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"Eh... What's up, Doc?"

I'm known as RetroNova (レトロノバ Retoronoba) all throughout the internet. No seriously, that's the alias and brand name I've been going by online since late 2019. Yes, the BleuStar365 name is clearly outdated, horrible word spacing aside. But since I can't change my username on this website for some reason, you can just call me Bleu.

Who or what am I exactly? I'm a digital artist, a content creator, a voice actor and voice impressionist, a dude with a penchant for 80's, 90's and Y2K media, a retro gamer as a result, and a time traveler believe it or not. I'm also studying the Japanese language because I'm just fascinated with the culture and media there.

Gaming is a major part of my life. I grew up at tail end of the 16-bit generation all the way to the Wii-era and I can easily say that the games I've played throughout those times gave me some of the best moments of my life with both family and friends.

I'm a huge fan of Rodney Dangerfield and Kylie Minogue, among other people. I'm also a music lover with extreme tastes in music from vocals to instruments. My ultimate dream is to one day be a real star, whether it be as an influencer or an actor, and who knows? Maybe I'll be able to score my own creator page one day! Sadly I can't go too far into the future. It's probably for the best though..

Wanna get to know me? What are you waiting for? Go head and start shooting some DMs out!

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"Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right away. Do it when you can. It's the only way to live a life without regrets."