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This page is for discussion of the future generations of Pokémon.For future Pokémon ideas, go here.

For the games that were announced in January 2013, see here.For Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald remake speculation, see here.

Theories related specifically to Generation VII are allowed to stay on this page until Gen VIII begins, at which point any such theories still unconfirmed would be presumed Jossed.


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    Future region ideas 

There will be a region in later generations geographically based on...
  • An archipelago, like Indonesia for example.
    • Confirmed with Alola in Pokémon Sun and Moon, which is based on Hawaii.
  • One or two states/territories of Australia, probably Victoria with at least part of Tasmania.
    • This is also when we'll get triple-typing, since literally every Pokemon will be part-Poison type.
    • And there'll be three groups of villains, modeled on the Carlton Crew, the Moran family, and the Williams gang.
    • Cities to be based on Melbourne (in two or more parts, as with Tokyo being represented by Saffron and Celadon City), Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Wodonga, Hobart and Devonport (badges), along with Melton, Mildura, Hamilton, Launceston and Warrnambool (filler).
    • At long, long last, a Poison-type Legendary would show its face here.
    • And in the anime, Jessie and James would have counterparts named Kelly and Ned.
    • Pokémon Yah/Nah is a fan made project set in a region based on Australia (with a New Zealand-based area included but not a starting location).

  • Madagascar. Dozens of lemur-variant Pokémon!
    • Doubtful: With the existence of the Pokérus, you wouldn't be able to trade!
      • Except that the Pokérus doesn't hurt a Pokémon so much as strengthen it.

  • Some European country
    • Great Britain, with a little bit of France. It even fits the Sinnoh/Hoenn model of self-contained area, so they can just copy/paste and then mess around, rather than work out where to stop like with Johto, Kanto, and Unova.
      • The British Isles as an actual series of Islands.
      • Depending on where you want to put it, there could be legends based of the Arthurian legend and Celtic Mythology. They'll probably do the Arthurian Legend first, since we know it better.
      • Interestingly enough, Welsh mythology comes handily with a pair of legendary dragons, the Red Dragon (for the Welsh) and the White Dragon (for the Saxons). It's an allegory for regional disputes in Britain.
      • Now confirmed as of Pokémon Sword and Shield.
    • Germany. The Enemy Team will be the Nazi Party with the serial numbers filed off and no Holocaust-ish events.
    • The Scandanavian Peninsula. The Cover Legendaries will be the more monstrous of the Children of Loki (Jormunganr and Fenrir).
      • Alternatively, Loki and Thor. Thor as a Electric/Fighting (or Steel) type and Loki as a Dark/something (Fire? Poison?). Loki would be in the Ditto egg group.
      • There's a suggestion above for Loki as an Ice/Dark type with Illusion (he's part frost-giant), plus there's also some speculation that Reshiram and Zekrom might already be based on aspects of Loki and Thor.
      • Note this picture of the world from the anime. The Scandanavian Peninsula is clearly visible. Hmm...
    • Greece; they could base Pokémon off of Greek Myths like the Hydra. If it's Ancient Greece, there could be multiple city-states with differing rules and customs that the player would have to navigate. And maybe a variant on the Unown that look more like the Greek alphabet?
      • Like Alola, the region will have Trial Captains instead of Gyms
    • Italy: You can see it very distinctly on the anime map linked above. Villainous team will probably be a group trying to revive the Poké-Roman Empire.
    • Iberia, which is also very clearly on the aforementioned map. At least one Pokemon there would be based on a bull. The villain team could be based on Franco's fascist regime.

  • The rest of the United States, along with Canada and Mexico (possibly all as one region).
    • New Jersey.
      • If this does happen, it would almost certainly be the Johto to Unova's Kanto, with a Gold/Silver/Crystal style ability to return to Unova after beating the Elite Four.
      • If that happens, there better be a Jersey Devil Pokémon.
    • The Great Lakes
      • The Main City would be an Expy of Cleveland.
    • The Deep South
      • With a forest at the west side of the region (representing the forests of Louisiana and eastern Texas).
      • A mountain at the east side of the region (representing the Southern Appalachians/Great Smoky Mountains).
      • About 3 water routes at the south end of the region (representation the Gulf of Mexico).
    • The cities would include the following.
      • Starter city, based off of Beaumont, Texas.
      • Gym Cities, based off of Tyler, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Birmingham, Alabama; Dothan, Alabama; Miami, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Lake Charles, Louisiana.
      • Filler Cities, based off of Lufkin, Texas (1st Pokémon Center); Memphis, Tennessee (mansion, similar to Camphrier town); Nashville, Tennessee & Orlando, Florida (large theatre/amusement park, both similar to Nimbasa City); and Tunica County, Mississippi or Shreveport, Louisiana (Game corner, both areas are hubs for gambling in Real Life).
      • Elite four HQ would be based off of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Chicagoland is better fitting than New Jersey because Osaka is basically Chicago in Japan.
    • Canada: Icey location similar to the northern part of Sinnoh.
      • The northern part of the region would be like this. Other than that, we'd have a Castelia-like Toronto analogue with a tall CN-like tower that gives you a great view of the whole region, a Montreal-based city with a Cirque du Soleil-themed gym and a few French-speaking NPC's (not to mention a Gym Leader who uses Gratuitous French like Fantina — possibly Fantina herself), and an Edmonton-based city with the region's shopping mall crossed with a Nimbasa-ish amusement park (the West Edmonton Mall).
      • The region would also have Buffalo and Detroit, since both cities are right on the border, and you can't forget about Vancouver, either. Not just that, but the Game Corner could be in either Windsor or Detroit. You'd also find Octillery and Shinx, Luxio and Luxray nearby .
    • Mexico/Texas: Desert area filled with some Mayincatec ruins and some Wild West Cowboys.
    • Florida: Similar to the resort area in DPPt, but bigger.
    • D.C.: Politics city, with a big Expy of the White House.
    • California: Metropolis filled with celebrities (channeling L.A., Hollywood, and San Francisco).
      • Specifically, the celebrities will be famous trainers from the previous gens, like Red, Gold, Brendan and May, Lucas and Dawn, Hilbert and Hilda, Lance, Steven Stone, Cynthia, N, and Alder. Perhaps this is where that Champion vs. Champion Olympics-type event that Cynthia mentioned will take place?
      • Also, in the San Fran-based area, there'd be a streetcar system of some sort and Trainers with male Gardevoir and Gothitelle.
    • Las Vegas: Hopefully the Game Corner would be brought back.
    • Arizona: A possible visit to Orre Just Before the End.
      • Or just Orre as it exists in Colosseum/Gale of Darkness, albeit in handheld form. I like that desert just how it is.
    • Regions could be in order of distance from Unova (New York): New Jersey for Gen VI, and Maryland (with Washington D.C.) for Gen VII. Gen VIII can be Canada.
      • Just wanted to point out that Unova is partially based off New Jersey to begin with. Canada would be nice to see, even if Tohjo Falls is the Kanto-Johto area's answer to Niagara Falls.
      • Jossed: Generation VII is set in Alola, based on Hawaii, which is about as far from New York as you can get while still being part of the 50 United States.
    • New England. With a major city (think Castelia or Saffron) at the approximate location of Boston, an Undella Town-esque location at roughly where Cape Cod is, access to Unova, and of course a huge amount of new Water-type Pokémon (think new lobster, quahog, cod, and whale Pokémon, among loads of others). Also this would be the perfect region to introduce a turkey Pokémon, perhaps as the regional Com Mon bird line.

  • The Amazon Rainforest: The region will be surrounded by forests, and the large Amazon River will be the spot for surfing.

  • A totally original world.
    • If a new world would be used, why not make a medieval Europe fantasy setting, where most of the traditional Pokémon mechanics like Poké Balls are used with magic? And maybe if we get trainers with swords and stuff, we could use the move Cut out of battle ourselves, or other HM possibilities. I don't see why not.

  • Maybe somewhere in Russia?
    • A Team Rocket scientist in Gen I/Gen III did mention that Silph Co. had a branch in Tiksi, and the Gen II/Gen IV Rocket operative who later settles down in Icirrus City has struck some people as Russian-sounding (though he clearly can't be from a Russian region if his home is Unova).
    • In this region, the starter Pokemon would choose you.

  • The Yucatan Peninsula, complete with Mayan and Aztec-themed legendaries.

  • New Zealand. Each island can be its own region, and be like the Kanto/Johto dynamic. New Zealand does have a pretty varied climate...
    • Maybe Australia too? Or the rest of Oceania?
    • A New Zealand region might have a larger variety of water Pokémon, since extra water area would facilitate that. Plus, more cetacean species are found near New Zealand than any other region on the planet.

  • The Kiev Oblast in Ukraine. It could have an area with deserted buildings and lots of shiny Pokémon.

  • The Middle East. Bonus points if, given his Villainous Breakdown and the fact he's still alive, they use Ghetsis as a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Muammar Gaddafi.

  • An African country. There certainly are many animals to make Pokémon of.
    • The African continent as a whole could work well for a region, because it's so varied already. Deserts, grasslands, and rainforests, as well as massive lakes.

  • I would go for anywhere in Canada. I pick Quebec, specifically Montreal. It could have an area based on the old port and there would be more ice types. Also the villainous group is a mafia that has hold of the local government and construction industry.

  • Hong Kong. It could have a number of Chinese-inspired Pokémon, as well as some with some clear British influence.

  • India. Has a lot of great wildlife to make Pokémon from, as well as some fantastic environments.
    • A large river based off the Ganges would flow through it. It would be home to fish Pokémon, a gharial-like Pokémon, and perhaps even a Ganges river Pokemon.
    • A tiger Pokémon would be present, of course. A rare white variation might be available as well.
    • India is too big and too culturally diverse to be a singular region. It would have to be split into parts, with states clumped together to form a region based on geographical location and culture like so:
      • Jammu and Kashmir
      • Punjab, Shimla, and Haryana
      • The Eastern Indian states
      • Rajasthan and Gujarat
      • U.P, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal
      • Orissa, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh
      • Maharashtra
      • Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
      • Karnataka
      • Tamil Nadu and Kerala
    • Copperajah’s dex entry says it came to Galar from another region. Maybe Famefreak is dropping a hint for gen 9? It is an Indian elephant and they do love dropping hints...

  • The Galapagos Islands. Will more likely be a small portion of a region rather than an entire region itself. It will be a collection of islands. Some of the islands will have some of the same Pokemon, however, each island will have a different form, with different forms maybe even having different stats.
    • The region itself could be based on Ecuador and Peru, spanning from the Amazon to the Andes (where we'd surely see an ancient city based on Machu Picchu) to the coast.

  • China as a whole. There will be big, crowded cities along with rural areas and lots of wild places. Running through the middle of the region will be a great wall. The two legendaries will be a fenghuan phoenix and a dragon.
    • It will also have a set of four legendary Pokémon based on the four constellations: the white tiger of the west, the black tortoise of the north, the azure dragon of the east and the vermilion bird of the south. Scattered about the region will be some regular Pokémon based off the animals of the Chinese zodiac, and owning them all will cause an NPC to give you a special Pokémon, or give you a map or key to a legendary Pokémon.
      • Rat: Either a Downplayed version of Com Mons or the Pikaclone of the generation.
      • Ox:
      • Tiger:
      • Rabbit: A Normal type Com Mon that evolves into a Normal/Fairy (Moon Rabbits anyone?) Killer Rabbit.
      • Dragon: Water/Dragon type.
      • Snake: Water type preevolution of the dragon one?
      • Horse: Water/Flying White Dragon Horse reference? LOOKS like a dragon and can learn one or two dragon type moves but nothing more.
      • Sheep/Goat:
      • Monkey: Grass type peach (pecha?) monkey. Monkeys are relationed with peachs in China.
      • Rooster: Fire/Flying type.
      • Dog:
      • Pig: Another Com Mon.

  • Mexico, Puerto Rico, or Spain. Hispanic culture would be nice in the games.
    • A School Kid on Route 15 in both Gen II and Gen IV mentions learning "Sayonara!" in a foreign-language class (or Japanese class if you're playing G/S/C), so we can probably assume that, as with the various instances of French in the games prior to Gen VI, a Spanish-speaking region will turn out to have retroactively existed all this time. The question is which country to adapt. A Mexican-themed locale could have mariachi musicians as Trainers, a larger-than-normal population of Ghost Pokémon (Day of the Dead, remember?), an Acapulco-inspired beach resort (much like Porta Vista in the anime), and ancient ruins based on Meso-American civilizations like the Maya and Aztec, for starters. Puerto Rico is a very culturally-diverse country, but could also function in a capacity similar to the Sevii Islands if Mexico was chosen. Spain gives you—among other things—flamenco dancing (which is quite popular in the U.S. and Japan, and could even serve a purpose reminiscent of the Kimono Girls in Johto), potential Don Quixote and Inigo Montoya shout-outs, and a possible nationalism vs. centralism plot echoing Catalonia and Basque Country's desire for statehood. Additionally, should the geography mirror the real world's, the region could border Kalos much like how Kanto and Johto are neighbors. A love of bullfighting and soccer football would be constants no matter the location, though.

  • A Mesoamerican or Andean civilization, obviously having undergone technological and cultural advances.

  • Some ancient civilization, with the obvious difference that it's survived to the modern day. Possibilities include:

  • A Caribbean island, like Cuba or Jamaica.

  • Israel.

  • An Arab country.

  • Anatolia

  • A Himalayan country

  • Remember how GSC/HGSS had two regions in the same game? Why not make two new regions for a future game and have them border each other? The backstory behind it could be say, the two regions are in territorial dispute and one side wants to take over the other, that way you could set up a conflict and have the villains be the leaders of that region. Some other stuff would include points in the story where you have to cross between regions, and can't do so until you get a passport or maybe have your passport get stolen later ECT.

One future region will be based off several non-Japanese Asian countries lumped together.
That way, there can be cool places based on these areas without having to wait for a whole new region. A large portion of it will be based on China, but there will be areas based off India, Korea, and various Middle Eastern countries. The visuals, Pokemon, and mythology will be based off those of the listed cultures.

One future region will be based off several European countries lumped together.
Similar to the above, it will be one big region with some countries more dominant than the others. There will be a Scandinavia type area full of creatures, and even a legendary or two, inspired by Norse myth. There might be some old Medieval ruins containing various dragon type Pokemon, maybe even a big legendary one hiding in a castle with some gold. There will be a Venice-style town that would allow you to use Surf to get around. (bonus points if Latias and/or Latias are available in this area) If the possibly France-based Pokemon X And Y don't do it first, there will be areas based on the Chauvet and Lescaux caves of France. Inside, the player will be able to see cave paintings of fossil Pokemon, perhaps even with a little Mew painting hidden somewhere. Fossils could be found inside the cave.

One future region will be based off several South American countries lumped together.
Similar to the above two, we could have a whole representation of South America, with some countries being more dominant. Thanks to its geographical size in real life, Brazil would probably be the region to take the most chunk out of places and catchable Pokémon, but other regions such like Argentina and Chile would take some spotlight as well.

A future region will make it possible to access the Nature Preserve.
Because why not? The Nature Preserve is supposed to be in a far-away region after all.

A future game will (at least partially) take place in an Ultra Space dimension for a much more significant amount of time than any game in the seventh gen...
... And the starters will include Poipole (or a prevo for it). With the current type chart, it would stand to reason that the other two Ultra starters would be Grass- and Ground-types. (I actually don't expect this, but you never know...)

Future regions will take place in Ultra Space.
Earth only has so many inspirations that Game Freak can use, so they will need to look elsewhere for region ideas just in case they run out of countries to base them off of. I think Ultra Space is the perfect next step for the franchise should that happen. There's already a lot of potential for worlds like the Ultra Deep Sea and Ultra Jungle—their civilizations, their cultures, and, of course, their Pokémon.

