After Lancer joins the team (to the same fanfare as Susie), he's given a Dark Candy by Susie in a different scene. The words "Candy joined the party" start to appear with the fanfare, but Susie immediately cuts it off. Susie asks him what the candy tastes like. He responds, "Friendship!" When Susie asks what THAT tastes like, he says like his teeth are disintegrating.
    Susie and Lancer: [laughter]
    Susie: That's actually... really bad.
  • When Susie joins the party "for real", a shorter fanfare plays without any reaction from her, possibly having accepted this happening.
  • Susie hates complimenting monsters.
  • Rouxls Kaard's puzzle-making failures:
    • The introduction of Rouxls Kaard to the party, a trap where the only way out is to solve one of his puzzles. It's a box you have to move one tile. He doesn't take you solving it well, to the point that he completely drops his Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.
      Rouxls: GOD
      Rouxls: DAMN IT
    • If you proceed to talk to Rouxls in the first puzzle, he will quote I.M. Meen, amusingly.
    • The next time you meet him, he shows up with an even harder puzzle. Now you have to move it... two tiles.
      Rouxls, after a bit of Laughing Mad: Gullible worms! That wasn'tst REALLY my ultimate puzzle! I have a wayst better one right... here!
      Ralsei: Can... can we see it?
      Rouxls: No *leaves*
    Chalmers: May I see it?
    Seymour: No.
    • As a possible callback to Mettaton NEO's incredible, pumping, repetitively short theme... Rouxls's is only nineteen seconds long, but incredibly flamboyant and intricate. It sounds impressive at first, but after a few moments, the player realizes that just like his theme, Rouxls doesn't have anything to back up the bluster.
  • If you decide to skip Ralsei telling about the legend, Susie gets confused by Lancer talking about himself, with Ralsei offering (and getting rejected) to explain the legend.
  • The rematch against K. Round:
    • Instead of bowing/bowing deeply, the act the player uses to spare K. Round is "Susie's Idea." Ralsei assumes that the idea is to apologize to the monster. Susie's actual idea is to throw Ralsei at K. Round to knock its crown off. This works. If you then proceed to skip the following cutscene and quickly run to the right, you can still catch sight of the still-moving knocked off crown. Examining it while it's still inside the room will get you "Thar she blows..." as a comment and trying to examine it while it's beyond the edge of the room will get you "It's off to a better place now."
    • The crown K. Round wears in this fight is characterized by Ralsei as a different, heavier crown that appears to be hurting it now. Of course, the sprite for K. Round is the exact same one as before, with absolutely no changes to indicate this. Susie exasperatedly points this out, with her dialogue and her face sprite appearing in smaller text at the bottom of Ralsei's text box.
  • It appears that Kris is just as good at flirting with enemies as Frisk was, as if you attempt to get Susie or Ralsei to do it, it just makes the enemy leave in embarrassment.
  • When in jail, Kris can eat moss to regain full health (with the game saying that it "tastes mossy" and that "your HP was mossed out") and obtain and equip the shackles on the wall. Ralsei, upon being interacted with, will comment on these events with mild exasperation.
  • Coming back to the cell after reuniting with Susie has her react with jealousy that Kris's cell had moss, coupled with disappointment that Kris didn't save any moss for her.
  • During one of the puzzle segments, if you try standing on the switch yourself, Ralsei will point out that Kris isn't a box. Susie will chime in that she went as a box for Halloween once.
    Ralsei: Um, just a box?
    Susie: Well, it's not like I can dress up as a goddamn monster.
  • When you move one of the boxes onto the correct spot, Ralsei enthusiastically remarks that you're on to something. If you move the box off of the correct spot, Susie will still remark that you're on to something, much to Ralsei's confusion.
  • The fact that, after you solve the puzzle, Susie seems generally disappointed that she didn’t get to be impaled by the spiky fence.
  • In Lancer's room, you find his bike "lovingly tucked into bed." To make it even better, you can Pacify Lancer's bike during the fight against him and Susie, which both turns this into a Brick Joke and brings up questions as to whether Lancer knows the bike much better than we do.
