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  • IF Kris is being "possessed" by the player via SOUL, then it explains why and how we are able to control them. Ralsei gets "controlled" by us as well, but the flavour text always points out that Kris asks him to do something (e.g. "You asked Ralsei to compliment all enemies"). But when Kris and Ralsei are locked into a prison cell, the player receives the option to tell Susie where to go to. She will react confused, believing to have heard Kris and ignore the input. But if the player's control is within the SOUL that is inside could Susie receive the order?
    • The way the Susie control scene plays out actually seems a lot like the player is essentially sending their SOUL out without anyone being the wiser and helping subconsciously direct Susie. This is particularly notable in that you still have no control over Susie in pathing or while she fights Lancer, instead only evading attacks to prevent Susie from being damaged.
    • I think Kris just shouted it from a distance, and Susie could hear Kris was saying something, but not what it was.
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    • The biggest mystery is what actually happens. First, Ralsei tells Kris to imagine what Susie is doing, then you actually gain partial control of Susie (your choices don't matter), but when you go back to Kris, Ralsei is just finishing a conversation with them. What was Ralsei saying during the time Susie and Lancer were fighting? Was he talking to the real Kris, who wouldn't be controlled during that period? Can you gain partial control of anyone if you just imagine what they are doing hard enough?
      • And if this is the case, how would Ralsei even know that you can gain control this way?
      • Well, Flowey/Asriel seems to know a lot about SOULs...
  • If Ralsei wants to seal the other fountain in order to restore balance, why doesn't he ask Kris to seal the one in his own palace? No one is there, and the function of the fountain doesn't appear to be any different. Doing so seems like it would be the easiest way to resolve the situation without any extra effort.
    • The dialogue seems to imply that fountain is natural and supposed to exist, and there's a similar one in the Light World somewhere that balances it out. The extra fountains opening up seem to be what will throw off the balance of the world without a light-counterpart extra fountain to keep it stable.
      • Yes, but my point is, if there's just one Dark Fountain too many, wouldn't it do to close either of them? In other words, the entire story could be subverted by closing Ralsei's fountain.
      • If Ralsei closed his, then that still wouldn't solve the problem of the King, who would just open up another one before the heroes would have a chance to respond; better to go to the source of the problem and stop it in its tracks than to go for a temporary solution that only delays the issue.
      • It's possible it's not simply the number of fountains that needs to be equal, maybe the light and dark fountains must be linked to balance out, or the fountains are of different strength, so while the natural ones are equal, the unnatural ones would either be too strong or too weak, leaving an imbalance either way.
      • Ralsei's also just a kid, with all the forethought and decision-making skills that would imply, who's grown up thinking about the heroes and the legend. It's very likely the thought of sealing his own fountain just never occurred to him, since that's not a "heroic adventure", especially compared to trekking throughout the world and sealing the others. Additionally, "his" fountain has been there much, much longer. Why should he choose to close his, instead of the usurper's?
      • There is also the case of what Ralsei's manual says, about the dark fountain (likely referring to the one in his castle) giving him form. Which could mean that sealing the fountain in his castle would kill him.
  • Ralsei tells the legend of three heroes appearing as the Earth draws its final breath... but the world hardly seems to be at that point yet. In other words, Kris and Susie seem to have arrived far too soon to save the world.
    • Actually, it was a Prophecy Twist. If you quit the game, THEN THE WORLD WAS COVERED IN DARKNESS.
  • How did Ralsei know Kris's and Susie's names?
    • It's possible they were somewhere in the prophecy, or maybe he'd been watching them for a while and had orchestrated events early on to make sure they arrive. Not that that has any proof, but still...
      • Then it begs the same question as every prophecy: where does it come from? Prophecies can't be "just there". They, too, have to come from somewhere/someone.
      • Since Ralsei is highly implied to be Asriel's counterpart, and Lancer is likely Sans' counterpart, Ralsei could be friends with Kris' and Susie's counterpart and figured out their names by rearranging the letters in their names and took note of their visual similarities. This still opens up many more questions, though.
  • Why is there a monster graveyard? That's not how monsters work. In Undertale, it's stated that a dead monster's dust is sprinkled on their favorite object so their essence would infuse it. Are the two timelines that different?
    • Each grave has an item etched onto it that most likely holds emotional value to the deceased. It could be that human funeral rites, that often involve burying important items with the dead, also apply to monsters in this world. Even though there are no humans but Kris in town, the culture could still remain. So the graves don't contain monster bodies, but the dusted objects.
      • Well, there are no humans shown or mentioned in town because Kris is the only human living in Hometown. This doesn't mean non-exist, though.
      • Kris generally seems to be a bit of a curiosity as "the human" to some of the younger monsters, which would support that they are unique and the only human in town.
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    • It's possible that monsters just die like humans do in this world. If that's the case then humans might die like monsters do in this world as well, which would explain why their roles as dominant species have switched. This is also implied, if not outright confirmed when Toriel mentioned that her son as it the age to go to college, and that she herself is slowly aging away.
      • Somewhat Jossed, Boss monsters are implied to age only if they have direct LIVING descendants, as Asriel is a living direct Descendant, Toriel and Asgore should be expected to age normally.
      • You misunderstood my entry. The point of that entry is that monsters may work like humans do in this world in an attempt to explain the graves, and the seemingly dominant role switch between humans and monsters. Therefore, the same rules wouldn't apply.
  • It may seem strange how Kris's (or the player/Anomaly's) SOUL might affect things outside Kris's body, such as being present during Susie's fight with Lancer, or even getting torn out and still being controllable up to some measure. If one remembers the six human SOULs in Undertale and how they depowered Flowey seemingly on their own, well, human SOULs seem to be powerful objects indeed.
    • This also explains how we're able to control Kris. If the theory that monsters die like humans do in this world is correct, then perhaps the reverse is the same for humans too. Monsters are the dominant species instead of humans in this world, after all.
  • So Kris' pencil became a sword? What was Susie carrying that became an ax?
    • A tiny ax?
    • She was eating chalk beforehand... maybe it was the crumbs of chalk she hadn't eaten yet?
    • It's called the Mane Ax, and its description says it's made from the hair of a dragon. Susie could be considered sort of dragon-ish, being a dinosaur and all. So a clump of her hair, or a comb?
    • Maybe it was Maybellene. Maybe it was Axe shampoo.
  • If Kris did indeed toss out other SOULs into the birdcage, then should we really be worried about that Slasher Smile of theirs? If they've done it before then clearly nothing bad has happened as a result of it... at least as far as we're aware.
  • Since Kris is implied to be soulless after removing our SOUL from their body, yet appears to still be able to move, doesn't this mean that they're a ZOMBIE!?
    • While lacking a soul would certainly mean a human or monster is dead by normal understanding in the world of Undertale, the existence of Flowey proves that sufficient amounts of determination will grant consciousness to living but soulless objects, such as flowers. It is entirely possible that Humans in the world of Deltarune can live without souls, similar to a person in a comatose state, lacking a personality or the willpower required to achieve anything. Add an infusion of sufficient willpower, and you get an active soulless body. As red souls are associated with an abnormal excess of determination, It's possible that by possessing Kris, the player infuses them with the willpower necessary to "live" without a soul.
      • You gave me the thought of Kris just lying motionlessly as a corpse on the ground and the idea of that is... Creepy.


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