There will be a future region based on an area of Japan not covered in Generations I-IV.
Think about it. There are a total of eight regions in Japan. Kanto is based on the Kantō region, Johto is based on the Kansai region, Hoenn is based on the Kyushu region, and Sinnoh is based on the Hokkaido region. This leaves four Japanese regions unaccounted for. According to this rough translation of the Generation I-IV regions into the Japanese islands, there's still a considerable chunk of Japan that has yet to be adapted in a future game. Assuming this is an accurate representation (and it does appear the overall shapes of the Pokémon regions line up somewhat with the Japanese regions indicated in the photo), there is at least one region bordering Sinnoh and Kanto, and at least one region bordering Johto and Hoenn.

    Ideas for future villain teams. 

  • A band of military-themed types who want to overthrow the reigon's government to "keep order" and prevent catastrophies like those of previous generations. Possibly called Team Ironside.
    • (Original Poster) Opposing them is a band of anarchists who want to tear down the government...and not replace it. Possibly called Team Blackheart.

  • A Cyberpunk gang, with the token "subjugate all of nauture" plot.

  • A group based off The Übermensch and The Fundamentalist respectively. In a way, they will personify the extremes of belief and non-belief. They will be at each other's throats, much like Team Aqua and Magma. The Übermensch is led by a Satan expy Pokémon, not necessarily evil or good. The Fundamentalist is led by a Crystal Dragon Jesus, who wants to restore the old belief system.

  • Lucent Types, an artificial Pokemon type that takes reduced damage from all Pokemon types except other Lucent types, who hit super effective against it and shadow types, which it has a neutral relationship with. A type that was not meant to exist, it can only be acquired through a long, artificial process of extracting a Pokemon's emotion, making them like Cyrus. They are primarily used by an organization called "Falling Star" that believes the mutual understanding between Pokemon and people is a weakness, and for society to advance, people need to start treating Pokemon less like friends and more like tools.
    • This sounds waaaay too much like a rip-off of Team Cipher.
    • To make this less like Cipher, it could be in a region where breakthroughs are being made in the area of synthetic materials and alternate energy. The evil team could be actively rejecting it, violently clinging to their now obsolete Ursaring skins and Magneton generators, while breaking into the national park to poach Farfetch'd.

  • As a massive Take That! to the portion of the Fan Dumb who believes that Game Freak should've stopped after the first and/or second gen, they should make a criminal organization set in the Kanto Region whose goal is to purge the world of all pokemon who don't orignate from the Kanto and/or Johto Region. You can even say that they're nazis by another name.
    • That could work in a new region that has no previously introduced Pokemon in its National Dex. Pokemon is old enough that if the new group is only using generation one Pokemon that you can't get yet, they could come across as mysterious to new players with their light colors and 8 bit cries, following trainers who say all Pokemon must be like this.
    • It could also work in a sequel to the Generation I games which seem to be a possibility considering the ending of Sun and Moon where Lillie goes to Kanto. They could be an offshoot of Team Rocket called Team Indigo. They are mostly elders who hate how Kanto currently is and want to return everything "back to the way it was in the glory days." All their encounter themes, battle themes, etc. will be the original 8 bit themes. They'll probably want to use the power of a new Ultra Beast (or Missingno if it happens to be a new UB) to reset the Kanto region back to Generation I style, and a la Aqua/Magma, they realise their mistake when they see just how backwards Generation I was, and call on the player to set things back to normal.

  • A team of Mad Scientists! This would be contrasted by a region of ancient legend and harmony with nature, a bit like Sinnoh but turned Up to Eleven - so, obviously, not much SCIENCE!. The scientist team would be trying to overthrow the natural order of the region and subjugate it by having their leader control the legendary Pokemon (using SCIENCE!). The leader themself would be a huge Mad Scientist whose motivation is the fact that SCIENCE! is limited by pesky rules about morals and the like - think Mugabe in Pokemon, only with the horrible stuff filtered out. If they suceed, though, the region will be utterly trashed, so you have to stop them. Also, you know the leader? Yeah... they're the professor, who was using you the whole time. FOR SCIENCE!

  • A team with no set uniforms based on Hipsters, trying to get people to stop working with Pokemon just because everyone is doing it. They will disband when it finally sinks into their leader's head that they are using Pokemon to achieve these goals, or else when it is pointed out that if everyone stops using Pokemon, not using them will become mainstream.

  • A team based on 40's era mob who will try to rule the criminal criminal underworld using Pokemon. They will attack Pokemon centers and Poke Marts for not paying tribute. Their leader would a lawful evil Villain with Good Publicity who tries to kill the protagonist with a Uriah Gambit but the protagonist will be rescued by 1.)Red, 2.)The professor, 3.) The protagonist's love interest. After his real motives are discovered, the two join forces and defeat him and get proof of his connection to the villainous team.

  • There will be a villanous team that has considerably more advanced technology than everybody else. The future villanous team will do something involving causing a meteor shower with a nearby comet. Everybody will learn to their shock that the resulting meteorites had pokemon in them that are ice/rock types (inspired by some of the above speculation in types not yet done). They are an evolutionary family with the last one being a pseudo legendary. The bad guys get over their shock first, find out the pokemon's stats and take full advantage of the unexpected turn of events.

  • There will be a villainous team who will later be revealed to be working for the local Mega-Corp, and the leader of the team is the Corrupt Corporate Executive. Could be an expy of Umbrella.
    • Technically, This is exactly what happens in the Alola games.

  • Two teams that want equality, with one focusing on class, and the other on identity.

  • A team that abuses the genetic relationship between humans and Pokemon to produce an army of Super Soldiers by force breeding Pokemon with humans. In the Pokemon world, since offspring inherit the physical attributes of the mother and the powers of the father, they will kidnap unsuspecting women from various towns to breed them with Pokemon. The resulting offspring will be a human with the powers of their respective Pokemon father. And the protagonist is one of them.

  • Professor Oak will eventually be outed as the franchise's Big Bad.
    • He uses child labor and doesn't pay them, he sends unprepared children out into a dangerous world with only one Pokemon to protect them, and he drives all his charges to catch every Pokemon in existence, including the ones that if caught would bring about calamity.
    • Check out the GRAMPS theory about the villainous teams. Galactic, Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma. All we need is Team S____ and we're set to go.
      • We have Team Skull.

  • There was something I saw on YouTube... and got inspired by it. Two new villain teams. Team Nostalgia Fags and New Fags. One wants to erase from existence all Pokémon which National Dex No. is 152 or higher (ie. anything past Mew) and the other will do the opposite, delete all but Gen VI. The protagonist will use a mix of both Gen I and VI (to make both teams go insane). The teams will go as far as use overpowered Pokémon of their Generation (including Mewtwo with Psystrike). Their fate would be rather odd - They would destroy and erase each other in a horrifying way, thanks to player. Of course, that would be a Double-Edged sword, as Destroying each other, they would create a massive explosion of some kind, that would ruin the balance and peace of the once calm and ordinary region. Due to this, many new areas would be available to the player, granting an access to about 66.6% of the pre-Generation VI Pokémon in one way or another. That would give 432-433 Pokémon to catch (9.001% of that would be version-exclusive – that's 39 Pokémon exclusive to one version, and another 39 to other. For comparision the highest version-exclusives is in White, due to White Forest. Many Pokémon are catchable in Generation V, but only in White Forest. That gives White version a grand total of about 116 Pokémon that can be catched in White, but not in Black. 116. What I proposed is barely 1/3 of what Game Freak did), much more than even the New Unova Pokédex (301 vs 432-433)

  • A group of Hero with Bad Publicity antagonists that you are forced to pursue. The real bad guys will have infiltrated several sections of society, such as police and breeding centres. The player will be forced to root them out, though given the extent of the problem and the fact that you will have gone all Inspector Javert on a group of innocents, this will probably have a Bittersweet Ending.

  • A group of well intentioned extremists who try to end the sufferings of the world, but end up making things worse or brings about The End of the World as We Know It. After this happens, the leader realizes what s/he had done and works with you to fix what they had done. And after it's all said and done, you and the leader leave on good terms.

  • A group that isn't really evil. They're just doing everything they can to keep people on their toes and ready to defend themselves from random attacks. That way, if a real evil organization ever shows up, the populace will be more prepared to defend itself.

  • A team with good goals that just happen to go against the protagonist's mindset. The protagonist is a Villain Protagonist.

  • The group where several of the gym leaders and elite 4 members are involved with.

  • A group that is based on the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • A Lovecraftian-esque mad cult who wants to release their eldritch abominations across the world. Said abominations will be inspired by the glitch Pokemon of old.

  • There will be a villainous team whose leader turns out to be only the second-in-command. The real leader is actually the main hero.

  • There will be a religious-esque team who's fully convinced that all Dark-Type Pokemon are evil and must be purged from the world. This could go hand-in-hand with the WMG about a Dark-Type Gym Leader, with the Leader later convincing them that what they think is wrong.

  • As Generation V deconstructs the idea of Pokemon battles, this villainous team will deconstruct the very existence of Pokemon and how they ultimately overpower humanity. This villainous team will want to ensure that humanity is at no risk from the potential death machines that are Pokemon, planning to put human beings on the same level as them. Similar to Pokewood, the villains themselves will battle you. They will have other Pokemon, but be completely aware of the contradiction; only using them because they're not powerful enough to do so themselves. The Big Bad will come from a distant nation, or possibly even the future, where Pokemon have taken over. His/her experiments to give humanity a fighting chance will have progressed to the point where he/she herself has effectively become a Pokemon herself, most likely the legendary mascot of the other game (the mascot duo will have the Pokemon you don't get have reached a dormant state, which the Big Bad uses for this).

  • A cross between Objectivists à la Andrew Lucius, conspiracy theorists and Mc Carthyists. They're persuaded the government (if there is one) is too weak against other villainous teams, that it hides the truth, and imposes pesky regulations on the battle system. They want to get rid of the Gym/Elite Four system, take over the Safari zones, and eliminate all conflict between Pokémon and humans so that the latter can have absolute control over the former. We will also learn that gym badges owe their power to some legendaries, and are all made in a specific town of the new region.
    • This evil team will also want to make pokémon centers charge for healing, because anything worth doing is worth doing for profit, and poor people shouldn't become pokémon trainers anyway.
    • Something similar to all of this,where the villain team controls the region's Gyms/Badge system in that region.They would be a team that wants to eliminate any weak trainers/Pokemon and create an elite region of powerful trainers,that could overthrow any other region.They would even go as far as ban a trainer who would train a Pokemon deemed "weak" like Delibird or Cherrim.Team grunts would mostly use pokemon that are popular in battle,like the Gible line,Heracross or the Gastly line.

  • A team that does its work for the betterment of humankind. They decide that Pokémon are dangerous creatures that hinder human advancement, but see the potential in their powers, so their ultimate goal is to replicate the same powers within humans so that humans could build their civilizations bigger and better than they previously could, as well as protect themselves from the Pokémon. After that, most of the dangerous little freaks would be redundant to the world, so the team would have to result to mass killings of species at large. The only ones left would be domesticated or used for livestock. Of course, using Pokémon would be a necessary evil, but after their work is completed, they'd likely kill theirs along with the others.
    • Alternatively, the team could be raging human supremacists- those that believe that only humans were meant to control the Pokemon world. Their main goal would be the extreme domestication of non-threatening Pokemon and the genocide of those they see as unfit to live in the human world. This would involve major Orwellian brainwashing to make people act like those Pokemon never existed, and that it was always humans who controlled the land. The opposing team would be on the opposite side of the spectrum- a group of extreme misanthropes that advocate the genocide of humanknd. Their ultimate goal is to make Pokemon kill humans for entering their habitat and building over their land. After their goal is completed, they'd kill themselves along with them. They could also take a Conversion Bureau approach to it: They'd make people believe that Pokemon are perfect creatures, and that they would be better people if they became Pokemon themselves, losing their human memories in the process. The human race would be placed in a Morton's Fork: either convert into a Pokemon, avert the Humancide and die by the first team, or stay human and die by the misanthropes.

  • Sooner or later there'd be a team hell-bent on figuring out every nuance of a pokemon for the hell of it. They'd kidnap and conduct mad science on pokemon, often in gruesome fashion, and relay their findings to professors to reap the benefits, like, say, money or power. As the player finds out later, this is where some of the darker entries in the Pokedex come from.

  • Related to the "Team and Journey echo" entry in the next folder, a team that uses children to carry out their dirty work. The kids would be intensely trained to use Pokemon exceptionally well in an attempt to match and surpass the bane of most Evil Crime Organizations in the Pokemon world- young punks like the protagonist and others. They'd be scattered all across the region, battling you at opportune times along your routes to get the skinny on you- but you would never be able to tell which kid it is. The head, as it's revealed, is no older than you, and savvy to boot, seeing that it'd take a similar-minded kid to take down one like you.

  • A Team bordering on Illuminati-level importance, where the Evil Organization bit is just a front for the real power they have. The team has members in every single aspect of the region, ranging from members within the Pokémon center, to members within the Gyms (Like Giovanni), to members working on the PC programs, to the police force, up to and including your professor and most likely your government. The team is known to all, posters advertising themselves and how much power they hold over the region, Big Brother style. They work on schemes out in the open, doing whatever they like to Pokémon, and when people oppose them, they threaten shutting down everything they have power over. You job is to uncover the conspiracy and end their schemes once and for all.

    • Alternatively, the team still remains in secret, but that becomes the reason why nobody but the local Kid Hero could do anything about the team — they're too scared to try anything, lest they end up on the "Missing Persons" list in the papers.
    • Combined with the "Experiments on Pokémon for profit" theory, the implications become horrendous. A trainer could be buying something from the Poké Mart that you think would be perfectly fine, but they could be something like poison or chemicals that could damage the Pokémon. And when the poor sap brings it to the Center to treat it for its sudden illness, the nurse could be sitting back, writing notes on how it reacted to the chemicals, or even worse — Performing further experiments on the creature to see how it reacts while drugged. No authority figure would be able to be trusted.

  • A Team attempting to gain control over Aura (In some Pokemon canon, this is hinted to be the force behind all Pokemon's Power and the same lifeforce that Xerneas and Yveltal had control over) in order to power up the power of Pokemon everywhere or use the power for themselves. Names could be Team Aura or Team Force. If the latter name is used, the team will include a ton of Shout-Outs to the Star Wars universe and particularly, Siths and Jedi. In fact, this team could be considered the Sith Order of the Pokemon universe as opposed to the Aura Guardians being the Jedi.

  • A guy like Hitler if they have a region based off of Germany. The future team's leader will be like the Hitler of Pokemon.

  • A group of Pokemon who want to eliminate humanity/kick humanity out of the region. The leader is either a Pokemon using transform/illusion to look human or/and a pseudo-legendary

  • Looker has been visiting various regions to recruit the best of the villain teams for his own ultimate villain team. The "International Police" either don't exist or are about as competent as the other police in the games. Looker's team will appear in Generation VII once the Generation III remakes give him the chance to recruit members of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

  • A team based around Political Correctness Gone Mad and to a lesser extent, Big Brother. This team would aim to be the Culture Police and would try to ban Pokémon battles both because they find battling inherently offensive to the Pokémon's feelings or their own sensibilities. They would infiltrate various forms of society and try to stamp out the League. Their methods would be Sinister Surveillance and espionage that exceeds even the NSA, and the ability to make any dissenter's or opponent's lives a living hell through manipulation of records, slander, Mind Control and various gambits. Using Pokémon like Aegislash, Ditto and Hypno to further their narratives. They would also be 100% unaware of the inherent hypocrisy of using pokemon battles to stop pokemon battling.

  • A team that the player is a member of.
    • Already been done with Wes in Pokémon Colosseum, though he defects shortly before the game begins.

  • A team with members based off the Seven Deadly Sins. For contrast, perhaps there could be gym leaders based off the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

  • A team led by the former Champion, who went insane when his Pokémon died in an accident. Most members of the team think that their goal is to sacrifice a ton of Pokémon plus the version mascot via dark ritual in order to attain immortality, but the leader's real goal is to use said ritual to bring his Pokémon back to life, not wanting to live without them.