  • The battle against Clover, the Darkner with three heads:
    • Clover is interested in TREES, SPORTS, and BOYS. These interests aren't split equally- when asked what kind of boys she likes, the left head says nice ones, the middle says cute ones, and the right says "none... Um, I mean all" while a rainbow appears over her head.
    • You can actually use Ralsei's Manual twice on Clover to pacify her, simply because it somehow aligns perfectly with all three of her interests — she's the only enemy in the game that doesn't get bored when you show it to her.
  • When Lancer joins the party, he doesn't fall in line behind Kris. Talking to him has Ralsei telling him that he can follow them. Lancer says "Okay" and continues to stand there. Talking to him again has Ralsei note that "you aren't doing that." On the next screen, he'll move alongside the party — off the path, and without moving his legs.
  • Ralsei and Susie will comment if you give them consumables or equip certain weapons and armor on them (or if you try to equip something that is incompatible); enough for a page.
  • If you try to completely unequip Susie, without leaving anything behind, she also comments on it: "Hey! Hands off!"
  • Standing close to Ralsei causes him to blush.
  • Once you reach the bake sale, you'll find Lancer and Susie there selling Lancer Cookies, with "all proceeds go(ing) to kicking your ass". Buy one and they'll leave, gloating that your money will help fund their evil schemes... then they reenter from the other side of the screen and use it to buy a Hearts Donut. Talk to them again, and Ralsei will question the effectiveness of their scheme:
    Ralsei: If I may ask, how does a donut fit into your plan?
    Lancer: All real plans allocate for delicious treats.
    Susie: Sounds like you need to go to Plan School, Dr. Toothpaste.
    Lancer: Hoho! Yes! Earn a second doctorate, Smart Genius!
    Ralsei: (Am I being made fun of...?)
  • Trying to have Susie flirt with a Head Hathy (much to her protest). Her attempt ends up being so awkward that the Head Hathy just leaves.
    • The second time you try it, she gets Ralsei to flirt instead. It doesn't go much better.
      Ralsei: Your hair is like a waterfall of... um... wait, do you have hair, or...
      (Head Hathy felt awkward and left.)
      Ralsei: Oh, oh dear! Wait!!
      Susie: Not so easy, huh?!
    • The third time, Susie just tells Kris to do it themself... and it works!
  • After every cutscene with Susie and Lancer, Kris looks at the camera as if thinking "What have I gotten myself into?"note 
  • Malius, a Darkener with a toy hammer for a head, claims to be able to fix anything. And he can. Naturally, it's hilarious whenever you have him do this:
    • The way he fixes things: by smacking them with his head, whether it's a broken key, a broken cake, or the party while injured.
    • It makes a toylike squeaking sound when he hits something. The music even stops to emphasize it.
    • Ralsei and Susie are shown as their "Shocked" sprites if you choose the option to fix the party. Kris, meanwhile, stays the same, making them appear completely unfazed.
  • During the escape from the dungeon, Susie tells you that she "invited" the guard to visit the trash can. If, once the party's reunited you go back to said guard and talk to him, you find out that she literally invited him to visit it. And he's loving it.
  • Going to the left side of the prison, you'll find a strange figure lurking behind bars, only their eyes visible. He seems scary... at first, talking to him reveals that he's really just a pair of eyes that got imprisoned... somehow.
  • In the "violent" ending, Ralsei puts the king to sleep using Pacify. The King's last words before falling asleep? "You sweet... little... pumpkin."
  • If you go for a pacifist playthrough and don't return to Top Chef with Susie, then after beating King, he assumes the gathering is Clover's birthday and that Susie is Clover's mother and ate the cake to protect her. Susie starts to deny this, but then realizes that if she goes along with it, she might get more cake.
  • When Ralsei removes his hat near the end of Chapter 1, he reveals that he is, in fact... a dead ringer for Kris's brother, Asriel. Kris is unfazed as usual, but Susie reacts in a much different way.