  • An empire/dominion that rules the region the generation takes place in. They believe that humans have become too reliant on Pokémon and would be powerless to resist should Pokémon ever rebel against them. Thus, they would be the first evil team not to use Pokémon and their goal is either to segregate the two (similar to Team Plasma) or even exterminate all Pokémon, and their laws would include abolishing the region's Pokémon League and thus breaking the usual beat-the-gyms, get-the-badges, become-the-Champion formula. The team's name would be something along the lines of "The (X) Empire" as opposed to the standard "Team (X)".

  • A team of Fighting-type specialist Blood Knights who want to awaken the cover Legendary to fight it.

  • A team that would take the player's entire Pokemon party at one point.
    • I was thinking this would happen when I was playing BW with Team Plasma and that didn't happen, so.... Maybe this future villain team would do that, which you would render you defenseless (maybe you'd be unconscious as well), and you'd actually be captured by them and taken to their base. When you control your player again, you go through a No-Gear Level mixed with a Stealth-Based Mission to get your pokemon back. Maybe an ally would join you who would help you/a victim of the same problem.

  • A team of "accidental" hybrids that want to establish that they have rights like ordinary humans. They will fight you themselves, technically being ridiculously overpowered standard pokemon with unique sprite/model, 0% capture rate(even with the master ball) and not being registed in the pokédex. The player will have a choice to join them or not, determining a significant part of the plot, making certain points easier or harder.

  • There will be two villain teams. One is a villainous team based on 'Order' which seeks to create a Social Darwinist and Fascistic world of Order and Tyranny. The other one would be a villain team based off 'Chaos' which seeks to create a world of Anarchy and Assimilated world.

  • A team that contrasts previous the previous generation’s Visionary Villains by doing evil things solely for fun.

An evil team who is both a Deconstruction of To Be a Master and a Take That! towards Pokemon's "Stop Having Fun" Guys.

Their leader's objective is to become the most powerful trainer in the world and believes that if they can control the Box Legendary, they can achieve this. In the end, the leader wants to ensure that they are the absolute authority over who gets to train Pokemon and who doesn't, and create a society where the strong are rewarded and the weak are put down. They start out disguised as an elite academy that trains gifted kids to become competitive battlers, with their leader as the head of the school. Their grunts and admins frequently sneer at casual or inept trainers. To cause more confusion among the people, their costumes will be near identical to those of Ace Trainers (just as Punk Guys and Punk Girls look near identical to Team Skull grunts).

Their leader will be a tragic Anti-Villain. She (after Lusamine, Game Freak will start making more female Big Bads just as they did with their champions) starts out as a bottom-of-the-class student at Trainers School, and is mocked because of it. However, through perseverance, she proves them wrong by getting all eight gym badges/clearing all the trials. After this she starts Walking the Earth looking for more challenges and ways to become strong. However in the middle of her journey she is manipulated/tortured by an even worse villain who was jealous of her success and pretended to be her friend with the intent of stealing her accomplishments. This turns her from an innocent girl to a power-mad Social Darwinist. She starts the evil team in order to strike fear into the hearts of those who doubted her.

However even after all this she isn't entirely evil, as she still cares for her students and likes to mentor trainers who have the potential to become strong. She will obviously take interest in the player and try to pull a We Can Rule Together, which the player will refuse. It will be the job of the Player, the Rival, and a few more characters the team leader knew and trusted, to turn her good again.

    Future Gym Leader/Elite Four/story ideas 

In the next gen, the Elite Four will be entirely composed of previous characters
The've already shown they have no problem having previous characters become Elite Four (Koga and Caitlin), so in the next gen we'll see an elite four composed of...

  • Saturn: He has learned that extremism is not a solution, and becomes an Elite Four member as repentance.
  • N: This time, he's trying to achieve his goal peacefully, after discovering Ghetsis' trick in gen 5.
  • Giovanni: He attempted to redeem himself after Red beat him, but fell back to darkness when Neo Team Rocket appeared. Gold defeating him made him turn back to good.
  • Miror B: Hey, he's an Ensemble Dark Horse, I'm sure Game Freak can think of a way to redeem him. Plus, he has Awesome Music.

And the Champion will be... Professor Oak !

  • Confirmed, though in a more literal sense, with Pokémon Sun and Moon: Alola's Elite Four, with the exception of Kahili, are characters previously seen in the game, and its Champion is... Professor Kukui!

In Gen VI or the rumored Gen V remake, there will be a league composed of past Champions in the post-postgame.
Basically, this would be the analogue to Red in Gold/Silver (where he's the definitively final boss), but this time with all of the Champions of the previous games. All of the Pokemon would be around Lv. 80-100. Such a league would be:
  • Blue (Gen I) - He would have a team very similar, if not identical to that of his Champion team from either Gen I or III (FR/LG), of course buffed to around Lv. 80-86. His battle music would be a remix of his Gen I battle theme (similar to what was found in Black and White).
  • Lance (Gen II) - His team would be very similar, if not identical, to that of his Gen IV final Champion battle (after the Kanto arc in HG/SS), of course buffed to Lv. 84-89. His battle music would be a remix of his Gen II/IV battle theme.
  • Steven Stone (Gen III) - Once again, his team would be similar to, if not identical to, that of his Gen III Champion battle team (because we don't care about Wallace :P), leveled around Lv. 88-93. His battle theme would be a remix of his Gen III battle theme, or his Gen V battle theme if an R/S remake comes to fruition.
  • Cynthia (Gen IV) - Her team would be similar, if not identical to, that of her Gen IV team (not her Gen V team), leveled around Lv. 90-95. Her battle theme would be a remix of her Gen IV battle theme, because [[YMMV her Gen IV battle theme sounds better and is more iconic than the Gen V theme.]]
  • The final member is up in the air. Depending on when they implement this, if ever, the main portion of the league could end here (if this is implemented in Gen V) or include Alder (Gen V; if they implement this in Gen VI). If it is implemented, Alder's team would be very similar to his B/W team and be leveled around Lv. 92-96. The battle theme would be a remix of his Gen V battle theme.
  • The Champion of Champions would be Red (Gens I [PC] and II [NPC]). His team would be very similar to his Gen II or IV team (with maybe Espeon/Lapras swapped out for something else) at Lv. 97-100. His Pikachu, obviously, would be the sole Lv. 100 Pokemon on his team. His battle score, contrary to everyone else, would be a rather original composition, starting out rather epicly at first, and gaining more epicness as the battle continues, until he reaches his last Pokemon, at which point it completely becomes a tense and epic version of the main Pokemon battle theme.
    • Note that Cynthia mentions an idea for such a thing in B/W. Such an event may be more likely to happen in the Gen V Wii game we are rumored to have, being a secret cup that functions as a "final challenge" akin to Stadium's Mewtwo fight. Throw in Wes and Professor Oak to make it eight.
The Champion of generation VI will be Caitlin, with Clay and Marshal from Unova in the region's elite four.
Clay's daughter will run Driftveil Gym, Brycen has relocated Icirrus Gym at Twist Mountain, and Alder is the new leader of Opelucid gym.
  • Jossed
Team Rocket will come back
But as a crime fighting organization. ...Or vigilantes.

The leader of a villainous team will be... the professor who gave you your starter.
And the PokeDex he/she gave you? It's been tracking your location all over the region, transmitting the conversations you have, and generally aiding the bad guys in staying one step ahead of you. Being betrayed like that would be the mother of all Player Punches.
  • Of course, after you learn this fact, there will have to be a replacement professor (or a Heel–Face Turn by the original) so you can still have your Dex evaluated. Maybe the evil professor's parent, sibling, or child?
    • They could also be an apprentice! Half-trained and heartbroken, in the post game they rely on you for help and could reward you with unusual items.
  • Maybe the real professor is a good guy, but the villain leader kidnapped and is impersonating them? The card game had an evil "Impostor Professor Oak". If you find and free the real professor, he or she can evaluate your Dex and help you defeat the impostor.

You will face the Professors from each gen in an elite 4 style Boss Rush.
They will all have Max IV's and optimised EV's. The levels will go from 80 to 100. The Pokémon they will use is as follows (in the order they will be fought):
  • Juniper: Victini, Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Zoroark, and Hydreigon.
  • Rowan: Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Garchomp, Lucario, and Shaymin (Sky Forme in day, Land Form at night).
  • Birch: Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Kecleon, Metagross, and Jirachi.
  • Elm: Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Togekiss, Tyranitar, and Celebi.
  • Oak: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, Dragonite, and Mew.
    • Why can't Professor Juniper have a Victini? It's legendary, small in stature,event only, and can fly, like all the other ones you mentioned. Actually, this means Victini, Shaymin, Jirachi, Celebi, and Mew have a pattern going. I wonder which small, flying, sort of cute, flying, event only legendary will be in Pokemon X and Y...
    • Giving the first 5 Professors Mythicals would be kinda unbalanced... in comparison to Kuikui, [[Spoiler: Who has a full team, even if he is given Marshadow instead of the Alola Starter with an advantage over your starter, would be questionable]]

The 3 uncaptured and unrepentant villains will team up
Ardos, Ghetsis (perhaps with the Shadow Triad), and Cyrus will team up. A match made in... I'd say hell, but it's often interpreted as exactly what Cyrus wants. As for why Cyrus (destroy the world and remake it without emotion) will team up with the other two/five, to quote Bulbapedia, "Shadow Pokémon are created through an undisclosed process that removes the Pokémon's emotions, turning it into a soulless fighting machine" and Ein (who should know) refers to the process as "shutting the door to their hearts"; perhaps he would like to use the process on humans, and all three are easily sick enough to do it. Bonus sicko points if he does it (and Ardos goes along with it) on Eldes, who tries to stop him. Given that we have a Wii game coming out, rumored to be an XD like game, it may not need to wait till next gen.

Archie and Maxie will return as double battle gym leaders.
Similar to Tate and Liza, but will be Dark type primarily, with all the Gym Trainers using Ground and Water types, based on their former alignment.
  • Or they'll be a Water and Ground type gym respectively, however you only fight one. It depends on which type you started with.

There will be even more dual/multi-type Gym leaders.
  • Sure, we had Blue Oak in Generation II and Cilan/Cress/Chili in Generation VI, but can't we have more gyms comprising of two or more types? Okay, maybe not from the very first gym, but from the 5th Gym Leader. All these gyms may can use any Mons of either type applicable, but preference will be given for the specific dual-typed Mons.
    • Possible Suggestions (5-7th):
      • Water/Ice with a Melting Glacier Badge
      • Grass/Poison with a Poison Ivy Badge
      • Electric/Steel with a Circuit Badge
      • Dark/Ghost with a Creepy Badge etc.
      • The 8th and final may be multi-type, run by a multi-industry conglomerate CEO (think of the former zaibatsus in Japan).
    • Partially confirmed in Pokémon Sword and Shield: Raihan is played up as the Dragon-type Gym Leader, but he actually specializes in various types depending on his mood. More specifically, he's not really a type specialist in practice, instead being a weather specialist, having teams adapted for each of the four weather conditions as well as teams that combine them.

There will be a Pokemon game whose story isn't centered around the bad guys' evil plots or the legendary Pokemon, but instead is based around the main character's past.
The MC will have a dark past, which they either don't know about or they just want to forget.

A future Pokemon game will take place in the Poke-past.
That is, before the invention of the Pokeball, Pokemarts, etc. Traps will be used to capture Pokemon, your team will have to follow you on a leash instead of in a Pokeball (thus, it will be smaller), Pokemon Gyms will just be places to train your Pokemon, Pokemon Centers will simply be places to recuperate and apply first-aid, and fossils will just be fancy rocks. In addition, there will be loads of Mythology Gags calling back to Sinnoh myths, such as the legendary man with his sword, people taking Pokemon as wives, etc.
  • That sounds like a neat spin-off...

Going further, a game that takes place in prehistoric times will be made.
All of the fossil Pokémon from the other games will be Com Mons. Without Pokeballs or Capture Stylers, Trainers would have to either invoke Defeat Means Friendship or use Apricorns hit several times with a stick. May not be possible due to the fact that humans are a recent species on the Pokemon World by millions of years, just like in the real world... time travellers, maybe?
  • You could play as Mew, sent by the aliens that incubated Arceus's egg in an artificial universe to study the surprising developments. It could be like Dragon Quest or similar to the Mystery Dungeons games. The new(old) Pokemon can show up in the wild during an event to get a time traveling event only Pokemon like Celebi for those who want to use them in the main series.
  • Or it may be an adaptation of a flood myth : you need to capture one female Pokemon for every evolutionary line and one male for every group egg. Which means the requirements would still be huge, even when dropping "modern" Pokemon that didn't exist in antiquity (Porygon, Mewtwo, etc...), many Water-types, some legendaries and even some Flying-types.

A Pokemon will be the Big Bad.
It would be interesting.
  • [[Spoiler:Played with in Gen VII. UB-01 seems to be The Man Behind the Man, influencing the main human antagonist, but the Nihilego is acting on its survival instinct without direct ill wills towards anyone. In the Ultra Version, Necrozma seems to be the direct antagonist, but its motive is to feed its own hunger.]]

There will be a post-apocalyptic Pokemon game
And the stinger would be that the main hero caused it.
  • Pokemon Dungeon is implied to be this.

There will be a True Final Boss battle (much like Red and Cynthia) against someone who is completely unknown.
Their sprite shows them wearing a mask and hood to conceal their identity, and when you defeat them, they disappear without a trace and never return. They aren't even referenced anywhere in the game.

There will be a Mirror Match battle
And I'm not talking about like the one in Colosseum, I'm talking about the fake being an exact mirror of you. All of their Pokemon are identical to yours, the Pokemon's levels, stats, moves, and hold items are identical to yours, and they even have the exact same type and quantity of items that you do.
  • And it'll be Ditto as the trainer.

There will be a Pokemon game whose protagonist is an Anti-Hero.
Albeit darker than Wes. I was thinking something along the lines of Batman, perhaps (main hero locks a lackey in a cage with a rampant Pokemon until he reveals what needs to be known?)

There will be a Pokemon game with a Stinger like no other.
The game goes on like usual, beating gym leaders, the villainous teams, winning the Pokemon League, etc., etc. However, after the credits are done rolling, we are treated to a scene of the main character holding the MacGuffin, monologuing about what had happened during the game and mentions having future plans for the MacGuffin.
There will be a Pokémon game where you will have a Double Battle against Arceus and the original tao dragon
The reason is that the Big Bad went too far and the entire universe is... well, it would be friggin dead if not your awesome Pokémon. Of course, to make it challenging, they would have 31 IVs in everything, and Poké Balls wouldn't be usable at all. The music would be a mix of Arceus theme with Black/White Kyurem theme. They would be at Lv. 65 or something, and they would serve as Final Boss... and to make it even harder, your mons would be around Lv. 58, averagely with a full party. Yeah, it's hard, but so was rival in Black 2 and White 2 - I used up some Revives on that post-Champion team, despite being sure it wouldn't be that hard.

Post-game, Kyurem would be at friggin Lv. 80, Arceus at 86 or something... but Arceus would have some extra requirements - it's an event Pokémon for a reason!Oh, and I could go further with Pokémon locations... but it would be too big.

There will be a player character who turns out to be worse than the villainous team they were trying to stop.

Youngster Joey will be the champion in a future gen.
  • Pretty close—in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Youngster Tristan, one of the first trainers you fight, manages to overcome all of the Trials, beat the Elite Four, and challenge you for the position of Champion of Alola.

A future set of Gym Leaders and Elite Four will be based on the Twelve Olympians.
Ideally used in a Greek/Balkan/eastern Mediterranean setting, the eight Gym Leaders will be based on "weaker" Olympian gods, the Elite Four on some of the most powerful, and the Champion on Hercules. Basic ideas follow:
  • Gym Leaders (in no particular order):
    • Dionysus: Poison-type (because alcohol can be dangerous in excess), largely featuring newly-introduced Water/Poison and Grass/Poison types along the lines of liquid-based creatures and grape plants, respectively
    • Hermes: Flying-type (based on the winged helmet and sandals), specializing very much in speed and evasion, he would likely be a very early Gym Leader and be considered That One Boss at the time because of that
    • Ares: Fighting-type (for obvious reasons), could perhaps utilized Fighting/Steel types based on soldiers from Antiquity, like hoplites
    • Aphrodite: Fairy-type (for less-than-obvious-but-still-rather-apparent reasons), of course all of her Pokemon would be female and know Attract, they could also conceivably include Water-types such as Alomomola
    • Apollo: Fire-type (because of association with the sun), he would likely have a lot of Fire/Flying types and moves which restore health
    • Hephaestus: Steel-type (for obvious reasons), several of them would likely be Fire/Steel types and they would have very high defenses, even for Steel-types
    • Artemis: Grass-type (based on associations with the forest), specializing in speed much like "Hermes" and largely lacking in close-quarters attacks, they would also all be female, be immune to Attract, and include some of the Sawsbuck evolutionary line
    • Athena: Psychic-type (because of associations with intelligence and wisdom), would feature much more rounded characteristics like equally powerful offensive and defensive capabilities, and one of them HAS to be owl-like
  • Elite Four:
    • Hera: Normal-type (because of more civic associations than the others), would also feature all-female Pokemon, but they would be monstrous beasts rather than ideally more pleasing-to-the-eye ones that "Artemis" and "Aphrodite" would have, and ideally dual-types to give her team more advantages against a wider variety of types
    • Hades: Ghost-type (for obvious reasons), featuring moves more closely associated with death than some other Ghost-type moves (like Perish Song) coupled with Mean Look and similar moves or abilities, or he could be a dual Ghost/Dark trainer with some newly-introduced Pokemon based on mythical creatures like the Minotaur
    • Poseidon: Water-type (for obvious reasons), would likely include seahorse-like Pokemon, and all of them would have very powerful Ground-type moves where applicabe
    • Zeus: Electric-type (for even more obvious reasons), would have plenty of Electric/Flying types with weather-based attacks and the greatest offensive capability of any trainer up to this point, and some of his team would probably know Attract
  • Champion:
    • Hercules: he would be a multi-type trainer, though all of his Pokemon would be based on the Twelve Labors, including a lion, a hydra, a boar, a metallic bird, a killer horse, and a three-headed dog.

The plots of fighting the local Evil Team and the typical Pokemon Journey will echo each other.
A team, examining how other teams had failed in the past, find that the only people to stand up to and defeat them were youths around the 10-15 year age range with strong Pokémon. Their best bet, they gather, is to fight fire with fire; they gather children from around the region to better disguise themselves from the public eye, and train these children to be strong. These children would be scattered along the routes to gather information on the protagonist by going toe-to-toe with them upon recognition. The leader, therefore, is the strongest of these children, echoing someone of the protagonist's caliber.Your fight with the team echoes how a typical journey is structured; you fight all the children in the region, eventually culminating in the top four members of the team (akin to battling the Elite Four). You end up defeating the Leader, but instead of the team disbanding, you decide to take over the team, instead using it to seek out and defeat other teams in different regions (akin to becoming Champion).

The third game of the series finds the next protagonist fighting the same team, having gone corrupt in their ways. Instead of seeking out teams that may prove a threat, they become Mccarthyist in nature, pursuing any and every person or organization and their pokémon that may prove a potential threat. They find and defeat the previous protagonist of the previous games (akin to facing Red in G/S/C), thoroughly disbanding the team after the previous protagonist realizes their mistake.

Someone will have already stolen the Legendary.
You will arrive at the usual place you would see the Legendary, like maybe an altar or a secluded area. You'd be all hung-ho to catch it, pokeballs at the ready and Pokemon leveled, and... it won't be there. Of course, you'd chase down the Evil Team to see what they've done with it, but they'd be just as surprised as you are. A portion of the game will be dedicated to finding out who stole the Legendary and stopping whatever plan they have.
  • Confirmed for Pokémon Sword and Shield: The evil team is Team Yell, but they don't have any real power. Instead, a Legendary Pokémon, Eternatus, has already been nabbed by Chairman Rose before the game began, and your chance to catch it is when it breaks free.

There will be a Pokemon plot with a Green Aesop.
It will take place in a region with many islands, and each island, even the small ones, have Pokemon exclusive to them. This makes them rarer, but also more susceptible to extinction. The villain group would either be working for a corporation that wants environmental protection laws removed, or a group obsessed with capturing rare and endangered Pokemon. They seek the legendaries of the series.

The player character will be the deuteragonist or a Supporting Protagonist.
Because, let's face it, the novelty of being the Chosen One wears off after a while, especially when everyone else who plays the games is also the Chosen One. The player will instead mind their own business and give room for the other characters to develop. The true protagonist will be an adult (possibly representative of Pokemon's large adult fanbase) who will break the streak of evil organisations being overthrown by a child.

The Pokémon Professor (or perhaps another character who introduces you the game) will be shown to have vision impairment.
It would provide an explanation for why the character needs to ask whether you are a boy or a girl.

Possible Meaningful Names / Punny Names for future Gym Leaders

Feel free to add more if you have any ideas.

  • Bug: Honey, Timothy
  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Electric
  • Fairy: Sylvia
  • Fighting
  • Fire: Bernie, Scarlett
  • Flying: Skyler
  • Ghost
  • Grass: Flower-based names like Rose, Jasmine, Peony, etc.
    • In canon, the above names belong to, ironically, Steel-Type Trainers.
  • Ground: Sierra
  • Ice
  • Normal
  • Poison
  • Psychic
  • Rock
  • Steel
  • Water

A future pokemon game will have an actual choice to join the evil team, or even become the Big Bad.

  • The franchise's RPG games have been getting pretty dark lately, and it could also serve as a challenge—what better way for a player to face constant, challenging battles than if everyone else is trying to take you down with everything they've got?

Nanu's twin brother who is a military general will be a Dark-Type Gym Leader

    Future Trainer Class ideas 

A Greaser
Mainly uses ruffian pokemon such as Scraggy and Scrafty, among others.
  • Variations:
    • Gangster: Based on mafia types from 1920's - 40's, who employ tough looking and intimidating Pokemon, such as Nidoking and Steelix, and/or Pokemon with primarily beam and/or Special attacks, such as Octillery and Clauncher.
    • Gangsta: Based on modern day street punks and who use Pokemon whom as usually jerks and/or tough guys, like Pangoro, Scrafty, and Purugly, and/or can figure into rap and urban culture, like Smeargle (graffiti), Furfrou (representing gang colors), and Ludicolo (music and dancing).
Uses a variety of Pokemon, most of them being fully evolved. Likely won't appear until later in the game, like after the 6th gym badge.
We have Lt. Surge, so this shouldn't be too much of a stretch. May largely use Fighting, Electric, and Steel types, with a few Fire types.
Obviously uses Water types, and perhaps could be the only trainer class you can find underwater.
  • Confirmed: They exist in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and are indeed found by the seabed.
Primarily uses Grass and Ground type Pokemon.
Probably would specialize in Steel and Dragon types, and could work nicely in a region based on the British Isles.
For the lulz. Would use entirely 1st gen Pokemon and would only be fightable post-game.
Might be found in areas like the streets of Castelia city. Probably would have a team mostly consisting of Pokemon obtainable early in the game, especially rodent-based Pokemon or Poison types.
To go with the WMG below about an air route, there will be trainer class found only on that route who uses primarily Flying-type Pokemon.
Only uses Pokemon that are revived from fossiles (Kabuto, Cranidos, Amaura, etc.)
Uses mostly Ice-types and Pokémon based on Norse Mythology, like Sawsbuck, as well as some Water and Fighting Pokémon.
Serves as a higher-level counterpart to the Camper class. Mostly found in the woodland areas of a region, but might be seen in towns. If horde battling is allowed for normal classes in later generations, the scoutmaster could be able to fight with their campers.
Found in the outskirts. Dresses similarly to soldier. Will have the appropriate HM slave in his party.
Double Battle Pairings
  • Love Unbound: Rich Boy and Punk Girl
  • Swimmer Outing: Swimmer and Tuber, either gender for both
  • Ace Ranger: Ace Trainer and Pokemon Ranger
  • Land and Sea: Hiker and Fisherman
  • Fringe Science: Science based trainer (Scientist, Super Nerd, etc.) and Supernatural based trainer (Psychic, Hex Maniac, etc.)


    Future game mechanic ideas 

Add a third element officially
While new Pokemon will be created, some of the older ones will be retconned.
  • Charizard: Fire, Flying, and Dragon
  • Scizor: Bug, Steel, and Flying
  • Beedrill: Bug, Poison, and Flying etc.
    • They actually do have this in a limited capacity in Generation VI, in that the moves Trick-or-Treat and Forest's Curse add the Ghost-type and Grass-type, respectively, to the target rather than overwriting their types like other type-changing moves, even if the target is already a dual-type.
    • Pokemon Sunand Moon introduced Dhelmise, a Ghost/Grass Anchor whose ability gives it STAB to Steel-type moves

Eventually, you will be able to breed hybrid Pokemon that have physical traits of both parents.
But you will only be able to breed specific hybrids based on species and type; also, the resulting offspring does not evolve and will be sterile.
  • Or, breeding two Pokemon will get you an already existing species, IE: Rhyhorn and Grimer will get Nidoran.

Legendary Pokemon will finally be given egg groups, but they will always produce a Pokemon of the spouse's species.
Just as a child Pokemon might receive its father's moves, so too will the resulting Demilegend recieve its legendary parent's moves. So, instead of a baby Lugia, you could get a Pidgey that knows Aeroblast.
  • I noticed that the text above links to the page "Disc one nuke." This is not true, because you'd have to obtain Lugia first in order to breed it. And even if you'd gotten the Lugia from a trade, Lugia himself would probably be quite a bit more gamebreaking that Aeroblast Pidgey.
    • Of course, OR/AS's new mechanic allows you to catch wild Pokémon with Egg Moves. Presumably this would allow previously Signature Moves to be added to Egg Move lists, so...
  • What if you breed a Mew with a Mewtwo?
    • Unfortunately, those two probably wouldn't be of the same egg group. Or maybe Legendary Pokemon will just be unable to breed with each other.
  • They'll probably just make jokes like Phione if you try to breed one.
  • Or, they could just make a pre-selected usual Pokemon. (If someone breeds Darkrai with Cresselia then they would only get... a Munna?)
  • Alternatively, since this would more or less require legendaries to finally receive genders, make all legendaries either Always Male or Always Female. (From a Gameplay and Story Integration standpoint, this is also necessary because the Legendary Pokémon are supposedly unique.) The Always Female ones would still be unable to breed, while the male ones (aside from Manaphy) would merely be unable to breed with Ditto (or would get their own "jokes" similar to Phione). Some thoughts on how this would work:
    • Always Male:
      • Articuno
      • Zapdos
      • Moltres
      • Mewtwo
      • Raikou
      • Entei
      • Suicune
      • Lugia
      • Ho-oh
      • Latios
      • Kyogre
      • Groudon
      • Rayquaza
      • Jirachi
      • Dialga
      • Palkia
      • Giratina
      • Phione
      • Manaphy
      • Darkrai
      • Victini
      • Cobalion
      • Terrakion
      • Tornadus
      • Thundurus
      • Zekrom
      • Landorus
      • Keldeo
      • Yveltal
      • Hoopa
      • Volcanion
      • Tapu Koko
      • Tapu Bulu
      • Buzzwole
      • Xurkitree
      • Guzzlord
      • Solgaleo
      • Necrozma
      • Marshadow

    • Always Female:
      • Mew
      • Celebi
      • Latias
      • Uxie
      • Mesprit
      • Azelf
      • Cresselia
      • Shaymin
      • Virizion
      • Reshiram (to continue the "yin-yang" theme, it has to be the opposite gender of Zekrom. Alternatively, they could subvert expectations and make Zekrom the female.)
      • Meloetta
      • Xerneas
      • Diancie (Although Carbink is genderless, maybe the Mutation gave it a Gender?)
      • Tapu Lele
      • Tapu Fini
      • Nihilego
      • Pherosma
      • Celesteela
      • Kartana
      • Magearna
    • Still genderless (and therefore still unable to breed)
      • Regirock
      • Regice
      • Registeel
      • Deoxys
      • Regigigas
      • Arceus
      • Kyurem (it's an empty husk. Black Kyurem and White Kyurem would take on the genders of their other halves; the Original Dragon, if it ever comes around, would be genderless as well under this set-up.
      • Genesect
      • Zygarde (because there is no Z-chromosome
    • Downgraded to pseudolegendary and given pre-evolutions so as to prevent you from hatching an egg with a 600 BST
      • Heatran (already has a 50-50 gender split and doesn't seem to tie in with any other legendaries. Again, if legendary Pokémon are one-of-a-kind, how is it even possible to get male Heatran and female Heatran?)

Maybe there will be a mechanic for taking some people or three for you to travel with, just like in the anime
  • Or maybe more than six Pokemon in your party? Like maybe ten tops?

Grunts will sometimes fight you five-on-one (AKA Trainer Horde Battles)

You'll be able to fight alongside your Pokemon someday.
The mechanic will probably be much simpler than regular Pokemon battles (e.g. 50% chance of a knock-out with a normal hit), but it will add a new dimension and challenge to battles.

Pokemarts will disappear entirely
Gen V relegated Pokemarts to the Pokemon Centres. Gen VI will go that final step further: You will be able to shop from any PC. Seriously, why does a world that has perfected "store physical items and even living things as data and put them on a server for access anywhere with a PC+internet connection" not used this tech advance for instant shipping? Why would anyone pay to rent/own the land, rent/build/convert a building, and pay staff for a physical Pokemart to reach a target buyer of a single town when you can, when for what must be a fraction of the cost (especially considering the Pokemon Storage System is free), one could reach the entire world (or anyone you are willing to process the money of, which isn't an issue given that Pokemon has global currency) with no inconvenience to the customer or you (shipping times+costs are gone under such a system, removing a physical store's main advantage over an online retailer), and reach the entire world as potential customers.
  • Possible snag: If the Pokemon world's governments realized the economy would crash if there weren't physical Pokemarts, they may have banned online marketing.

Here's some (im)possible future game mechanics.
  • Spray-type medicine like Potions will be applied manually by touching the Pokemon.
  • You will be able to move in eight directions, instead of just four.
    • Kind of likely, seeing as Pokemon is pretty much the only RPG that hasn't caught on to this trend yet.
      • This idea is already in Pokemon Ranger, but that's a spin off.
      • Well, this one's confirmed at least.
      • Beyond Confirmed: Pokémon Sun and Moon allows you to move in any direction at all.
  • You can access the menu without pressing X. It even works when you're walking. Whatever replaces the Poketch only fills half of the screen.
    • You mean like in Heart Gold and Soul Silver? Yeah, I liked the interface there too.
  • The game actually shows the Pokemon attacking, rather than just a green sword floating around pretending to be the other guy wielding a leaf as a weapon.
    • Maybe attack poses along with attack effects?
      • That would probably kill the graphic design team. Be grateful we got idle animations, it must have taken a Herculean effort to implement them for every single Pokemon, implementing an animation for every single move of every single Pokemon would just be impossible.
      • Yeah, but Stadium partially did this - Hydro Pump for Blastoise is a pair of water "bullets" shot from its cannons, while Drowzee (Metronome) happens to shot one.
      • Confirmed, in the trailer for Pokemon X and Y, the game is on the 3DS and Pokemon actually attack. And actually REACT to attacks, like flinching or sleeping, instead of just closing their eyes. Well, the sleeping part isn't confirmed, but still.
  • Some known moves will be HMs. That strange looking wall? Dig. Crossing gate in your way? Brick Break.
    • The strange looking wall can be crossed with Rock Climb.
      • Jossed for Dig, as that already has an out-of-battle function - it works as a free Escape Rope.
  • Provided the 3DS has Mii's, you can make your own character instead of using May or Dawn or Hilda.
    • Black and White(and Battle Revolution) already let you alter you appearance in multiplayer, probably just go deeper into that.
      • The main series is on the 3DS now, so this is possible.
      • There's a limited customization system in the game.
  • Three words: Multiple save files.
    • But then what motivation would we have to buy the other version?
      • Multiple Save Files would not override Version Exclusives, the backbone of OGftPoT. All it would do is not require every kid in the family to have their own cart.
    • More realistically, New Game+.
      • Wouldn't this destroy the postgame content?
  • Two words: Customizable avatars.
    • This is actually very likely, since the main series is on the 3DS now and the player in the trailer looks suspiciously like a Mii.
      • Confirmed.
  • Four-Trainer Battles using the Triple Battle Rules; Your Left/Right Pokemon can only attack the closest Pokemon to your left/right (with Splash Damage going to the adjacent Pokemon for the same trainer), while your Center Pokemon can only attack the Pokemon directly across from you (with Splash Damage hitting your cross opponent's entire team).
    • Partially confirmed: Battle Royal in Pokémon Sun and Moon allows for four-player battling, though each person sends out just one Pokémon and can attack any of the others. Multi-hit attacks like Surf and Earthquake are drastically reduced in power.
HMs will be able to be used without teaching them to something.
You will only need to have the HM and a Pokemon that could learn the move to use it.