    Susie: ??????????
    • If Susie and Kris are positioned so that Kris is directly behind Susie, the latter's "shocked" sprite looks like she's covering Kris's face.

    Chapter 2 Preview 
No, Chapter 2 isn't out yet. What was shown on the sixth anniversary stream, however, is a barrel of laughs.

  • The very first thing that happens is, apparently, Toriel being attacked by Kris with a knife... Except it's actually Toriel discovering that Kris has eaten all the pie. Yes, it turns out that unnerving stinger at the end of the first episode was really just Kris wanting all the pie. Toriel's Face Palm when she comes into Kris' room only makes it funnier.
  • Inspecting the bottom of the drawers in the upstairs hallway reveals that "How to Draw Dragons" is at the bottom of drawer. After the game takes note that the character on the cover is dressed immodestly, it flatly states, "your brother will never return this book".
  • Susie's numerous new expressions are just the best, really.
    • At first, Susie tries to play it cool and teases Kris for falling asleep in class. Then she freaks out and admits having lost sleep herself after their adventures from yesterday, and wants to waste no time in checking the closet again.
  • Alphys asks for volunteers to read a selection from a book aloud. Noelle starts to volunteer, but is interrupted by Berdly standing on his desk and offering to do so instead. Kris falls asleep while he's talking and doesn't wake up until class is over.
    Berdly: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Times-a pretty good. Times-a pretty bad. Mediocre times. Iffy times. So-so times..."
  • Alphys asks Kris if they lost sleep over being partners with Susie. The two responses are "lost sleep from being Susie's partner" and "actually my sleep quality increased". The streamer picks the latter option, resulting in Alphys being surprised and unsure whether that's a good thing or not.
  • Before Kris and Susie can enter the Dark World, they're suddenly approached by Noelle, asking if they want to join her for studying. Susie panics, and asks Kris what kind of excuse to use. The two options are "hanging out alone in the closet" and "Crime". The person playing on-stream picks "Crime." Poor Noelle has no idea what to make of it, and just says goodbye. Makes you wonder if Toby has been playing Night in the Woods.

    Hometown Epilogue 
  • According to the soundtrack, Kris's hometown is named... Hometown. Even if Asgore's not the mayor or founder, his terrible naming skills live on.
  • Toriel mentioning that Kris and Asriel play "Super Smashing Fighters" and that Asriel likes playing "the green dinosaur".
  • Sans brings a few of these:
    • Him saying that he's "already 'befriended' your mom last night." while winking. By which he of course means he met her at the grocery store. The more things change...
    • He also recounts Alphys coming to the store with a suitcase and sunglasses making him think she was in the mob...and proceeding to stuff the suitcase with instant noodles, paid in small bills, then walking out while clearly wearing pajamas. He then states their relationship is purely business.
    • Asking to be Sans's friend has him remark that it takes time for friendships to flourish... and remarks that enough time has passed in the span of a second. Then he gives you his phone number.note 
    • Sans's grocery store is clearly the exterior for Grillby's, but with the "GRILLBY" scratched out and the letters "ans" crudely scribbled on after the "S'.
  • If you talk to Undyne and choose to say nothing, she tells you to not do anything illegal, and to look out for a purple girl, since one is wanted for several charges of comic mischief.
  • Meeting Asgore in the flower shop, he greets Kris by running up to them and giving them a "hug" which is more like picking Kris up and shaking them around.
  • Knocking on the door to Sans and Papyrus's house results in a prompt telling you that you hear "the faint trousle of bones".note 
  • Burgerpants is back, having traded his hated cashier job for a hated mascot suit-wearing waiter job.
    • His expressions are just as absurd as ever, possibly even more. "Ice-E's P"E"ZZA is H"E"LL", in his words.
      I can't slack off for SECONDS without hearing... "Be a team player, there's no I in PEZZA!" YES THERE IS. YOU JUST TOOK IT OUT.