HMs will disappear entirely/become TMs.
Basically, while Cut, Strength, and all the other former HM moves will still be usable in battle, the Pokemon will not have to know the moves to clear obstacles in the over-world. Instead, they will exist as skills that don't take up a moveslot. Additionally, many of them will be tweaked to allow a wider range of Pokemon to use them (at least outside of battle).
  • Cut will be changed to the ability to clear trees and small obstacles. This will allow Flying types without claws to destroy them with gusts of wind, Fire types to simply burn them away, etc.
  • Fly will basically stay the same, as will Dive.
  • Surf will stay largely the same, but Flying and Psychic types will also be able to learn it.
  • The overworld effects of Strength, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb will be combined.
  • Waterfall, much like Surf, will be learnable by Flying and Psychic types.
  • Flash, Whirlpool, and Defog will no longer exist.
    • The title of this WMG has been fully confirmed for Pokémon Sun and Moon: They don't have HMs at all, and moves like Surf and Fly have become TMs. Poké Ride has taken its place.
      • Fly, Surf, and Waterfall have become T Ms, replaceing Struggle Bug, Secret Power, and Power-Up Punch

HMs will be replaced with field moves.
Related to the above WMG, HM moves will be turned into TMs and serve simply as in-battle techniques. In their place, each Pokemon will get a single intrinistic field move which it can use outside of battle. For instance, any Water type with the ability to carry a human would get access to Surf, Flying types would get Fly, and so on. Of course, using these moves may still require you to defeat certain Gym Leaders to learn how to use them, to avoid sequence breaking.

This would have the benefit of avoiding the necessity of "HM slave" Pokemon used solely to traverse the environment, since all Pokemon would now have access to these moves without having to sacrifice their regular move pool.

This may also allow for a few new field moves, such as a Ride ability that lets you ride your Pokemon for an increase in walking speed and/or a reduced random encounter rate.

  • Confirmed: The HM mechanic in Pokémon Sun and Moon are replaced with Poké Ride, where a special Pokémon which can be summoned at any time will come do HM-like tasks for you. Encounter rates stay the same though. Most of these Pokémon also move much faster than your run, replacing the Bicycle.
  • In future the Gym Leaders will give you a badge, a tm, and a ride Pokémon. To replace having to defeat a Gym Leader to use a Hm outside of battle.

The Poison status effect will gain a stat-reduction.
Specifically, to make it a more complete counterpart to Burn, it will sharply reduce Special Attack. Perhaps Badly Poisoned will kill both Attack and Special Attack.
  • This would probably make Burn redundant though.

The party size and/or moveset size will increase.
While playing Black & White, whose Pokemon have terrible type coverage, I had a hard time creating a balanced team. Even if every single Pokemon on your team is dual-typed, you can only have twelve of the seventeen types at once. It's also quite ridiculous that there are over 600 Pokemon right now, but we can only use six at once, further perpetuating the issue that 70% or so of Pokemon are filler that no one uses. Perhaps increasing the party size to 8 or 10 would mitigate these problems. Even then, though, the absurdly small moveset is highly cumbersome — I think that one reason why status effect moves tend to be underused is that there's just no room for them. Pokemon is really shooting itself in the foot in terms of strategic potential due to the fact that it's so hard to tweak your Pokemon's movesets. Obviously, though, running out of PP would never be an issue if a Pokemon could keep every single move it learns, but I think it would be nice if, maybe, you could only use four moves at once, but could freely switch out which ones to use from the full list? That would be an improvement, at least.

Possible new abilities...
  • Something similar to Moxie that slightly increases a Pokemon's health every time it faints an opponent. Maybe called "Blood Drinker" or something, unless that name's too dark for a kid's game. Could potentially be a Game-Breaker, though — maybe as a held item?
  • Counterparts to Scrappy for other types. Could get into Game-Breaker territory for some, though (Scrappy already verges on it).
    • Dissolving Acid for Steel-type immunity? I mean, c'mon. Acid has no effect whatsoever on Steel-type, while real-life acid is nothing like that.
    • Partially confirmed: Corrosion, an Ability introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, allows the user to inflict the Poison status condition on Poison-types and Steel-types. Some Abilities are overridden too, like Comatose.
  • An ability that lets a fainted Pokemon come back with half its health in, say, three turns. Game-Breaker? Or just awesome?
  • A counterpart to Intimidate that reduces the opposing Pokémon's Special Attack by one stage upon arrival.
  • An ability that makes the user invulnerable to all moves used by an opponent's Mega Pokémon. Pokémon with this Ability might be quite weak otherwise, or might be a Mega Pokémon itself.
  • Invisible Walls, an Ability given to Mr. Mime that replaces either Soundproof or Technician: Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard remain in effect until the Pokémon that had it faints or is negated by barrier-breaking moves like Brick Break. Alternatively (as in this is a separate idea and not both combined), any increase in Defense and Special Defense is increased by 2 more stages, and the user's Defense and Special Defense cannot be lowered.
  • Insectivore, an Ability given to Heatmor to allow it to properly compete with Durant and replaces Gluttony: All Fire-type moves done by this Pokémon receive +2 priority if the move targets at least one Bug-type Pokémon.
  • Momentum Crash, an Ability given to Throh and replaces Inner Focus: Contact moves do half damage. The user of the contact move also takes 20% of the damage dealt.
  • Disciplined, an Ability given to Sawk and replaces Inner Focus: Contact moves that deal damage do 50% more damage for each consecutive use of that move and increases by that amount for each further consecutive use of that move.
  • Unrestrained, an Ability given to female Meowstic that replaces Competitive: Psychic-type attacks do double damage.
  • Repression, an Ability given to male Meowstic that replaces Prankster: Opponents' Speed is reduced by 1 stage when the user is brought out.
  • Heliotrope, an Ability given to Sunflora that replaces Early Bird: All moves done from and to this Pokémon are treated as if harsh sunlight is happening. This applies regardless of the actual weather in the battle. If harsh sunlight is actually present in the battle, this Pokémon's Grass-type moves get +1 priority.
  • Sticky Prickles, an Ability given to Cacnea, Cacturne, and Maractus: This Pokémon takes 75% damage from contact moves. If this Pokémon is hit by a contact move, the attacking Pokémon loses 1/8 of its total HP. On the following turn, it cannot switch out.
  • Confiscate, an Ability given to Patrat and Watchog and replaces Keen Eye: If a Pokémon who has attacked or is about to attack this Pokémon has a hold item that affects the attack (such as Gems, Choice items, and Life Orb), or is about to consume a hold item (such as Berries or a Focus Sash), the attacking Pokémon loses the hold item before it can be used. If this Pokémon is not holding an item, it gains that hold item. If this Pokémon is already holding an item, the current hold item will be replaced with the new one until the end of the battle, it is consumed, or it is removed. Confiscate cannot remove Mega Stones, Z-Crystals, Plates from Arceus, Memories from Silvally, Orbs from the Sinnoh Trio, a Primal Reversion Orb, or a Drive from Genesect.
  • Patrol, an Ability given to Sentret and Furret (replacing Frisk), Patrat and Watchog (replacing Analytic), and Yungoos and Gumshoos (replacing Adaptability): If this Pokémon attacks a target that is switching out that turn, including switching out via Baton Pass or switch-out damaging moves (like Volt Switch and U-Turn), this Pokémon can attack the target before they switch. The attack also does double damage. If a Pokémon with Patrol switches in on the same turn an opposing Pokémon switches out, this Pokémon's Speed rises by two stages, and its Attack rises by one stage.
  • Passer, an Ability given to Passimian as its second standard Ability: If this Pokémon faints, the Pokémon to replace it will inherit any stat changes it has, both stat boosts and stat drops. Passer has no effect if any of these stat boosts or stat drops were acquired through Baton Pass or through this Pokémon's partner in a double or triple battle, or if this Pokémon faints through self-inflicted damage or using a sacrificial move. Passer does not inherit Substitute, Leech Seed, or Perish Song.
  • Abilities that block Mega Evolution and Z-Moves, or just one ability that does both. Does not announce its presence, and if the opponent attempts to Mega Evolve a Pokémon or try to use a Z-Move, that action will backfire and deal 1/2 the user's max HP in damage, plus count as having used up the Mega/Z-Move slot for that battle (and in the case of Z-moves, forfeit its turn, although an attempted Mega Evolution can still act). Can be used on a Pokémon that can have either this or something else to play mind games with the opponent and ensure that actions such as Extreme EvoBoost and Mega Rayquaza have risk attached to them (although Pokémon who have already Mega Evolved feel no additional effect).
  • Abilities that penalizes the opponent for using a super-effective move. These abilities are given to Pokémon with poor type combinations.
  • One that removes all entry hazard when the user is switched in.
  • Trickster, an Ability given to Thievul and replaces Stakeout: Single-target physical attacks done by this Pokémon have their damage calculated using the target's Attack stat. This includes Attack boosts and drops on the target but not other effects, such as Burn, Thick Fat, or Huge Power. Multi-target physical attacks have damage calculated normally.
  • Disruptive, an Ability given to Exploud and possibly some other Pokémon too: If this Pokémon uses a move against a target that would otherwise cause the target to use its hold item, such as weakness-reducing Berries, Weakness Policy, White Herb, and Red Card, the hold item is not used up, and the item's effects do not happen. The terrain-based seeds are included if this Pokémon induces the correct terrain. Air Balloon is excluded.

Possible Ability changes
  • Lurantis receives Chlorophyll to give it a desperately needed Speed boost and to allow for a one-turn Solar Blade.
  • Mega Audino's Healer is changed to Triage to put it on par with the other Mega Evolutions.
  • Chikorita line (or at least Meganium) will have their hidden ability changed to Grassy Surge.
  • Arctovish's Slush Rush or Ice Body is changed to Swift Swim to give it a use unique among the Galar Fossils.

They will implement a new battle system where the battles will more closely reflect the anime
The directional buttons can be used to move the pokemon, the letter/picture buttons can be used to activate the attacks, and will lead to a possibly more exciting way to play the game. To exchange pokemon, you press the L or R button. The developers might want to experiment with this.

After throwing 9 or 10 balls at a Pokemon, you will have the option to pray to Arceus before/while/after throwing the next
Because you're already doing it in real life, anyway. You know you're already about to throw your DS when Suicune rejects your 6th ball, yelling "Which ball do you want from me!?" like a maniac. Not that I've ever done that. May or may not include an option to flip off Pokemon in question if you chose to run.

There will be a game with a morality system, a la inFamous and Knights of the Old Republic.

Contests (if they will still exist) will be totally revamped, being more akin to the one you see in animé - which are WAY more complicated, but also more spectacular

Expanding the 2v2/3v3 battle move combos beyond the pledge moves
Probably likely if not done for the remainder of gen V then Gen VI will do this.

Probable combos likely:

Ash's Thunder Armor combo from the gym battle vs Tate and Liza in the anime if only for a nod to the non game roots of the mechanic.

Thunder + Stone Edge: Creates a Spire that hits the entire field with Thunder's full power on all foes.

  • Flamethrower + Hurricane: Creates a fire tornado that traps everyone on the field while doing damage.
  • Dragon Tail + Gyro Ball: Knocks the foe off the field while doing massive damage.

There will eventually be a way to evolve Pokemon earlier than the level it supposed it evolve at.
And all of the sudden, a Lv.52 Hydreigon becomes legit.

There will be an item to decrease the Pokemon's level.
Though it might have been redundant.
  • Coming off from this:

You will be able to un-evolve Pokemon, possibly through level reduction.
This way, you can learn skills that you missed, and the Pokemon will still attempt to evolve every level.

Fly will be used to access a new type of route
We have land routes and we have sea routes. But we don't have any in the air. Fly will be used to access this and players can move around the route on their pokemon much like surfing. Also everywhere is a possible spot to encounter Pokemon except for a few safe zones much like the sea routes. Players will encounter several pokemon that are either Flying (Of course), Bug (I saw somewhere that some insects can go to very high altitudes), Water (That's what clouds are made of), Electric (Lightning storms) and Ice (Hail storms). This could be the spot where we can FINALLY get a pure Flying-type that's not a legendary Pokemon.
  • Crashing into Skyla's plane would be how Eevee evolves into Sylveon.
  • This theory is semi-confirmed by OR/AS, as you can indeed encounter Pokémon while Soaring on your Mega Lati.

There will be a Pokemon game that has you traversing through both the normal world and the reverse world as a normal gameplay mechanic.
Whether it be to solve puzzles or bypass areas that are normally blocked, it would make for an interesting experience. It could either be done with special portals found around the game world, or having the character switch between worlds at will. Think of it like Dark Aether from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, only without the poisonous atmosphere.

A future game will introduce customizable trainers.
The customization may start out on a small level, like simply being able to choose the color of the trainer's outfit. But over time, new games will feature more and more options like different outfits, hairstyles, and facial features.
  • Confirmed.

Your pokemon will eventually be able to interact with each other, perhaps through an extension of Poke-Amie.
If they interact enough, they will form a friendship (and perhaps a rivalry!) which will affect their performance if they fight side by side in a Double Battle. For example, taking an attack for its partner if it would KO them or cheering them on to power their attack up.

A "thief ball" item will be made.
It would allow the player to capture any Pokemon of another trainer's without fail. Like the Master Ball, it would be extremely rare.

The "ridable Pokemon" thing will be expanded on in future games.
X & Y has the feature but it's pretty limited. Future games might expand on it. For instance, being able to ride certain types of Pokemon at any time as long as they're in your party. Different ridable Pokemon would have different abilities and benefits. For instance, any ridable water Pokemon would be able to cross the water without knowing Surf, or go up waterfalls or dive without knowing those respective HMs. (though certain water Pokemon would be slow on land, or wouldn't be able to move on land at all) Some Pokemon would move very fast, some could jump over certain obstacles like cliffs. Flying Pokemon might be able to glide short distances, which would allow the player to cross gaps and go over other obstacles. Certain legendary Pokemon could be ridden and have abilities exclusive to them. Pokemon that can be ridden could include:

Charizard, Blastoise, and VenusaurPonyta and RapidashDoduo and DodrioSkiddo and GogoatPidgeotNinetailsScytherDewgongLaprasNoivern

  • Partially confirmed: Poké Ride has been expanded to a fully-fledged mechanic in Pokémon Sun and Moon and has collectively replaced the HMs, Bicycle, and Item Finder. You do not need a compatible Pokémon, however; they are summoned wherever you're standing. Of those on the list, Charizard and Lapras have been confirmed as Alola's analogue to Fly and Surf, respectively.

As an addendum to the above, the Gen 8 Pokemon game will let you ride any Pokemon (within reason) rather than a fixed selection.
Unused data within the Sun/Moon games shows walking animations for all Pokemon, which suggests either this or following Pokemon was planned at some point. It might have been scaled back because the 3DS processor couldn't handle it. But with Gen 8 being confirmed for Switch, it's possible that they'll let you ride any of your Pokemon aside from the ones that are too small.

Following Pokemon will return and stay.

Diving will return as it was in Ruby and Sapphire.
The player can stay underwater for an unlimited amount of time and go through seaweed to find Pokemon, as well as fish. There would be a lot of new stuff to explore. This would show up on the next 3DS game in the main series because underwater stuff looks cool in 3D.
  • Confirmed as of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. No diving in Alola though, as logical as it might be.

The Nintendo 3DS eShop will eventually have the older Pokemon games available to download.
And Pokemon captured in those games could be transferred to the current generation 3DS one.
  • Obviously this wouldn't work with the first two Generations, because overhaul.
  • Confirmed in the case of Gen I, though without the compatibility with new games.
    • and now with compatibility with new games starting with Pokemon Sun and Moon.
One day, the Orre will be properly recognized as "Met in Orre." rather "Met in a distant land."
C'mon! It was a distant land when the games were located in Japan-based places... and they're still that in Unova as far as I know. Why not do that one day? (Technically Gen 3 had "met in a trade" as far as I know, Gen IV made it bit better). inb4 it was fixed in Gen V

There will someday be an Alien-type
And its weaknesses will be water and grass.

Emma will replace Looker as a reoccuring NPC
Looker has appeared in several titles since Pokemon Platinum. Emma will take his place, or maybe they'll both appear.

Stance Change will become a game mechanic for all Pokémon
Game Freak needs to continue updating the battle system to keep it fresh, but without completely revamping it and alienating old fans. Maybe not immediately following this generation, but one way to add to the system without changing too much would be to introduce Stance Changing, which was touched upon by Aegislash in Gen VI. Each turn you'll be able to switch Pokémon between Attack Stance, Neutral and Defense Stance.
  • Attack Stance - slightly increases offensive power but lowers defensive stats and prevents use of non-damaging moves
  • Neutral Stance - standard mode
  • Defense Stance - slightly increases defensive power but prevents use of damaging moves
The stat bonuses would be enough to introduce new strategy options, but not significant enough to turn Pokémon upside-down.
  • If we can add a Speed Stance,note  then Deyoxs' Formes could be Retconned into Stances. Aegislash's speed stance would probably be the sword riding on the shield or something.note 
Stance Atk/SA Def/SD Speed Acc. Evade Taunt M-Hit
Attack Up Down Same Up Down On Same
Defense Down Up Same Same Down Reversed N/A
Speed Down Down Up Down Up Off Max

Multiplayer horde battles!
With battles against trainer hordes being introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it's an interesting idea to consider allowing players to be on the other side of the horde battle. Either it would be one player controlling the horde vs. another player controlling one Pokémon, or else there could even be a team of five players against one. Of course, like horde battles in the games, there would need to be a significant level cap on the team of 5 to keep things fair.

Flying Press was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.
There will be other dual-typed moves in the future. Possibly even retcons to existing moves. For example (keeping the "listed as one type and only can gain STAB off of that type):
  • Blaze Kick, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, and Bullet Punch will all deal Fighting-type damage.
  • Ice Burn, Scald and Steam Eruption, and Sky Attack will all deal Fire-type damage.
  • Freeze Shock will deal Electric-type damage.
  • Muddy Water will deal Ground-type damage.
  • Twinneedle will deal Poison-type damage.
Of course, the problem with this is that whereas there is absolutely nothing that is weak to or resisted by both Fighting-types and Flying-types, and in fact many types take x1 damage from Flying Press due to being weak against one type but resistant to the other (Bug, Rock, Steel), some of these other type combos could easily allow ridiculous multipliers. For example, a Water/Ground Muddy Water would do x16 damage to Magcargo and a Steel/Fighting Bullet Punch would deal x16 damage to the Amaura line, while a Fire/Flying Sky Attack would deal x16 to all of the various Grass/Bug types and could actually reach x32 if Forest's Curse was used on Heracross or a hypothetical future Ice/Bug type. Works in the other direction, too—a Fire/Water Scald would only do x1/16 against a Water/Dragon type normally, and as such, would absolutely slaughter one in an Inverse Battle.

Egg moves will get expanded to some rather unexpected lengths.
  • Theoretically, a lot of Pokémon need to be chain bred to get certain egg moves due to the various Pokémon that are members of multiple groups. But they have yet to give a Pokémon an egg move that cannot be learned by either level-up by any member of its egg group or anything that could chain into its egg group—which is to say, something that could only be passed on if Sketched by a male Smeargle. This despite Smeargle belonging to the largest Egg Group. To return to a WMG above, what if that Pidgey with Aeroblast was possible, but not because it could actually get it directly from Lugia; instead, it inherited it from a member of the Woobat line (along with Farfetch'd, the only lines that are in both the Field and Flying Egg Groups). Or a Whismur whose sound-based moves included Roar of Time, Dialga's signature move. It would be nice if Game Freak were to reward this sort of ingenuity.

Other new moves
A physical move with 140 BP that lowers Attack by 2 stages after use. Most likely a Fighting-type move, because Fighting already has a number of moves that lower stats after use. Hey, Hyper Beam eventually got a physical clone, why not Overheat?

The League Rematch mechanic will be overhauled to resemble Punch-Out!!'s Title Defense Mode
When you go back to League HQ after finishing the game, the Gate Guards will recognize you and ask if you would like to face any Challengers. You'll face 5 randomly determined challengers per set with one set per day and Auto-Healing between Rounds.

And it won't just be the (former) Elite coming after your belt. Gym Leaders, Rivals, and important NPCs and even some Downloadable characters would all appear. (International Cameos will not be part of this mechanicnote  and could still be challenged in separate exhibitions. Stored Friends would also be Exhibitions.)

If you win, you get a "salary"note  and the right to do it all over again tomorrow. If you lose, you'll have to rechallenge the League to regain your title... with the Set of 5 you lost to being the New Elite Four and Champ.note  You'd retain any experience earned win or lose; turning the game off in the middle of the challenge would lock you out of the challenge for the rest of the day.

To Defy Bag of Spilling, each trainer's first appearance in an "Elite" slot (1-4) would be with their leads around the levels of the Original Elite 4 unless their last storyline battle had their leads at a higher level. If you face them as a "Champion" (last of the day), their levels increase by 5 with a potential moveset and item change. This form become their Elite form in subsequent circuits. This progression continues until the Lead is 79-83 (82-86 for original Elites and the Primay Rival), wherein the Elite and Champion forms become the same. In no case would a trainer be an "Elite" for a "Champion" whose "Level" was more than 2 levels below their's.

To allow you to train lower-levels, Gym Leaders who aren't part of the day's "circuit" (along with certain Elites) would allow you to challenge a "B" team if your Party's highest level is below the day's Elite Level.

  • Partially confirmed: In Pokémon Sun and Moon, once you become the champion, you can sit on the chair, and challengers will come to you. These can be generic trainers, Kahunas, Professor Kukui, Hau, Trial Captains, Guzma, Plumeria, and a few other characters, though there isn't anything deeper than that. They are all quite strong though.

A "Generic Mega Stone" will be introduced.
I suppose it is understandable that GF decided to forget about Mega Evolution in Gen 7, seeing that the mechanic severely limits players' choices when building a team (i.e., mega evolution is so powerful you will be at a serious disadvantage if you don't use one in your team; you can only select from a rather limited set of pokemon for your team's mega). However, I think there is a way to solve this problem: Introduce a generic mega stone. Z moves do not have the problem of limiting team choice since any pokemon can act as the "Z move holder" of your team. Similarly, if any pokemon can mega evolve, then the problem with mega evolution will be solved. GF can introduce a "generic mega stone" that can be given to any pokemon. In battle, it can cause the pokemon that holds it to "mega evolve" (all base stats sans HP boosted by 20) without altering its appearance. That means you don't have to be forced to have specific species in your team to have a mega evolution.
  • Jossed, you do get a Key Stone for your Z-Ring though...

Future Battle Tower-like facilities will be split into 4-leveled tiers
The following tiers are leveled according and only allow using certain species of Pokémon. The list are:
  • Lv. 5 that is exclusive to Little Cup.
  • Lv. 30 that only allows Pokémon that are not fully-evolved.
  • Lv. 50 that bans Mega Evolution, fully-evolved pseudo-legendaries, and normally-eligible legendaries (like the bird trio).
  • Lv. 100 or Open Level that follows the standard restrictions.

The other types will receive a "Normal-type attacks become this type with 20% boosted power" Ability
These allend in "-ize" or"-ate" and don't necessarily have definitions related to the type (or are made-up words completely). The ones that already exist are as follows:
  • Normal - Normalize (inverted from the others due to it already covering the Normal-type; does not have a 20% boost)
  • Electric - Galvanize
  • Ice - Refrigerate
  • Flying - Aerilate
  • Fairy - Pixilate

Possible names for the Abilities for types they dont have yet:

  • Fire - Oxidize / Oxidate / Ignite
  • Water - Moisturize / Saturate (possibly Liquidate, but there is already a move called Liquidation)
  • Grass - Vegetate / Pollinate
  • Psychic - Prognosticate
  • Fighting - Concentrate / Aggravate / Invigorate / Improvise
  • Ground - Excavate / Prostrate
  • Rock - Fossilize / Mineralize / Rocky Appendage
  • Poison - Contaminate / Intoxicate / Venomous Appendage
  • Bug - Pupate
  • Ghost - Reanimate / Ghostly Body
  • Dragon - Devastate
  • Dark - Incriminate / Escalate
  • Steel - Coagulate / Inspissate / Steel-plating

Updated Abilities.
An easy way to make an underpowered Pokémon up to speed is to provide a boost to its Ability, like what was done with Sturdy in Generation V. Same thing with giving them a Nerf, as we've already seen with Talonflame in Generation VII. Here are some that I've thought of:
  • Keen Eye: Guarantees all damaging moves will not miss.
  • Forecast: Weather-setting moves receive +1 priority on top of changing Castform's appearance and type.
  • Innards Out: Deals a fixed damage equal to the user's total HP instead of HP remaining when knocked out, but only if it's still on Pyukumuku. Has its regular effect if the Ability is not on Pyukumuku.
  • Big Pecks: Defense and Special Defense cannot be lowered. Opponents' Attack stats cannot be raised. Flying-type moves get a 40% boost in damage.
  • Wonder Guard: Only super-effective moves can damage the user, but it now includes passive damage. That is, Shedinja can be hit by Sandstorm due to it originating as a Rock-type move, even if it's initiated with Sand Stream, but it cannot be hit by Leech Seed, Spikes, or Toxic.
  • Unnerve: Extends to the opponent being unable to use any items that are consumed (that is, used once and the item is no longer held), as well as Leftovers, rather than just Berries.
  • Analytic: The first time the Pokémon takes direct damage from a move, the move it uses on the next turn will have +1 priority added to it.
  • Bulletproof: Also protects against all pulse moves.
  • Comatose: Heals a small amount of HP at the end of each turn in addition to existing effects.
  • Queenly Majesty and Dazzling: If in a double battle, also protects allies from priority moves.
  • Electric Surge, Psychic Surge, Grassy Surge, and Misty Surge: Reduced from 5 turns to 3 turns of terrain. Terrain Extender restores it to 5 turns.
  • Water Compaction: Also grants immunity to Water-type moves unless the user is holding a Ring Target. When it's raining, this Pokémon takes half damage from physical attacks. If this Pokémon takes damage from an Ice-type move, damage is calculated as normal for that turn, but the damage multiplier for Ice-type attacks becomes not-very-effective from the next turn onward until this Pokémon faints or is switched out.
  • Illuminate:
    • Light-based attacks (such as Flash Cannon and Dazzling Gleam) do double damage.
    • The user becomes the center of attention after using its moves.
      • Alternatively, all light-based moves get +1 priority and cause the user to become the center of attention for the remainder of the turn. Such moves include Flash, Flash Cannon, Tail Glow, Confuse Ray, Signal Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Light Screen, Power Gem, Eerie Impulse, Moongeist Beam, Photon Geyser, and Prismatic Laser. (Not all Pokémon with Illuminate can learn these moves, but on the event that they can, these are included.)
  • Zen Mode:
    • Activates at the end of the first turn Darmanitan is in play instead of at 50% HP.
    • Alternative, Darmanitan can activate it on the first turn if it hold a certain item.
  • Defeatist: Activates at 25% remaining HP instead of at 50%.
  • Vital Spirit: This Pokémon is immune to Sleep. Any time an opponent's move that would normally induce Sleep is used on it, the Pokémon's Speed is increased 1 stage.
  • Corrosion: Poison-type attacks done to Steel-types and Poison-types are treated as if they're super-effective.
  • Grassy Pelt: Also increases Speed by 2 stages if on Grass or Grassy Terrain is in effect.
  • Magic Bounce: Boosts Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage if any of the opponent's moves is reflected back.
  • Receiver and Power of Alchemy: The Ability changes to that of the last Pokémon on its team that fainted, regardless of if it happened when the user was present or not.
  • Intimidate: In a double or triple battle, lowers the Attack of only the Pokémon directly in front of it and not adjacent ones.
  • Protean and Libero: Activates at the beginning of the turn rather than right before the Pokémon attacks. The Pokémon returns back to its native type(s) immediately after it attacks.
  • Rain Dish: Restores 1/8 of the Pokémon's maximum HP in rain instead of 1/16.
  • Slow Start: The 5 turns necessary to get the Pokémon's stats back to normal do not reset back to 5 when it switches out.
  • Solar Power: Special Attack is increased to x2 rather than x1.5. 1/16 of the Pokémon's HP is lost each turn instead of 1/8.
  • Stakeout: Also inflicts Paralysis on the replacement Pokémon if the opponent switches out except for Electric-types.
  • Strong Jaw: Biting moves' attack power is increased by 100% instead of 50% if the power is less than 80.
  • Tinted Lens: Not-very-effective moves get a x3 boost instead of x2 if they would ordinarily do half damage. If they would do quarter damage or less, the move gets a x4 boost. Moves with no effect still have no effect.
  • Water Veil: If the Pokémon is targeted by a Fire-type move, it will also have no effect and raises the Pokémon's Evasion by 1 stage.
  • Flower Gift: Raises two of the affected Pokémon's best stats (among Attack, Defense, Sp. Att, Sp. Def and Speed) rather than just Attack and Sp. Def. Cherrim's Sunshine Forme is also a Grass/Fire type.
  • Iron Fist: Increases damage multiplier to x1.5
  • Light Metal:
    • Steel-type moves gain +1 priority.
    • If the Pokémon is a Steel-type, its Speed is increased by 1 stage. This increase goes away if the Ability is negated or changed to something else.
      • In addition, Attack is decreased by 1 stage.
  • Heavy Metal:
    • Physical Steel-type moves' attack power is increased by 50%.note 
    • Using Steel-type attacks makes the user attack last like Stall, but they will deal x2 damage.
  • Overgrow and similar abilities: Multiplier becomes x2 when HP is 1/3 or less. Multiplier becomes x1.2 otherwise.
  • Gluttony: Consumes the berry it holds the moment it can use its effect.
  • Normalize, Pixilate and similar abilities: Does not activate if the affected move would have a better type advantage before the change than after the change.
  • Long Reach: In addition to all moves done by this Pokémon considered contactless, if another Pokémon attacks with a contact move, that Pokémon takes damage equal to 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Tangling Hair and Gooey: Pokémon whose Speed is lowered by these Abilities are also no longer able to switch out unless they have Run Away or until the user faints or switches out.
  • Liquid Voice: Moves turned to Water-type by this Ability have their power increased by 20%.
  • Emergency Exit: In addition to its current effects, allows this Pokémon to switch in and attack on the same turn once per battle.
  • Shields Down: Changes Minior from Meteor Form to Core Form when at 50% or less HP but also fully restores Minior's HP. This Ability has no effect if it's on any Pokémon except Minior. Minior remains in Core Form for the rest of the battle. Using Shell Smash will immediately switch Minior from Meteor Form to Core Form regardless of how much HP it has but will not restore Minior's HP.
  • Berserk: Any time Special Attack rises due to this Ability, the next attack will have +1 priority.
  • Impostor: In addition to its current effect, if the opponent's level is equal to or greater than that of the user, the user's total HP changes to that of the opponent. If the user has already taken damage, the user's current HP will change such that the difference between its total HP and current HP remain the same. If this causes the user's HP to be 0 or less, the user will faint upon transformation. If the user is switched out, the total HP will revert to normal. If this causes the user's HP to be 0 or less, the user will faint if brought back out, before any transformation takes place.
  • Snow Cloak: The user gets the effects of Aurora Veilnote  whenever Hail is active, though localized only to itself, instead of its current effect of raising Evasion. These effects can be broken with Brick Break, Psychic Fangs, or Defog, and can be overridden by Pokémon with Infiltrator or Screen Cleaner. Does not stack with Aurora Veil, Reflect, or Light Screen, but can stack with Defense and Special Defense boosts. Non-Ice-types with Snow Cloak will take damage from Hail but gets the Aurora Veil effects.
  • Ice Body: Fire-, Fighting-, Steel-, and Rock-type attacks done to this Pokémon become not-very-effective attacks whenever Hail is active instead of its current effect of gradual restoration of HP. Does not affect Stealth Rock or Tinted Lens. Weakness-reducing Berries are not consumed under these effects. Non-Ice-types with Ice Body do not take damage from Hail but take super-effective damage as normal.
  • RKS System: When Silvally is equipped with a Z-Crystal, its type changes to that of the Z-Crystal. If Silvally is equipped with a Memory and uses a move of the same type as the Memory, Silvally's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed are raised by 1 stage each. Once the turn ends, Silvally's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed are lowered by 1 stage each, bringing it back to how it was before. If Silvally's Attack and/or Speed are maxed out, the stats will not increase further, nor will it decrease at the end of the turn. These stat changes are affected by Contrary and Topsy-Turvy. Multi-Attack is also changed from a physical move to a special one if Silvally's Special Attack is higher than its physical Attack. RKS System has no effect if it's on a Pokémon other than Silvally or a Pokémon transformed into Silvally.
  • Stance Change: The user switches between Shield Forme and Sword Forme at the beginning of the turn instead of immediately prior to the move.
  • Gale Wings:
    • The user gets +1 priority on Flying-type moves on the first turn in which it can attack after the battle begins or after switching in rather than being at 100% HP.
    • The additional requirement of the user being at full HP will be removed altogether, going back to the way it was at Gen VI.
  • Mega Launcher: Instead of being 50% stronger, pulse moves always inflict a critical hit. Heal Pulse retains its effect of healing three-quarters of maximum HP instead of half.
  • Parental Bond: When this Pokémon uses a damaging move, the subsequent attack caused by this Ability has no secondary effects.note 
  • Schooling: If Wishiwashi is at Level 20 or higher, is in Solo Forme, and its HP increases to above 25%, it will revert to Schooling Forme right after its HP stops increasing instead of at the end of the turn. Has its regular effect if on a Pokémon other than Wishiwashi or a Pokémon transformed into Wishiwashi.
  • Pickup: Steals the item of a Pokémon that's knocked out.
  • Anticipation: Instead of shuddering, the Poémon will brace itself for a turn, guaranteeing to survive all moves with at least 1HP.
  • Sturdy: OHKO moves that cannot hit it now includes Destiny Bond and Perish Song's finished countdown.
  • Gorilla Tactics: Damage is increased by 30% instead of 50%.
  • Cotton Down: The Speed drop caused by this Ability no longer affects teammates.
  • Screen Cleaner: Light Screen, Reflect, Aurora Veil, and Safeguard do not have any effect any time this Pokémon is in play instead of its usual effect of removing them when the Pokémon enters play.
  • Punk Rock: Damage is increased by 20% instead of 30%. The accuracy of sound-based status moves has its accuracy increased by 20%.
  • Ball Fetch: This Pokémon has a 10% chance of picking up a Poké Ball all on its own after the end of a battle. The type of Poké Balls it acquires depends on its level, beginning with only the standard red Poké Balls at Level 1 and culminating with Apricorn Balls, Dream Balls, Beast Balls, and very rare Master Balls at Level 70 or higher.
  • Mimicry: In addition to type changes in terrain, this Pokémon also changes type from the weather: Water in rain and heavy rain, Fire in intense sunlight and very intense sunlight, Rock in sandstorm, Ice in hail, and Flying in fog (if that ever returns) and strong winds, including Tailwind. If both terrain and weather are present at once, this Pokémon assumes a dual type, the first being of the terrain and the second being of the weather. Once all terrain and weather effects end, this Pokémon resumes its default type(s).
  • Ripen: Leftovers heal twice as much HP as they normally would. Berry Juice is not affected by Ripen and no longer displays the message box indicating Ripen has taken effect.