    • His coworkers are apparently entirely insane, at least by his standards. Nice Cream Guy just spills shakes over his clothes with annoying frequency and finds it amusing, but the (currently hospitalized) Warrior keeps yelling war cries in the middle of dinner service. And then there's "Purple Guy", possibly the Barney-like character in an Ice-E mask, who we never get to hear the details on aside from Burgerpants not being sure he even works there.
  • One of the books in the Librarby (sic) is Napstablook's diary, which they accidentally returned there and now have to take out every time they want to write a new entry. Some things just don't change.
  • Also in the Librarby is a positive review of Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2, written by Alphys (under the alias of "The Anonymous Yellow Lizard"). The options to "Read it?" are "Yes" and "No no no no no no no no no".
  • Berdly himself has a few funny lines. First, he berates Kris for not returning the book — How to Draw Dragons — for 2583 days (which is at least over 7 years). Then, if you talk to him AGAIN, he describes the book "just in case you forgot what it looks like". The face he makes when describing it when he gets to what the dragon on the cover is wearing is hilarious. Bonus points: the dragon on the front cover is explicitly described as a Mauve Dragon. It's the same color as Susie. Also, your adventure in the Dark World will at least guarantee you now have a pencil equipped on Kris.
  • Visiting Noelle's father in the hospital has a few.
    • When you walk in on Noelle visiting her father, he appears to be giving her romance advice. Noelle appears embarrassed at the thought of saying it, and her dad tells her that he said it to her mother the first time they met. What he said? That "she was a hot piece of work". In response, she slapped him so hard he blacked out.
    • When Noelle says she has to go and do her group project with Berdly, who her father calls "Nerdly", and wants to kick his ass. When Noelle points out he can't get up, he asks her to bring him to the window outside his room so he can throw something at him. And if Kris goes to the library and talks to Berdly, Kris asks him to go to the window.
    • While talking to Kris, Noelle's dad reminisces about when Noelle was still scared of "humans under the bed."
      Rudolph: [aside] Kris, it was NOT nice of you to hide under her bed!
  • Honestly, most of the people out in town have fun things to say if you talk to them twice. Monster Kid tells you a story about the time Susie kicked a ball really hard into Undyne's cop car (they end up getting thrashed at the game by her), Snowy is a little jealous you managed to skip class for an entire day without getting in trouble, Noelle gets pretty annoyed if you don't talk about/deliberately avoid her questions about Susie, and also forgot the keys to her own house...
  • Easy to miss, but Monster Kid was playing handball with Snowy and Jockington. None of them even have arms.
  • Kris referring to the communal wine at church as "sick fruit juice."
  • According to Toriel, a very young Kris, seeing their goat-family, once innocently wondered when their horns were going to grow in. Adorable, right? Well, their parents made it up to them by buying them a headband with little devil horns, which they wore for months.
  • If you have Kris continuously flush the toilet at their house, Toriel will first act concerned. Then she'll be annoyed, asking if they'd put a bath bomb in the toilet again. Finally she'll state that if anything happens to the toilet, Kris will be footing the plumbing bill.

  • Toby Fox's FAQ has this gem:
    Question: "The game doesn't work" / "I don't like the game" / "Will there be a version for (platform)?"
    Answer: Because it's a free download I'm surrounded by a forcefield that destroys all complaints and platform requests.
  • The Switch trailer for Deltarune that was featured on the Nintendo Direct features a "spoiler-free" trailer. How does one make a game whose main value comes from its experience spoiler-free? Censor everything with the annoying dog, even though most of the scenes don't even appear in the game itself. One shot has Ralsei being dogpiled, Susie yelling at the dog to get off her face, and Kris petting one of the dogs.
  • A popular joke within the fandom was the idea that an Undertale character, possibly Sans, would join the roster of Super Smash Bros.. However, when Deltarune released on October 31st with a Smash reference in the epilogue, multiple characters telling them to "come back tomorrow" and a Smash Ultimate Direct the very next day, some fans thought it might actually be happening. It ultimately turned out to be sheer coincidence, but for that short period of time...