Entry Hazards are nerfed to wear off after five turns.
If only to set Smogon on fire.

A future game will introduce customizable trainer classes.
You will able to choose what is your trainer's class is. However in order to get a new class you must first beat the trainer with the class. For example to change your class from Pokémon Trainer to Dragon Tamer, you must beat a Dragon Tamer.

How Pokémon will have certain abilities will be revised.
Generally, a Pokémon can have one out of up to three abilities(2 random, or another hidden ability). However, as more abilities are added, power creep ensures such that older abilities are ended up outclassed and inferior. Sure, there are previous abilities that were given a buff, but eventually, certain Pokémon won't be in favor for their poor selection of abilities.
In one of the future generations, a Pokémon can have an option to learn an ability and replace it with its previous one. This will give room to older Pokémon to choose more abilities when all the ones they already have are out-of-date and no longer viable in competitive battling.

Form-changing abilities will be revised as a phenomena separate from abilities.
For example, instead of Ageislash having Stance Change as its ability, it now has Stance Change as its form-changing ability, while its proper abilities are Filter/Sturdy for its Shield Form, and Mold Breaker/Tough Claws for its Blade Form.

Pure types will have a customizable Secondary type.
A set of items will be introduced augment the typing of the affected Pokémon. However, there will be a few types the pure type can work with.

Hyper Beam and similar moves will be buffed.
Such that recharging will be downgraded from not moving the next turn to not being able to use the move temporally.

Attacks will have range in battle.
Battles will take place across tiles and moves will have certain effective range. A Pokemon can also move forward or backwards before attacking, giving them an offensive or a defensive edge. This will allow more depth to existing moves, abilities and items during a Pokemon battle.

Illusion will work on wild Pokémon
That they will be able to disguise as the most common Pokémon encountered in the area it's in.

Drago Meteor will be an Egg Move to Dragon-types who couldn't otherwise access it.
Specifically for Pokémon who gain the Dragon typing upon Mega EvolutionList , their base form will inherit the move their parents.

Moves that doesn't make sense to have a specific effectiveness against a particular type will be checked to do otherwise.
For example, Acid, a Poison-type move, has no effect against Steel-types even though acids can melt metal. In a future generation game, it will be made a exception to be specifically super-effective against Steel.

    Future Spinoff Ideas 
There will be a Pokemon Fighting Game.
Pokemon in the style of Street Fighter, perhaps?
There will be a Pokemon Zoo game.
Similar to Zoo Tycoon. Like the main Pokemon series, you have several areas you can go out to capture Pokemon. But instead of trying to be the best trainer, your goal is to capture Pokemon for your zoo. You build exhibits, with different Pokemon requiring different types of environments to be happy. Unhappy Pokemon result in low zoo attendance, which means less money to build new exhibits. Having lots of Pokemon and many different types of Pokemon increase your zoo's popularity, as will baby Pokemon, rare Pokemon, and legendary Pokemon. Throughout the game you will be required to do different challenges, like taking in abused Pokemon from bad zoos, trying to breed rare Pokemon, or nursing an injured or sick wild Pokemon before releasing it to the wild. Some challenges will be required to progress in the game while others will be optional. Challenge rewards include increased zoo attendance, access to new types of Pokemon in the wild as well as Pokemon for purchase, or even special one-time Pokemon.

There will be a spin-off game revolving around genetic engineering.
You work in a lab taking DNA from different Pokemon and putting them together to produce hybrids with different traits and such.

There will be a spin-off where you yourself are the Champion from the start, and then the entire formula of the Pokemon games gets Deconstructed
It sounds out there, but it'd be fun to start the game with all the O.P. Pokemon of which ever generation this spin off takes place in, and then you hear about a Team of miscreants making trouble. You, as the Champion, decide you could help the people of your region by doing something about them. Only to find out that they're too powerful and they, as per the usual tradition of the enemy teams, take your Pokemon. You have to start for, square one, and regain your Pokemon by catching new ones and making a whole new team while still retaining your title as Champion.
  • The second Pokemon TGC already did this.

There will be an Action RPG spinoff, and it will be about Pokémon-themed Magical Girls
Because I want to play the "WMG doesn't have to make sense" card. Also, there was a Shoujo romance manga about Pokémon, and this is more plausible.

There will be Enhanced Remakes of Pokémon Colosseum and/or Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Or rather, sequels.
  • XD002 will be Yveltal, due to its physical resemblance to Lugia and its ability to inflict instant death on anyone and anything too close to it. Yveltal only does what it does because that's its job, but such a power seems too good for Cipher to pass up, which the player character eventually snags and catches. Meanwhile, in the other game, Xerneas has traveled to Orre to attempt to stop Yveltal and Cipher but cannot do it alone, letting itself be caught by the player character.
    • Also, it'll have online Pokémon battling, a la Pokémon Battle Revolution, only with an actual game attached to it.

There will be a 3D Pokémon Rhythm Game similar to the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series.
  • And it will most likely star the female protagonists from the games and the anime and possibly, the Pokémon Adventures manga, too. In addition, the Project DIVA team at Sega will collab with Game Freak on it as well.
    • Meloetta and Primarina HAVE to be in it. And the Whismur line too.

There will be a Pokémon spinoff game where you can only play as Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon and Ultra Beasts.
  • The Legendaries, Mythicals and U Bs are popular. In fact, if you gather all their fans combined, they would practically be a fanbase by themselves. So a game where only they are playable makes sense. No player-generated characters, just the ultra-powerful Pokemon that we've come to be familiar with, all in one big beautiful package. It could be an Action RPG not too unlike the Tales Series, but with a Pokemon twist.

    Miscellaneous WMG 

There will be a Compilation Re-release.
That is to say, you can visit any region. Games like Pokemon Dash will be minigames.Of course, you cannot bring your Mons from one region to another. The professor will live on a small island with one or two towns, one of them your hometown, and one of them used for the tutorial bit.

We will finally get that Pokemon MMO that we've been asking for.

The Pokemon games represent growing up.
See the corresponding WMG on this page for details. Let's just say in the sixth generation, things will be so complex story-wise that any and all previous knowledge will be useless.

When Pokemon comes to the 3DS, you will be able to save your diploma to an SD card to print out.
I know the Wii games can send pictures to the message board, then have them put on an SD card. I think the 3DS would as well.
  • Pokemon X and Y say hi.

In a future game, completing the Pokédex will give more than a diploma
You will also get to fight Professor Oak. That would be an epic reward.
  • Semi-Jossed. In Black 2 and White 2, you get better thing a diploma, but it's not fighting Professor Oak. Instead, for seeing the entire Unova Pokédex you get License, which allows you to travel to place with some new Pokémon like Kecleon, Noctowl or Nuzleaf, completing it gives you a Round Charm which makes Pokémon Eggs appear more likely in Pokémon Day Care, and completing the National Pokédex gives Shining Charm, which makes Shiny Pokémon more than three times likely in the wild (1 in 2370 be precise) and about 1 and 1/3 times as likely with Masuda Method (1 in 1024). Of course, these exclude event-only Pokémon. Note that Zorua is now given away for free in-game.

A future game will not have an opposing team for you to fight, but rather focus on exploration.
Not only which, but you will be able to explore all the previous regions as well, thus reuniting the fans.

A future pair of games will be called Infrared and Ultraviolet.
We would get a pair of Bug-type Legendaries.

We will get some kind of official tie between the main games and the world of the Mystery Dungeon games.
Even if just an offhand comment in a future Mystery Dungeon explaining where all the humans went.

The World Ribbon will be given out to Pokemon that have cleared every Pokemon league so far
In a future generation/game, bringing a Pokemon with a Champion Ribbon (Clear Hoenn/Kanto league), Sinnoh Champ Ribbon, Legend Ribbon (beat red), the Ribbon from Unova league I haven't got yet and the current game's recognition ribbon, will get a fourth wall breaking congratulations from the developers, thanking them for being a true fan (Exceptional fan if you also have an earth/national ribbon on something) of the franchise, ask them if they still remember various things and asking for their continued support.
  • How would you transfer the diplomas from Pokemon Blue to Pokemon X and Y? This WMG could only work on a game on the Wii U with all the regions as DLCs.
    • What they mean is, start a Pokemon in FR/LG, beat the Elite 4 there, trade them to R/S/E and beat the Elite 4 there, Pal Park them to D/P/P and beat the Elite 4 there, trade them to HG/SS and beat the Elite 4/Red there, and so on through all the games that are still compatible.
      • Cool idea but Hoenn and Kanto have the same ribbon. Johto has ribbon for Red, btw. Also there's no ribbon for Unova League as far as I know. Besides migrating you get ribbons from events only as far as I know.

There will be a villain even worse than Ghetsis.
Yes, you heard me. While Nintendo has dabbled in it before, it really showed that it could make powerful monsters with Darkrai and Ghetsis. How do you make someone worse than the two? Why, you merge them together! Imagine someone with the unrelenting sociopathy of Ghetsis, and the distored sadism of the Mystery Dungeon version of Darkrai. You basically have someone on the same level of sick as Dr Weil, and someone worse than the two. Have fun.
  • Maybe they will play the horribleness of this new villain for laughs. 0% Approval Rating, Evil Is Hammy and Fashion-Victim Villain will be used in force so that their horrible actions will be dampened.
    • Fashion victim villain? Ghetsis. Evil is hammy? Giovanni. Zero percent approval rating? Oh, only every villainous team in Pokemon history.

There will be a spinoff game that explores the world of pokerus.
It seems like a good use for this bit of the game. A whole new set of microbial pokemon could be made. The game would probably play like Pokemon Rumble if it were made.

One day in a main game there will be a battle with the true 'Ultimate Trainer' which can last for up to hours, being the first battle that you can save in, can't escape in any way and to utilize more than 6 Pokemon.
I'm thinking you only unlock the chance for this battle when you fill ALL your boxes with level 100 Pokemon (and you use them), you must then battle this Trainer who has every fully evolved Pokemon except Legendaries for you to battle, but they are almost twice the strength as normal.
To give more epicness... let's make evolution even more crazy!
I mean fourth stage of evolution, evolution branch within evolution branch, or evolution branches having one of the stage the same as other part of branch. Crazy, isn't it?
  • This might be confirmed with Mega Evolution...
A future generation will feature hybrid Pokemon.
The game developers always seem to be trying to come up with new ways to obtain certain Pokemon. A future generation may have "hyrbid" Pokemon that will result from breeding two different Pokemon species. Not all mixed-species breedings will result in a hybrid Pokemon, but a few will.
  • Wait, don't we already have this theory somewhere?
    • Yeah, a couple of times.

They're running out of ideas for version names.
Hopefully they'll come up with something other than "Black Version 2" and "White Version 2".

A superb move tutor will appear
And it will teach many of these move (if not all).
  • Razor Wind
  • Whirlwind
  • Horn Drill
  • Take Down
  • Bubble Beam
  • Water Gun
  • Pay Day
  • Submission
  • Rage
  • Mega Drain
  • Dragon Rage
  • Fissure
  • Teleport
  • Bide
  • Egg Bomb
  • Skull Bash
  • Psywave
  • Curse
  • Zap Cannon
  • Sweet Scent
  • Dragon Breath
  • Detect

They're all Generation I or II TMs that so far didn't return after the Generation III reboot.note 

  • Alternatively, we could have either 5 Tutors with 8 moves each or 16 with 2-4 each, with different levels of cost. An example of the 5 Tutor idea:
    • Bide (2 of any Units)
    • Bubble Beam (1 Water Unit plus 1 of Any Unit)
    • Thunderbolt (2 Electric Units)
    • Giga Drain (2 Grass Units)
    • Toxic (1 Water Unit plus 1 Grass Unit plus 2 of any Units)
    • Psywave (4 of any Units)
    • Fire Blast (4 Fire Units)
    • Fissure (3 Grass Units plus 1 of every other Unit)
  • (OP here) Fake Out, Faint Attack, Night Shade and Hypnosis... They were all tutor in XD, but only Mew could learn them. That also applied to Zap Cannon (but it was TM in Gen II while others weren't EVER tutorable besides that) and Role Play (but this one has tutor in HGSS and B2W2, so it's fixed). These may also need help.

The sixth Generation will have the original Dragon that Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem were as an obtainable pokemon
To elaborate further (I'm not the person who put that WMG up):
  • Black 2 and White 2 had Kyurem fuse with Reshiram or Zekrom, but Kyurem is said to have originally contained both. Thus, an upcoming game will feature a Primal Reversion for Kyurem, sacrificing Reshiram AND Zekrom. Its base stat total will be either 760 (base Kyurem's 660 + 100) or 800 (Black Kyurem or White Kyurem's 700 + 100) and will be Electric/Fire, having shed off the Ice-type that represented its nothingness and the Dragon-type because we can't have Pokémon with 3 types. Alternatively, Kyurem's fusion is NOT a Primal Reversion, which lasts only for the battle, but is permanent and plot-important. In this case, it would have a new Forme altogether, with a base stat total of either 720 (to match Arceus) or 740 (as Kyurem gained 40 points for absorbing one of the other dragons, and so it'd gain another 40 for absorbing the other). I also believe this will happen after Generation VI, as it's pretty far into the generation and there are dangling threads within this generation that must be addressed first, mostly revolving around Zygarde.
    • Jossed: Kyurem was completely ignored through all of Generation VI. Zygarde's dangling threads were also not addressed until Generation VII.

Pokemon's cries will vary depending on gender.
Such as female Pokemon having a higher pitch. There could would have, and ideally dual-types to give her team more advantages against a wider variety of types

Future generations will reorder the National Pokedex
In addition to providing their own regional Pokedex (starting with that region's starter Pokemon), each generation will reorder the National Pokedex to put cross-generational evolutionary relatives together. The order of evolutionary families will stay the same, however.

For example, Pikachu (the first Pokemon to have such an evolutionary relative) won't be number 25, Pichu will be, and Pikachu will be 26. Another example would be Eevee. Rather than simply having Eevee and the first three evolutions, it will have Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon all in a row (followed then the Porygon family). Eevee and Porygon, though, will be nowhere near their original national dex numbers due to the large number of Pokemon that will have to be inserted before them which will shift them further and further down.

  • As a corollary, this could be an alternate setting choice, similar to the ability to switch settings between regional and national.

Future Generations Will Abandon The Regional Pokedex Concept

Every Pokemon game since Ruby and Sapphire have excluded a large number of the existing Pokemon from their Pokedexes until after the National Pokedex. However, the most recent main series games (BW 2 and XY) have shown a major trend toward huge Pokedexes. Technically, Kalos had three Regional Pokedexes (of reasonable individual size), but ultimately, the different regional Pokedexes had no impact on the gameplay, and only served to avoid a 450+ Regional Pokedex.

Following this trend, future generations will abandon the concept of excluding Pokemon like that entirely. Regional Pokedexes will still technically exist, but they will be in the style of Gold and Silver's New Pokedex Order, in that they will contain every existing Pokemon in some order (different from the National Pokedex, or, as Gold and Silver called it, the Old Pokedex) and start with that Generation's Starter Pokemon and end with that Generation's Legendary Pokemon.

A future game will expand on underwater exploration.
Unlike previous games, it will have multiple interesting underwater environments to explore, and even an underwater city.

The Sinnoh remakes will make at least one previously event-only legendary available via regular gameplay the way Deoxys was in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.
And quite possibly more than one. Both Darkrai and Shaymin have legitimate cases that they should've been there all along, as their presences are strongly hinted at by existing events—Darkrai in the Sailor Eldritch event that gets you to Fullmoon Island, and Shaymin by, well, the entire right side of Victory Road and Route 224. Except that's just the thing. Ruby and Sapphire didn't hint at Deoxys's existence at all; hell, I think technically Deoxys debuted in the Kanto remakes, not in Hoenn. And from a meta standpoint, Arceus makes more sense for a Delta Episode type of event. Its existence is vaguely hinted at as well, but not in any one event. Every time the player found one of the sixteen Plates that Arceus uses to change types, a little bit of Sinnoh's creation myth was revealed. (Not counting uncovering one of them in the Underground.) Except it wasn't a sixteen-part story; it was an eight-part story, and then it would repeat when you found Plates 9-16. This is important because with the addition of the Fairy type, there are now an odd number of Plates. In order to bring about balance again, there needs to be an 18th Plate...and there should be, because the addition of Mega Pokémon has dethroned Arceus as the highest BST in the game—Mega Mewtwo and Mega Rayquaza now hold that honor, with Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre also beating out Arceus. In order to regain its spot as the strongest Pokémon of all, Arceus needs a Primal/Mega form.

The Unova remakes will combine both halves of the generation into two games: Black/Black 2 and White/White 2.
So that the entire story gets told, without requiring so many different games. There will essentially be two save files for each copy of the game, each one covering a different time period, and there will be some sort of time-travel plot allowing the two periods to interact. Thus the "Memory Link" sort of elements will be even more complex.

With the next change to the type chart, Fairy types will be weak to, and resisted by, Psychic types.
The Fairy type are essentially magic users, and magical trickery is useless against beings with powerful minds. Psychic types would be able to disrupt the attacks of Fairy Pokemon and deal super-effective damage to them. This would serve not only to balance Fairies themselves but also to bring Psychics out of their current rut and make them much more useful.

Hyper Beam and its variants will eventually be changed to make up for their "lose a turn" drawback.
As it is right now, the move and its variants force a turn loss, making the move closer to 75 base power in actuality. A special effect may be added to the beam to compensate for the turn loss, such as leaving a debuff that weakens the enemy as pay-off.
  • Held items may be added as ways to modify the move and it's type-variants, such as by adding effects like "Hyper Beam no longer causes turn loss, but you now receive injury equal to [> or < 33%] of the damage dealt".

Cosplay Pikachu will eventually get more costumes.
And these costumes will include a Surfer Dude costume that allows it to learn Surf and some other costume that allows it to leard Fly. Special giveaways of Surfing and Flying Pikachu are an old tradition, it would be fitting.

Types Will become super-effective against each other.
Specifically Normal and Bug will become super-effective against each other, as will Ghost and Fairy:
  • Bug <-> Normal: Bugs are common fear of many normal people (this troper included) and their stings can cause allergic reactions in some people which can be fatal if not treated. Bugs are also a nuisance to normal people, what with buzzing around our campfires and all. However, any normal person can easily kill a bug just by stepping on it, and even without doing that, normal people already have a variety of ways in which to kill bugs, what with things like bug zappers (which makes me think Electric should be super-effective against Bug) and pesticides.
  • Fairy <-> Ghost: Magic is thought to be an all-powerful force that can affect anything; if it can affect anything, it should be able to affect the dead, right? Like how in some fictions magic is used to reanimate people into zombies, or the jiangshi. (Even in Harry Potter, even if magic can't raise the dead, it can still affect corpses, as evidenced by Inferi.) That being said, ghosts and fairies are both supernatural creatures, and it would make sense for there to be a rivalry between them (think Oberon's goblins and Titania's fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream). Alternatively, as stated above, magic can affect corpses, but cannot raise the dead. Additionally, a ghost could circumvent a magic attack by turning intangible. Another line of reasoning is the balance of darkness and light, albeit in a metaphysical sense rather than metaphorical: Light illuminates and disperses darkness, but it also casts shadows. Additionally, darker colors absorb more light than lighter colors; with the exceptions of Mimikyu and Sensu-Style Oricorio, Ghost-type Pokemon are typically dark in color (if anyone knows of any more examples, please let me know).

Poison will get another much-needed buff.
Aside from the much-needed buff it already got in Generation VI, I've been doing some thinking into the logistics of Type matchups. I think Poison will become super-effective against Fighting, Water and Normal: Poison affects the body, and internally at that; unless you can duplicate, shrink and go inside yourself, there's nothing you can do about a poison affecting you internally. This is for Fighting and Normal-types; for Water-types, pollution of any kind can contaminate both water itself and the aquatic organisms that live in it. For instance, oil spills pollute bodies of water while devastating the ecosystems and damaging the health of marine life. There's also the fact that polluted water is bad for biological beings to consume (through breathing in the case of Water-types, or by drinking it in the case of all three). My last example for this is that fish can get caught in those little plastic things that hold six-packs together. I know that last one's not very impressive, but still. Meanwhile, one could make a case to be made for it becoming super-effective against Flying because of how bad air pollution is.

Electric and Ice will become super-effective against Bug.
Bugs can't survive in colder temperatures while things like bug zappers easily kill bugs.

There will be more pure Steel and pure Flying-type Pokemon.
Aside from a Dark-type Gym, Pokemon could use a few more Pokemon of these types. I'm thinking that some pure Steel-types could be artificially created by scientists in a nice inversion of the usual thing with Fossils. These pure Steel-types could be based on either long-extinct animals that no longer have any fossil evidence of their remains (but that y'know, are known to exist because of things like well-detailed cave paintings) or mythological animals that are nothing more than fantasy, even by the Pokeverse's standards. The concept here is that the impossible is made real through science and modern technology, or that modern technology can help people achieve amazing ends. Or that the scientists are presenting a "modern take" on ancient animals. As for Flying-types, just introduce a new regional bird that's either pure Flying-type or that evolves into a pure Flying-type. I don't see how a Flying-type Pokemon has to be part Normal-type simply because it has to land; it could be pure Flying-type because it spends a lot of time in the sky. Or whatever. I just want more pure Steel and pure Flying-types!

The Ice-type, in a later generation, will be made immune to Water attacks.
The Ice-type currently is extremely defensive frail, resistant only to itself. By simply giving this single immunity, though, it can safely switch in to Water Pokémon limiting many Water Pokémon's options severely, allow Avalugg and Cryogonal to fulfill the roles they were intended for, and be good partners in double and triple battles to Surf users.

There is a region where all starter Pokémon are wild
Which will be the last Pokémon region introduced, likely in the tenth generation. Other Pokémon native to said region are Togepi, Riolu, Zorua, Eevee, and Larvesta.The "Pseudo-Legendaries" are also somewhat more common than in the other regions, and there is a ninja village that raises and breeds Battle Bond Froakies that evolve into Battle Bond Greninjas.Battle Bond Froakies are also easily found in the wild at the same place as Torrent Froakies are, but Battle Bond Froakies are rarer than Torrent Froakies.Mega Evolutions and special Z-moves for the starters that lack them are introduced. (Z-moves for all starters except the Gen 7 ones, Megas for Meganium, Thyphlosion, Feraligatr, Infernape, Torterra, Empoleon, Emboar, Serperior, Samurott, Delphox, Chesnaught, Primarina, Incineroar, Decidueye, and the gen 8\9\10 starters.)You can also find a Cosplay Pichu > Pikachu > Raichu line, a Notch-Ear Pichu > Pikachu > Raichu line, and an Eternal Flabebé > Floette > Florges line.

The 8th gen games titles will be Pokémon On and Pokémon Off.
Because it will be realease on the Nintendo Switch.

A future generation will give the player a dad, rather then a mom.
It just seems like something Game Freak could do. It's a way to change up the formula, without it being a major one. As a bonus, mabe the Mom could be the regional champion.

Pokémon for the Switch will be a single game, rather than a pair.
The Switch is priced comparatively to regular home consoles, not like the handhelds, which is where the Pokémon series has stayed. If you want to be able to play both games, like being able to trade between them, you would need at least two Switches, which people are not likely to have. They are likely to have two 3DSs, or at least more likely. Plus, the previous two RPG Pokémon games for home consoles were single releases, so there is at least a precedence.
  • Except Pokémon does the two versions thing to encourage trading and interaction. If anything, the higher price of the Switch would make it harder to cheat (for lack of a better term) by doubling up and not playing with other people.

We'll probably see an updated Gen III Kanto game
The latest anime episodes have shown Misty and Brock returning, in their Kanto clothing to boot. The anime tends to showcase elements from upcoming games, with the movies being an example, along with future generation Pokémon in the regular series (Harrison's Blaziken at the end of the original series, Gary's Electrivire at the end of Advanced Generation, and Alexa's Gogoat, Helioptile and Noivern at the end of the Best Wishes saga). We might be looking at a re-remake, where everything looks classical, but updated to better fit today's graphics. Additionally, Gym Leaders and Elite Four will now use Mega Evolution/Z-Crystals.
  • Brock: Mega Steelix
  • Misty: Mega Gyarados
  • Lt. Surge: Mega Manetric
  • Erika: Mega Abomasnow/a new Mega-Evolved Pokémon, Vileplume or Victreebel, most likely.
  • Sabrina: Mega Alakazam/Mega Gardevoir
  • Koga: Mega Beedrill
  • Blaine: Mega Houndoom
  • Giovanni: Mega Garchomp/Mega Rhyperior
  • Loreli: Mega Lapras/Mega Glalie/Mega Slowbro
  • Bruno: Mega Lucario
  • Agatha: Mega Gengar
  • Lance: Mega Dragonite
  • Blue: Mega Pidgeot/Mega Evolution starter

Pokémon Switch will be an open world adventure with little railroading, much like BOTW.
  • Nintendo already pulled their chops with construction of the ruined Hyrule, with the player being free to go wherever they wanted, and tackle the dungeons in any order. In terms of Pokémon, each of the dungeons could be like the kahunas of Sun & Moon, where their levels go up as you go further into the game.

The Ice-types and Grass types in a later generation, will be given a much-needed buff.
The Ice-type currently are defensively frail, resisted by only to itself. The Grass-type has five weaknesses and are resisted by seven types. By giving them more resistances, they will begin to see more use in Pokemon battles.

Instead of a third version, we will get DLCs.
They will adds more contents to the original paired versions.

Paired versions will no longer be separated into two different games.
Only one game will be released, but you can pick which version to play each time you start a new game.

This is actually real art for Pokemon Switch.
Two are the MC, and the other is a rival I'd assume.

At some point you'll be able to battle Ash in the games.
Since you can get Ash-Greninja in Sun and Moon, that must mean Ash is also a character in the game universe. Maybe you'll be able to battle him at some point.

In the Sinnoh remakes, the Distortion World will be deemed one type of Ultra Space.
Giratina would not be an Ultra Beast, however, as its stats are not prime numbers. Alternatively, Giratina may get an Ultra Beast form whose stats ARE prime numbers. If so, the levels that it learns moves will be adjusted that they are learned at prime number levels except for 1. Either way, the Distortion World would be accessed in a similar way as the known Ultra Space dimensions, and Giratina would either ally with or fight against the Ultra Beasts in its conflict with Cyrus and his Team Galactic.

Possible features for Pokémon Home
  • Top priority for most people: a battle mode, allowing every Pokémon in the National Dex to be used in battle whatever their status in the latest games. Graphics quality could either be non-existent (purely text-based battles), somewhat basic (small sprites like those used in the Box), mid-level (Diamond and Pearl-like sprites), all the way up to using similar graphics to Go or Masters.
  • Going along with the above- some way to train Pokémon and give them new moves. Any Pokémon not available in the current games would be limited to whatever moves they could learn in their last appearance.
  • Minigames, along the lines of the Stadium games or the ones that used to be on the Pokémon website. Might combine with the above idea and have minigames train the Pokémon.
    • Adding onto this, Pokémon can be EV trained this way.
  • Trading.
  • Connect with Sword and Shield to get notifications from the Y-Comm on your phone (like, if your friend is inviting people to a raid).
  • Flavor Text to fill in the National Dex.

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