    • And then Sans actually got into Smash Bros. almost a year later, as a DLC costume for the Mii Gunner.
  • This is the last thing you see before you die.
  • The Livestream Playthrough of Chapter 1, in celebration of Undertale's 6th Anniversary, is chock-full of humor.
    • Toby makes his entrance via skateboard, passing through several cutaway scenes and wreaking havoc on the way.
    • During the vessel-creation scene, the "Favorite Food" section has its "Pain" option replaced with "Nacho Flamin Cheese".
    • Toby acknowledges how Kris and Toriel entering the car has them go under the car, and explains that he simply doesn't know how to animate them going into it properly.
    • Some of Berdly's dialogue's been changed to be nerdier and meme-y to make him even more insufferable, like how Kris will lose their "moss% run on Smashing Fighters" once he publishes his 40-minute documentary proving they spliced their footage.
      Berdly: Now get out of here, you're making me lose subscribers!
    • After leaving the screen with the Top Chef, he suddenly explodes. Every time you leave it. Toby tells us and one of the hosts not to worry about that and move on.
    • A small red nub with a face named "Nubert" is suddenly introduced. Nobody questions him or his existence, and his only contribution is saying that everyone loves him, which Ralsei and Susie attest to. "My man!"
    • Every now and then, there's a guest knocking at the door, usually Mettaton (or rather an Elvis-style impersonator on set) giving Fangamer the props and product placement they need. Sometimes, it's the plushies themselves making way.
      • With this, 3D Toriel returns, this time stiltedly animated and speaking with a somewhat-corrupted form of Toriel's voice. She then proceeds to destroy the set with her laser eyes. That's one way to cue a short ad break from the stream.
    • The hosts and producers can't help but have fun messing with digital effects over the course of the stream.
      • Parodic use of applause, laugh tracks, and "gasping audience" sound effects happen whenever they feel like it.
      • During Susie's introduction scene, Toby voices his concern over how her dark hair made her look weird in the doorframe (with nostrils for eyes), leading many players to initially think she was some kind of worm. He and the hosts ask for a visual representation, fanart if possible, and the showrunners just put random pictures of worms on the screen. The dads and dog accept this.
      • After the chat casts their decisions at certain points, Toby demands they add "I Voted" stickers to him. The producers oblige, until chat decides to assemble the "duck" variant of the Thrash Machine, in which Toby and the producers demand they take the stickers off in disapproval.
      • As the conversations sometimes become weird, or at least threaten to veer into it, Toby requests he be given a sword so he can stop future awkward moments before they start. The hosts add they use "cool" 3D graphics, and they're answered with a slow gif of a rotating sword. Later, Toby gets a foam prop sword.
      • Any time a graphic persists for a bit, everyone voices how they need to move on and get the stuff off the screen.
    • Charlie, the one tasked with playing the game, not only faces off against Jevil, but also apparently needs to fight the battle at 20% faster speed, with only one attempt at this. It's as funny as it is amazing to watch.
      • Toby also makes sure to save up on time by adding the full key to the corner of the room, which he apparently did during the second ad break. In-game, the flavor text notes the residual fur.
    • Any time the concept art and related trivia is being discussed. Toby makes no bones about how crude his drawings are, which he gives to Temmie as a basis.
      • Toby pleads for Charlie to view The Original Starwalker, and the others display the concept art for it, to show just how little its design and dialogue changed.
      • One of the conceptual enemies doodled by Toby is "Death Lord", some weird cat-bear animal thing with a gun. In another tangent involving Temmie suggesting a character design, they show a screenshot of Temmie only supplying him with a pair of eyes and half of a muzzle.
    • At the Hometown epilogue, Toby comments his astonishment at meeting "Sans from Super Smash Bros." while everyone else doesn't treat the dialogue with him as any big deal.
    • At the end of the stream, the dads get up to leave and say their goodbyes to the audience. Toby, represented by a stuffed dog plush, becomes concerned with how he's going to leave now that he's alone in the room.


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